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Abraham Mpaka (Aliases: Ndapuka Shilongo ) Biography


passport of accused killer Abraham Mpaka.
Ndapuka Shilongo was born in Southern Africa some 43 years, where he did his elementary, secondary, high school and university studies. He obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Economics in Africa before moving to Europe where he studied in France’s prestigious University of Paris I and obtained a B.A in the French Language as a Major and the Portuguese as an option. He left France and went to England to do his Masters degree. He moved to the US in this decade where he is pursuing his doctorate. He is trilingual.

Ndapuka worked in his native Africa in several capacities serving his people diligently before joining politics. He is energetically fighting for the dignity of the black man no matter where he is found.

The reason of him writing this book is to share his experience when he was scammed of a very large sum of money by the Nigerian 419 crooks. He has given out facts no law enforcement agency has ever heard of. This book is the bible of 419 criminals. It has given not only the names of the materials the criminals use but how they use them. A detailed account of how the Saudi Ministry of Religion was scammed by Nigerians of $432 million, how the Brazilian bank, Banco Noroeste do Sao Paulo, Brazil was scammed of $242million and how Mouar-al Ghaddafi of Libya was scammed of $120 million. President Omar Bongo also lost about $200million to these thieves.

It explores the origin of 419, in Nigeria, and gives the factors that have given rise to this monster in Nigeria. The corruption in Africa and the active role of the Western Democracies with their diabolical, deceptive, intentionally- ill-conceived policies of the International Monetary Funds and the World Bank for Africa are responsible for the high crime rates in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

In his book, the Nigerian 419 Scams, A disgrace to Western Civilization, Ndapuka traces the origin of scams and other criminal activities, which were started by the Roman Catholic Church. The world in the 1990s saw how criminals were decapitating the hands of children and women in Sierra Leone and was horrified. The sad truth is, the Catholic Church started this practice during the Inquisition in Mexico and Peru in order to get gold and Silver from the Incas and Aztecs. Also, the tricks, lies and crimes committed by Nigerians 419 scammers, today like, human and drug trafficking, prostitution, scams, money laundry were started and are still carried on by the Catholic Church. Nigerians learned all these despicable crimes from the Church.




ISBN10: 1-4257-6465-7 (Trade Paperback 6×9)
ISBN13: 978-1-4257-6465-4 (Trade Paperback 6×9)
ISBN10: 1-4257-9235-9 (Trade Hardback 6×9)
ISBN13: 978-1-4257-9235-0 (Trade Hardback 6×9)

Pages : 172
Book Format :Trade Book 6×9
Subject :
TRUE CRIME / General

Details from official detective investigations and other sources

Visa that apparently belongs to accused killer Abraham Mpaka

Mpaka has made claims that he is a doctor, an FBI agent, and has attended the prestigious Université de Paris.

Current Age:  46
Height:  5’7″
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) : Black
Eyes: Brown
Other Phys. Characteristics: Mpaka has dark, defined lines across his forehead.

Traits and Habits: Mpaka claims he is from Lusaka, Zambia. He allegedly speaks three languages.Last Seen: North Miami Beach , FL
Other Possible Locations:Miami , FL
Mpaka may be applying for a new job in South Florida. Police believe he may try to leave the country, possibly bound for Haiti. Mpaka is known to ask churches for money, food and support.


  1. What kind of Biography is this – not even a single noun? Africa does not offer any form of education, but individual countries do. Not even a single name of an insititution is named? I would love to here zambian authorities confirm and disown this this evil. And how could a doctor be begging money food from churches?

  2. We need the passport office to tell us where this evil man comes from. He could be a Nigerian conman himself who has used a Zambian passport

  3. He is a fallen kingpin of 419 himself. How else would a Zambian be interested in all the diabolic details of scamming. Without even waiting for GRZ, This mpaka is not Zambian, his bio does not add up.

  4. How is he a killer? Its not mentioned anywhere how he killed and it seems he is a good man cos. he has exposed the nigerians in his book. Well LUSAKA and Zambian passport definatly is a stolen document and such names are not zambian.

  5. This is very weird biography. Mpaka was born in native Africa, which country? Which high school did he attend in Zambia? Which university did he get his basic degree? This guy is not Zambian?

  6. No zambian will be so much interested in this detailed, ****ing, nigerian cash scams. I have been leaving in Nigeria for 6 years now. i know what these people r capable of doing. he is for sure, Nigeria. let him speak atleast Bemba or Lenje if he is from lusaka. A zambian born in lusaka will definately speak good Nyanja or Bemba. Zambia High Commissioner to the US, please mwipusheni muchibemba.

  7. Nothing about this Biography adds up. Details of where one was born, Zambian schools and colleges or Universities attended are critical. There is no mention of any of such details. I would not be surprised that Lusaka has been mentioned because it appears in the passport that he is using. Let us have the passport number and I am sure our office here can confirm the details.

  8. Someone shud get the passport number of this thug and trace it upto the person who issued this passport to this diabolic thug of a person. We need to get to the bottom of this and have the issuing officer prosecuted becoz for sure this thug in NOT zambian but somewhere Nigerian. Passport officers shud be dancing in fear by now!!!! DEC pls move in.

  9. so what should we do about it..?wher does someone report and what offence has he committed..?we don’t know his nationality..Southern Africa is very big..!

  10. He is not Zambian by any anything, association, birth or naturalisation. Passport Office you see what corruption and greed can do to the country’s reputation? Because of such people Zambians may find themselves being looked at with suspicion and subjected to inhuman searches just bacause one or two chaps at passport office was paid a $100. There are many congolese and nigerians now holding Zambian passports than there are Zambians with Zambian passports because its become so easy with money for one to get a Zambian passport. And such ones can do anything knowing if the going gets tough they will just get their true national’s passport and move on. Go to RSA, there are thousands of Congolese and Nigerians with Zambian passport. Its high time GRZ became strict with this vital national…

  11. He is Zambian, just because he has commited a crime in a civilised world then you reject him when these happen in Zambia everyday, by Bembas who claim it is a sign of love to beat a women. Chitika killed Mabenga’s daughter, and just two months ago a man in Mpika killed his wife for cooking Chipapila instead of the Kapenta he wanted. Shame on these *** tubulus.

  12. Just a reflection of the ignorance in America that they write about Africa as if its a country. This biography seems to have been written by Sara Palin, who ignorant as she may be, many Americans think she is good enough to be president!

  13. Its like this guy comes from CHITULIKA village because he resembles features with some known fellow from this village.

  14. #5 This guy killed his live-in girl in Florida and was featured on America’s most wanted. Get the facts on

  15. He is not zambian he is nigerian. Lsktimes instead of doing shoddy journalism like that of kachea460 why not actually check the mans information. His arrest record clearly states he is a nigerian national so how someone linked him to Zambia is beyond me. Go on nbc miami, amw or any other news source. The problem with you bogus journalists is you just sit down on google and think just because a name sounds zambian then you can make up a story. next time be diligent instead of embarassing yourselves

  16. People, this fella is a Nigerian. Yeah, even some of the Nigerians living in England say they’re from Zambia or Ghana. Yes, there could be bad Zambians out there but not to that extent. That one is not a Zambian he’s just too much to be a Zambian.

  17. I agree with # 13 that the writer of the chap’s biography must be Sara Palin.He was born in Africa, studied in Africa and once worked in his native Africa. An African for real.I Africa a country? When Europe is mentioned,countries such as France and England are cleared mentioned. The chap is not Zambian but Nigerian. It is not possible for an average Zambian to write such detailed information about Nigerian 419 scams.By the way what was the chap doing in America if not to promote his Nigerian Section 419 scams.Spare us please.

  18. No way! This man is Congolese and not Zambian! If not Congolese, Nigerian. They should do a DNA test on him.

  19. If the above was written by the FBI, please send these guys to school in Zambia to learn more about Zambia.

  20. A North Miami Beach, Fla., man was arrested at the Hastings library Saturday afternoon, more than two years after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death, the FBI announced.

    Abraham Mpaka, 46, was caught at 4:30 p.m. by the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force and arrested without incident. Mpaka was wanted since the Dec. 26, 2008, death of his girlfriend, Coty Paul. Authorities accuse Mpaka of stabbing Paul, the mother of his children, in the heart as she was watching television in her neighbor’s apartment.

    Mpaka, a native of Nigeria, was featured on the television show “America’s Most Wanted” three times since Paul’s death. He has claimed in the past to be a doctor, an FBI agent and a student at the Universite de Paris, the FBI said.

  21. this guy is one of many Nigerians using Zambian passports that they bought from the streets in Lusaka if you ask from most Zambian communities in the USA his not even an inch close to be one his like the Chama, Phiri, Sikazwe and many more foreigns using Zambian names, when his Nija boy so it time the Zambian government cracked down passport office it only takes $500 to get a passport from passport office so Mpaka time will review you true nationality for now you going to face the laws of the Land,
    Thy shall not KILL”””””””””””

  22. In Minneapolis he met his first girl friend at the Mctc. college Library who took him in a day after they met arround Feb 2009, shackeled for 1and half years, within that time he met his second and theird girlfiends in the same college. He is said to have been hanging arround HCMC where he met other women indicating he was a doctor. One of the girls kicked him out , to get back at her he reported her to college authority that he had been doing her college home work. He poured a whole if not pound of sunger in one of the girl friend’s car gas tank. The went to court and sued the other over family picutures he had with one who perported to be his wife and had met him in London. Those women should be questioned even more . They lived with these double life man for over two years.

  23. We need to find out what the authority is doing with him.
    Are they waiting for a cool off time to release him ?
    Or are they going to make him face and pay the consequences ?
    Call the Miami-Dade state attorney office to find out, They still haven’t done anything about him yet.

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