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UPND/PF pact should not crumble-Kalusa.

Headlines UPND/PF pact should not crumble-Kalusa.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development UPND national youth chairman Joe Kalusa says there is no reason why the UPND/PF pact should crumble because of him.


Mr. Kalusa says PF leader Michael Sata’s demands that he apologizes over his attacks on him for the benefit of the PACT holds no water.

He says individual demands that the PF leader is making are unfortunate especially that the UPND/PF pact was created by Zambians with the vision of hope.

Mr. Kalusa says the PF president should come out in the open and declare the real reasons why his does not seem to be interested in the PACT.

He added that it is unfair and wrong to use him as a scapegoat to pull out of the PACT by the PF as it was created for the benefit of the many Zambians.

Mr Kalusa says Mr. Sata should not look at the individual behaviour but look at the broader picture of the Zambian population that wants regime change.
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  1. The problem with this boy is he doesn’t have respect now look what he has caused for himshelve HH should displine him

  2. Joe Kalusa surely there is no sense in what he is saying. If two people come together, there is a call for respect. trust and above all communication plays an important role. Kalusa the continued character assassination of Sata is dearly alwful for the two leaders and more importantly the pact. How could Sata or HH percieve those insulting them as partners? Yes PF needs UPND and UPND needs PF to redeem Zambians from the york of this corrupt regime. But this pact needs to keep its house within acceptable order. Let them have proper channels of ventilating their differences. Kalusa money from the MMD will not help you at all. Stop insulting Sata and those who insult HH should do the same because Zambians will not forgive you to let them down. Learn to forgive each other in the pact.

  3. Honestly as a Zambian, am confused with the conflicting statements coming from the UPND leaders reagerding what is going in the PACT?

    I am not a supporter of UPND nor PF, as my preference was former Finance Minister Magande or Godfrey Miyanda but the wrangles are causing Zambians to see political immaturity from these leaders.

    Can all these shit be sorted out around the table!!!!

  4. Just go out there and campaign for yourself flatout. EACH ONE FOR HIMSELF AND ZAMBIA FOR US ALL. Mulelwilafye tufulu bamakaka imwe. You have no interest for mother Zambia.

  5. The pact is dead,these chaps are not serious, no missio, no vision watsoever, i withdraw my vote. Now its kalusa vs sata, muzinkalako serious imwe ma mangwams, I have since joined NA RAPE chifukwa chaimwe bamambala. DECLAIR YOUR INTENTIONS!!!!!

  6. Look who is now talking.Joe kalusa is a big let down.how does he today say pact cant fail becoz of him when he has always issued negative statements on sata,calling him names and insults?this boy need proper prayers mwandi..learn to respect elders kalusa in order to be respected also becoz you are also growing up day by day and you are still in politics mind you

  7. Though am not a PF or UPND supporter, but diehard pact supporter, I’ve noticed so many bad comments from UPND or HH supporters talking shit about Sata. UPND MP in Livingstone Musokotwane, Mutambo, Kalusa and many other vuvuzelas to numerous to mention. Only Mr Kakoma has been impressing me and anyone can see the truth in this man. As much as he is trying to keep the pact SOME UPND MPS are busy receiving cash from MMD to break the pact and promised K1 billon each once they deliver UPND to MMD. If HH is not one of the beneficiallies, watch out your MPs some are stabbing you in the back. Sata fired rebel MPs but everyone condemned him but he Knew why he did that and NEVER feared to lose popularity but to separate good from the bad. Mwanawasa lost friends but stood for the truth. HH CANNOT…

  8. HH should show leadership by telling his supporters to stop insulting SATA we have never seen PF cadres insulting him…let him tell them to stop if at all he means well in the pact….

  9. Democracy allows people to speak their minds. If one Joe Kalusa thinks Sata is garbage then why should Sata take it out on UPND as a whole. It goes to show how immature the PF lot are. At this rate I think let RB continue for another five years. If PF and UPND are serious about this pact it would have been in place by now with all their policies open for the electorate to scrutinise. This game of respecting elders when they are being childish and foolish does not hold water at all. Politics is no place for respect if that what they want let them leave politics, look at the likes of Gray Zulu, he is a much respected man than KK or Chiluba put together. Young man do not apologise for anything. Speak your mind.

  10. kalusa ulitako sana iwe mambala……u are a let down. viva pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  11. This is an intelligent statement Kalusa has made. I agree with you Kalusa, pf has never been interested in pact, they are afraid that they may not have chance to pay back a lot of money they borrowed around the World. SATANA knows he can’t work with honesty people in UPND hence he is to doge the pact! Why is he basing his interest in Kalusa who is not even know in Zambia? Let satana tell the nation that he can’t work with honesty people!

  12. Joe Kalusa, you make me sick to the stomach with your reasoning.

    Swallow your pride and apologise to Mr. Sata instead of waffling.

    That is what people who claim to be leaders do. Accept responsibility and do the right thing

  13. Respect is mutual. If Sata wants to be respected as an elder man he should also stop insulting or issuing delagotory remarks against others especially HH. Kalusa is simply giving Sata a test of his own medicine. He is doing a superb job of puting Sata were he belongs. Can anyone tell me one untrue statement Kalusa has made about Sata so far? Sata thinks he is a god on earth just as he used to eulogise KK in the UNIP days. Why can’t he ask Kabimba and Scott to apologise to HH and UPND for their ill timed remarks that prompted Kalusa to hit back at Sata. If he can allow his PF sidekicks to insult HH day in and day out why should HH discipline Kalusa? Sata, just quit the pact instead being deceptive. We all know that this has been your agenda for long!

  14. its better we abandon this immature party b4 it costs us if this useless foool still demonstrates arrogance…we wont lose anything but every thing to gain

  15. This’s a clear testimony tat certain two grouping cant work together.while PF pipo have the gift of the mouth UPND pipo have gift of the brain. ( therefore let PF talk while UPND practice good governance).

  16. I still have to hear a decisive statement from HH regarding this matter. For a man evening thinking about being a presidential candidate he should show leadership regarding this awlful Kalusa. HH seems to be a man that hides and waits for an opportunity and pounces. When Mazoka died, everyone knows how he pounced on the leadership position while in pecking orders he was not even 7th from tyhe top. On that issue alone, he manifests himself. Prof Chirwa has suggested that he be vice president but that is not enough for him. Lets not play politics – HH is holding the pact at ransom. Could you have possibly asked Nick to be prime minister over Cameron in the English coalition? It should only be common sense – over the past two elections PF showed bettere than any other opposition

  17. Sata is being clever here.He knows that HH is behind Kalusa’s insults.Kalusa takes advantage of this situation and chews from MMD as well.

  18. # 15, which brains does UPND have? Come on wake up from your slumber. UPND is so far a regional party until it folds its ruffled hair tail to become national. Man 15, wake up from the mistake your MPs made to sponsor the degree clause so that MCS is barred and you call that brains. Man, you must be really primitive to think that way. Wake up man!

  19. Please look at today’s POST on line and see how PF is dedicated to the PACT. During their Mporokoso by-election PF supporters wore T-shirts that emphasised the pact and that their win was not only PF’s but the UPND as well. The same cannot be said about PF – when they campaign they shan PF.

  20. Joe Kalusa is very correct, the whole of Mr Sata to hinge on an apologe for the pact to move forward! What kind of n.o.n.s.e.n.s.e is that. This Sata is not a presidential material. I see alot of problems if this man comes into power.

  21. We need each other for this pact to work, lets forget and forgive who said what and go all out to campaign and win the elections.Viva Pact

  22. When PF members attack UPND leader HH, it’s ok, but it’s unacceptable for UPND members to attack Sata. It’s only a week that Eric Chanda issued disparaging remarks against HH, I have not seen anyone of you PF kabovas condemning or denouncing the PF for it. That’s why I see no reasonableness in PF, I see it in UPND. Zambians, wrongs will be made right in PF, vote for them at own peril

  23. Short of words Sata should not use Joe Kalusa’s attach on him as scapegoat to kill the pact. Joe is not a factor. Just like those comments Wynter Kabimba made. If the main stakeholders HH & King Cobra are serious about serving the pipo of Zambia let them come in the open. Otherwise any plans of going it alone then the MMD and RB have laready won the elections the est will just be formalities.Its good to see the picture of PF cadres in today’s Post in T shirts bearing message as “RETURN MARCH 2011 BY ELECTIONS MPOROKOSO CENTRAL P/FUPND PACT” with mama Charity Banda carrying Maynard Misapa on her back celebrating with other supporters. It appears the problem of the Pact is not at grassroot but at the top level. Joesopnion are individual and not UPND official position.

  24. Wynter Kabimba himself has described HH, in disrespectful and contempt a manner but HH, with a wisdom outlook has soldiered on the path of unity, even writing letters to his colleague grandfather SATA to chart an economic and governance plan for the PACT. What is wrong with PF? Zambians wake up. These guys could be lions

  25. Who is inconsistent between Sata and Kalusa?Kalusa is not a leadership material.I knew the boy wayback during our school days at Chikola Secondary School.He was my classmate.I was very surprised that the chap had become a politician.He is a chap who is so argumentative and generally stubborn.He is too mechanical for nothing.He is an empty sack that cannot stand upright.I will be very surprised if the chap is not being sponsored by Movement of Mad Dogs to destabilise the pact.If a chap cannot apologise,then what sort of a leader is he?Leadership is based on being humble and having empathy for others.What sort of leadership are we having that is so proud and haughty?Kalusa should know that he will not lose anything by being apologetic.He is a disgrace to us as young men.

  26. UPND wired PF in Masaiti! what are the supremacists saying about this lackluster show by the PF in Masaiti?

  27. This is wafwa wafwa period and those who want apologies are not ready to serve the pipo of Zambia.They have personal agendas. Let the youth tackle the bull by the horns. If Sata and HH are not ready to move forward then what next? We form another Political Party and recruit members country wide. Its never too late. In fact its the youth who can iniate change. Its the youth who are used as frontliners. Its the youth who are unemployed and under employed, its the youth who are being detained and killed by the police. The youth are the majority. Lets wake up and form a movement for better change. The old guys have had their best days and just recycking each other. Zambian youth wake up. Lets make change through the ballot box. It comes once every five years. Lets tell HH & Sata that they…

  28. #28 Chitumbuwa what you are bloging does not make sense. You cant condem Joe Kalusa just coz he was your classsmate at Chikola Sec Sch. years back. The chap has transformed since then having served in ZAF then CBU and stood for parliamentary election in 2006 in Ndola. What have you done for yourself and the nation. I assume you are just a simple tool who waits for a salary at the monthend and living in a rented cabin. Joe Kalusa is a man of subsistance. He is a national youth leader and thats why you quoting him in press. Joe is in the class of guys like Chibaleand Chalwe of MMD. The role of youth in any political movement is that of frontliner. Receive the heat on behalf of the BIG MEN. Heard of Cha Cha Cha days it were youth against Colonial Rule. You cant win an electiion without youth

  29. Kalusa: “……the UPND/PF pact was created by Zambians with the vision of hope…….”.

    Please Doctor, check my eyes.

  30. Kalusa you don’t think properly war chap,Mr.Sata has that right to defend himself.From your statements you clearly show your unliking for the great PF leader,why do you like attacking him as if he is your friend?Mwana ubo buwelewele ulecita,imwe mweba cita attack ba Sata mutulanga fye apabuta tutu that he is the rightful leader.Abawele wele ilingi balabasula pipo don’t even talk about them,now you fools like Chifine,Mumbi,Chimba nabambi po konse ni Sata muli mu cimbusu Sata ,kutulo Sata.

  31. #19 be honest to yourself, There is no need for Kalusa to apologise, Sata should be put in his right place. The man has manipulated many zambians a lot from the Chawama matchetes to third term bid, actually it is Sata who should apologise to zambians for taking advantage of them. The best for Sata is to stay away from politics because he has no integrity. We were going to accept him if he resigned when he saw corruption in their regime with Chiluba, the way Mwanawasa did and when he asked for votes from zambians we accepted him. Whatever Kalusa said about Sata is true, the best is for Sata to apologise to Zambians not demanding for an apology from one person. If that should be the end of the pact then let it be after all Sata just represents chaos in our society.

  32. Many people in zambia or rather other tribes prefer speaking Nyanja because easterners do not look down on other tribes the way Bembas do.


  34. I agree with you Kanguya. Bembas tend to think they are superior to other ethnic groups. Where this mentality emanates from is something I am yet to learn. A Bemba will stay in Kalomo for 10 years and never greet anyone in Tonga and claim Tonga is difficult. This makes me think traits of zinjanthropus are so imbeded in the genes of some people so much that they will not show aspects of civilisation even if they were born in town or have been to school. For sure what explanation can a Bemba give for failing to speak Chitonga when an American Volunteer can do so within a months stay in Tongaland? People tend to hate Bembas as a reaction to their unjustifiable feeling of superiority.

  35. Wherever UPND had by elections to contest,its always been associated with pangas,machets and bloodshed ie Mufumbwe,Solwezi and Chilanga.Just this recent by elections like Milanzi,Chifubu,Mpulungu and Mporokoso where PF had campains were peaceful with minor fights.so who is more of problems between PF and UPND?we dont want MAPATIZYA formula in 2011.

  36. Sata is a difficult person to sell, even the post has tried it’s best but has failed because to sell him you have to apologise to the nation for his atrocities first when he was in the Chiluba regime, thats when Sata as a product can move. He also has to show that he has reformed, but evidenced from his talks there is no sign of reforming, as whenever he opens his mouth someone has to get offended.

  37. No Luvale or Lozi can vote for Sata because he called us buttocks which will never be in front. Shame on this old man.

  38. Yes in Mporokoso supporters wore PF/UPND T-Shirts so they should just continue like this, now what is UPND complaining about?

  39. While it is true that insults have flown in all directions from both pf and upnd, the pact has reached a critical stage in its existence when they should be seen by all to be pulling themselves together for the purpose of liberating Zambians from the mmd mediocrity.Kalusa’s observation that the pact should not crumble because of him is spot on.However, is refusing to apologize helping the pact to stay strong?Conspicuously,HH has been quiet throughout this sensitive period.My personal viewis that in HH’s silence lies a big part of the cancer in as far as the pact’s failures are concerned, so far.Kalusa’s rantings and those from both pf and upnd faithfuls are just but a smoke screen.We have heard from Mr Sata.Now we need to hear from you Mr upnd president.Also,please keep the media…

  40. Why Don’t you apologize and see what Sata is going to do next. You people always rush into conclusions without analyzing facts. If Sata wants Kalusa to apologise to him as the reason why he has backed out from the Pact. Then apologize to him than and hear what he is going to say, so that you can rove him wrong, than uttering more nonsense,

  41. wise pipo say respect the young ones in order for them to respect you, on the other hand a leader does not need to remind his followers of his presence, instead his presence should remind the followers that he is there. Those who are telling Joel to apologies are telling the nation that their leadership are not felt by the people of Zambia instead they are forcing themselves on the people. Remember the world wants the under five leaders.

  42. Kalusa’s statement is his opinion and Sata’s demand for Kalusa to apologize is a fact. If HH feels the same way Sata has felt over Kalusa’s attacks on him he should also demand for an apology from who ever has attacked him from PF so that both leaders on both parties displine their juniors in order for the Pact to exist in the so called interest of the people of Zambia if HH has really good intentions in this Pact. Take this for example, two couples decide to marry and both have been married before with children and one of the children start to attack a who will be step father, that you are not good enuff to lead this family and so on and so forth. What do you think the who will be step father do? of course he will ask the child to apologize and tell the Parent to displine the child

  43. or else cancel the marriage because divided house can not stand and thats what Sata is trying to do. So no. 48 reminder what you have said exist in PF but it doesn’t exist in the PACT coz there is no leader in the Pact and Sata is not regarded and resected as a Leader coz Kalusa belongs to the other Camp of the Union the two Parties are trying to build.

  44. #40 The Old man:

    My brother, Us baBemba have no intentions of feeling more “superior to other ethnic groups” but the problem is that people like you have an inferiority complex when you meet a ciBemba speaking person.

    Zambia’s official language is the English language but my friend you need to learn chiNyanja and ciBemba if you are to get around with no inferiority complex when in Zambia. This is a fact, whether you and others like you like it or not. These two local languages are the Zambian lingua franca like they use kiSwahili in East Africa.

    So, do not waste your time by complaining. You just have to learn these languages.

  45. A lot of you condemning Kalusa are the one’s who are living in cloud nine. Democracy applies within party structures and across the whole political spectrum. For Sata to hide behind Kalusa’s comments shows lack of courage, come out in the open and tell Zambians as far as you are concerned the pact can only be sustained if you are going to be the presidential candidate, that is your goal and wish , anything else is a lie and those who are supporting blindly have no interest for the people of Zambia.This is about the maturity of democracy rather than self interest.
    The stupidness in some of the comments are a reflection of why we are in the mess we are in. Respect an old man when he has no respect for himself or herself is no genuine respect, respect has to be earned

  46. 29 Kalimwitobo“, I like your “UPND wired PF in Masaiti! what are the supremacists saying about this lackluster show by the PF in Masaiti?

    According to ZWD, “The results show that the PF got the least results which were not even half of what the UPND got… [where the 3 major political parties MMD, UPND and then last PF competed against each other] The results … [came out as] MMD’s Gilbert Kaindu 477 votes, John Tuseko of the United Party for National Development 293.[.. and] West Phiri of Patriotic Front got 80 votes“.

    These results show that Pee yeFu (PF) is no a shell only on the Copperbelt Province as the mighty UPND has greatly improved and gain massive support from the locals there.

    Be blest all and vote for HH and UPND to form GRZ…

  47. In light of my above submission on 53, let UPND pull out of the PACT on Tuesday so that wa can continue to show Zambians that UPND is now ready to form GRZ Administration without PF misfits like Wynter KABIMBA who are a danger to society if they assume a Cabinet position in any GRZ Administration.

    Enjoy and be blest all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  48. Brother Mule, you misunderstood me and you are wrong to think that Icibemba is a linguafranca through out Zambia. Its so in some areas. So when you visit Sioma, please show elements of civilisation by learning Silozi. Where as Swahili is a National Language in Tanzania, Icibemba is not so in Zambia. That why its not taught in all Zambian Schools. As for the spread of Icibemba in towns, esp CB, its because of the colonial labor recruiment in 1930 to 50s which targetted the non agric productive people of Luapula and NP. And come on Mule, one does not need Chinyanja or Chibemba to feel superior. English is there to see me around Zambia.

  49. #55 The Old man,

    My brother, Use the language you are confortable with and do not feel inferior when others use the language they are comfortable with. No one will force you to learn any other language and hence you should not be offended when others do no learn your language.

    Zambia is a free society with more than 70 ethnic groupings and different dialects/languages, hence lets be proud of using our mother tongues.

  50. Some well informed sources have revealed that the UPND current president, Hakainde Hichilema, can not contest the presidency at their forthcoming party convention, having previously lost two elections. This is in accordance with the UPND constitution.The named source claims that HH may only be alowed to contest after 2012. Efforts to contact the UPND secretariate for confirmation proved futile as no one responded to the many phone calls.


  52. John phiri lishilu the age is catching up with someone that is why he is so annoyed with joe kalusa ViVa UPND

  53. Written by Chibaula Silwamba and Lambwe Kachali

    SOME members of the UPND National Management Committee (NMC) last Thursday challenged their president Hakainde Hichilema to call for a convention before the 2011 elections in the wake of his two consecutive losses and expiration of his tenure in 2011.
    The meeting was held at the UPND secretariat in Rhodes Park in Lusaka, it started at 10:00 hours and ended around 15:00 hours on Thursday,” the sources said. “The NMC members challenged president Hichilema to call for a convention before 2011 so that those who want to contest for positions including the presidency could do so and if he wants to defend his position, he is free to re-contest.

    But his response was that there is no money to hold the convention.

  54. #61 Atleast there is democracy in UPND just like in MMD, where other members are able to challenge the president of the party, unlike some God forsaken parties which are one man’s show. Forcing democracy on PF is demanding too much from the party. Lubinda was removed from his position as spokes person just because he wanted to challenge Sata. This man is really a dictator like Gaddafi, but we will make sure he does not test power.

  55. When you beat a kaponya pants down he will still threaten that he beat you that is typical kaponya mentality. The purpose of competing against each other is to see who is popular or better. That is the fact that kaponyas can not understand coz it beyond their level already. MMD got 447, UPND 293 and PF 80. MMD is more popular than UPND and UNPD is more popular than PF. Mpombo is leaking his wounds and must be ashamed and is not a factor in CB
    This is not the first local bye election that UPND and PF have squared each other, they did in WESTERN and EASTERN provinces and in all these bye elections PF has been beaten pants down. Who is popular between the two?

  56. 66 bob greetings. I am with you on “This is not the first local bye election that UPND and PF have squared each other, they did in WESTERN and EASTERN provinces and in all these bye elections PF has been beaten pants down. Who is popular between the two?” But sadly, PF Bemba-Kaponyas have failed to address this real issue.

    PF is not more popular than the mighty UPND in Western, Eastern and now Copperbelt provinces. In fact, PF is not more popular than UPND in the whole of Zambia as of this year 2011. For the doubting Thomases, let us just wait for the 2011 presidential and general elections to see who is more popular between the UPND and PF.

    In all, be blest all and vote for UPND and HH to form GRZ Administration this 2011 after the elections.
    Matt 6:33 But seek…

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