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Government preparing Libya evacuation – Pande

Headlines Government preparing Libya evacuation - Pande

Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande
Government says it is constantly monitoring the situation in Libya and putting in place measures to evacuate the 42 Zambians from that country following the civil strife that has rocked the North African country.

Foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande told parliament in a ministerial statement today that all the 42 Zambians in Libya are safe so far.

He says government is preparing to evacuate Zambians in Libya among them 38 embassy staff, two students and a footballer with his wife.

Mr Pande says government is concerned with the violence in Libya which has led to the loss of several lives.

He adds that Zambia condemns any form of violence, adding that as a member of the UN human rights council,the country is among those that has requested for the convening of a meeting tomorrow to discuss the violation of human rights in Libya following a clampdown on protesters.

Asked by Monze Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu whether Government is considering cutting diplomatic relations with Libya as Botswana has done following a government clampdown on protesters, Mr Pande said Zambia has interests to protect



  1. Asked by Monze Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu whether Government is considering cutting diplomatic relations with Libya as Botswana has done following a government clampdown on protesters, Mr Pande said Zambia has interests to protect

    He he hehehe ..nice one we know the interest you want to protect. You back door deal on ZAMTEL with the Libyan company Lap Green. He he hehe Gadafi is going down and all that investment promised into ZAMTEL will go up in smoke. ZAMTEL will become like Luanshya town. This is an interesting show to watch. Can I have some Popcorns please.

  2. I heard the government asked Malta to help with the evacuation of the Zambian citizens. What a shame! Why not just send RB’s plane and evacuate them. Am sure they will wait till Zambian lives are lost. We are good at talking but no action.
    How can the whole of the Zambian government ask another country to evacuate its own citizens??

  3. Coincidence,People refused the sale of Zamtel,now the deal will force MMD to have relations with a country which is violating human rights. That is the interest this MMD chap is talking about.

  4. I hope that this minister means what he’s saying. Libya is different from Egypt. He better send that presidential plane before any Zambian life is lost.

  5. What do you get from a mixture of Ubupuba, ubufi and Ignorance? Dont cheat us, you have not just prioritized this matter.To you spending tax payers money on MMD campaigns is more important than evacuating dying Zambians in that country of a dictator, friend of RB.
    One problem I found in most countries I have gone is that Zambian Embassies dont care about Zambians as is the case with most countries.

  6. VIVA Botswana, one of the few countries in Africa with clout. Them, SA, the Seychelles, Ghana…. can speakup and are always counted. Gadaffi bye bye you and your evil one Africa. Let’s praise Jesus and watch out for our citizens.

  7. Mwanya bane wrote on 25 February, 2011, 1:14
    How is the grz monitoring the situ in Libya? Are we very advanced than even BBC in this area? Monitoring!??? Not even the USA has used such a word “monitoring” to assure their citizens stuck in libya. These guys are killing each other in Libya and what / why are u monitoring? Our people are at risk and you say you are monitoring. You ask Malta to assist but malta has over a million citizens in libya. Do you want people of Malta to protest against it’s government because the country negrets it’s citizens for 42 black zambians. Bwana boma please do something tangeable than just your usual talk of ” we are doing everything posible” I wish senior citizen was in Libya.

  8. What is there to monitor.Libya is in turmoil and many countries have acted. Australia, USA, Canada etc are evacuating their citizens but Zambia says we are monitoring the situation,Very funny! how are u monitoring? through BBC and yet UK is evacuating its citizens.do you want to move them when 21 out of the 42 have died? I few sorry for our brothers and sisters.

  9. At least I have something to air world wide once the issue to freeze some assets of kadafi is brought in. I will say lap green in Zambia is owned by kadafi
    kadafi is going he likes it or not and I am happy that he is leaving. Imagine somebody who was born in 1970 has been ruledby one person. How on earth can this Mafia rule for 41 years. He became president at a young age just like HH. Zamtel is coming back.

  10. Why the hell do we have 38 Zambians as staff at such an insignificant embassy?

    What do they do that benefits our country other than them being such a huge financial drain on our meagre resources?

    Do they negotiate for free oil?

    15-20 would be more than adequate.

  11. The Embassy has gone to the ‘dogs’ and the dogs are pushing it the hyenas! They are actually monitoring the situation on BBC and Sky! I am shocked that the GRZ are not worried about their investment in Zamtel of which Lap Green owns 75 percent shares (with management control) while 25 percent shareholding is retained by the Zambian Government. I think Zamtel will collapse in the next few days! They are already laundering huge amount of foreign currencies…. Watch this space!

  12. “Government says it is constantly monitoring the situation in Libya and putting in place measures to evacuate the 42 Zambians”. Ba minister Kabinga Pande!!!? Awe Zambia fikali ! You’re still monitoring the situation!!!? You guys be serious ayi, big countries have already avacuated their people and you’re still monitoring the situation!!! Awe ba Zambia bena ni zee.

  13. If Libya a small country has 42 Zambians ,how many Zambians areserving in foreign minsions and what hhave we benefited from each of these guys?

    Privitisation of Zamtel was a day light robbery right from the on set so God has spoken.Zambians can manage these institutions all we needed to do is to control expenditure and we opted to promot ZAIN instead of our own .MMD must simply swallow it spride and concede failure.I wish you MMD the best-please change

  14. I have just realised that MMD is wise hahahah,
    We shall take over after all we have “niche” in that hahah (Carrier of carriers ooh)

  15. #1 Freedom – Funny isnt it? A few weeks ago RB had visited Egypt and Lybya. He praised the two countries’ leaders for the advancements their countries had made through the pairs hard work. He noted how happy the citizens of the country were. He further said Zambia would learn from these two countries on how to enhance both development and democracy. Now I wonder what we are going to learn from Libya and Egypt apart from demonstrations and mass killings of their nationals.

  16. please get them out of there and stop monitoring situations. You want somebody to die 1st and that when you will start acting????

  17. Gaddafi has used bribes, blackmail and scare tactics, when necessary, to insure the tribes’ loyalty to his regime SAME WITH MMD

  18. As I swung from tree to tree I observed one Iranian head of state who condemned the Egyptian leader’s resistance to the will of the demonstrators in Egypt, and when the demonstrations arrived at his doorstep he did the same, viz-a-viz resisting the will of the Iranian demonstrators. I for some reason would have an interest in seeing how this Zambian head of state who now condemns the Libyan leader of the revolution’s resistance will react when the demonstrations are at his doorstep, bearing in mind what happened in Barotseland demonstrations.

  19. The 38 Mission Staff being mentioned here are inclusive of family members. This means that we are talking of 5 to 8 Mission Staff plus their spouses and children/dependants. Ofcourse there was no breakdown that is why some people are being misled.

  20. # 29 Brian, the number does not matter, just get our people out of their! What is the MMD monitoring, they have no capacity to monitor anything in such an explosive environment!

  21. OMG! They are still there? Boma please save your people, there is nothing to monitor. Libya will never be the same again.

  22. #29 Thanks for the clarification. And now someone says it doesnt matter. Seems some people rejoice when the govt makes mistakes just so they can say ‘we told you so.’ Just look at #1 whats so amusing about ZAMTEL going down when people are going to lose jobs?

  23. While All western Countries are busy evacuating their citizens, Zambia is still ‘monitoring the situation in Libya’. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  24. hehe ati monitoring..these useless people are good only at corruption. If the 42 Zambians were involved in corrupt activities against Zambians, by now they would have been evacuated….what a dull stupiidy govnt you have.

  25. While other governments are evacuating their nationals from Libya Zambia’s Government is still preparing for the evacuation of Zambians from Libya say Foreign Minister Pande.

    What a shame!!!!

    The time to evacuate Zambians from Libya is now please Obewa Pande. Come on board and act now. The situation in Libya is bad right now.

  26. MMD still monitoring the situation for zambians when other nationals have made decisions to evacuate their nationals. Just say MMD has no money to take them out unless they MMD carders!!

    Pact must expose MMD failed and misguided policies: ­Libyan state-owned firm LAP Green Network owns Zamtel..now Zambian zamtel workers are at risk due to Gaddaff crisis. Is this investment MMD talks about? This was bad deal for Zambia; and another reason Zambian can not give MMD another five years-more of the same fail…ed policies! Should MMD cancel Gaddafi sponsored LapGreen deal on Zamtel?

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