RB expects MMD to score an easy victory in this year’s elections

President Rupiah Banda

Reuters reports that President Rupiah Banda expects the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) to score an easy victory in this year elections which he said will be coming in a matter of months.

Speaking today in Johannesburg at the Reuters Africa Investment Summit, President Banda said that he hoped to win with an even larger margin.

“I expect to win. My wish and my hope is that we win with a larger margin than what happened the last time when I stood as president,” he said.

President Banda would not give a date for the poll but said it was coming soon, indicating it would take place before September.

He described the PF-UPND pact as a concern, but said his administration’s economic record, with last year’s growth rate of 7 percent, and should be the same this year, should see him through comfortably to a second term. “We should come out with a bigger majority,” he said.

Mr Banda also said that, this year, he expected the economy to grow a rate of between 7.1% and 7.5%. “7.1 percent is what we are hoping to get and we are hoping it could go up a little bit more,” he said. “7.1 to 7.5 percent is what we are hoping for.”

With a B+ credit rating obtained from Fitch last week, Mr Banda said Zambia would proceed with a $500 million global bond before elections due by September. The proceeds of the bond would be earmarked for infrastructure, in particular transport, power and housing.

“We need the money now to continue developing our infrastructure. Our economy is growing and is going to need good roads,” he said. “We are going to need to fix electricity,”

Mr. Banda also said the government would focus on diversifying the economy, which remains heavily reliant on copper mining, and growing industries such as agriculture and tourism.

[pullquote]”The issue of windfall tax is a major issue. Everybody is talking about it in the country. The opposition are hoping to use it as a major tool against me but I think we will be able to explain it to the people,” he said.[/pullquote]

The President also said that Zambia is seeking to encourage foreign investment in land, in particular for biofuels to offset its heavy fuel import bill, although he said that he was aware of the pitfalls and would ensure that land was “not given away”.

He also said that he would also seek to increase competition in the power sector to try boost efficiency at dominant state electricity producer ZESCO.

Privatisation of inefficient state enterprises was also a possibility, he added, citing last year’s sale of state-run fixed line operator Zamtel to Libya’s LAP Green Networks that led to a reduction in call charges.

“It is not government’s role to own industries and try to run them,” said Banda. “We’ve tried it before and it was a disaster.”


On windfall tax, the president reiterated Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane’s last night statement that government would not impose the populist windfall taxes on copper mining companies.

The President ruled out windfall taxes for mining companies currently enjoying record copper prices, saying that changing the rules for foreign investors was plain bad business.

With an election looming in the next six months and copper at $10,000 a ton, Banda is under pressure to maximize revenue from the sector, but said he would not be lured into a move that would damage the country’s long-term prospects.

“There are agreements between us and the companies. When they come, we agree to the ground rules for them to be there,” he told the Reuters African Investment Summit in Johannesburg.

“It is not good for business to keep shifting just because the prices have changed. We have got to have principles and lines which we are going to follow.”

[pullquote]”We have done an audit of three mines and that is going to bring us more money after the audit,” he said. “From one or two of these companies we already have in excess of $200 million.”[/pullquote]

Copper fell to below $3,000 a ton in late 2008 — shortly after Banda came to power — but has since recovered sharply on the back of a resumption in demand from resource-hungry Asian economies, most notably China and India. It hit a lifetime high of $10,160 on Feb 14.

“The issue of windfall tax is a major issue. Everybody is talking about it in the country. The opposition are hoping to use it as a major tool against me but I think we will be able to explain it to the people,” he said.

Banda also said a tax audit of mining companies conducted under the umbrella of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, a voluntary minerals code, should allow the government to recover more than $200 million in unpaid dues.

“We have done an audit of three mines and that is going to bring us more money after the audit,” he said. “From one or two of these companies we already have in excess of $200 million.”



  1. It possible that you will win but not with a wider margin. Mwanama apo ba President. If you knew that you would not have refused the 50+1 % to be included in the constitution.

  2. Why is it that only politics do makes headlines I want to hear about relationships of ministers, players the scandals in people’s homes? I want I want to know about the people they cheat on, the true stories or interviews that are living on £1 a day. That is my definition of news. The same old stories here in Glasgow is nothing. I am sat at my Ipad in the back of my fiancé’s garden wearing next to nothing clothes and I am wondering when we are going to change. Thanks

  3. #3 Mushota
    Go to Kachepa360 and you will get what you want.Ofcourse RB has a point cos according to VJ’s calculation and recent by-election,Sata has lost considerable support in his own backyards hence the impending fourth defeat.

  4. Sharp Shooter why have you always been my archiles. You seem to be the ONLY person that does not like me , I dont understand

    You bring me down all the time

    Its not my fault I am in Glasgow or earning the money I do, or that my life is a near perfect as my dreams have come true its not my fault

    I have worked hard and here I am now , I can afford anything I want and besides I just criticised and wanted to see how people reacted

    Personally I think RB should be re elcted wont he be almost Mid 80’s by the next general elections?


  5. RB will win but most of his MPs will lose big time. He will run a minority Government. MMD in the next Parliament might even have less than 50 MPs nominated ones inclusive.


  7. Tenze kumuseka Kaunda when he was talking about ‘diesel from grass’ in the late 70s and early 80s. That man was forward thinking. It is like he had a spirit of prophecy. But how did he get it so wrong with regards to ‘God’s people?’

  8. Mushota – You are a Compulsive Liar

    You cannot be sitting next to nothing in the gardens of scotland with this freezing tempearature. Are sure you are in Scotland. Who do you think you are kidding?? Scotland is 5-6 Degrees today.

  9. let have consistent parameters on which to evaluate a president. this will be good for us. for zambia performance of the economy is number one. and i thing by any standard RB has scored huge mark. our economy has stopped loosing jobs,job market is expanding, economy is pro private sector, inflation rate is arrested the major negative by the relatively high lending rates which cannot support borrowing
    gov continues to grow smaller and hopefully gov internal borrowing will reduce

  10. Times reports ““ADD was the first to call for a united and grand opposition. We have been advocating for this for a long time but we can only come together if we have common policies,” he [ADD leader Charles Milupi] said… [his ADD] opposition parties can only work together in an arrangement based on issues and common policy not individuals and personalities“. Milupi said similar words on Frank Talk some few days ago but PF medicore kaponyas have been arguing ont hsi fora thinking that ADD can be manipulated to give the Serpent Sata MC of PF some votes from Western Province of Zambia.

    PF your thinking of getting regional votes and getting the Presidency position on, a silver plate will never work. Discuss policies first and elect the leaders at the end.

    Viva HH and Milupi…

  11. 12 Global citizaen:
    you are right, on the economy RB seems to have the right direction.
    My only problem with RB is on governance issues and his inertia to implement good governance policies e.g corruption fight,media freedom,reforms in education etc.
    Remmember that our friends in the middle east gulf states and north Africa like Libya are by far better of economically but the problem is governance issues.

    Just a thought

  12. 6
    Mushota, dont worry about pipo who hate you coz I LIKE YOU..
    Continue entertaining us with your blogs!!

  13. The temperature was a healthy 11 degrees In my back garden. If you see me on facebook I can send the pictures stop doubting me

    I sick and tired of reading repulsive posts , Like ‘not a ‘lowyer’ zonda’ etc

    Why is it that people fail to make a constructive argument, very few of you have decency of spelling well, writting with integrity. I hate that. I also hate people who send text message in short formarts U as of you. gr8 as of great, what is wrong with you!!!

    Wake up!, Grow Up, Wake Hard! and act predictable I am so annoyed I am pullling my hair again !

    Anyway off to Marks and Spencer now!


  14. Sometimes i think this Mushota blogs from her psychiatric wing.Damn… now the mentally challanged have invaded cyber space.Good luck to you girl, i understand how it is when one crosses paths with money after knowing poverty as the only thing in life.Us the born rich don`t give a rat`s us coz nothing has changed.

  15. Just sign the Finance Bank sale deal which you went for. what winning?? we know you dubious deal.
    Even in those comfortable hotels,we know you are not sleeping over Sata.

  16. Mushota Mushota, boasting with poverty will not help. Anyway, who cares what you have. Dont distract people from real issues. You always want attention like one opposition president I know in Zambia

  17. @ Mushota # 17. You keep on bragging about you being in Glasgow. I mean there is a lot of things you can surely talk about rather bragging. Some of us dont brag. We have the money and we just keep quiet. By the way am at Cardiff University working on my PHD in Computational Physics I have worked in the England and Scotland and am only 30. So what can you tell us rather seating in the backyard of your called fiancee and you are almost naked. Gold DIGGER!!!!!!

  18. Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane to hell with your infiriority complex. One day you will pay for the favors you are giving foreign mining campanies.

  19. I think you should give credit where credit is due. The situation in Zambia is such that no one leader is going to turn things round in his tenure. Each one will only be able to take us forward a few steps before another one steps in. The main problem that I see with Zambia is that the infrastructure is so appalling that any development that is going to take place will quickly evaporate. Education, health, roads, energy, water, research, investment to name a few. Guys, we still have a long way to go.

  20. Kalulu are you ok? You call a fellow Zambian a pig just becoz they talk about themselves. Oh my God!
    Get exposed man!

  21. #16 Ask yourself …who developed Scotland?….too much inferiority complex..a pure product of remote Zambia……Uchinje nautusebanya wembushi we…..take some time off and visit Zambia I guess you will pass on with amazement…
    Any way back to the topic…RB needs to work hard on governance issues while he has tried on the economical front.. George Kunda must have worked hard to advise his boss on governance matters.. vis viz.. corruption is rampant in Zambia although am not saying corruption in non prevalent in developed countries… This would have make it easy for RB to sweep the elections but as things stand now..It would be too early to conclude.

  22. @ Dawa1 # 24. If MUSHOTA doesnt have anything to contribute to the blog she should stop posting and go to facebook or something!!!!! May be you are interested in her!! Am so exposed than you think!!

  23. The MMD via a special State house monitored task force has spent K25 billion
    since beginning of the year on activities to disrupt cohesion in the Pact. The
    scheme seems to be yielding dividends going by the latest events in the Pact
    that is on the verge of collapse.
    This special task force is headed by the party’s chief whip Vernon Mwanga and
    assisted by state house presidential aid Austin Sichinga.
    The money has been used to pay chiefs in Southern province to threaten to disown
    HH if he remains in the Pact. The chief led by Mwanachingwala and Mukuni have
    netted about K500m each plus a car of their choice. Chief Mukuni is since ever
    in Lusaka driving past Arcades and Manda hill malls in his latest BMW 7 series.
    The next target lines has been some UPND and PF members of…

  24. #6Mushota
    Really? I was just trying to help you get the gossip you said you are deprived of.Kachepa has bumper stories on sex scandles.

  25. Kalulu, you seem to have an attitude probem!
    My dear I am well brought up, happily married to a well educated Zambian woman with a good job.
    Isn`t it good to hear how a Zambian woman (Mushota) is enjoying life in a foreign contry? Ain`t tired of hearing Zambian women arrested abroad with drugs. That is my dimension my dear.Next time lest talk abou inventions and not Mushota! Enjoy the day !

  26. Is this the gist of RB s speech-if it is than one wonders if the trip was worth it?and he forget to tell his audience that last week his party lost an election which he had personally campaigned for his party.

  27. Yes, His Excellency will win 2011 elections to be held within 6 months. He would have become our hero had he acted as a mature person and with heart for fellow Zambians. As for Reuters Thomson outing, they are looking for soft targets to provide them news and money. many Zambians have fallen for “certificates” awarded by similar skimmers, from as respectful as “The Economist” magazines whose commission based mercenaries are all out in Africa looking for adverts in exchange for managed interviews to come out in supplements, “certificates of achievements” given out to companies, who fall for their tricks (invitation is sent out to all and sundries and some gullible Zambians, especially who have not achieved anything and are headed by old timers) in exchange for their travel to get the…

  28. Very good to hear about Zambia’s 7% growth. MMD for the first time since 1991 you have my vote.Just don’t Borrow too much money please.

  29. I am sick and tired of being hated, undermined and insulted. Kalulu Your name says it all, You shouldnt talk about me, you dont deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as me.

    You must be doing a Phd in african medicine. you really do talk drivel. You superimpose your own fantasy of how you think things should be over the actual reality. Your fantasy agenda borders on the delusional.
    I need people to be proud of me, I am making a lot of money almost married with the love of my life and I am being discarded when I am flying the zambian flag. I demand to be liked and loved


  30. Mushota,

    Where in Glasgow do you live. I live in Glasgow too. My office is on Bothwell Street in the same building with Barclays Wealth. Are you new in Glasgow as I have never heard of you in the Zambian community in Glasgow or Scotland. Write to me on [email protected]

  31. award and also paying for “glossy frame etc.”.
    Coming to His Excellency , if there are elections today with 50% +1 vote, he will be on top of all candidates but will not get more than 35% votes. on re-run he will lose hands down.
    He does not inspire most of us, the younger generation. he is a wrong role model, marrying half his age lady, talking about how to produce twins, 35% of the time either in sky or out of Lusaka, dining with known thieves, allowing foreigners to make and take exorbitant profits, giving contracts to those who are ready and willing to provide kickbacks. Truth will come out. Our Lord in Heaven, redeem us from the predicament. You only can save us. You give us resources (copper with high prices), land( high yield), forests, water, and what not,

  32. so much that we are envy of our friends from Senegal, China, India, Congo, who all flock to get rich and on top of that curse us with “Rupiahs, Chilubas, Satas, HHs…………………..”

    Come and save us before it is too late!

  33. @ Mushota.. I’m amazed but you seem to be a nice person. I apologize for disgracing otherwise enjoy your evening make Zambia proud.

  34. 33# MUSHOTA

    You have just confirmed in black & White. Girl, you are a very disturbed soul.

    1. How are you flying the flag of Zambia? By boasting about Scotland all the time.
    3. You demand to be liked & loved by whom? What is your man, family and friends doing?
    4. Do you come to these blogs looking to be loved and liked? You must be a very lonely soul.

  35. Can everyone please stop hating on Mushota. It is not her fault she is doing very well in Glasgow and marrying a Scotsman. In fact you PF hypocrites, your GBM brags all the time and you egg him own. He brags about paying exorbitant bills to the FRA using his petty cash account through his junior accountant and you PF cadres egg him on so what is wrong with Mushota bragging about her achievements.

    It is not her fault she has made it. She has allegedly worked hard the same way your GBM has worked hard. What’s with this double standard ba PF??

  36. #26 Pact Guardian, you must be the Zambian version of James Bond. We have heard that nonsense before and it will not take you or Chilufya anywhere. Learn from UPND they don’t hallucinate but talk issues, even when Hakainde writes to RB it is real issues only. What I will never understand is what HH saw in Chilufya, anyway finally he has come back to his senses after successfully fighting off Chilufya’s …… spell, the one which Chanda Chimba III tells us the Post has cast on its readers.

  37. Mushota when I first read your psting I thought U (sorry, you) were stupid. Havind read more of what you (not U) write I gather you are somehow an intelligent lady, male or transexual just looking for controversy. You are provocative and always looking to open a new line of discussion. You are also entertaining which is quite Zambian, I can relate to you. You speak your mind out about anything. Keep it up girl don’t let anyone stop you or bring you down. And don’t relent even when you get married.

  38. #14, I rate RB highly even on these issues: good governance policies e.g corruption fight,media freedom, reforms in education etc. He may not be the best that we could have, but from the political material that is available to us now (e.g. the Chilufyas), RB is certainly the best by far. I particularly like RB’s insight into the future while balancing with present requirements. They say the “present is gone, what matters is tomorrow”.

  39. Yes Mr President, I would be surprised if Zambians became reckless and gave us anything else but an emphatic victory. Chilufya’s campaign weakness is lies and deception, he cannot win because God knows that people will rise against him within 90 days if he won because he would fail to deliver. But then what else has he got to offer?

  40. RB is as deluded as Gaddafi – amano tamwaba.

    Get ready to be evicted from statehouse, we’re coming to get you!

  41. 1. I will Vote for Michael Chilufya
    2. My mother in Chingola has confirmed she has registered and she will give Chilufya a big VOTE
    3. Three of my sisters, one in Kitwe and two in Livingstone have informed me they will not waste their vote on any one but Chilufya
    4.I called my brothers one living in Siavonga and another in Kabwe to ask whom they support, they both said SATA

    At least that makes 7 of us for BIGGIE MICHAEL CHILUFYA SATA (truly Zambian)

  42. People no need to disrespect our sister please, we have more stressful issues to discus like, how can Katumbi buy campaign vehicles for the ruling party whilst Zambians are looking on but paying a deliberate blind eye. Zonda Mutonga Mbuya what’s your take on this one.

  43. #16 Mushota, I usually ignore your postings they contain no substance – so please don’t mention my name. Ignore me as I ignore you :-).

  44. #47 thata the spirit lets garner votes for the big man MICHAEL CHILUFYA SATA very productive and very disciplined!

  45. The mines Bwana RB are our business and as such must be treated as such. Our commodity has appreciated in value over time and why are we still charging ‘mutengo wa ku church’? The investors will make their money alright and leave us when they feel like and we are the ones that will remain with Zambia for generations. Besides, these same miners have decided to cheat us on how much tax they are entiltled to pay when they know too well they are lying about it. Why do we have to be nice to people that can steal from us? It doesnt take a genious to think through and call for what is rightly a justfiable tax for our natural resources, which are expendable and will not be able to replace EVER!

  46. #40 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth and #27 Sharp Shooter,These the problem with you MMD vuvuzelas!! I have been following your comments but this one does not make any sense.

    Going by your response to Mushota, you seem to be all in one and know each other well, please don’t use our public money on your childish and immature responses like this.

    As Zambians, we are following what the President has said regarding his plans and expectations for Zambians but going by your comments here in response to #4 Mushota, one wonders if you need to be taken seriously as you deserve.
    It is now clear that you are MMD KAPONYAs who are paid to respond on this blogg with no serious agenda for Zambians.

    Stop your nonsense, you PSYCOPATHIES. You just confirm that RB is corrupt…

  47. #44 H.H Sata,

    I thought you are a son of Satana with the way you hate innocent Sata PF leader. Honestly you can not be a son of God because you are full of hatred, and the bible says, he who hates his brother his a murderer. Like the way your MMD President Banda hates MMD founder member Derick Chitala, even to the extent he has made it sure he can not obtain any business license (i.e. for TV station) and wants to liquidate his business through this.

    Please leave God alone from your angry and vengeance rants. God gives love, peace in one inner self.

  48. #50 Way forward.

    Thank you.It is surprising when I call Zambia, every one I talk to is saying they will vote for SATA. including a friend of mine working for Times of Zambia. two of my friends I worked with in Mumbwa where very strong supporters of UPND. They openly informed me that should the pact fail,they will vote for Sata for the sake of removing MMD. I have now come to understand why MMD is spending sleepless nights, They have received intelligent information from the red brick house that the man is gaining a lot of support.

  49. @ #52 SHAKA OZ

    So what is wrong with my comment on #40? You PF guys have without reason attacked Mushota simply because she is successful and states it boldly. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with stating that you are successful in Glasgow?? There is nothing wrong with anything Mushota has said. She has worked hard, let her brag.

    And some of you PF hypocrites listen to hip hop music which is full of people who are bragging about their achievements so what lecture can you give Mushota. Give me a break.

  50. #55 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth,

    Please spare me your crap!! I thought you may come up with something sensible but am now worried. Are you telling me am one of those who attacked your friend Mushota?

    My reasoning is that, this is a response to our President’s serious business in South Africa (which you yourself personally wished him well when he left Zambia), it is not about Mushota.

    Your prayer is that people are diverted to petty issues like Mushota and your objectives are achieved of not analysing President Banda admission that mines like MOPANI in Mufulira did not pay full Tax and the MMD have denied before. “From one or two of these companies we already have in excess of $200 million.” (sic) said President Banda.

    Are an MMD paid foreigner in the…

  51. #55 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth,


    I meant i you an MMD paid in the foreign land or part of the foreign service wasting our public money on petty issues?

  52. @ #56 SHAKA OZ

    What is there to analyze concerning President Banda’s trip to South Africa? He has said it all and you can read it for yourself on REUTERS. I am not obligated to comment on every news issue. That is something I do at my will. On this thread, I chose to defend Mushota and not to comment on President Banda’s trip because I believe he has covered everything.

    If you feel that I am deviating from the above story then do not read my comments. I am not twisting your arm so you can read them. That is your own business. I was commenting on Mushota and therefore if there are any replies to my comments defending Mushota, they should be in that context. I do not force you to read my comments. You do that all on your own.

  53. I never realized that people like my comments so much that they want me to comment on certain issues. I am at liberty to right whatever I want as long as it does not contravene on the Lusaka Times terms and conditions. I have this freedom. If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them. I will comment on whatever I feel like commenting on whether it is defending Mushota or not. If you don’t like it, deal with it.

  54. Reading some postings, one wonders whether we stick to itiveness/Unwavering pertinacity. I surely believe that this is a market place or basket of ideas where practical and developmental issues emerge. While respecting our social heritage, lets blog issues touching Zambia at a higher level. Let’s also avoid been petty on personality.

  55. It hurts my heart when i see how things are becoming good for many and yet so many people are in extreme poverty. We live in a land so rich but why are we so poor? that is the question that many have failed to answer .Today we sit and think are we cursed by God or why are we so poor when we are surrounded by so much wealth? I guess you know the nation i am talking about? Am talking about the nation of Zambia for some of you who might be wondering. We are about to vote for a new president in September but my question is why are we voting when all the time we hear news of vote rigging. This article is not about elections but what issues every Zambian needs to have in mind when casting that vote in September, the first one i will point is Konkola Copper Mines.

    When you look at the copper

  56. its funny how the president says his party will win,guys as zambian’s let us not be fooled let our votes tell him that we do not agree with some policies.He talks about developement only in lusaka not the copperbelt,you came pass through touns like chingola ,luanshya its a shame.Mr President before you say that your party deserves the vote justify the follwing
    1.Why your government proposed to sell public schools(runng away from your responsibilty as a government to provide education for the zambian citizen)
    2.Why the MMD government sold nchanaga mine for $25million ?
    3.Why have you not fined the mines for polluting kafue river and puting lives at risk?
    4.Mr president justify your stance on the sell of Zamtel at a very cheap price?
    I care about Zambia so tell us the truth sir.

  57. Its interesting to see how Rupiah collected hundreds of dollars from Zambians in the diaspora by promising new passports? if you are in the diaspora and have a new Zambian passport you are very lucky because everybody’s money was used for campaigns by rupiah! How does it take a year just to renew a passport? Washington DC embassy is being used to fundraise big time!

  58. SHAKA OZ
    Your reasoning and conclusion of my being MMD sponsored blogger based on my response to Mushota is worrying.If you have been here long enough,you will realise that between PF and MMD,I will definately settle for the devil I know(MMD and RB) than the dark Angel in Sata whose past activities.FYI,Iam FDD and our manifesto is conforms with all progressive parties like UPND,ADD etc except PF cos they have none.Right now,Iam a swing voter cos Edith Nawakwi has failed to run the party.

  59. As long as there is still confusion in the opposition, RUPIAH will no doubt win this year’s elections. There is no formidable opposition. As long as SATA and HH continue behaving the same way Rupiah will have it very easy. AM not a support of the MMD but I know that this year’s elections have already been won by MMD, whether you like it or not. It is simple logic. Votes will be split by the selfishness of HH and SATA. The two *****s should only blame themselves for not winning again. They needed to work together and choose one person to stand against Rupiah, and would have easily dislodged MMD.

  60. Mushota is a gold digging whore.
    how can a Zambian put down other Zambians because they have not made it at home?
    Mentally retared pi.gs like “capitalist pig” will follow the smell of pussy just like sugar daddy who owns a young piece of meat half his age.
    Even young enough to be his grand daughter.
    Old man is sick as a dog and his kids will not live to see their dad when they are 20 years old.

    This is what MMD stooges approve of for their sugar daddy.

  61. “He described the PF-UPND pact as a concern, but said his administration’s economic record, with last year’s growth rate of 7 percent, and should be the same this year, should see him through comfortably to a second term. “We should come out with a bigger majority,” he said.

    Being realistic the PF-UPND pact gave us the MMD sleepless nights and our prayer is to see it crumbling.
    If these self centred leaders wanted to destroy the MMD this was indeed their chance but as at now all is set for MMD victory.

  62. HH and SATA Will never be presidents if they don’t have the spirit of cooperation. Sure MMD will win again this year. After these guys loose, they will even start talking about the pact again. or it will be HH with another party and SATA with another party. If only these guys were to get together MMD would in trouble.

  63. #74 whether there is a pact or not ladies and gentlemen the one candidate who gives worries to the MMD is SATA, so lets go out in numbers and vote for the man, trust me they will fail to rig this time!.

  64. I totaly agree with RB.this election will be an easy win.The development so far undertaken speak for themselves.Ve development va paka.

  65. Now with the PF-UPND Pact certified dead, RB is happy and has confirmed that come elections day he will sail through with a comfortable majority. I doubt his statement, the fact is he s going to carry the day but it will be a margin slightly hire than the 2008 win. Sata ha sequaly good chances if only he could make his presence felt in Western, N/Western and Sothern Provinces. As for Central he needs to double up his efforts.

  66. # 12 you have a point. Let us not just complain because your neighbor is doing so. We all have problems but if you think one leader will sort them all, then in your dreams. As much as we need change, let us aticulate real issues and see where we need to change. Some of you if we asked why you are complaining you can’t give reasons all you say is everything is bad which is a lie. Get real and not move blindly. Personally i think MMD has failed to put in place policies that will protect me from selfish investors. Plus the fact that they cant empower people to sustain themselves even without jobs. We rely so much on employment and not personal development.

  67. #79 Dont worry we are mobilising our friends and reletives, ex-girlfriends, ex-colleagues ALL of them to go and vote in numbers. So we appeal to you also not to waste your give the old man SATA a chance to see what he can also do for mother Zambia.

  68. #78 VJ Rigger says- Foolishh man, so is your vote. Use your common sense last time you fabricated 35,000 votes in order to beat the old man. This time around we are ready to die. Try it at your own peril.

  69. #78 VJ Rigger says-Infact your Shikapwasha is developing diarrhea over the elections. If it is going to be easy tell RB and Co to stop their smear campaign against the old man, kali it is going to be easy.

  70. Let’s do away with aged African leadership its done nothing but harm to our welfare. Diverting public funds in their pockets at the expense of the skeleton electorates is the order of the day

  71. how i wish bloggers like the captalist and ka mushota knew the real picture of what is happening in Zambia they would shut their wide gaped asshole mouths

  72. this phobia about foreigners stealing this and that is common among citizens. those of you who went abroad to work hard may even have been victims of such sentiments. but it unfounded fears nobody is stealing form anyone.there are many zambian taking up the challenge and making serious loot. sit and complain the socialist ideas of KK will not come back. instead of complaining lets ask gov what is willing to do for us to be productive.

  73. Zambia is finished! sure even next year to have such a leader? people people…we have no problem with the MMD to be in power next year but not with such a person, in MMD there are people who reason and have plans to take Zambia foward..but why this Chipata Man! ..Thandiwe tell your father its time to leave the house, that is a statehouse not a guesthouse.

  74. You recognize therefore considerably relating to this matter, produced me in my view believe it from so many various angles. Its like women and men are not interested until it is something to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs excellent. At all times maintain it up!

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