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RB to commission Isoka road project


President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda will today leave for Isoka in Northern Province for a one-day working visit where he is expected to commission the commencement of the Isoka-Muyombe-Chama-Lundazi Road project.

According to a statement released by special assistant to the president for Press and public relations Dickson Jere, the president will return to Lusaka soon after concluding the planned business.

Mr Jere said the 393-kilometre Isoka-Muyombe-Chama-Lundazi Road project would involve upgrading of the existing gravel road to bituminous standard.

He said the road providing a direct link to Lusaka and Eastern, Western, and Southern provinces also connects Eastern, Northern, and Copperbelt provinces.

The president will be accompanied by Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti, his Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources counterpart Catherine Namugala and Deputy Minister of Finance and National Planning David Phiri.

Mr Jere said the construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading of major roads was a country-wide Government programme under the road sector investment programme (ROADSIP) II.

President Banda recently launched the Sixth National Development Plan whose main thrust was infrastructure development critical to the promotion of growth and sustainable development.

Since coming into office in November 2008, Mr Banda’s administration has worked on more than 40,000 kilometres of roads and built 87 new bridges.

Some of the roads that have been constructed are Zimba-Livingstone, Choma-Chitongo and Luansobe-Mpongwe.

Some of the roads being upgraded are Serenje-Mansa, Mutanda-Zambezi-Chavuma, Choma-Namwala and Chipata-Lundazi.

Other road projects in progress are Mongu-Kalabo, Sesheke-Senanga, and Landless Corner-Mumbwa. The Kasama-Luwingu Road is expected to be completed this year.

[ Times of Zambia ]


  1. crap!. commission the commencement of contruction.. rubbish. Presidents commission finished mammoth structures not cheap talk. LT or Times of Zambia extension stop peddling lies here. Do you know what 40,000 kilometres of road looks like or how long that is. for a country that has much less in official, proven road network. which is the main challenge of the logistics industry international , with zambia being a transit country, and local.!! its your are say every road in Zambia was repaired or resurfaced and considerable new ones constructed.. you think we are *****s? you’re the clowns. and where have 87 new bridges been constructed? where?. Sinanzeze was a disaster a few months agao and the army had to assist. whats happended to that bridge? liars

  2. this is a mega project which will bring about a lot of development between nothern and eastern provinces. The goodness about HERB is that he is doing projects which looked impossible to zambians. this project is now a reality as funds have been set aside and today RB kicks off the job. this old man loves zambia and wants to share national resources equally. sata and HH can never and will never do such huge jobs it takes a man among men to carry out huge tasks. zambia being rebuilt thanks to HERB. The only time we witnessed such developments were during the kaunda days. RB is God sent thanks to levy mwanawasa for having awaken this giant from a slumber

  3. RB you hate him for your own selfish and sttuuppiidd reasons or bcos your prefered candidate was walloped hence could not go to state house. RB is working and has worked and if you pretend not to see his works then you are a sicko. HERB has covered all areas of human endeavor as KK would say. RB has looked at jobs that need to be done and has put in effort to improve the welbeing of this nation. zambia is now a very attractive country to invest in and we have a lot of support from IMF, world bank, EU and western countries including USA, japan, china. yes we still have a lot of needy areas but that cant all be done in one day just like rome was not built in one day. RB has been in office for less than three years thats why we shall give him another five years mandate. AHOYI HERB

  4. My President at work while the Pact is in a quandary on who to pick to run against him and when we win you say rigging. MMD till 2050

  5. The Zambian presidency has been cheapened for political expedience. Even little projects that heads of departments can commission the monkey’s toilet jumps on them.

    His shallow understanding of his presidential duties is extremely bewildering

  6. I will only believe after seeing this road tarred. The I will introduce two Marcopolo Buses between Chipata and Nakonde. Viva RB!!!

  7. we need a hands on person not some foool full of self praise and theory like calculator boy. I dont need a president who is a social net worker looking for lonely hearts on facebook. those postings on facebook will not build hospitals, roads, schools or boost agricultural policy for bumber harvests. the postings on facebook or tweeter will not invite investors but only attract friendship from opposite sex. I expect a presidential candidate to spend time on the ground not on a blackberry tweeting or facebooking of blogging on LT under a pseudo name. live that to lady gaga, wanzelu, her ladyship, yaya, kalos, kagwizi, vj rigger, de javu,

  8. #8 tumbuka bull when you introduce those luxury buses on the routes you would have done well for yourself business wise and help ease transport blues for your relatives. good plan tumbuka bull

  9. Well you can commission RB but others will come and see to it that the road is finished.I wish you where the just the president of the people that voted for you.But you the president of the whole country including me, if i had a chance of living Zambia i would.

  10. But zambia only has a road network of 25000. This means that HERB has worked on ALL the roads and built more!! BULLSHIT.

  11. Ok, I live in the Diaspora. Everytime we read about these developmental projects and we really get encouraged ati yah, atleast ichalo chesu there is development. But last November through to December and early January this year, I was in Zambia. To say the truth, I was not really impressed with what I say. First upon touching down at Lusaka international airport. nshalande fingi. Lusaka, its only G/east rd, manda hill, arcadia, L/acres, Kabulonga, etc. Then went to C/belt. Looks like a war zone. I proceded to Solwezi my home land to see the mining development they talk about in Solwezi, none existence. The Chingola-Solwezi rod needs upgrading, with those trucks with truckloads of copper, soon there will be trenches in the rd.. to be continued.

  12. Solwezi town itself, its a big shany compound. If reports are true that Solwezi town will be upgraded into city status, and that new CBD (central business District) will be built, then it will big development. Overall, to say the truth, I did not see any meaningful development for the more than two months I was in Zambia. Maybe in other parts of Zambia. Not where I visited.

  13. While the big and able powers have been to the moon and back,sent probes to mars and beyond we in Africa are still trying to get to the village by working on our roads.

  14. #13 Wanzelukwanbili: good, simple analysis. I’ll never understand these MMD cadres like Lady GAGA + TUMBUKA BULL. They just listen to crap and start smiling and dancing all excited like we are in Shaka Zulu times. Use your education. use your brains. think. evaluate what you’ve been fed with. disregard the nonsense. How can some one tell you MMD/RB have worked on 40,000 roads in 2 years when the country has a 25,000 kilometre road network and you believe ?? and like #14 Non-Partisan has correctly said,you hear so much crap about mining dev, MFEZ, new mines benefiting Zambias etc but go to the places you find nothing but bare land or shanty compunds.

  15. #14 & 15 Non partisan. We do not do projects in competition with where you come from. We do not want to make Zambia the UK but we are enhancing our livelihoods and that is development. If we build a tarred road where there was a gravel, to us its development(Not in comparision with London roads). We now produce more than enough food for ourselves than before. That is development. Kansanshi mine is not Solwezi Council and will not make roads in Solwezi equivalent of London’s. I have been to Kanshashi and it is a state of the art operations. From what you have said, you never visited Kansanshi. Lumwana is a good settlement created out of a bush. That is development. Be positive and not negative otherwise we wish you well in your life in the diaspora.

  16. Efinshi ifi? Ubupuba! How do you commission the commercement of contruction? This is a new phenemenon. Never heard of, its purely political compaigns – Just check on Mchinji-Chipata railway line, its been “commissioned” but there is no rail track, nor train. DEEP SHAME!

  17. #14 my job involves traveling around the country. It is not possible to travel over 500 km and I am being generous without getting into a bad patch. And am talking between Livingstone and Kitwe. There is a bad 200km going to Chipata, serious potholes in N/province almost all the roads there. It takes a day between Kasama and Mansa using a 4×4 if u use Luwingu that road that has been under construction for over 10 years now. From Kasama to Mansa if u avoid Luwingu, it still takes you a full day because u have to come back to Sereje in potholes still. All the roads on the copperbelt transporting copper are trenches. Solwezi road in in terrible shape. A few times I fly the Livingstone airport is nice but the rest including Lusaka are a sorry site. The MMD cadres on this blog are just

  18. #22 So what is the PF’s policy on road building? How will it be financed and how long will it take to complete? If with all your travels you think the road infrastructure can be turned around in 90 days, I think you should look in the mirror to see what stupid looks like.

  19. #19, Listen to what kci@22 has said. So its not only c/belt and Solwezi, but everywhere. And mind you my brother , am not trying to compare UK to Zambia, but really in all fairness we need meaningful development and not the cra.p we see from the mmd govt. Just for your own info. I also visited Kansanshi mine ( I am a metallurgical engineer) as we had a project with them. Yes the mine is a state of the art, they have a modern concentrator, leach-solvent extraction-and electrowinning plant for both oxide and mixed oxide/sulphide copper ore, and they make a lot of money, and pay enough taxes to the govt. and the rates for the solwezi council. Why cant the govt or solwezi local council do something about the town. All that money just disappears in corrupt people’s pockets.
    To be continued..

  20. The whole point am trying to put across is that we have a rotten system uner the mmd govt. and it needs a complete overhaul. Local government and housing, and the works and supply depts are dead are non exsitence aside from the many other dead govt depts. Zambia, katwishi!!!. Mind you am not playing politics here. I am just commenting on what I have observed and seen.

  21. #23 Please do not assume everyone who does see using their eyes are PF. I do not believe in the PF as a solution. I am just pointing out that the roads in the country are bad and dangerous despite what we are being told. Also there is no week that passes without people dying on the road but the MMD government keeps boasting about development which is not visible on the ground. The figures being fed to the people are cooked and fake. Like the 40,000 km. When will Zambians be honest, up right and objective? unfortunately these liars have a following like u making it impossible for real development.

  22. OMG RB is confusing Sata even more. Sata doesnt know devpt. He knows DEC, courts, money laundering, tear gas, police summons, fake qualifications, insults, vuvuzela, BRE, $35,000, $100,000, lost passport, malawi deportation, lies, under paying workers, reble MPs, ungrateful about SA treatment, undemocratic, finishing off HH, u turning on Chiluba, insulting chiefs, being summoned by chiefs, diverting GRZ money into his own personal account to gain interest, misbehaving at funerals, corruption from his councillors, etc etc etc etc

  23. hold your peace wait for the road! Mongu Kalabo road where is it? the Kalulushi- Lufwanyama – Kasempa road,!!! simple minds like Dora are excited by promises. Lets wait and see! We hope the money going into the project if at all it commences will be more than that going in people pockets- corruption
    Let wait and see

  24. @ Objective. Am a scientist working mainly with rural communities. When you talk about Zambia producing enough to feed ourselves what do you mean? guys please take sometime to visit rural areas and don’t rely on politicians crap ideas. It hurts!! Zambia should stop politicizing things- Bumper harvest etc. do you know what it means? Do the rural people have entitlement to food? recording enough harvest doesn’t mean people will have access to food- we still see people starving in Zed not only in rural areas but also in Cities especially townships. so people dont reason as if you are from Pluto- anyway maybe you are Alliens

  25. This is good news, surely it did not make any economic sense for people in Kasama and other northern parts of the country to travel all the way to Lusaka in order to go to Eastern Province. This development is welcome, the road long overdue.

  26. Only those people who are stupi.dy and dull can start jumping at these elections gimmicks of the MMD.

    Duing the Mufumbwe by elections, the MMD thieves took two to three road building plants there. They commissioned the Mufumbwe-Chavuma road, can you tell me guys, where is the Mufumbwe-Chavuma road? Today all the three road building plants are no longer there. People of Mufumbwee will again be promised the same road in this pending bye elections.

    Ha ha , guys, really only stupi.dy and dull people like the MMD bootlickers can be excited.

  27. RB is smart and instead of just spewing rhetoric from State House, he realizes that building schools, hospitals and roads deep in rural Zambia will win him some crucial votes. That’s pragmatic politics if you ask me. Watch this space, RB is winning 2011.

  28. I have seen a huge billboard at the new Ndola stadium that is under construction. It has RB’s portrait and it reads, “Your money and government at work” I thought LPM’s (MHSRIP) portrait should have been there…

  29. No matter how much you hate RB he’s working and the rural people are seeing the results! The same thing happened during Mwanawasa’s first term, rural Zambian watched TV and used Cell phones for the first time and they were appreciative while Lusaka and Copperbelt people just lined up to buy the Post everyday and got misinformed.

  30. Iwe chi No#34 please LPM is dead and buried and gone for good…are you a ghost who is busy ****ing with dead people. Its now time for RB. like it or hate it fool … plz get this in your big head full of water. chibekete iwe. How can a country achieve anything with iliterate fools like No34.

  31. Vokizo @30. If one is hungry during a bumper harvets, then he/she is lazy. If i may asked, is a bumper harvets bad? My friends, govts are not there to distribute mealie meal. Govts make a good business and social environment with opportunities. By the way i am educated and have lived in rural zambia most of my life. I know(not through a degree) how to cultivate. Non Partisan, your training as a metallurgist is one of the social duties of a govt and your having come on all the way to do a contract job at Kansanshi manifests the business environment in Zambia. Otherwise the company you work for would not have seen any opportunity in zed if the business environment was as bad as you believe. Do not mistake being critical to mean being Negative

  32. seems zambians enjoy being fooled. That is a SADC project for a Tourism Corridor, Nothing to do with your MMD policy or any political crap.

  33. Roads on paper indeed. Chipata Lundazi road was started in 2008, up to now, no progress. I am tired of these stories. Just watch from the terraces.

  34. Our undergraduate students’ work reveals that generally most people do welcome the commisioning of the road network. They don’t just want to hear stories. What they want is action on the ground. They reveal too that Zambian roads with the exception of few roads are like roads in a war zone. Solwezi Chingola road is a nightmare. The town is a shanty and filthy like Luangwa.

  35. No 8 tumbuka bull, i am impressed with you. its about time we see opportunities in what is happen rather than criticise every thing and doubt everything. i am personally setting up my personal project in kitwe. so when i hear that more people are on a stable monthly income i see money in my hands. zambia need more people in the private sector standing alone and creating eployment

  36. No 37 please spare us. di sadcc give zambia money. non Partian i dont know what you mean by meaningful development. what do you what to see that is realistic in the zambian context

  37. This is great news for all who love development.
    You cant call a 393 Km road a small project, when some of the aspiring presidential candidates boast of a fly-over bridge.
    Those who understand the importance of economic infrustracture will agree that this is a vital road forming a triangle for Lusaka, Mwami border and Nokonde border.

    By the way, where is the Pact? has it parked? why is the pact not talked about as often as it used to be? Has the pact already served its purpose?

  38. #14: Non partisan,
    I concur with you, am also from that province. Copper is coming from there and soon God helps Oil will be but surprise, no one talks about what they are going to do for the region, all they know is still copper and other mineral wealth then go and develop their provinces. when we try to talk they threaten our people with deportation to Angola. By the way Angola is 50 times developed than Zambia. no wonder they will never see a single vote coming from there there is gross neglect.

  39. RB Well done. That’s the way to go.

    To some of us this is a Business Opportunity.

    Boy! I cannot wait to invite European Investors and create employment in that part of the country.

    Muyombe, Chama & Lundazi has a lot of farming in Maize, Tobacco & Cotton. Its time set up Tobacco, Maize Mill & Cotton Processing Plants.

    Now we can buy the luxury coaches from Chipata to Isoka passing through Lundazi & Chama.

    There is Nyika Plateau near the border of Zambia & Malawi. There are lot of European Tourist going to this plateau but go via Malawi and avoid Zambia because the roads a bad

    This road will help with Trade from Northern (Nakonde), Eastern, Malawi, Dry-Port connection to Mozambique and all the way down to Lusaka.

  40. The recent developmental projects under RB are remarkable and this has unsettled the Pact and its leaders who are more concerned with coming to power than seeing development.

    If Zambians were development focussed they would support one another regardless of who is in power. But because of selfish ambitions they cannot even sustain a PACT.

    Each of the PACT leaders wants to take advantage of the other for his gain. This is clear for all who are analytical and realistic. For those who cant see this, its a pitty. Anyway, I dont expect everyone to be analytical, that is why some people are leader and others must be leader.

  41. To me construction on this road does not even matter at all, the road that is of great importance to Zambia is the MPIKA-NAKONDE ROAD.This road is in such a very bad state that you can’t even believe Zambia has a President or Minister of Works and Supply. Why are these guys neglecting the road that connects us to the only port on the East? Many people died last year and keep dying but nothing is being done and priorities keep on to be misplaced? anyone who has used the MPIKA-NAKONDE road will agree with me that the road needs very urgent attention otherwise I don’t know what it will be like during this year.

  42. An alarming number of bloggers are really myopic. Development should be looked at in the context of where you are now. How long have we been discussing the construction of rural roads? (46 years?) To
    what extent has the quality of life improved for a lot of people? Have the ‘economic gains’ trickled down to the most needy? Assess the whole picture before making a conclusion. The fact that you have gained personally (whether legitimately or corruptly) has nothing to do with whether the nation as a whole has moved forward. There is a clear disappointing manifestation of selfishness that has waded into the lives of Zambians who have ‘made it’. Considering the way most people are living, is this where we should be after 46 years, and when we are endowed with massive natural resources?…

  43. I am very, very optimistic the President and his works in the interest of the State, a friend to all Egyptians

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