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Mid-week Pictures



Ngoni dancers during a fundraising walk along the Great East road in Lusaka.


Flashback:First Lady Thandiwe Banda, flanked by Airtel Zambia employees talks to a customer at Airtel's call centre


Part of the Great East North Road leading to Isoka.


Part of the Great East North Road leading to Isoka


Isoka residents wave at President Banda in the Presidential chopper when he arrived in Isoka


Traditional dancers entertain people in Isoka


Entertainer sounding a traditional drum in Isoka


Zesco United midfielder Kondwani Mtonga (18) pursues a Liga Muculmana player during the weekend´s CAF Champions League match in Maputo, Mozambique. Zesco qualified to the next round on a 4-2 goal aggregate despite losing 1-2 in Mozambique.


ZESCO United striker Jackson Mwanza is aided by medics, Misheck Mutale (l) and Marlon Mwinga after he was injured during the CAF Champions League match against Mozambique´s Liga Desportiva Muculmana in Maputo at the weekend.


ZAMBIA´s deputy high commissioner to Mozambique, Moses Mbumba (l) with Zesco Limited director human resources, Clare Limbwambwa lead Zesco United players and officials for a Zambian dish during a dinner hosted for the team at the Zambia House in Maputo at the weekend.


ZAMBIA´s deputy high commissioner to Mozambique, Moses Mbumba helps dish out some nshima to Zesco Limited director human resources, Clare Limbwambwa while Zesco United players and officials help themselves to the buffet.


MMD Women beating drums while awaiting Vice president George Kunda 's arrival to announce his candidenture as MMD vice presidency.


Vice President George Kunda declares his candidature for the MMD vice presidency as MMD Lusaka Province Chairman William Banda (left) looks on in Lusaka


MMD provincial youth Chairman Chris Chalwe giving support to vice president to Mr George Kunda


The junction between Cairo road and Church road, Lusaka Main Post office on the right


Lusaka Main post office


Business goes on: Traders doing their business as usual in place were there are piles of rubbish at COMESA Market.


Traffic flowing along Freedom Way in Lusaka


The Twin Towers of Lusaka...The Zambia National Commercial Bank (left) and Lusaka's tallest building, Findeco House, which has 22 floors.


  1. Part of the Great road leading to Eastern Province from Isoka right? The landscape on the picture is like it was taken on the Mpika-Nakonde road between Chinsali and Isoka. Even this is not certatin. Zed is big.

  2. Fantastic round of mid-week pics!

    I can’t stop admiring our very own Twin Towers as I drift on a memory bliss of how it used to be way back in my days as a Lusaka resident…

    The traders in pic#17 don’t have it easy. They work very hard to put food on their table and a roof over their heads, while the all-round politicians in pic # 13 are busy campaigning and seem to have lost touch with what their real duties are – to remove the eyesore surrounding the market place.

  3. Roads in Zambia need to be marked to avoid preventable accidents; as you can see the junction where church road joins cairo road, you cannot see any road markings to help drivers see their lane. and i cannot see any lane markings what is the problem are there no road markers in zambia?

  4. I dont see whats funny about them being called “twin towers” because they are what we currently have and should not be compared to the ones overseas. I am always proud of anything positive out of Africa…

  5. Pics #15 & 16,
    The sight of the Lusaka post office brings me nightmares. In the 80’s and early 90’s you would be extremely lucky to receive a letter or package sent from western countries, the staff stole them hoping to find cash enclosed. I was a two-time victim and ‘investigations’ amounted to nothing. I even wrote to the then Post master general based in Ndola, outcome ZERO. We decided never to use post services and switched to DHL couriers. I hope things have now changed for the better.

  6. Those two buildings cannot be twin towers, how? One is Findeco whilst the other one houses ZANACO HQ and in fact there is even a road separating them. Ba LT, first google ‘Twin Towers’ b4 u put captions you don’t even understand.

  7. We dont need those pictures of Findeco House that building has become useless. By the way how many tenants are there? Very few as using the lifts and getting water running is a hustle. That building looks nice from afar and on photos get there physically. its bad. As for LCC its a shame and what has happned to KEEP LUSAKA CLEAN CAMPAIGN. Vehicles are seen all over ferrying LCC and State Police chasing street vendors yet the city centre is very dirty.

  8. MMD and your investors. All the significantly tall buildings in Lusaka were built by either by colonialists or GRZ or its parastatals during Kaunda days: Findeco house, Indeco house, Mindeco huse, ZIMCO house, Zanaco, BOZ, Post Office, Natsave house, Lotto house, Revenue house, Society house, Red brick, Central Police, Godfrey house, Premium house, even that former ZCCM uilding opp intercity etc. It is the same picture in Kitwe and Ndola. I wonder what would Lusaka would like if MMD ruled us from Independence. May be parastatals are not all that bad.

  9. #15 gallis when was the last time you were home.In Zambia thats the closest to twin towers you will get.Besides whats your definition of twin? you get identical twins and fraternal twins

  10. I almost congratulated Zambia for improving the football ground in that picture but alas it is in Mozambique! When are we going to learn to maintain our infrastructure? What does it take to keep grass green and even on a football pitch? Why is that so difficult in Zambia?

  11. #13, Ask our undergraduate students and they’ll tell you that Lusaka Post Office is an eyesore. The ceiling has been falling for ages and no one bothers to repair it. If it was in the West, the building would have been condemned. You feel proud though to be in Ndola Post Office. Filth in Lusaka apart from few places like Manda Hill and Acardes is the order of the day. You hear talk about boosting tourism, do you think modern day tourists are happy to visit a place like Cairo road or Soweto market? You’ll only find some briefly at Manda Hill and Arcades. Walk from one end of Cario road to the other and your shoes will be crying for repairs.

  12. Hahaha ba nambala 25, just becasue the cameran man took the picture at that angle, you want to claim ati twin towers, but tawakwata amano iwe. And what is this nosense of identical and fraternal twins? you want to call those buildings ati ba “mpundu” iwe mambala.

  13. Gallis @ 30. I agree with Bobby, they’re fraternal twins. I’ve been in Lusaka since before they were built and even from the pics, you can tell they don’t look alike.

  14. #13 Distant Drums, it is still the same. packages are opened and cutomers are shaken down for kickbacks, at some times the postal workers demand items out of the box. we send clothese and school items to family and its so annoying. also happens in livingstone and i wrote also to postmaster. got a reply asking for the names of the employees opening packages and demanding kickbacks. i wrote back and told him it didnt matter the names, it should not be the culture of postal workers.

  15. #30 Gallis yes those are the ‘Mpundu towers’ I just wouldn’t like to be caught in their elevators with the blackouts in zambia

  16. @ VJ Rigger better to be deemed ubututu because of honoring our traditions than being thieves around the world, or child molesters like Bembas, read the other post below. Even a perpetual wife batterer incarnate GBM. homosexual rights supporter SATA. If you have nothing better to say keep you opinions to yourself.

  17. Picture #1: Where are the game rangers and the Minister of Tourism to arrest those chaps imitating animals….. hahahahaha
    Bamambala wearing animal skins are poachers, otherwise where could they have got the skins?

  18. #15 easy, I don’t see anything wrong with LT using some satirical expressions. BIG UPS LT, we have twin towers, no one owns the trade mark, even in my ancestors town Nchelenge, there are twin towers there, like it or not.

  19. People,get a grip on your good selves,by saying twin towers it doesnt mean LT are comparing those two buildings to the infamous twin towers in the states,where’s your bloody sense of humour.LT is just being cocky by calling them twin towers.Have a laugh every so often,its good for your body,lighten up,dont be such sad and miserable sobs

  20. Mmmh,it seems Lusaka will be the same,no new buildings-little maintenance,floods,garbage,worts and all,even in the next 47 yrs of independence.A big “village”

  21. #32 in defence of the Postal Services in Zambia, I can say that I send packages all the time from the States and they always arrive.I don’t know about rural areas though since first they have to go through Lusaka then forwarded to wherever.And that is after they have been at customs.You can actually track your parcels and know exactly when they reach the Zambian Customs offices.In case they go missing you have a starting point for searching.If the parcel arrives in Zambia but is not at the PO,I always notify U.S postal services and they contact them to find out why the item is not at the PO.Sometimes the customs offices just keep them without processing them,so they need to be proded.You always have to be on top of it.

  22. In shosho studies i learnt that findeco house had 24 floors , when visiting some friends i could get o the 24th floor. Now 22 floors.So the hearsays that chikapona chi findeko were real ya? Now 22 floors .Also Zambia as twin towers now .Great Road to kulubemba Cool.

  23. #39 I beg to differ with you. Of late parcels do go missing. During Mwanawasa’s era i could send parcels and they would get to there destination. But the last two parcels i sent all i did is got a refund cause the items went missing.

  24. #13 I am with you in the memory lane. But you know what? It is in fact not a memory lane because the status quo still prevails except there has been a reduction as there is nothing much to pilfer due to technology advancement where people can send their valuables by trustworthy courriers like DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc.

  25. Angoni, what is the problem? Did you give a drunkard to write that poster, placard or whatever name you call it, to write at pix#1? Certainly that is not the right spelling of your beatiful ceremony called N’CWALA. Maybe and maybe not>

  26. Biased pics by LT…educate and enlighten us by showing us pics of the Ndola stadium, the new Ndola Arcades, the new Manda hill…Tambo Mbheki raod and its new developments, houses in woodlands extension,the new structures in Solwezi, the new Livingstone Nottie Broad, etc

  27. Pic. #19. That building has been Zambia’s tallest building since 1974. We have been bragging about it for the last 37 years. Is it still worth more bragging about? Thanks for the development in Zambia.

  28. Wondering why the Director of Human Resources – ZESCO, had to accompany ZESCO football team to Mozambique? I guess not much to do.

  29. Awe imwe! I love it myself – they are our Zambian Twin Towers!!! But please don’t talk loudly because Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda might send in his suicide bombers!!

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