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Man missing after a quarrel with a sex worker


A man of Livingstone’s Libuyu compound is reported to be missing after being assaulted by a Sex Worker at a famous Brothel in Maramba on Valentine’s Eve.

According to an eye witness, the named man picked a quarrel with one of the known sex workers over alleged non payments.

The sex workers, who was seemingly irritated picked up a bottle and hit him on the head.

The friends claim the victim has not been seen since that night.

Others say the victim was advised to go to the hospital but turned down the advice.

Meanwhile on Monday,which was the valentine’s day a man was found dead and hanging on a tree within the Livingstone General Hospital.

Hospital staff say the deceased who is alleged to have committed suicide was a mental patient who was kept at the Hospital’s outpatient ward.

Sources at the hospital have ruled out the possibility that the dead patient could be the man who was assaulted at the brothel since he had no scars to show that he was assaulted.

But Livingstone General Hospital Executive Director Dr.Namani Moonze refused to name the deceased adding that he has not yet been identified.


  1. This should serve as a lesson you those fools who are immoral and think are invincible.Most Zambian men have been known to like chasing anything in a skirt without knowing where it has been.Why is it difficult to put a lock on your trouser and not open your zip any how.The worst culprits are Soli,Tonga,lozi,lenje,mambwe,bemba and Ngoni.Learn to jam those zipper of your and there will be less of such incidents ba Fi colour

  2. # 2 am glad you are able to see the truth in the comment I have posted,the worst culprits I believe are the ones who live abroad these are the worst mambalas,when they come home they may even have as many as 5 girlfriends and some sex workers on the their side ready at their disposal.

  3. Ba #3 I guess you are in the same league of male sololas,It is a pity that Men like think they are so smart and their self grorified rodes are coated in gold or chocolate,how pathetic!!!!!!!!

  4. Ba #3 I guess you are in the same league of male sololas,It is a pity that Men like YOU think they are so smart and their self grorified rodes are coated in gold or chocolate,how pathetic!!!!!!!!

  5. lesson learnt stop prostituting this goes out to the menfolk because you might wind up lossing your lives over trivial matters not all that glitters is gold.What sort of satisfaction do you crave for which you can not recieve from your girlfriends if you have one and not married or your wives maybe there is a need for a very disturbed and mentally challenged woman to go out for the purpose of cutting or mutilating your so glorified rodes coated in gold or chocolate

  6. Logic LT, nobody on the face of the earth would have scars in that space of time. You should have reported,’wounds’!! Do you employ M@n#eys and pay them peanuts or what?

  7. Thank you # 14,What foul language you have have I exposed your sick little secret you have been living doble,triple or multiple lives?Whatever was put in the fill up the blanks you too @##$$%$%% I know the truth hurts

  8. The story has a funny headline….but has anyone checked the prostitutes poon. Maybe he was swallowed by the pleasure gorge and is still in there swimming.

  9. I agree # 19 some workers have large holes that can make some men disapear. They need to operate may be the man is still alive! Anyway this is a lesson for our men who like kuchukucha anyhow.

  10. # 1 & 17-Easy webo nobe nangu utile uliwabupulumushi nifi.Not a good idea to generalise.Life is how you make it.If someone feels like it should include amah.ule so be it.After all tabusala,the brain does it.

  11. These things are legal and come in different sizes that make our men disappear! The holes have lost the properties of elasticity!

  12. Good evening

    This could have happened anywhere in Zambia, not only in Livingstone…

    Ba Mayo mupulumushi is not in the right frame of mind for sweeping through the thread with her adversary comments towards men. We appreciate good advice but it’ counts how you put it accross. The truth is so important that it deserves to be properly packaged and presented to whom it may concern with care and not just flung around wildly into their faces like a hot towel!

  13. Quote: “…..a man was found dead and hanging on a tree within the Livingstone General Hospital….”

    Now Ba LT, is Livingstone General Hospital become so dilapidated (like amatongo) such that trees have even grown inside the hospital? Or did you mean to say, “…within the Livingstone General Hospital COMPOUND!….”? Big, big, big difference!!!

    Anyway. sorry to the departed!!!!!

  14. Wow,i thought that black holes can only be found in space turns out we have some in zambia.How can a man dissappear not to be seen again?

  15. Shame on all of you. Whatever the man’s actions may have been, he doesn’t deserve death or lying in a ditch somewhere. Stop being so judgmental and have respect. Even if you blame him, at least remember that he has a family.

  16. # 1 – DON’T START A FIGHT YOU CAN’T WIN. Do you mean we are mahules? And it is as if you have mentioned all the major tribes, which means you are either a foreigner or you are also a hule!! I agree with #33 thatever money he owed the woman, he didn’t deserve to die. NOBODY deserves to die – including the hule herself!!

  17. I think the Liule was a Zimbabwean, I understand they have infested Livingstone and are charging like $1.00 per round. Not that I’m encouraging it, but why couldn’t the hule****er just pay up for the service and avoid going to hell prematurely.

  18. sweet sixteen are you a solola or one of the hookers seen with the deceased?,why come to the defence of immoral beings probably this man got paid and has a wife and not less than five children or more from his other outside catering ventures and decides to go and get drunk and feed his lust forgetting his responsibilities as a husband and a father.There is a saying Ifyakulia ubushiku fi tulila ku ma lushi Eg: when people are fornicating in hidding the pregnancy will eventually be exposed,just because it was done under cover it does not mean it will not pop out and be visible

  19. Wow! sweet 16, never heard that one before, “elephants ears flapping between toes??? As for Mayo Mupulumushi, get a job, there more to life than just reading and reacting to every post.

  20. # 44 Sweet Sxteen, I apologise if I have offended you. It was just a dry joke. I embrace diversity and respect people hence I will not insult you.

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