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Pictures of Catholic priest accused of adultery



(Catholic Father in Court)Father Leo Ululi of Saint Lawrence Parish Catholic Church in the accused’s dock. He is being sued for committing adultery.


Father Leo Ululi of Saint Lawrence Parish Catholic Church in the accused’s dock cross-examining Irene Simaubi, the wife of a police officer who has sued him for committing adultery.


Father Leo Ululi of Saint Lawrence Parish Catholic Church (in striped shirt) reading out to the court a document in which he confessed flirting with a Police officer’s wife


Father Leo Ululi of Saint Lawrence Parish Catholic Church (in striped shirt) reading out to the court a document in which he confessed flirting with a Police officer’s wife


Father Leo Ululi of Saint Lawrence Parish Catholic Church is greeted by sympathizers after the hearing of a case in which a police officer has sued him for adultery


Father Leo Ululi of Saint Lawrence Parish Catholic Church is greeted sympathizers after the hearing


Father Leo Ululi makes his way to the car as scores of curious residents look on


  1. He is young and handsome. No wonder all these problems.

    Let the man have a little living. You want him to be golfing every night?

  2. Iam Catholic, but I cannot sympathize with this adulterer. He knows that the MMD is targeting the Catholic Church and still goes to do ifyabupuba.We chimbwi iwe

  3. When did they start allowing taking picture in courts of Zambia? It is strange, I have never seen before. any way the law now is in the hands of some people. Is someone innocent and until proved guilty or you are guilty until proved innocent? help me people of God.

  4. I just wonder how many local court cases have pictures taken and published like this, its true that this case is politically influenced. this is too petty

  5. This is what happens when you exalt human beings into positions that are no longer biblically available, they show you their true colours. Have we not been told not to call any man father or better yet we have been given only one interceder according to hebrews chapter 7.This sis what you get for disobeying the bible, the same chaps are raping children as well and yet funny enough catholics are still turning a blind eye to these demons manifested in the flesh.

  6. pic 2 those two definitely slept together.She looks hurt at the disgusted look he is giving her and saying to herself thats not the look he gave me that night!

  7. #8 Slumdog – you are incorrect in stating that Catholics are turning a blind eye, that is not true. Obviously you are a non catholic with preconceived ideas about what the Catholic church and its doctrines are all about. Get yourself educated on these matters before letting bones fall out of your mouth.

    Church leaders all around fall prey to sin because they are human. Look at Danny Pule and he still has a flock.

  8. And you want to make Zambia a Christian Nation. Please go and create a separate Zambia where you can be singing Hymns and cleeping with each other all night long! Us non-believers do not pretend, but alse because we believe in science and we know about dieases we are better behaved – without any pretence of being ‘pure’. To hell with declaring Zambia a Christian nation. That is why God has deserted Zambia! Leave it to God to decide whether he wants to stay in Zambia or not, and you do that by behaving well – not by forcing everybody to be Christian when you are busy commiting adultery everywhere day and night!!

  9. He is young and very handsome for sure people’s wivies are in trouble if that guy is not fired as a prist this should be allowed I’m a cathoic.

  10. #5 kaka’ – Good observation. It is illigal to picture court proceedings by Zamian Law. Like I said @ 2, this is a field day for the MMD that they can even allow some one to break the Law of our country.

  11. # 5. I am shocked that the courts of law in Zambia has allowed pictures. How I would have loved to see pictures of some of the criminals before our courts! And you Catholic priests, this is a lesson to you! Do not commit adultery around this time when you are at loggerheads with the MMD government. I know the pictures were allowed to embarrass the church. Muleke ubucende bane, mulensebanya!

  12. He looks like an adulterer. You should marry instead of living in hypocricy. Why make things difficult for yourself and consequently start sleeping with other people’s wives. Is this why you became a priest? What tribe is he?

  13. uyu mambala, he needs to tame his big pipe! better to leave the clergy so that he can enjoy his big juicy sausage without guilt…:-)

  14. #10 I know more about catholicism than you, mind you i used to be part of that joke of a church luckily I emancipated myself from such foolishness. I useed to be an altar boy so I can attest to you the bullshit you guys practice I even been to your holy city and see how you clowns dress up statues and worship corpses(worshipiing padre pio). save your mental foetal catholic position for people ignorant of the catholic church I know everything about the catholic from 80AD when it was created by Pope Clement right down to constantine, eusebius right down to the nazi pope you have

  15. Thanks LT for the pics away from the nauseating RB thing. This is quite refreshing with an interesting story

  16. #22 – If you were a victim while you were an alter boy, you should have spoken out and something could have been done about it. But if you didnt speak out and just left then you didnt do anyone or yourself a favour.

    People speak out now about abuse in the Catholic church and the perpetrators are being charged. What is your stand? Don’t have a blanket anger

  17. I can`t blame him ifi fintu fyalishupa.I just wonder why these guys go into these kind of lifestyle when you know ati tawakosa.But on the other side it could be fun to join the priesthood with an eye on those sister`s.Anyway problem nichita chabe imagine.Lol

  18. ‘when elephants fight, what suffers is the grass.’ whatever, the case the man is a victim of circumstances. many may be victimised but this will never deter the church from being the conscience of the secularised world.

  19. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. In any case most of the amFathers are gay so why do women try to seduce these “””godly””” men!

  20. The word “Limulunga” means “a place of gossip.” This is pure gossip. Just look at how good looking this guy is … Women were probably just jealous he was close to this other woman and started spreading rumors living up to the reputation of the village!

  21. These priests are hypocrites!They pretend to be fighting for the poor but are busy taking advantage of the same poor.The same happen to his counterpart in Zimbabwe.Archbishop Pius Ncube was an ardent critic of Mugabe and indeed a human rights activist,alas,it was all hypocrisy! He was screwing a married woman who was his secretary and was caught pants down on camera.As expected,just like this Ululi,he denied and said it was political until the footage was shown and later he confessed to the Guardian.Below is his confession:

  22. Zimbabwe: Pius Ncube Admits Sex Scandal On Video

    DISGRACED Roman Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube made a shocking admission to the sex allegations involving a married woman despite his earlier claims that the charges were orchestrated by the state in order to prevent him from speaking out on human rights, the Zimbabwe Guardian can reveal.
    Archbishop Pius Ncube, for long the most outspoken critic of President Robert Mugabe made the shocking revelation to Frontier Africa TV — an independent film production company — just before he boarded a plane for the Vatican in November 2007.

  23. The video has now been released only a week to the crucial harmonised elections in Zimbabwe.

    In the video, Ncube apologised and spoke out fiercely against President Mugabe ahead of the March 29 elections.

    “It is true, I do admit that I did fail in keeping God’s commandment with regard to adultery,” admitted Pius Ncube in the interview. “Having failed in keeping the Seventh Commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery, I would like to apologise to you, I’d like to apologise that so many of you were praying for me, for the fact that so many of you standing with me in fact suffered so much.”
    Ncube was reported to have been involved with Rosemary Sibanda — a married woman and member of his parish. It was reported that Sibanda herself admitted that she had an affair with the…

  24. I think its high time the catholic church worldwide reviewed its celibacy dogma. i feel it is outdated in this century. let those who want to marry do so, and those who are strong the way apostle Paul was remain so. its unfair to burn with passion under the celibacy dogma. celibacy in the catholic church has made its priests do very sinful deeds worldwide. obviously in this modern times celibacy in the catholic church has fallen short of the glory of God, and its better celibacy is made optional.

  25. Its a sign that the so called fathers and sister are liars. Why not come out of their secret shells, marry and enjoy the juicy fruit of mariage without feeling being guilty or being dragged to court. Stop pretending that you are not flesh and blood. Ifaykulya mubumfisolo fitulikila kumalushi. Your sin has found you out. Even if its not true but at least this is evidence enough of trespassing. You should respect peoples spouses. This should serve as warning to all those who pretend they have no sexual feelings like fathers and sisters. How sad. You cant cheat God. Muchinje

  26. This is what is happening in Zambia, young men go to the priesthood not because they have a calling, but because the church affords them education in Universities all over the Globe and guarantees a lifetime of work and a roof over their heads.

    Blame the lack of employment in Zambia. There’s nothing wrong with the Catholic Church.

  27. By the way, was a secret camera used to take these photos because I have never seen photos being taken in the court of law in this manner.

  28. Why take up priesthood when you know you are handsome? The other problem is that the same married women, tend to seduce men using all sorts of tricks. Married women, accept proposals from men, more than single women.

  29. =8the positiones that are non longer biblically available.our parents we call them father is that wrong.the holy father thats the pope its not that he is holy its only God who is holy these are title which the church uses.the church itself is holy but it is run by weak and sinfull people who try to live thier it catholic o any church we are all sinners.even the poor priest he can sin but as a christian are praying for him or just laughing.try to understand the bible you read very well don`t say a word with studying o praying about its meaning

  30. =8the positiones that are non longer biblically available.our parents we call them father is that wrong.the holy father thats the pope its not that he is holy its only God who is holy these are title which the church uses.the church itself is holy but it is run by weak and sinfull people who try to live thier it catholic o any church we are all sinners.even the poor priest he can sin but as a christian are we praying for him or just laughing.try to understand the bible you read very well don`t say a word without studying o praying about its meaning

  31. =8 the positiones that are non longer biblically available.our parents we call them father is that wrong.the holy father thats the pope its not that he is holy its only God who is holy these are title which the church uses.the church itself is holy but it is run by weak and sinfull people who try to live thier it catholic o any church we are all sinners.even the poor priest he can sin but as a christian are we praying for him or just laughing.try to understand the bible you read very well don`t say a word without studying o praying about its meaning

  32. I believe its unethical to capture pictures INSIDE a court room, but maybe this was treated as a PRECEDENCE and special case and big lesson to deter other priests from falling by the way side from the sin of carnal flesh. Milingo has consistently said its better to marry than be celibate and a playa at the same time.

  33. I have always had a problem with the crime of adultery, if it can even be called a crime. If two people are married and one of them is unfaithful, does it makes sense to bring a case against the person the spouse was unfaithful with? I think the person you should be bringing to account is your spouse who cheated on you and not the person he/she cheated with. In this case the police officer should have been sorting out his wife and not sueing the priest. How do you willingly sleep with someone and then turnaround afterwards and have the guts to go and stand if court pointing an accusing finger? I fel adultery cases should not be allowed at all as the premise on which they are based is fundamentally flawed

  34. Good evening

    Is adultery the “main theme” on LT pictures this month? Last we were shown pictures of a brutal lashing of some muslim adulterer caught in the act and this week we get live and direct shots of a court proceeding involving a Catholic priest.

    What’s next? Father Bwalya’s case live on youtube? LoL

  35. Here’s a story I heard about another Catholic priest.

    Every week, the priest would visit the bishop and they would drink tea together.

    One day, the priest was late for his appointment. He eventually arrived, sweating profusely.

    “What is the matter?” asked the bishop. “My bicycle has been stolen!” exclaimed the priest with great indignation. “I am sure that one of the altar boys has taken it, but I have no idea which one.”

    “Then you need to use an old trick that I used to use when I was a priest,” said the bishop. “This Sunday you should preach a sermon about the ten commandments. And when you get to “thou shalt not steal”, you should pause a while and look in the face of each of the altar boys.”

    “I will,” said the priest. The week passed…

  36. Sex is a wonderous gift from God. It shocks me that westerners become gay. I long for the day I shall marry my Nubian princess, yes I said it unlike you musungu lovers which in itself is good, but no woman can compare to a Nubian love. Let African priests marry, cause atleast they love women and don’t do little boys. Prevent them from marrying and they will continue acrobatically flipping peoples wives.

  37. and the time came for the priest to see the bishop again. And this time he was riding his bicycle again.

    “I see that my plan worked,” said the bishop with a hint of “old-fox-can-still-teach-a-young-dog-new tricks” tone in his voice.

    “Not quite,” replied the priest. “I did as you asked. I told a sermon about the ten commandments.”


    “When I got to ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’, I suddenly remembered where I had left my bike.”

  38. That is one handsome Priest that poor child of a lady was defenseless. She has that arcon her back showing she has booty though. Let priests marry period, Christ was and still is the last High priest. God said marry if you cannot control yourselves it is okay.

  39. Is it just me or those two actually suit each other? I swear they could pass for husband and wife, let them just marry, father Ululi can pay compensation!

  40. # 11, I want you to disconnect Zambia been a Christian Nation from the presence of sin among its citizens. To be a Christian nation does not in any way remedy individual sinfulness. To be Christian means accepting Christ Jesus as our faithful Shepherd, and our sovereign King! Nothing is more important than knowing and following Him! But we could neither know nor follow Him until He touched our hearts, filled us with His Spirit, and opened our “eyes” — enabling us to see both our own depravity and His undeserved grace in the revealing light of his holiness. Through the cross, our wonderful Savior took the punishment for our sins and brought us into an intimate relationship with Himself that will last forever. Guilty as Charged I believe even at the time when Jesus walked cont’d

  41. I believe even at the time when Jesus walked the earth sinners where there. Our duty should is to pray for things to change on earth and not things to change in heaven. You have a great day

  42. what did the lady say?
    did she admitt?
    where was the act done?
    can the lady give the colours of the priests’ beddings?
    can she describe the looks of his thighs, belly, chest e.t.c?

  43. imwe mwe ma fathers akupeni fye why fyakufisafisa.who says u cant serve God if u r married?Catholic church needs 2 look at this seriously.

  44. Banda is trying to copy Mugabe style. Remember Mugabe did almost the same to a catholic bishop.
    Camera men are not allowed in court, How come suddenly these people are being allowed. A plot to silence the priests !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. If you, O Lord should mark our guilt, Lord, who would survive?
    Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord, Lord hear my voice!

  46. Thessalonians 4:1- Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter
    times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to
    seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; {4:2} Speaking lies
    in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    {4:3} Forbidding to marry…..

  47. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 – Let no man
    deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come,]
    except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin
    be revealed, the son of perdition; {2:4} Who opposeth and
    exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is
    worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
    shewing himself that he is God.

  48. Daniel 7:24 – And the ten horns out of this kingdom [are] ten
    kings [that] shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and
    he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three
    kings. {7:25} And he shall speak [great] words against the
    most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
    and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given
    into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

  49. Imwe mwe bantu. He who says you should not commit adultery also says you should not steal. It is simple to know that the only person that has not sinned on this earth is Jesus. The rest of us should just accept that we are sinners and confess our sins and be born again and follow him. He who has not sinned should challenge what I have said here

  50. Let him who has not sinned be the first to throw a stone. Amazing how the devil blinds us to the realities of our own lives…

  51. Ba girlo bakaena, ala babi, even if you want to sin, bena babipisha. if something happened, ninshi abamufwaile. the complainant has to check his engagements: Danny has sung: “ngataulemulala bwino girlo bakakwafwa.” the guy is so handsome. :((

  52. people please,dont blame the priest. in our zambian culture a woman is the key to every intimate relationship. thats why bembas say, ubuchende bwabaume tabonaula nganda.she is married therefore she has no rights to open her legs to another man apart from her husband.i espected her to even control the priest and bring him back to his much as he is wrong the government is also very wrong to allow taking picture in court and pulish them like this.dont blame catholics even pastor do the same., most married men do this. poeple before you say anythig about your friend, first think about what you do. are you perfect?

  53. Ba Priest, Paul tells us to remain single, but because of the immorality among us, each man should have his own wife. If you are just being accused and you are very innocent of all this, God will fight for you. But if you are guilt and by any means you win those court cases, God will make his own judgement on you. If you feel you can’t continue being single, please marry and serve God with a sincere conscious……..May God bless you!

  54. Taking pictures in court is not permitted. No wonder there is a claim that this case is politically motivated. The Zambia Daily Mail published a photo on the front page of their Thursday March 17 edition.Funny enough, ZDM does not publish photos in their “from the courts section” of Sunday mail. How did they find this case interesting when they have not published any photos of similar cases.Clearly they are just up to scoring points for MMD. Very soon LIFWEKELO and CHIFIRE will be writing to the Vatican ambassador to ex-communicate the priest…

  55. soory who sued who am reading a caption on picture 2. if she sued the father then no no no if it where the husband who sued it can make sense. This woman is just playing tricks apa.

  56. I almost became a priest nomba after namona imisango yaba patili naba sista, naisa landa fye ati chawama ndechita umukashiwandi ukuchila ukshenteka Lesa.

  57. This father monster should be sent to the gallows!! He is a manipulator and a liar. He is a product of a broken home and b.astard acts by his mother.

  58. Ubulanda kubapatili aba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On the photos,maybe there wa some one wit a hidden camera. Just look at the people in the photos, they are not even looking at the camera,because from what i know,when some one is taking pictures,we tend to look in that direction even if it’s not us who are being photographed. I rest my case!


    When the Jewish leaders brought the woman taken in adultery to Jesus in John chapter 8, they demanded that Jesus sanction her stoning due to that being what the letter of the law said. Jesus of course totally confounded them when He simply told them; “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” All of her accusers dropped their stones and left for they were convicted in their hearts.

    Technically Jesus could have picked up a stone and singlehandedly killed the woman if indeed the payment for every sin is death. But, instead of punishment, Jesus offered love and forgiveness. Throughout His ministry, Jesus time and again forgave those who had sinned and manifested the utmost in love and compassion toward them. Time and…

  60. Time and again Jesus healed or forgave someone and then exhorted them to “go and sin no more.”
    Why is it that upon hearing about or seeing someone with a physical or mental disorder, the instinctive response is to assume the person has sinned? Just as the disciples asked Jesus this question in John chapter 9 regarding the man born blind, so Christians whisper among themselves asking what horrible thing someone committed that would result in them being sick, disabled, injured or dying.

    There is no denying that Moses laid out the blessings of obedience and the curse of disobedience in Deuteronomy. There is no question that the law spelled out consequences for unbelief. But, when one looks through the Old Testament, how many times did all the horrific things mentioned actually happen?…

  61. Did every single person who sinned get slapped with all the plagues Moses mentioned?

    The Apostle Paul clearly states that Jesus Christ was the end of the law and the curse of the law was nailed on Calvary’s cross and thereby made of none effect. Technically, there is no more law so there can be no more curse of the law. But, we all know that sin still has consequences; it is just not related to the specific disobedience to a particular part of the law.

    The grace and mercy of God is far greater than the anger and intolerance of God toward sin. Although God hates sin, he does not hate the sinner. In fact, God so loved the world (sinners) that He gave His only begotten son. God did indeed allow Jesus to be the ultimate sin offering for us.

  62. Instead of being so quick to pass judgment on a fellow believer when they are going through a difficult stretch, we should instead offer our help, prayers and compassion. Who knows, you may be the one with the need the next time.

  63. Lets us pray for them I mean Husband, wife and the priest. This is what the bible tells us not those insults and excitement you are sending lest you commit a sin yourselves.

    Proverbs 24:17-18 says Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; Lest the Lord see it, and it pleases HIM, and HE turn away HIS wrath from him.

  64. But kapokola walishishita,you think your wife will agree that she slept with Fr.
    After all the main witness mu buchende is the wife

  65. Ba Catholic priests, dont cheat yourselves that you can do without sex. You cant beat nature. Sex is beautiful

  66. Well, there is no need to be surprised about such sex scandals. Catholic priest like ****ing like no man business. i know of one Fidelis Okochuku- a Nigerian catholic priest based in Monze and later in a parish in Gweembe, who impregnated two gals and ran away.Any way, reality will catch with him one of these days.

  67. Yaba what a shame, you should have looked at yourself in the mirror before joining priesthood….more women are still coming for you man….Too bad you had to break the oath you made to God above.

  68. Sinner ++++++, at least when you sin without hiding, now when you hide in a priests rob it hits your real bad when it comes out to the public.The bible says he sees what we do in secret and rewards it in public…and you end up losing all the respect

  69. This priest is very lucky to be alive. Fooling with a policemans wife??? Most police men kill when they are victims of a adultrous scandal

  70. This is political. Why were cameras allowed in court? Contempt of court! And women also lets learn to cross our legs when we seat in church during mass.

  71. LT, tell us – what evidence was provided by the person that sued the priest? What did the priest say in his defence? What did he say in cross-examination? What did the policeman’s wife say? How can she sue the priest for alleged adultery when she was apparently a willing participant? Can the priest also sue her for adultery?

  72. Ululi should sue Lusaka times. I hope you are going to put it as your headline tomorrow that Fr Ululi has won the case.

  73. Pic# 2 Just the llooks of that woman tells the whole story. She wants to burst into laughter as the priest is cross examining her bearing in mind how they LOCK each other.

  74. Catholic priests, why don’t you just legalise and accept marriage for your priests? Mind you, you can cheat some pipo sometimes, but you won’t cheap all the pipo all the time!

  75. Father, united we shall stand to support you. I will start a Divine Mercy Novena for you tonight. Be stronge don’t let any talk destroy you. May God bless you. Don’t forget that Mother Mary is praying for you and all the priest. She is the mother of the priest especially the weak ones. She’s our stronghold.

  76. Iyeee Ba Father, mwatomba bamukabe benee, elo KAPOKOLA? BWANA?? awe umukashana Ali Ufwabwino, pantu ni full Litres becuase they dont F.U.C.K oftain. mmmm nice, Njikata?? ka Virgin..

  77. I am a committed catholic but I can`t simpathise with this priest. He was wrong. Wrong is wrong regardless of who does it. He should face the law and the consequenses of misconduct. However, the priest needs forgiveness and prayer from all of us christians. HOW MANY SINS HAVE U COMMITTED JUST THIS WEEK ????

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