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Woman Swindler arrested


Police in Kalulushi have arrested a fifty-year-old woman of Lusaka for obtaining money from 150 women after promising them loans from her association.

Copperbelt Police Chief Martin Malama has confirmed the arrest of Christine Mofya of Long Acres Township in Lusaka.

The swindler pretended to be running an organisation called the Association of Women in Development.
Dr. Malama told ZNBC News in Kitwe that the woman obtained one-hundred-and-five-thousand Kwacha from each of the 150 women on the pretext that she would provide them loans for small scale businesses.

He said the women paid the suspected swindler in January this year though the loans have never been provided.
Dr. Malama said the woman is in police custody to help with investigations.

Meanwhile Dr. Malama has said police in Ndola have also recovered assorted household goods including electrical appliances and cell-phones.

Dr. Malama told ZNBC News in Kitwe that four suspects have been arrested in connection with the recovered property.
[ ZNBC ]


  1. A woman trickster on womens day! How appropriate! We now have women who are drug traffickers, thieves, drunkards, robbers, child rapists, Hules….. Where are we going?

  2. What a way of cerelebrating Womens Day. Ata ni Women empowerment iyo yena yobela banzako yachita over mami.

  3. My God!!! whats wrong with bembas , everytime there is a crime in zambia its has to be done by a bemba,now their engaging their lazy a.s.s.e.s in drug trafficking embarassing all zambians,i think like somebody already pontificated yesterday ,they GRZ should either ban them from travelling or give them special passports to differenciate from other zambians.We cant tolerate its now too much,we are no longer proud to have a zambian passport.They like stealing too much,the last time we gave one of them a chance to be president he reaped off our country.s.h.i.t we will never do that again.

  4. Iwe Rat Race Bucolour bwa noko, why do you have togeneralise that all bembas are thieves. HAvent you seen other tribes stealing?

  5. This should be an MMD cadre who can’t calculate. How can you risk K150,000 only from 150 people = K22,500,000. Zambian women risks on petty monies, even drugs they get arrested for very little. Women learn to aim high, anyway it is a good start for Zambian women to learn to be sharp.

  6. The women who paid are the dumb ones. How do you pay to get a loan. When you ask for a loan from a bank, do they ask for a down payment? they ought to have known that it was pyramid scheme.

  7. bembas bembas,there we go again,whats wrong with this tribe,they r all thieves liars,tricters,prostotutes…etc etc

  8. #3 She is not Bemba. She is married to a Mr. Mofya, but herreal name is Christine Nyirenda. I know the woman. A very rare Easterner.

  9. #9 She is from the east?? hen she learnt those manners from de husband,a nyirenda?? ,the tumbukas do not steal.Too bad.

  10. # 10 But can you teach an old dog, new tricks? She was born with the habit. It is genetically acquired. Do not blame the Bemba husband. He has absolutely nothing to do with his wife’s unacceptable Tumbuka behaviour. Do not write all of us off. There are a lot good Bemba. Twapapata sana.

  11. @ Tulatwakane it is not stated in the article that her father’s ( maiden ) name is Nyirenda. So as it stands she is Bemba. As RAT RACE has so eloquently stated Thumbuka’s don’t steal, unless it’s your girlfriend we are offering a better life of marriage and love. Cause we are from the east of east the kingdom of wisdom and hard work.

  12. @ no 4 Bobe, it is unwise to insult another’s mother. If it was in person the rest of us LT bloggers would have whopped and beat you up. Your query is with RAT RACE and not his mother. If he has grieved you address him with intelligent conversation and we might surprisingly support you. He stated how it pains all of us that our Bemba and I underline ____________ our Bemba women. Though Thumbuka/Senga, Lozi………….Soli, Bemba women are our women aswell, so their woes abroad and at home affect us all.

  13. Happy women’s day. My Zambian and African sisters, study and work hard, cross your legs as of old wise times unlike your European counter parts that think a woman that sleeps around like a b.i.t.c.h ( female dog oxford dictionary) in heat is accomplished or acquired independence as per the NEW women’s feminist movements. Stay blessed and beautiful but don’t settle for useless men with no fear of the Lord nor father qualities, stay blessed and loved. If no man loves you remember God Jesus and the Holy Spirit will always love you.

  14. Ba Rat race what are you trying to prove?This just goes to show how shallow ,childish,immature and tribalistic you many other tribe have tricksters,molesters,thieves,prostitutes,drug traffickers/barons/baronesses?Why this generalisation and bitterness?It is a pitty this woman did what she did thus embrassing her tribes mates and her relations.From your posting above I see a very bitter and twisted individual there alot of good hard working,honest Bemba people out there please do not let your shallowness over shadow your judgment.

  15. Iwe Rat face or rat asse Uli chipuba? what is your beef?waba umu nyo you shit.Why are you generalising Awiso na Nyoko should be the ones banned you child of a dog and a prostitute if you have nothing sesesible to post here then shut the **** up you loser waba umushinkilo uku bloa kabwa.

  16. Elo Lubinda Your mother,Father and relations are very good at the vices you have stated above and do not forget to include yourself while you are at it you offspring of of a dog and a prostitute.

  17. According to reliable sources, this woman is one of the sponsored women by MM.D. Her organisation has been recveiving money to lure voters for the disgraced party but she has fallen out of favour hence the arrest. More news from ZDleaks.

  18. What Rat Race is trying to say is that and i agree with him is that , from most if not all Crimes commited by women ,that have been put on LT by LT have all been BEMBA”S . so stastics would conclude that most Bemba women are notorious.
    if say it was the other , that most if not all were Tonga’s then one would rightfuly conclude that TONGA’S are notorious.
    a clasic case would be products from China , we say are of poor quality ..WHY . its because most if not all products from China brought into zambia are of poor quality .
    But are they realy NO coz most if not all products from China in Canada are of very high quality. BUT will a zambian undersatnd that if all he has seen is the cheap stuff .. i doubt that
    same goes for Bemba’s its ufortunate the few make the rest look bad.

  19. ANOTHER BEMBA THIEF. You Bembas what is wrong with you chaps? Why are your tribesmates always found in thieving stories. Now it is women who have taken the lead. Let us not pretend and hide under excuses of tribalism here, my Bemba friends need help. This is too much, we will not be blinded to this reality but tell you off. Ba sakalanyongo imwe, is this what you call using initiative? Respect other people’s property. Sha!

  20. another bemba thieving bitch…yaba these people. kaya mwe! Why cant they all be deported to Zaire so that we can live in peace.

  21. why cant these fools learn to work… chiluba, sata, musonda, kalumba, chilufwa . . .bakawalala bamambala

  22. #3 RAT RACE – This woman is a Kaonde Ila from Mumbwa. I know her way back in her days on the CB. Leka ukutumpa. If you doubt just go to Power Dynamos and ask for Erik her brother.

  23. tribalistic goat Koswe Race its people like you who perpetrate genocide.. am sure your mother dropped you on your head when you where born coz the way you think is twisted. If you dont like bembas do yourself and us a favour…slash your bloody wrists coz we dont have time for your tribalistic nonsense… Mad love for all tribes

    Why are you accussing Bembas of being thieves? You see now, some of you are saying she is a Nyirenda, others are saying she is Ila from Mumbwa. Stop jumping to conclusions. Yesterday there was a report that a Banda and a Mukala (north-westerner) were caught drug trafficking abroad. Stop accusing Bembas. You all steal – the problem is that because of inter-marriages some people carry marital Bemba names! And also newspaper reporters from Eastern province like focussing on anything Bemba when they are looking for bad news!!

  25. Ba LT twapapata, this is one too many insults for an article, lots of bickering, where the editor or wateva they are called @? Is anyone getting paid to moderate the comments posted? They are sleeping! Everyone is free to express their opinion but there is what is called ‘ unprintables’ HELLO!!!!!!!!!

  26. This is getting out of hand…! Bembas should just keep quiet and let the empty calabashes howl in the wind. Responding to this rubbish only gives it credence. Let the tribalist fools make noise, if you join them people might not notice the difference!

  27. This woman is a Kaonde Ila from Mumbwa. I know her way back in her days on the CB. Leka ukutumpa. If you doubt just go to Power Dynamos and ask for Erik her brother.

  28. Please LT have a policy of reading blogs before posting them so that any insults or tribal blogs should not be posted. I’m lozi and have many bemba friends i cant remember one of them being dishonest in anyway we have to learn to respect each other. If someone is a thief it is that person not a tribe sometimes stealling is fueled by demons. If we go in prisons in all the provinces you will find locals serving jail terms cos of stealling.

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