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Mines Minister allegedly kills pedestrian in road traffic accident

General News Mines Minister allegedly kills pedestrian in road traffic accident

Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale is reported to have hit and killed a person in the Eastern Province of Zambia in a road traffic accident.

Information reaching MUVI TV is that the incident happened at Chiwuyu Village in Sinda area as he was heading for Mtenguleni Palace to attend this year’s N’cwala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people of the Eastern Province.

The body of the deceased is reported to be lying in Saint Francis Hospital Mortuary.
And when contacted for a comment Zambia Police Service commissioner Solomon Jere and Police Spokesperson Ndandula Siamana promised to get back to MUVI TV after confirming with the Eastern Province commanding officer.

This becomes the second time that Mr. Mwale is involved in an accident at Chiwuyu Village in Sinda.
Last time Mr. Mwale lost control and drove into a ditch.



  1. Give him 3-5 years for negligent driving resulting in a death.

    Remove him from office too.
    This is not the first accident from his driving capabilities.

  2. Don’t be .st.upid number one. Someone has lost a life and you are saying so what. The person that died is someone, s child. #1 you blog is that of a witch.

  3. An accident is indeed an accident and it is indeed sad that life has been lost. Our condolensces to the family and our prayers to the Minister.

  4. Causing death by dangerous driving should result in custodial sentence, the country needs to make road deaths much stronger so that drivers can take responsibility when behind the wheel. In other countries, causing death by dangerous driving is a very serious offence and there are no exceptions regardless of who is involved i.e. politicians, footballers, celebrities, you name it, if that person caused death by dangerous driving, they are going to prison. If it can be proved that his Mwale caused death by dangerous driving, then he should be made an example of and sent to jail. Others will be more careful when on the roads. The person who was driving must have been speeding, are there no speed limits in Zambia? The other time someone mentioned that some roads are not well marked.

  5. We need to have speed limits put in place, widen some roads, mark them and even have CCTV (Closed-circuit television) installed on all major and minor roads, it will cost money but it will save lives and create jobs to maintain such infrastructure. Sometimes we need to copy tried and tested ideas like what others have done in developed countries. It will make our roads safer.

  6. Mr Mwale needs to make sure that windfall tax is re-introduced so that some of the money collected can be used to make our roads safer amongst other things. Apparently Zambia has some of the highest figures of road accidents in the world and yet there are not that many vehicles in the country. The issue of making the roads safer is not political but will be for the nation and her citizens including our visitors. This is very important and I hope the person responsible for the this sector can do something about it.

  7. My condolences to the victim’s family. I know so many people whose lives have been cut short because of our lack of attention to road safety in Zambia. It is not just about building roads, we need to make them safer too. We have enough land to build all kinds of roads, road barriers, footbridges, bicycle lanes, dedicated motorways, 6 way lanes etc. All that is possible, we just need visionaries. No one can even say it’s lack of resources because the revenue coming from the mining sector alone can make this happen.

  8. Roads need to be made safer! Mines revenue can sort this problem as it has been mentioned above. This was an accident and must not be made political. Please Minister, go back to your office and put this behind you. You need to sort out the tax issue. Condolences to the family for the loss.

  9. Its unfortunate the Honourable Minister couldn’t enjoy the weekend following this tragedy. Condolences to those who lost their beloved family member. To the Minister, be strong, this was purely an accident and the way I know you , you can’t even kill a fly. God Bless.

  10. sad indeed. my condolences to the family that lost there loved ones. all road users must take extra care when using the road. we still don’t know who was wrong. may the minister recover from this tragic accident.

  11. #1 show this article to a grown up who can read it for you and explain what happened and it’s consequences.A man was killed and obviously by a reckless driver ( or even inexperienced since before that he had lost control of the vehicle and drove into a ditch.Was he driving before he became a minister?).A family has lost a brother,a son,a husband or even father and you say it’s just an accident? In Zambia they need to toughen road traffic laws so drivers are careful and life is not lost unnecessarily.I hope they charge the man with vehicular manslaughter and throw the book at him! Knowing Zambia though, this is not likely to happen.Shame.

  12. These chaps have started using peoples blood to go to parliament.We know them.It is not just an accident.There is more to it than people see.These are power hungry politicians who will do anything to go to parliament.That is sacrifice,its not an accident.There is scramble for parliamentary seats hence pouring of blood.Shame on these politicians!!

  13. I pray Life At Dead Spot, in Jesus Christs Name,,, Honorable Mwale..Be Courageous and Strong! Rebuke The Foul spirit of accident off your Life

  14. Was the Minister Drunk on both occasions? He must be investigated. There is no excuse for careless driving. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace

  15. #17 and 20, I like your comments. I remember Mapushi died like this. Rumar had iuty that he moved from a bicycle to a GX. And why was he driving when someone is paid to drive him? Let this chap be caged as he is a danger to society.

  16. Full time drivers are employed by the government at a dear cost to tax payers to drive these things called cabinet fimo fimo, but why then was this Mwale found behind the wheel when it struck an innocent pedestrian? This is illegal manslaughter, he should be arrested. Mambala!

  17. This is a very sad development. Please Zambians lets understand and not take this political. To Mr. Mwale, please hire a chauffeur (driver) to be driving you in areas you’re not familiar with.

  18. The ngoni worrior who was just smashed by another ngoni impi has nothing to claim from these Zambian courts of law. Mark my words, if musonda shot a cadre and charged with causing body harm, and not attempted murder. what more an impi of RB(1) , ngoni(2), plus during ncwala ceremony, this mwale won’t go anywhere. He is a VIP than the smashed boy. He was on duty. Forget it you ***** bloggers. Hh will fire such ministers. I know sinda the speed limit is 30km/h because of a lot of people selling bananas.The road has a lot of humps to slow down traffic but this impi drove at 140km/h and smashed another impi. I am sure he was waving an mmd symbol in the road.

  19. My condolences to the family of the lost person.While we are quick to point fingers at drivers let us not forget that even cyclist,pedstrians and all other road users have the same responsibility towards one another.I still do not understand why Zambians try to run away from the rains but will almost not give way to motorists?Road safety is for all it is equally dangerous to cycle a bicycle on a public road when under the influence of alcohol.An accident is painful to accept but i do not think the honourable intended to run over the deceased.

  20. Very bad a life was lost. It appears those who casuse death by dangerous driving often get off the hook with lighter snetences and fines. Whereas if one punched a friend or uses a stick it total sentencing five years or hanging. What a law. This must be reviewed. So this Hon. Mwale will get away with it. I wonder if all he was put in custody.

  21. The minister was being driven by a ministerial driver in the Sinda accident. the other accident 5 months ago happened in Minister’s constituency 100s of Kilometers away from Sinda; and again it was a ministerial driver at the wheel!!! Ba LT please have yo facts right before posting such misinformation. to the bloggers who think Ministry of Mines is in charge of taxes please read and get info and you will discover that Ministry of Finance handles taxes so dont blame windfall tax on Mines Minister.

  22. #28 YAYA well said I feel for the lost life. I know the minister must be the most hurt at having caused loss of life. Indeed as yaya #28 says most pedestrians have no regard for other road users. Here in zambia especially copounds, ba pede walk on roads and you have to be very patient with them. drunks stagger on roads after kachasu and tugiligili. ba pede have taken over roads no wonder they being knocked down. ba pede cross roads at any point no regard for zebra crossings. ba pede mu cairo road when they are given the red light they still cross cairo road and motorists who have been given the green light are made to stop and allow ba pede to cross. they will continue being knocked down unfortunately

  23. Poor innocent soul. Now the one going to surffer in this case is not the minister but the poor driver who was diving him to the place. God save us.

  24. Sad that a young life was lost due to an RTA, MHSRIP. The incdents of RTA in Zambia is high, it could be attributed to too many things. Could be due to poor state of roads, bad driving, negligent use of roads by pedestrians, poor state of vehciles etc. Just drive around on our bad roads and see how careless both drivers and pedestrians use them. Someone, somewhere has a responsibility to do something about it, can he/she get to work please?

  25. This Minister you are talking about is such a heartless Minister and I bet he doesnt care a dime about the life that is lost. The man does not last with any driver, he is forever firing and hiring drivers without even considering the feelings of any of those drivers. So I for one wouldnt be surprised if he was driving himself when he met with that accident. The man is so full of tantrums and so full of himself, you wonder whether he ever imagined that he would one day be called “Honourable”. If law doesnt judge him for this loss of life then indeed the Almighty God will!

  26. Ba Incognito #39!! such hate[-( !!!!!! No Minister has powers to hire and fire any govt employee. thats the job of the Public Service Divistion. Problem with you bloggers is that you want ichbeleshi and undue familiarity………..and Hon Mwale is a no nonsense Minister and that fact eats you up coz you cant get thru to him.

  27. Sad indeed that it was hon mwale involved in dis accident. Dis is the minister, who, on sunday, in an interview with znbc’s mary magambo,gave me hope that, in zambia we stil ve ministers who understand the sufferin of the masses as a result of job losses. He articulated so wel the issues of the minin economics and loss of self estime due 2 job loss. God bless u

  28. It is sad that a life has been lost due to this RTA.I dont know really how it happened and who was wrong but life has been lost. MHSRIP and condolences to the berieved family. Talking about the state of roads in Zambia, it is very concerning to see how appalling some roads are in this country. Last November, I was driving from Dar-es-salaam to Livingstone and I must say that I was really shocked at how bad the road between Nakonde and Mpika is, the number of accidents I found on this same stretch was amazing. The road has what I can call trenches and ditches because they are too big to be called pot holes, at some point I had to stop, get out the car to see how best I could go round this dam in the middle of the road. May the Government fix this busy road before more lives are lost

  29. SOrry that life was lost. Danny was correct that Zambians ku kokuluda. Knowing Hon. Mwale who is so boring at functions as does not take alcohol ,was purely on tour of duty and had a govt driver. Let us not politicize this loss of life. I like Amazing’s blogs as are mature and objective.

  30. Ooh! By the way I have known Hon Mwale driving since 1987 and I wonder how old most of you bloggers were in that year.

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