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Livingstone city council saga continues

General News Livingstone city council saga continues

Dr. Brian Chituwo

Workers at Livingstone City Council will not go back to work until their demands are met by the government.


Zambia Union of Local Authority and Allied Workers Union-ZULAWU Livingstone Branch Vice Chairperson Kaluba Masese says workers will continue their strike until re-instated Town Clerk Dras Neves is removed.

And ZULAWU Chairman Geofrey Thole says the workers do not want Ms NEVES because of her dictatorial style of administration.

Mr. Thole says Ms Neves has not embraced everyone since her appointment as Town Clerk.

Efforts to get a comment from Ms Neves on Monday proved futile.

Meanwhile the Livingstone City Council on Monday called for another emergency full council meeting to discuss the way forward for Livingstone Town Clerk Dras Neves.

The council dismissed Ms Neves last week but its decision was overturned by Local Government Minister Brian Chituwo.

Livingstone Mayor Aggrey Njekwa says the council wants to follow the right procedure when dealing with Ms Neves issue, hence the need to call for another full council meeting.

Mr Njekwa told ZNBC news that the Council has adhered to the minister’s directive to put in place corrective measures regarding the fate of Ms Neves.

He said the Council has also availed Dr. Chituwo with the minutes of last council meeting which was held last Thursday.

Mr. Njekwa said the Council will deliberate effectively on the demands of the workers and make recommendations to the Local Government Service Commission.



  1. This madness, hatred, inefficiency and lack of seriousness is what will keep Zambia (and Afica) away from the corridors of development foever.

  2. All the workers were personally offended by her?

    She must of been a good leader to reach out and personally effect all these workers.

    Sounds like this is a union vendetta.

  3. please let this lady go she is not fit to be in such high office. I dont want to say much about her lest we open a tin of worms.

  4. Ms. Neves and Chituwo, who doesn’t know about them? Unless you don’t live in Livingstone. Chituwo should just come out in the open. The truth will be out soon and he could be fired even before the elections.

  5. If they can’t take her dictatorial tendencies, and she’s only a Town Clerk, what about Sata being president, would they take his dictatorial tendencies?

    I withdraw my statements. This has nothing to do with Sata.

  6. Livingstone council workers on strike and vowing not to return to work?
    Just send truck loads of fully armed Zambia police to do what they know best, gun them down one by one.

  7. Very embarassing for the Mayor: firing some1 when he does nt have the powers. How can we rule out abuse with such ignorance? It confirms the cardinal value ;education plays in public office. We know that some councillors are working with certain workers to loot the resources.We know that they are exciting workers on the k400m received from govt meant for retirees. The wanted acting DF to divert or mis-apply money towards their sitting and other perks

  8. #4 Shaza – please tell us more, we dont want to start speculating, we just want to know..by the way, is she a white lady?

  9. It is too late now to solve this problem the council would have consulted the Minister the outcome of the council before anouncing,otherwise it will now be workers versus the Minister and if Ms NEVES does not go back eventualy she goes to court the council will be her lot of money.
    This is the problem when you put people in office who has little knowledge about law.
    Workers can demand anything but management is there to manage.

  10. LT Give us News now ahah????
    There are alot of things happening to the ordinary people that need you as their voice, let politicians register on facebook or tweeter where we can follow their nonsense. We need to know the plight of the people in terms of social economic, environmental and health issues. As the adage goes “Too much of anything is bad”. Right now there is too much of politician this or politician that. Give us a break please. I be with my hands in chalace position and head tillted to the left….

  11. Its a fact tht workers can not work together wit madam Dras.For the sake of service delivary let her leave the council am sure Chituwo can find her another job
    Wat i wonder is why this lady is untouchable.word on the street has it that some top gun is gunning her done,No wonder she had to rush to lusaka immediately she was fired.# 12 she is some moderate hot colored chik.the kind u wouldnt mind to steal a second look.

  12. #12 nyololo she is coloured single tall very pretty no kids in her late 40s. she likes men especially the rich and powerful

  13. Yes, the only issue is that our friends in the councils do not want a person that works harder….too much lazness in most Zambian councils if not all of them.Lady Neves is a hard worker who does not support corruption and lazness, but the attitude of our friends in those offices,it is a long story.They are not found in there offices, driving council vehicles everywhere,plots are not legally given to locals and many more

  14. Livingstone council workers are lazzy and blind followers of councillors, whodoesnt know the hatred njekwa has for the town clerk, his language is all about firing.Does this man know any other word apart from that.How do you fire when you dont have the powers to do so. Njekwa should not be seen coniving with union leaders if he wants his cause to be properly delt with

  15. Gay people are sick sub-animals.Anyone on the thread ever seen a Pig or Dog stuffing its hardened pipe into the a.s.s. of its fellow male Pig/Dog? Sickos is the best description of gays, infact they should be quarantined so that they dont pollute this earth.

  16. Ba ZWD please insert new photos, in connection with the story at hand, this phot of Chituwo has been here everytime we have local govt. news, we also want to see our our minsters look now.

  17. At the dumb above Zambians that are fascinated by a child with white lineage. She is what a white man wants to create that’s close enough to an Ethiopian, south African, Somali, elitrean some Nigerians and east east Zambians these I have mentioned are natural light skinned Africans that out shine any so called colored any-day. Don’t forget our beautiful Tswanas.

  18. Black is beautiful, it ranges from the golden diamond black Sudanese to the fair milky almond Botswana Tswanas, it’s the whole electro-magnetic spectrum of blackness.

  19. Here is how the little impasse can be solved. Let all parties involved get lawyers and not the nchitos or Chiluba or GBM’s lawyers real lawyers and get this mess sorted out. It’s easier than it looks.

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