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The Week in Pictures(updated)



Ngoni dancers during a fundraising walk along the Great East road in Lusaka


Fish traders at Soweto market in Lusaka


ZESCO United defender Rodgers Kamwandi controls the ball as striker Alfred Luputa looks on during a training session at Liga Desportiva Muculmana Stadium in Maputo, Mozambique


Zesco Limited managing director Ernest Mupwaya (r) and project manager for the Kariba North Bank power extension project toast after signing agreements for the start of work in Lusaka .


President Banda talks to former Minister and Ambassador Kelly Walubita


Pallbearers carrying the casket for the late Gabriel Kanyenda Maka at the Cathedral of Child Jesus.


Children and grandchildren of the late Gabriel Kanyenda Maka at the funeral Church service at Cathedral of Child Jesus


Former president Frederick Chiluba talks to Chief State of Protocol Bob Samakai after the funeral of late former Minister Gabriel Maka in Lusaka


Former president Frederick Chiluba with FDD leader Edith Nawakwi captured after the funeral of late former Minister Gabriel Maka in Lusaka


President Banda listens to former president Frederick Chiluba after the funeral of former late Minister Gabriel Maka in Lusaka


President Banda talks to Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta at State House.


President Banda and Senior chief Inyambo Yeta pose for the picture with western province Indunas and government officials at State House


President Banda talks to Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta and some Indunas from western province at State House


Popular caller to many radio programmes in Zambia Bo Imbuwa captured during the press briefing on the detained Mongu rioters


First Lady Thandiwe Banda being shown how the Airtel network operates by Airtel Zambia managing director Fayaz King during her familiarisation tour of the Airtel Zambia building .


MMD Lusaka province chairman William Banda introduces his wife Judith during a public meeting in Matero township


Avishay Dvir, Zambian Border Crossing Chief Executive Officer (l) shows Chililabombwe district Commissioner Timothy Musonda around the new Kasumbalesa border facility


Avishay Dvir, Zambian Border Crossing Chief Executive Officer shows Chililabombwe district Commissioner Timothy Musonda around the new Kaumbalesa border facility


Vehicles queuing up at the The new Kasumbalesa border post


The new Kasumbalesa border post


Layout of the new Kasumbalesa border post


Six people died in a road traffic accident in Luanshya involving a Volvo Truck, a toyota Corrolla and a Mitsubishi Pajero. The dead included three passengers who were travelling on the Toyota Collora, and three others who were in the Mitsubishi Pajero. Three passengers in the Volvo truck escaped unhurt. Eye witnesses said the truck hit into the two vehicles.


Luanshya accident


Luanshya accident


Luanshya accident


Luanshya accident


PF Leader Michael Sata addressing a rally in Chongwe on Sunday


  1. No wander RB does not chase this W Banda they have both married young ones.This Girl does not mach william.

  2. Picture 16. No wander RB does not chase this W Banda they have both married young ones.This Girl does not mach william.

  3. William Banda vs Judith, Kafupi vs Regina. What is it with extremely small fellows marrying huge, huge women? Is it true that its a way of showing how poverful they are? Like a rat mounting an elephant sure! All the same good pics LT but you could have done better showing us the Chongwe accident too.

  4. Pic 27, so out of all those people who attended that rally, only 2 or 3 are registered as voters. the problem with this python, is that, he is easily fooled by mammoth crowds that attend his rallies.

  5. Mrs Judith Banda has children older than most of you toddlers barking here. Her first born is over 35 years with UNZA academic credentials in the portfolio. I wonder how your parents look for you to mistake a 63 years plus woman to be young? If you saw some of our 78 year parents you would be saying their are 60 years old. Take care of yourselves by working hard, managing your diet, living with peace of mind and not internal strife, hatred, insults and retire from kachasu.

  6. Some of the road accidents that we experience in Zambia can be reduced if we built dual carriage ways on our highways.

  7. #2: I thought the seasonal fish ban is still on. How come these women are selling fresh fish on the streets, unless of course it is Buka Buka (Stapperssi)!!

  8. # 16 We all know the solution to some of these problems. Another of reducing accidents is buying new cars instead of the 2nd hand ones we Zambians are fond off. The biggest problem though that we are facing as Engineers is that from 1991 to 2001 very little resourced were invested into infrastructure development. As a result we have a lot of work now and i can confirm to you that we are making very fast progress. In the next 5yrs, we should have finished upgrading all the roads to bituminous standard. Afterwards we will embark on the upgrading to dual carriageways. So in the mean time let us be extra careful on the roads…. they are not safe at all.

  9. #23 It seems that after attending his speeches many of them decide not to vote for him. The more people hear his directionless rantings the better.

  10. People only attend Sata insults driven rallies to listen to his rehearsed insults comics.Zambians who vote and the international community that President Banda is a pragmatic leader of integrity, focus and temperament whose campaigns are based on issues and not jokes.Surely the Zambian Commander in-Chief H.E President Banda has no time to discuss other political leaders because he has formed a pact with the Zambian people like the miscarriage of Sata-HH devoid of people role and shared values. Look at UPND intelligent views of FDI well espoused by Professor Chirwa. Sata his legion of Kambwili have no domestic, foreign or economic policy but a menu of insults again.Yes Sata is comical and the crowds are entertained, based on that and not that they take him seriously as an alternative.

  11. No.23, Sata is a charismatic leader,a man of the people.He naturally pulls the crowds especially those who hate to see others suffering and those who still believe that they deserve better leadership for poverty reduction and national development.

  12. In all vanity of these non-visionary but sacrilegious regional parties with their political miscarriages, Zambian people’s ruling party MMD wins and wins period.

  13. Zambians are too much into non action but too much talking. Coincidentally it so happens that politics provide them with such an opportunity to be always talking. i want to challenge you bloggers to blog even about other things. Talk about windfall tax, the environment…., the booming copper prices, Diversification and how zambia can benefit from increased investment. C’mon bane and yet we say old people are not giving the youth a chance to rule…. look at the calibre of youths. If these are the kind of youths Zambia had in the 60’s am sure Britain would still be rulling Zambia. We need to offer solutions to the current problems since we claim to grow up in the information age. Not busy arguing about our Grandparents who have nothing to live for anymore..!

  14. Pic 2 I miss the fish from Z. It is quite expensive here in SA since it is imported and we don’t variety like we have it in Zambia.

  15. #36, when is this guy going 4 his medical check ups in SA? Thats why this short thing still makes me sick, he takes us like….. NO NO NO!


  17. Good evening

    A whole lot of events this week..

    pic #1 those Ngoni dancers just show how poorly managed our tourism industry is. Foreigners are ready to travel to Africa and spend a lot of money to see these dancers perform. We need a well organised tourism office to host these cultural groups and create proper employment for them instead of forcing them to resort to fundraising walks. Tourism is the only gold mine that Africa will still have after all else has been depleted.

    pic #2 with a tropical climate like ours, that fish ought to be in the rifridgerator or at least resting on some blocks of ice. That’s a case for the public health authorities.

    pic #4 the Zesco manager doesn’t seem to be enjoying this function despite the sparkling wine.

  18. Mrs William Banda. You chaps stop analysing our grand mothers in a foul manner. Just because she has kept herself well does not mean she should be placed on the spot in a negative manner. Go home and take your ARVs you immoral.

  19. My condolences Miss. Daisy. By the man who dies is a Father to my friends. After retiring as a Minister He moved to Kabwe his house was next to the mosque in Ghana Avenue in the town area suburb. A Good friend of Mine Mulembe his son. The man later moved out of Kabwe after a number of years. I am informed that he was among the most faithful Ministers we ever had during the Chiluba government and was NOT corrupt.. sad the man has gone.MHSRIP. by the way i like the third girl from the left in pic.8, the one before her look alright but i cant judge well for she’s not seen clearly and the one on the far right looks good too.

  20. Pic 2 that is wasted potential.GRZ could assist the women form a coop to harness finances for a packaging plant,marketing,export to AGOA if they pass food safety audit,fish oil production,production of cooked,smoked,packed fish for sale to highend mkts,fertilizer emulsion and fish feed.Just roadside sale is hardly enough.It saddens me we zambians are not ready to do those demanding,complex & rewarding steps to realize our employment,exports and financial potential.

  21. Pic#1. Get ’em off the street and let ’em go back home.
    #27&29. Good to see you’re back impressing your bosses back home and earning your living. One more thing: Just polish up on your English phrases. You still sound like a clone from the UNIP era. Know what I mean? Other than that you’re good to go.

  22. Ulukungu pa borderpost. Are we Africans in love with dust? Isn’t Landscaping supposed to take care of that? The layout of the border post is much neater than the brown dust in the actual picture

  23. Shani bakalamba ba Nine Chale # 39, Please give your thoughts on Pics 22 to 26, there is something seriously wrong in the Zambian traffic system, we cant be dying kwati niba kapanga everyday and people just go silent without any reaction. Ba Nine Chale you are the LT Kabusha, whats your comment sir?

  24. Please let us have respect for people regardless of how much one might loathe somebody, surely these women are our mothers, guys when did we lose a catch? Above all, these are women that God almighty has blessed Zambia with.

  25. Let Egypt’s situation be a warning to African leaders (including RB) that we are no longer going to stand by and watch them plunder our national wealth and hinder development.

    LT bloggers look out for me on facebook and twitter in the coming months. Let’s make sure the forthcoming Zambian elections are free and fair; twatendwa!

  26. @ Zimandola #56 wantekunya mune, ati LT kabusha…

    Awe mwandi these accidents yacita over sana pa Zed. Like Miss Daisy, almost everyone of us have at one time or another lost a relative or friend in a road traffic accident. I think the real killers are the bad roads and that’s why we should never stop crying out for real development that can be seen and felt by every Zambian. With proper infrastructure will come more road safety for our people.

  27. Good selection of pictures LT.
    #63 Dr. Z…you have made me ‘chuckle’…how do you, of all people, compare his Royal Highness Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta to the rapper 2PAC?

  28. # 63 Dr. Z. You are very naughty. Ati the Chief looks like Tupac. Pic 12. Ba Veep must take some rest. He doesn’t look good.

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