State eyes 80,000 mine jobs by 2015


GOVERNMENT has projected to create 80,000 jobs in the mining sector by 2015.

And Government is optimistic that it will reach the one million metric tonnes of copper production in the next four years.

Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Maxwell Mwale said the anticipated growth in job creation will be largely driven by increased mining activities across the country.

Mr Mwale cited Konkola North (KNNOCO) Project, Trident Mining owned by First Quantum MINING, Zonghi, Denson Mining Limited currently exploring in Southern Province, as some of the projects coming on stream in the industry, to contribute to job creation.

The minister was speaking during the recording of a Ministry of Finance television programme `Culture remodeling’ under the theme: `Mining sector performance” at the ministry headquarters in Lusaka on March 19.

He said employment levels in the mining sector is currently at 50,000 and would have been higher in 2015 had it not been for improved mining technological which has replaced manpower with equipment.

Mr Mwale expressed confidence that Government will hit the one million metric mark of copper production by 2015 due to increased mining activities.

“Prospects are bright for Zambia, with the re-opening of Chambeshi Mine and increased investment by West Orebody putting in US$160 million. Come 2015, we expect to reach a million tones,” Mr Mwale said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


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    I am worried about mining jobs. I would be happier if this was in the manufacturing and services sector. Mining is too volatile.

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    Of the total 80,000 Jobs Mwale is dreaming and hallucinating on because he will be long gone together with his party this year, 50,000 Jobs for the Chinese, 10,000 Jobs for the Indians, 10,000 Jobs for the Australians and other nationalities and 10,000 Jobs for Zambians.

    Maxwell Mwale has gone mad, and should be treated as such from now onwards

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    #2, Governance systems carry on the good works of their predecessors irrespective of change of government, so the question of Maxwell Mwale being long gone does not arise. Everybody plays their part when they are in office.
    So if the current government puts in place measures to ensure the employment of 80,000 people in the mines, would PF stop that and start afresh to create their own job opportunites? Previously on LT, I have asked whether a PF government (in the event that it came to power) would abandon the infrastructure developments that MMD is implementing, would they demolish all the schools, hospitals, roads (Mongu-Kalabo, Choma-Namwala etc), housing estates and start their own? My question was in connection with continuation by RB of some of MMD programmes from Levy era.

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    Casualisation are not jobs especially when the owned by chinese and indians, recently casuals were shot at for asking for improved slavery condition of service at chinese mining in Maamba, you need a Bazooka to work for chinese as means of defence govt can`t save you from ex chinese jail birds,

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    this is good for zambia and its all logic. this will be possible with or without the MMD continuing in power. i know for example that PF will continue with these economic policies of MMD. unless of course the start taking as backwards with Nationalisation. anf for me the danger with PF is not it leader but its silence on economic policies

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    Mining jobs are not jobs to talk about the only jobs that can stay are manufacturing jobs not mining, I just donnot know how leaders reason

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    Zambia has 4 million eligable working force. So what are the plans of 3.2 million rest? What do GRZ plan to do with these numbers?

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    mining is detrimental to our economic health, no need to brag about these NON jobs. meaning, phantom jobs. we need to be making projections on how much mechanization we are going to achieve with our agriculture

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    #3 HH Sata;iwe who told you that there is such a thing as Mongu-Kalabo Road? Or do you mean the electioneering promise by RB that he is going to build it? No wonder some Lozi’s want to go their own way. There is just too much hallucination in Zambia. Mongu-Kalabo Road does not exist. It is a concept or is it an ideal! And therefore something that does not exist cannot be demolished!!

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    chaps don’t say mining jobs are important.they can last for over decades we need all the jobs we can get even if it means 2% of the national workforce. and besides there are other jobs that are indirectly created like transportion, trading. if jobs are easy to create your Favorite politicians would have created them.

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    Only create 80000 jobs by 2015 when the population would have risen to 15 million?

    What is needed is to make maximum use of ZAMEFA and deliberately set up manufacturing comanies for copper products like pipes, etc. Only then will the Zambian economy pick and the people’s standard of living rise.

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    This is nonsense!! Where are the 80,000 jobs going to be created? Just look at what is happening in the Western world. More and more people are losing their jobs there and under whose weird imagination will such jobs come from? Politicians give us a break!

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    We have to wait and see how the jobs are going to created. As started by other bloggers it would make sense to take advantage of high copper pricess obtaining on the international market and diversify our economy other this trend is a short term one. With events taking place in the Arab World, Japan tsunami and other world events. Its difficult to predict with certainity the future price of copper. Yes way may reach peak production 1,000,000 tons but do we control the market forces.Let us invest much in manufacturing than dreaming of good things to come in future. We shoud lay a strong foundation if this country is to attain medium income status.

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    yes your aim is good but it is just on paper, when you creat these jobs how much are going to be paying them? Right now if you go in the mines ask them, are they happy with your so called investers.

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    I am asking to the government of Zambia to employ more youths because the youths a doing nothing in the streets this is for the youths of North Western Province to gain 60% percent of the jobs. the people of North Western Province are not gaining anything like of development like in Solwezi like of good rood. BY KASHALA MALAITI

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    I am chibekwa emmanuel aged 24 am looking for employment as a TLB operator in your organization. I have worked for Anantha Agro Equipment since 2012 up to date. Am experienced operator my line is 0969488081.

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