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Kamanga Group “Blocked” From Filing Motion At Faz

Sports Kamanga Group "Blocked" From Filing Motion At Faz

Simataa Simataa
Attempts to file in a no confidence vote motion as a members’ item through Faz today to be put on the agenda at the March 26 FAZ annual general meeting in Kitwe failed.

The Andrew Kamanga-led group general secretary Simataa Simataa said at a press briefing at Chita Lodge in Lusaka on Monday afternoon that Pemba United,  Mazabuka United and Amakumbi ‘s motions were ignored at Football House.

“Today we attempted to deliver on behalf of three clubs members’ items. What transpired at Football House in the last hour is most unfortunate,” Simataa said.

“The first person was refused service on account he did not had no an identity card. The second person who had an identification card was told these letters are addressed to the (Faz) general secretary and only the general secretary can receive them.”

Simataa said he later made the third attempt to file in the motions through the Faz register but was also told only the Faz general secretary George Kasengele can receive them.

However, Simataa also drew a blank when he later went to Kasengele’s office at Football House.

“it is most unfortunate that the motions could not be received today but attempts will be made tomorrow, the day after and the day after until they are received by Faz,” Simataa said.

He said Faz decision to snub the motions was not only disrespectful to all councilors and general public but also to Fifa and government who agreed on this at the tripartite meeting held in Zurich on December 20.

Simataa said they will also send copies of the members’ item to government, Fifa and Caf during the next 24 hours.


  1. Service of any document can be done through Registered and signed for mail whose receipt will bear the time and date of receipt.
    DHL or some other courier service should be able to deliver on your behalf.

  2. #2 Abena Mule , You have been away to long., Pa Zed the package would go misssing if delivered by courier with no trace !!

  3. #3 Mr Mbuzi, The idea is to serve a document on an organisation. Its like serving a court document on any organisation. All that is necessary is proof of service and the good thing is that there will be copies to the Ministry of Sports, CAF and FIFA.
    This is not magic but logic. So Mr Mbuzi, advise the Kamanga group of such instead of them going to fight at the FAZ offices.

  4. poor planning i say. and these are the people you expect to run your football affairs? i mean some of these are legitimate reasons: if you are delivering an official document with such import, even if the other guy at the end of the counter knows you well, it’s still a requirement you produce your id. silly but necessary

  5. Doesn’t seem like theres an end to the dramas at FAZ. Each side is relentless. Kamanga and Simata group spend days ukupepeka the sturbbon Kalu side while Kalu group bachita spend days confusing and defending their positions – more less like a political party. Pafwile paliba ubuchi pa FAZ.

  6. leave kalu alone, let him do his job peacefully….simata simata why do you like confusion ai?this is not barotse waufwa ka…what have you done for Zambia,. VIVA KULUSHA, VIVA 1988 FOTBALLER OF THE YEAR.

  7. this country has bigger problems than these morons who are supposed to know what they ARE DOING… FROM 1964, WE HAVE NEVER WON ANYTHING WORTH MENTIONING. We have no Accolades, except african footballer of the Year(1988).these MORONS need to b left alone, and see if they will run football. we have even stopped talking about football all we talk about is FAz, Simataa, KaMANGA kALUSHA ETC… WE SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT FOOTBALL,

  8. Why can’t you see that Kalusha is behaving like Gadaffi.

    This chap is very bad. He is a power hungry fellow. However he has no administrative experience, yet he wants to be everything, FAZ, CAF, FIFA etc. He has messed up FAZ. Please do not give him any chance.

    He is using tricks to make sure that the petition is NOT received and he will have an excuse to claim that they did not file the papers. SHAME on you Kalusha Bwalya.

  9. Another case of complicating simple and straight forward issues. Africans will never cease to amaze me. It is time we were wise enough to know our time and when that time is up. Nga tabalekufwaya kufupo fye wemwine.

  10. Ukutumpa #16 Shaka! “Ngatabalekufwaya,” banani? These guys are so selfish that they don’t want to wait for time of elections and do it on the ballot. You are so backward despising your own race. Stoolpid. We cannot trust Simataa because throughout his career he is an anti-establishment. I cannot trust Kamanga either because they want to enter through a backdoor. They are destroying the Zambian game.

  11. We need Kalu to continue , please no wasting time , the man is taking us to world cup, with RB in power again ah ..it will be great

  12. #17 This is a very good example of a shallow minded person who cannot articulate issues. I am not going to resort to insults and hence come down to your level. Every sport in Zambia has gone to the dogs. Football was the only sport that we could talk about with our heads held high but that is no more. The statistics and standings speak for themselves.

  13. #17 I was expecting a response from you but now that one is not forth coming I will continue. People that have worked closely with Kalu speak of a selfish and power hungry individual. Look at the calibre of people that surrounded him and simply left because they could not work with him. He failed as Zambian coach, worked against his President when he was Vice President of F.A.Z., tried to bring in Teddy Mulonga into the current issues at HQ, failed to secure a position at C.A.F. and is now eyeing positions at C.A.F. and FIFA. Need I go on. We should stop glorifying individuals and put systems in place which will stand the test of time even after the people behind them are long gone.

  14. I think most of you are missing the point. The problem is that the standards of football have fallen in the country and something needs to be done. We should put people in F.A.Z. that will be able to give a better way forward. History shows that good football players do not always make good football administrators. Let us move from focusing on personalities and map the way forward.

  15. These Interim chaps have “no balls ” to talk about, & yet they expect to run Football in Z (Excuse the pun!) As #2 has rightly said, the idea is to obtain proof of delivery – the item is signed for! What happens thereafter, doesn’t matter, whether kalu & his galus use it as “shinda-paper” that is well & good for them, you will save their expense on tissue paper – which would be very generous of the interim – unfortunately, ifi tule landapo, fya ba sungu!! These chaps are lost!! Pity all the affiliates that thought their hard earned efforts, trials & tribulations would be for a new dawn in Z football!!

  16. Please do not think Simaata is doing this for any other reason than his own poverty. The guy is damn broke, cannot get a Job anywhere since been fired by Finance Bank and now is relying on imposing himself as Secretary General of FAZ. Why use sub-standard clubs to deliver, and not bigger Clubs like Kalamba, Power Dynamos etc. Stop wasting our time Simaata and just start farming

  17. #24 Shaka Says Which History shows that good footballers dont make good adminstrators? Tell us. Its some urban myth most of you have made up so that you can bar footballers (and other sportsmen)from running for offices.
    There is Franz Beckenbauer a fantastic footballer who is now in FIFA management. Before that he succesfully managed the Germany football team to a World Cup triumph. There is Platini who was a fantastic player who is now UEFA Chief.
    Joao Havelange may not have been a footballer but was a good athlete before becoming FIFA Chief. Fabio Capello was a great player before becoming Manager.

  18. Closer to home Kaizer Motaung who was a good footballer who one time played for Mighty Mufulira Wanderers now owns South Africa’s most succesful club Kaizer Chiefs. Jomo Sono another great footballer owns Jomo Cosmos. There are numerous such examples which you PHDs dont want to acknowledge in your quest to destroy footballers or athletes adminstration careers.

  19. This is worse than Gbagbo. Kalusha has no shame at all. I wonder how a low life form like this lumpen could have been allowed to run FAZ and the way he is behaving is a clear indication of the damage he has done to the sport in this country.

  20. Kalusha is clearly the one behaving badly here and why some bloggers keep on blaming Simata just vexes me deeply. Maybe it just shows the degree to which tribal bigotry has been entrenched in our society because you can bet on the fact that most if not all the people who are supporting Kalusha are his fellow Luapulans. Its the same with Chiluba’s third term, only them could his programs he had to finish, or worse still an “economic revival” when the nearest comparable they have to an economy is Zaire, where there is clearly none. Kalusha’s prowess on the pitch are well documented, but his failures in administration are shameful. One has to be demented in a gutless manner to root for that kaponya.

  21. “The first person was refused service on account he did not had no an identity card. The second person who had an identification card was told these letters are addressed to the (Faz) general secretary and only the general secretary can receive them.”

    Ba LT please spare us from this embarassment internationally. What is English is this? Is it a new version of tenses. Please employ editors who are conversant with the Queens language.

  22. Kalu, Your time is up. You must hung up the throne to other pipo. U were an absentee landlord now that things are heating up, u start playing games.
    The Kamanga/Simataa camp is determined to get the VOte of No confidence through. U wont manage block them, just accept that time like Mubarak, ben Ali and now Gaddafi (take solance u are being compared to this dictators) and your time is here/now to be booted OUT.

  23. Soccer Fan No 2, you have mentioned some former footballers who have excelled at managing the sport. Unfortunately, Kalu is not one of them. I do not understand why you want to extend the list to a man who has failed at the very first hurdle. He is a very very very poor administrator and is not teachable. There are leaders in all spheres of life and there are even more who should be lead. In this case Kalu needs to be lead.

  24. Ngombala ,you damn right,the problem with some our colleagues on this fora is that they want to turn this into a tribal battle,there is no need for this if your tribalmate fails ,lets condemn it with no reservation .hence there is no need to bring issues of barote when we are trying to correct football pa zed.Gentlemen look at the current zed FIFA ranking today.( # 101) shame on you people that still hoping for kalusha ‘s completion of his failed tenure in office.An arab would have resigned from pressure( mubarak and his neighbour) ,but kaffers like museveni typical of kalusha bwalya no shame at all ,this is the time he is aspiring to go and stand at the higher level ,CAF and FIFA.Shame on you great Galu,you leave your house burning and go and preach to your neighbours on good admn.

  25. Why are we wastnig time on simataa.this chap was in FAZ before what is he looking for now.Simata is persuing a personal agenda on kalu.So lets all take this into mind before commenting.Why all of a suddenn vote of no confidence.Lets be very carefull as we follow these people.nfortunatly politics are in FAZ now because of simataa and kakamanga

  26. Africans love power….clinging onto power even when they are not delivering and manipulate others in order to remain in power.

  27. #36  37 Who are you to force the nonsense you are telling us down our throats? Great Kalu has not failed. You want him to fail but he wont because you are small PHDs fighting from your hidden PCs and cant come out in the open. Take your hate speech where it belongs; to the trash bins. Viva #38 Viva Soccer Fan No2 for providing sense on a blog about to be swallowed by nonsense!

  28. I know of a young lusaka Pastor who speaks emotionally about how bad Kalusha is because Simataa has promised him to be a chaplain at Football house when he gets there. The guy says HE knows the problems players have because he prays with them regularly and Simata is the way to Zambia becoming the powerhouse of African FOOTBALL.

  29. why should they propose that once the VONC goes thru then the KAMANGA GROUP becomes an executive ? what about other people who may want to contest ? do they have to wait until Simata Puts FAZ in DEBT again ?

  30. Viva Kalu, we are religiously behind you. Bonse abashala nibangwele. You are the son of the soil who has made us proud. The rest have suceeded in stupidity and stealing. Teddy Mlonga and Simaata failed. We know Mlonga is Kamanga’s handler. Mlonga was asked to resign by Chiluba for the reasons we know too well. Simaata wants to use the back door into FAZ. His name is written in Zurich and he enjoys a world wide support. The whole globe sing the glory of Kalu who knows no corruption. He is the only one who has attracted donor funds into FAZ whilst his predecessors sucked money from FAZ. The Kamangas, Simaatas and the rest are hungry vultures waiting to feast where they did not sow any seed. Come what may Kalu will retain his position. He is the man to admire. We love u great Kalu so dearly.

  31. Simaata is a damn criminal. Infact all those who have ganged up against the son of the soil great Kalu are not clean. They are jealousy of great Kalu. For them it is a source of a living the reason they are desperate to get into FAZ and share the cake at the expense of developing soccer in the country. Viva kalu, go, go, go, go kalu, go Kalu, we are religiously behind you. I admire your silence because only fools and empty tins talk the loudest. Your enemies are going nowhere. They will be burried at the AGM and cry foul afterwards. They will rush to The Post to file a lie in order to dent Kalu’s name over his predicatable victory.

  32. #36 Well I could have mentioned him but his is the subject of this debate. That doesn’t make for logic unless you haven’t been to school. The point I was proving was that soccer greats do make good managers Thats all.

  33. Kalu has never been given chance to administer football. Hes been fought from day 1 by Simataa. How can one work like that? And this vote of no confidence was a suggestion by FIFA and not a directive as they would like us believe. Its up to FAZ to consider it or not. Further simataa has been suspended from all football activities, wonder what he does at Football House gates everyday without shame trying to see this one or that. You have already got the attention you wanted, now please go home and let the mandated officials work.

  34. If we were to remove Kalu and team in 2012, Kamanga and Simata are not the people to bring in. How do you promise someone a job of a chaplain just to gain enough cadrez on your side ?

  35. The problem pa Zed is business yalishupa. You are either in employment, politics, NGO, FAZ, PF, TOYATOYA, STREET FATHER, MALE PROSTITUTE, KAWALALA, YOU NAME IT

  36. In chipata, only Timothy kafwa nyirenda former UNIP rebel faction laeder will be available for simata a fellow Rebel. otherwise SHONGA has been suspended by clubs for forging club signatures in the defunct 2/3 campaign. He has been forging and falsifying club documents and has been accused of misappropriating funds meant for EPAFA (Eastern Football Association) affiliates. Clubs were suprised to find their teams appearing on the list that petitioned the FAZ committe in 2/3 drive with similar handwrittings on the signatures when it was advertised.

  37. the problem is that Simataa took the letter to Faz whhich does not exist. he should have taken it to FAZ. ba LT be serious it not Faz, it is FAZ (Football Association of Zambia).

  38. # 21. The fallen standards of the game in Zambia cannot be attributed to Kalu! That is trying to witch hunt. It is a known fact that we do not have the same caliber of players who are consistent as we had in the 70s, 80s and 90s (like Kalu). During that time we had Zambia A, B and C and every spot was highly competed for but the best kept their position! Anytime, you could predict who if left on the ball could score. Our teams were almost the same with Ba second and sometime Ba C at club level. We had Zambia Schools and Primary and Amateur Leagues were very competitive. To insult Kalu and all of us as Africans with limited and slanted and biased assumptions is being unfair.

  39. #@ 21/22 Those are hear says! Regardless, if you have enough bad stories about any leader and you think he is incompetent boot him out at the election time and do not make it hard for him to administer. As Zambian coach, he was also pushed out and people still do not realise that the quality players and individual brilliance we had before is just not there, and it is limited – very limited! Check the team at zambianfootball.net and compare it with the current one!

  40. My foreign friends here revere and respect KK and Kalu and Charles Musonda, Stone Nyirenda and so forth! I get amazed how they hold them in high esteem! In Zambia, however, PHD syndrome stones its own! Shame! Nothing tribal just being anti PHD that has been on Kalu from day 1!

  41. # 57 I agree with you for once. We know what and where the problem is but how do we address it. The sport used be be better organised and better managed and you had a solid structure in place. We should not expect to reap without sowing. Investment is key to development whether it is economic, education or sport. I am sorry to say that the demise of Z.C.C.M has left a very big hole in all these areas. Zambians now know more about players plying their trade in Europe than in Zambia itself. How the mighty have fallen.

  42. #34 am from luapula and i have never admired kalu in my entire life coz his achievements are not real in my own understanding.I don’t like the man coz i don’t support stupdness,and so yo thinking that all luapulans are supporting him is very misplaced,but i understand coz u guys hate anything to do with bembas even tho we are not.and this thinking of umusuku ubi usafya impanga yonse,to borrow the bemba proverb,shud stop as there are better pipo in luapula compared to the selfish assholes of kalu and his counterpart kufupi and,not all yo tribesmen hate bembas like you do.

  43. Kalusha should realise that u can fool people sometimes but not always. Game over Kalu pack your bags and leave in peace. You are Zambia’s worst soccer administrator!

  44. Let peole file in the motions they want on the agenda, whats the problem what is FAZ scared of. Kalu, gr8 football u played but time is up as FAz president, nothing personal. Ask Mubarak, he will tell you that the time just comes….

  45. Shaka #60, as you have rightly observed every critic we put on Kalu must be seen in the light of this history. Even if Simataa and Kamanga were to come in without addressing the grassroots problem vis-à-vis funding of clubs (see the once Mighty Muf and Nkana) and amateur clubs which can continuously supply our teams regularly we will still have enormous problem. In Kitwe for example at “Mogadashu” in Chamboli was a very strong league at Miseshi-Wusakile was another league and I played with Bubble Malitoli for CISB in the Kitwe Amateur league. All these besides Ajax were nurseries for Nkana. The standards are down but off course we can look for a way out & not blame Kalu for everything.

  46. Lest you misunderstand me! I am also for accountability and Kalu like any public administrator mus be made accountable but I am not for the PHD syndrome that has been waged relentlessly on his leadership from day one by people I hardly hold in high esteem.

  47. #61 you are a dimwit. You think the World admires Kalu for unreal achievements? And you are the one who determines what is real? What have you achieved in life for us to stop admiring our idol and listen to your cowshit? Its precisely your kind that make Zambia what it is. A nation of failures that are not used to seeing success they can only envy it! And from that they want to drag succes ful people down to their standards of Failure they are used to


  49. Kalu the great beyond 2011. The leader of wamuyayaya. Uli nshimbi mune. Sosa ichalo chilekunmfwa. I will be at the AGM to ensure that your enemies dont succeed.

  50. #59 Learn to call a spade a spade!! If one is corrupt, one is simply that.” “Chiluba is a thief & will remain one!! Alabee is crooked & will remain so!! Kalu is crooked/corrupt otherwise let him answer OPENLY queries that have been put before him i.e. player transfers; details of the Supersport contract – if he can’t acquiesce to these simple questions, then he qualifies for what he has been termed to be, it is nothing about”PHD”, so stop burying your head in the sand, it will do you nor galu any good!!

  51. #70 kamwendo, you are a thief, you steal fuel thru coupon book at your office. A petty thief. You are corrupt. Can you ans these simple charges.

  52. “Hey”, where I live , NO ONE has ever heard of Fuel coupons!! the currency is Dollar!! waumfwa !!!
    Fuel coupons are things used by people like you, to survive!! If you give me your address, I could donate a few cents in your direction, don’t be shy now!!

  53. Ba KAMWENDO, Whether you are in Washington or Chamboli, Bahamas or Kazungula, You are a nobody. You have not done anything for your village even before we talk of Zambia. You are a nonentity to Zambians and no one will notice even when you meet the ultimate reallity of what we will all go through- death which knows no location. So do you still think you can match Kalu. The guy has made us rejoice before. what about you include all those you want with degrees politicians inclusive. They are all in court for corruption. Leave kalu alone and concentrate on lobbying for dual citizenship.

  54. Kamwendo, Is ‘DOLLAR’ your currency? I told you, you are corrupt. What tøok you to wherever you are wafling from. Poverty. Dollar, dollar, dollar economic refugee. Shame.

  55. “where I live” KAMWENDO” .- Not surprising that you think you or Simata can match Kalusha’s popularlity. your stooges are only popular in the press where as their prefered enemy has made households both poor (which you despise) and rich celebrate before which no one will ever take away from him. Hatred has blinded you.
    By the way assist Simata with some Dollars to import a ka better looking car coz that old Corolla awe, awe, awe, kakale. At least Kamanga can keep you when you become a phiri anabwela, he is comfortable.

  56. What’s so sweet about running the affairs of FAZ? These guys are fighting tooth and nail just to be in FAZ…and please its for your own interests Mr Simaata and not the general public’s!!

  57. Okey, If Kalu thinks is popular and able to run football, let his executive receive the voteof no confidence agenda items and deal with it at the convention. Its tie to be real and not look like a desperate politician who has no direction. Wake up. Any way, they are all fighting to loot and not really run football. What acheivements have they made since FAZ came into existence? COSAFA trophy? They should not waste our time. Kalu, get rid of you big headedness! Simata, stop being arogant. Consider the bigger picture

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