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Why Zambian tourism marketing has failed

Economy Why Zambian tourism marketing has failed

By Percy Mabvuto-Ngwira, MSc in International Rural Development – Tourism Development UK.

File: Assorted Zambian crafts for sale at the Lusaka Sunday Market

In the year 1996, the government reclassified the tourism sector from a social to an economic category. This was a recognition of the sector’s potential to contribute to economic development in terms of, Inter alias, foreign exchange earnings, employment and income generation, contribution to government revenues, promotion of rural development and as well as perform the role of sustainable development catalyst (Tourism Policy for Zambia,1999). Fifteen years down the road, we are still singing about the countries’ tourism potential.

The government within this policy provisions has tried its best to realign the industry. In terms of marketing the policy states that “The marketing and promotion of the country’s tourist attractions shall continue to be the responsibility of Zambia National Tourism Board (ZNTB).The Board shall be transformed into a purely marketing entity. Its regulatory and licensing functions shall be transferred to the Tourism Management Directorate at the Ministry of Tourism. The new organisation shall retain its autonomous status and with improved funding be able to better carry out its marketing, sales promotion, public relations and image building and publicity functions.” In line with this on 30th November, 2007 the Zambian Parliament Enacted the Zambia Tourism Board Act No. 24 of 2007 of the Laws of Zambia. This Act is entitled as “An Act to provide for the establishment of the Zambia Tourism Board and define its functions; to provide for the promotion and marketing of Zambia as a tourist destination within and outside Zambia; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.”

Despite all these efforts by government; Zambia in partially and largely Zambia Tourism Board has failed to market the tourism potential of this great nation. Every year before drafting the Tourism Department budget, the Zambia Tourism Board and the tourism industry at large asks for extra budget for marketing Zambia ‘abroad’ as a tourist destination of choice. Marketing, according to them, is the most important issue in tourism, and, therefore, it follows that it should be large-scale and consistent.

Annually government has provided Zambia Tourism Board with ‘enough funding’. For example in the year 2011 budget Minister of Finance and National Planning Hon. Musokotwane MP, has been very kind to Zambia Tourism Board “Mr. Speaker, prospects remain bright for our tourism sector over the medium-term, in line with a projected uptake in global tourism. For Zambia, tourism continues to represent a key source of jobs, prosperity, and competitiveness, particularly in rural areas. To continue the development of this sector, I have allocated K63.3 billion in 2011.The main focus in the sector will be to take full advantage of the recovery in global tourism to reposition Zambia as a premier nature, wildlife, and cultural tourism destination. This will be done through increased marketing activities, for which I have allocated K12.8 billion.”

Despite this kind of funding, ZTB has hit a decade-long plateau of failure to make Zambia a destination of choice. People in the tourism field explain that a large marketing budget or funding is not enough. A serious, well targeted and constantly evaluated marketing plan is needed as well, and this, they claim, can only be drafted through industry-wide cooperation, mainly through establishing a national tourism partnership with cross cutting partners in various industries.

Zambia Tourism Board has failed us, in coming up with a National tourism Marketing plan that will stand a test of time, incorporating marketing strategies for both Local and International markets. One of the most important steps a business or country can take to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their tourism marketing efforts is to develop a written marketing plan. This plan will guide their marketing decisions and assist them in allocating marketing resources such as money and personnel time. Most importantly to be included is a method for evaluation and change.

With ZNTB then and now ZTB, we have never seen evaluation and change in their annual tourism ‘marketing plans’. Unless there is anyone to prove me wrong, I have never witnessed at any point where ZTB carries out a marketing survey at the airport, at an exit point or any other place in Zambia; asking the tourist how they enjoyed their stay in Zambia and if they would come back again. With all their international marketing efforts ZTB has never given this nation annual figure of tourists who come due to their international marketing efforts.

In 2005 we had government funded visit Zambia Campaign to date we do not know how many tourists came and how much foreign revenue was earned due to this promotion. Then came 2010 FIFA World Cup where ZTB travelled around the world holding marketing shows. Again no figures on how many international tourists came due to their efforts. Honestly if ZTB could take time and stop to take stock of what they are doing, we could have seen an improvement in the marketing of Zambia as a destination of choice. It is very embarrassing that Zambia failed to take advantage of the first ever FIFA World Cup on the African soil to market itself as a destination of choice; to thousands of soccer fans from around the world that descended on South Africa, to witness this historical event. It is also a shame, that as a country we have failed to take advantage of the internal problems that has been faced by our competitor Zimbabwe in the last five year. Worse with local marketing, ZTB has clearly failed to capture the local market.

Another problem with ZTB’s marketing strategies is its focus on markets that do not need any additional push to come and visit Zambia. Tourism efforts for a long time and in recent years have focused on the European (British), Americans and South Africans. These target markets do not justify the marketing efforts because so many efforts have been put there already. Focusing more marketing efforts on emerging economies like China, India, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico is a strategic prudent move.

If as a country we want to witness tourism sector’s potential to contribute to economic development, it is a mistake to focus all our tourism marketing efforts on the international markets. The new ZTB needs to focus on tourism that perhaps has a local orientation, but with international guaranteed tourists, that comes to Zambia to tour the country, to buy curios, and visit museums and spend their money in the country to the benefit of the local people.


  1. The solution is simple. Scrap the Ministry of Tourism. This way you will have money for ZTB marketing activities rather than spending money on bureaucrats at the Ministry. Besides since the govt recognises that Tourism is now an economic activity, we can transfer all the licensing activities to the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Tourism is a cost centre it doesnt add any value to the Tourism industry.

  2. A point the author failed to address is connectivity.There are limited flights into and out of zambia thus it is expensive for tourists as there’s not enough competing airlines to lower ticket prices.With that also goes the need to put up world class resorts and transport systems like airports.These are not up to par.Retrain those who’s work involves contact with tourists as service rendered matters too.Also its hard sometimes to market a country as a whole but target a niche segment like casinos,have a zed cultural week like carnival in Brazil or make urban areas good enough for sightseeing like London city tours.

  3. The author has failed to recognised that tourism is actually a growing industry. Tourist arrivals have increased steady over the last 5 years with exception of 2009 when the economic recession occured. The author also fails to acknowledge that Zambia is on target to attain the 1 million tourist arrivals per year benchmark by 2015. The author is also wrong when he states that Zambia has not profited from the Zim situation when infact much of the tourism growth in Lstone is attributed to this. Tourism in Zambia hasnt failed, its just has not lived up to its full potential. There are however encourage strides mostly driven by the private sector to achieve this. Tourism is largely a private sector industry and needs to have factored this in his arguments instead of focusing just of ZTB/Govt

  4. I agree with the author, more need to be done in marketing of our country’s tourism. But first of all, GRZ must make some of these destinations accessible i.e. good road network, availability of social amenities, reliable frights, well trained and honest tour operators as well as less tourism visa problems. w w w . zamtravel. co. uk

  5. Thanks Percy, welldone!!! Once Munalianalways so, munali Boys 12N – 1995. I hope my Man DJ has seen this one.
    As for the article, I will both agree with the author and # 3 regarding the aspect of connectivity which is currently making Zambia as an expensive tourist destination. Unfortunately, times have changed when it was siple to run a national flag carrier.
    Keep well percy, I will catch u on yahoo chat.

  6. Advertise on BBC or CNN like Angola, Namibia, Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa even Malawi does. And investigate why most tourists land at Livingstone Airport only to go spend their money across the boarder in Zimbabwe. What is Zim offering which we are not? Is Vera Chiluba still a Deputy Minister of Tourism???? YABA!

  7. i agree with the author and #2. a thought provoking article of which the ZTB and Ministry of tourism need to respond. However what is the author suggesting as the solution(s) since he has clearly defined where we have failed as a country????

  8. Zambians generally believe that education is different from practical. Whilst one my have a good academically prepared strategy for implementation in the tourist sector, he/she would not pass the mark in Zambian authorities and its society for implemetation. The issue to me is basically a lack of a strategy and its appreciation for tourism. What i can deduce from the author is that he wishes ZTB could be able to evaluate quantitatively how they are performing. In other ways we can only manage what we can measure. Zambians just evaluate the person in charge and not the performance. E.g. Errol Hickey can NOT be evaluated for what he did at ZTB but as Hickey. Even our prospecting leaders say that measures mean nothing in how they want to manage Zambia.

  9. Fire minister she is a waste of space and bring in some one a drive to move that ministry forward instead of hhave a woman who only thinks of having s.e.x with Presidential aids. Nonsence! Do you want us to bring in the UN to flash you out wheh they are done in Libya?

  10. If you ask most tourists in Zambia how they arrived there, they’ll tell you that they heard from malawi or Zimbabwe and the like, we’re busy paying for lavish lifestyles in the ministry and waiting for our neighbours to do the actual advertising.
    This is the problem when we have a sleepy Vice President who can’t call his Ministers to order and an aging President who has failed to discipline or put up proper policies that serve zambians. The only things our seasoned diplomat presdo is good at is inviting investors

  11. This is a well thought article.
    No. 4. It is not about visa fees but accommodation rates and advertising. As No. 6 has observed, about 70% of the tourists landing at Livingstone Airport end up in Zimbabwe. This fact was shamelessly acknowledged by the Chair person of Livingstone tourism association in the post news paper not too long ago. Zimbabwe has more Canadian tourists despite that they pay US $ 75 for visas. The same tourist pay for visas just to pass through Livingstone to go and spend their money in Zim and back to their countries through Livingstone again. A tourist only pays for a visa once while accommodation is paid for throughout one’s stay. I am a tour operator and I carry tourists from the airport to either Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe and take them back to fly out.

  12. We really have useless bureaucrats in Zambia. the crop of civil servants and politicians is really whats dragging us backwards. these people just want to talk and talk nonsense and do nothing for the ordinary zambian at the end of the day
    ministry of tourism is the most unserious ministry after ministry of energy

  13. Do a deal with South African airlines.

    Anybody booking a flight direct to Sth.Africa can then onbook a linked flight to Zambia for only $50 more.

    Zambia pays for the price difference with S.A.A and this expense goes to the idea of once they are in Zambia they will spend more than the price difference it cost Zambia.
    Think a BIGGER picture…..SACK THE ZTB AND MINISTRY as i just solved their problems.

  14. Bring back a properly Managed National Airline and overhaul the whole ZTB Management. This is one sector that can do better, just that it is not properly managed. They lack Strategy, Innovation and proper governance. This is why Zim has championed the Victoria Falls.

  15. the problem are visa fees are too high as compared to other countries..like zim, Bot, Nam etc..we as a country have wounderful tourism activities better thatn some of these countries but our charges in zambia i.e. Hotels, Visas, airport fees etc make tourist not to stay in this country..its all about charges our charges in zambia are high..

  16. To solve the border hopping make them land in Lusaka.

    Well worth the costs to have many more land in Zambia to visit.

  17. the answer is for Zambians to take responsibility over their resourcse. SA advertises Zambia more than we do ourselves.GRZ has no political will to market the country. Look at SA the advertise on CNN, Tanzania in The English FA. We ve left everything in the hands of foreigners. Its amazing that SA citizens pay less when then book to visit Zambia. Airline and accomodation packages favour them yet they are coming to Zambia

  18. Sinene

    Its not about VISAS Botswana charges P 500 which is about US $ 79 Namibia charges the equivalent of US $ 52 and Zimbabwe US $ 30 for all, US $ 75 Canadians and US $ 55 British. While Zambia charges only US $ 50. Despite Zimbabwe charging the British $ 55 they have more tourists from Britain than Zambia has. If it was to do with VISAS I dont think tourists would be even landing at our airport and end up in Zimbabwe. Its is all about accommodation. In Livingstone a standard room costs more than K 700,000 ($ 145 per night) In Zim the same room will cost you about $ 100 per night.

  19. # 18 true, you are absolutely right, we have failed to market Zambia, Places like Dubai with Limited resources survive on Tourism, we have it all but have failed. Advertising, proper strategy and Air traffic would boost our tourism.

    Other problem is the cost of flights to Zambia due to limited Airlines. We can do better if Tourism Board is serious. Advertise on CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and attract better airline, the likes of Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and other Asian likes of Cathay, Singapore?? LET US KNOW IF U NEED HELP

  20. The problem with Zambians is that you talk too much without providing solutions. Let people be serious and help your government in this area by giving solutions than to just condemn even when there is progress. What visa fees are you talking about when you have not even travelled. For us tourists its not about the Visa its about what places of interest do you have
    concern tourist

  21. I agree with #4. I dont think it is right to say that the sector has failed when there is an increase in the number of tourists arriving in the country as well as the opening up of new and revamped game parks such as Liuwa Plains and the marketing of the northern sector with it’s myriad of waterfalls and places of natural beauty. Also, we have to decide what kind of tourism we want. Do we want the kind of mass tourism and the environmental degradation that comes with it like in Kenya or do we want to go the Botswana way which caters for less numbers of high end clients?

  22. Not even education has saved us from running tourism…..In Zambia we have a lot of highly educated people managing big offices but no output to equate with their education……We go to developed nations and get all the good education but we still fail to perform back home.
    We need to start digging deeper why we fail to run anything with more than 2 people. There must be something in the air we breath or food we eat in Africa that makes us failures. Same nurse or Dr put in UK they do a good job..you put them pa UTH ma rubbish….is it about the pay or attitude?

  23. Good article. However hard Tourist Board may try to Market the Country they are still limited by lack of broad network of industry cooperating partners based outside Zambia. These form part of the supply chain that is at the sharp end of feeding in-bound traffic into Zambia; ranging from tour operators, airlines, travel agents and hoteliers. Once Tourist Board has undertaken its’ marketing/promotional campaign, someone has to be at the other end to sell Zambia as a destination, Tourist Board has no capacity to sell. I agree with Mel and Sean in 18 we as Zambians need to participate in this sector by tapping into those markets abroad to compliment Tourist Board’s initiatives. Unfortunately those who shut QZ did not look at the bigger picture, QZ had a developed a robust supplier chain…

  24. Only Rockstars can afford the Sun hotel in Livingstone.
    Where is the average hotels?

    New Fairmount Hotel was reasonable but the VAT on meals killed the idea of eating in.
    Found a nice Chinese take away in the back streets near the museum.
    Get attention of countries by making T.V doco’s showing the world what you have.
    Oprah did it for Australia so why don’t you find your own celebrity to get the message across to the world?
    I know a lot of families will sit down to watch these things with their kids and make decisions to go to Zambia instead of Disneyland.

  25. QZ had a net-work of travel agents, tour operators and general sales agents who sold travel to Zambia at a commission. There was an incentive for them to participate in promoting Zambia as a destination some of them were strategically based in Countries where QZ did not have direct flights but they still fed through Airlines with Interlining agreements with QZ, whilst the 75% of travel into Zambia would be on QZ. At the moment we depend on BA and its’ supplier chain to sell into Zambia for instance from the UK. With your own supplier chain, marketing becomes easier as all promotional materials can be disseminated across all links. General sales agents are also motivated to sell or arrange large group-tours as they will earn good commission on such schemes and can accompany their clients.

  26. In 1980s’ we had large groups coming from Countries such as Italy, Cyprus, Greece and the Balkans. Who is now selling Zambia in these Countries or in Ireland? The Kenyan Government opted for privatising their National Airline instead of liquidation when faced with similar situation as Zambia with QZ in early 1990s’. Kenyan Government realised that it would be difficult to maintain an active tourism industry if they did away with their national Airline, their strategy of retention has worked. In Zambia Mining sector is in foreign hands, International Travel is also dependent on foreign carriers, Intercontinental Freight passage is also on foreign carriers and we are merely observers. As one investor put it, “THE COUNTRY IS YOURS, BUT THE MONEY IS OUR!” How long shall we be spectators?

  27. A vibrant airline industry we boost our tourism. In South Africa tourism has taken so much centre stage from SA Govt and all involved (tour operators, airlines, hospitality etc) that aside from attracting international tourists with SA & regional packages such as Vic Falls in Livingstone, they have provincial tourism authorities whose responsibility is to promote their province to both local and international tourist as the best destination. In Zambia almost all provinces do have some game reserve or tourist attraction and yet the neglect from GRZ is worrying. Globally it’s a fact that the tourism & hospitality sector employs more people than any other industry. If we have a vibrant tourism sector, the unemployment situation in Zed with about 12million people would be far lower than it…

  28. Govt neeeds to stregitise and learn from Kenya who have depended on tourism , our tourist minister went to learn from Kenya came withiout anything no wonder tourism is a drain they need to scrap it and employ tourism attache in all embasis to sell zambia ,

  29. I have just learnt that the author is a beneficiary of the promotional trips by ZTB abroad and at no time has he ever denied going on these trips on account of what he seems to be raising in his article. He also was part of the world cup promotional activities abroad.

    Let me rest my case before I say alot!

  30. Push and Pull Strategy is the best tested and tried Marketing Promotional Strategies, which involves Advertising and Sales Promotions, but this is dependent on having a sales force to push the product to the targeted audience. Just Marketing, Advertising and Promotions alone will never bring desired results and can only be a drain to resources if you are not reaching the intended audience. This explains why the colossal Budget on Marketing at Ministry of Tourism and Tourist Board result in minimal return. All Airlines and Travel Agents depend on selling. That is why Ethiopian Airlines last week rewarded top performing Zambia based Travel and Tour Agents, because they are an integral part of pushing passengers into their planes. There is a direct relationship between airline and Tourism.

  31. Intelligent article. There has been too much politics of late and this brings a breath of fresh (or fless) air (or hair). Boss your fisses are red (Boss your fish is ready).

  32. The tourism ministry has failed zambia. The marketing they are talking about, they do not even know which areas are attracting more tourist to zambia except the govt is looking for chinese investors. Scrap the tourism ministry and merge it with commerce. The tourism in zambia is very expensive compared to Kenya, south africa, zimbabwe and the others, so if things are expensive which tourist will visit you. Zambia is very rich in its natural resources so take advantage of them.

  33. Tourism is a sector which needs exposure and operators to network so that tourists do not just visit one scene but many at one time. In the tourism sector you do not need to work in isolation, you need to connect and work with your friends providing different services for you to succeed. For example a lodge owner based in Lusaka should connect him/herself to a car hire for transport services and the later should connect with a restaurant where tourists should have some meals on his way transport tourists to Livingstone. In tourism you need to work with others as there is no tour operator who can have everything to him/herself. Kenyans have done it why can’t we as Zambians establish networks.

  34. Excellent well thought article,

    Its a pity some people are posting petty comments for example #31 i know the author personally he is one of the best unutilised brains of this country he looks simple but he has the knowledge about tourism he is a graduate from the 2nd Best Hotel and Tourism Schools in the World. Surely how can someone who doesn’t work for the ZTB benefit from their marketing trips. Lets just appreciate that the author has raised a an important issue which needs reflections to those concerned.
    This is the problem we have as Zambians we do no accept criticism. ZTB should wake up from the syndrome of business as usual and get their acts together. Read this article between the lines before you comment.

  35. Namugala is more concerned with looking pretty. Does she even have a business degree for her to know marketing navigation?

  36. There is rot with no accountability in Zambian public offices. Why should we expect the Ministry of Tourism to be any different from any other Ministry in Zambia. I was visiting Zambia a couple of weeks ago with a friend from Rwanda and decided to take her to Lusaka museum thinking it would be a good introduction for her of the Zambia and its culture. I was so embarrased with the state of the museum. Not only was it dirty but it was also obvious that nobody really cared about the display, and state of the artificact. Photos which are decades old from the time of independence and before and are supposed to be national treasures, where just pasted on ordinay boards and not even shielded behind a simple glance. To make matters worse some they had graffiti on them. Nobody cares!!!

  37. This is a thought provoking article.

    LT could we get a comment from ZTB or the Minister of Tourism please. If LT has no journalists on the ground could we get any Journalists from other media houses in Zambia to get a comment for us please.

  38. # 39 that is sad. our heritage is just getting blown away like that. we should start thinking of preserving the documents mostly electronically. In south african Museums much of struggle documentaries is electronic,

  39. Heard it before … the marketing and it costs nothing; Is every Zambian talking good about their country. I have managed to take 3 of my collegues to the Vic Falls and waiting for two more. We all know that GRZ official want to go the US and put an advert in magazine or attend a tourist gala, etc. Instead of cost effective making like airports of emerging markets, etc. I agree with on that one. But fellow Zambians this attitude of wanting to shine in foreign bars is nonsense, talk well about your country and encourage people to visit your country.

  40. We need infrastructure! The most expensive thing is travel. Tourists can not afford the internal flights. Flights from Lusaka to livingstone are more expensive than from Lusaka to Joburg. Bring back Zambia airways

  41. Cart before the horse. Build infrastructure to add value to tourist zones. What if instead of putting all that money into marketing each year, we decide not to market for 1 or 2 years and put that money into infrastracture. Accommodation and transport are some very costly things for a holiday maker. Linkages with holiday companies, like Thomas Cook. Let the experts do it for you and we concentrate on adding value to our tourism zones. Seeing the falls shouldn’t be all! There must be a host of other things to see as well. Special weekend trains Lusaka – L/stone. Events, make it lively…

  42. The problem is not the fact that Zambia is not being advertised abroad..but the price!!!..£12000 for 2 adults and a child to visit Zed for 12 days!!!..Thats 12pin…british!!!!.

  43. Problem in Z is we want to start from the top downwards, when what is logical is building from bottom topwards i.e to say, first develop 1] Transport links – Airport refurbishment; Improved tarmac roads to all major parks & attractions (these benefit both locals & tourists); Rail transport
    2] Improve accomodation in both numbers & quality i.e to compete with the rest of the worlds tourist destinations
    3] Develop tourism amongst the indeginous population – yes as we expandthings above we create employment, giving more people disposable income to be able to enjoy local tourism too
    4] improve & upgrade health facilities, as tourists main concern when they are away is falling ill in a foreign place, with poor health care facilities – THIS IS A BIG NO NO!!

  44. Good article. I partly agree with #46. Our infrastructure makes it difficult to market the country. Added to that as the author puts it we there seems to be no evaluation of achievements and failures. Hence we can not improve in our strategies. Even on the battlefield when an army is not scoring any success they retreat to re strategise. Iam wholly for the idea that a more professional organisation be hired to do the marketing. Its unfortunate that the Zambian mentality is not that of growth rather of comfort with the little that one has. It’s seen in all sectors. We seem to be comfortable with failure. Truely Ubusha nga bwakokola ulabelela.

  45. Yes these guys have failed us, the best solution is Lodge owners including Hotels to sort themselves…..otherwise its a loss and wastage of resources.

  46. Peter Dieke a reknowned tourism researcher once wrote that the low number of tourists to Zambia denotes a marketing problem. He attributed this problem to a lack of marketing trainning by the people tasked with marketing the country. The problem at ZTB is that they don’t have qualified marketers to do the job and they don’t welcome suggestions from qualified marketers fearing that they will lose their jobs. The local Zambia Institute of Marketing should look into this problem and make sure that qualified marketers should do the marketing job. How can Zimbabwe with all the negative publicity it has received in the international media still have more international tourists than our peaceful Zambia?

  47. the author is a worker in the ministry of tourism and is aware of the challenges faced by his ministry and the tourism board. The national marketing strategy he alluded to not being in existent is available and the initial stages of drawing up this document four years ago, he was part to.

    In his years at the Ministry of Tourism as inspector, he failed the industry in his area of jurisdiction and sometimes was a cheat on duty.

  48. #50 I find your comment too personal and unprofessional do you work for the same ZTB that has failed us? please read the article between the lines and comment from a professional point of view. i know the author personally the 4 years you are talking about if i count from now he was away in school when he came back he only participated in the restructuring process of ZNTB to ZTB and not drawing a marketing plan anyway correct me if am wrong check your facts properly.

    If you are part of ZTB guys lets let us learn to evaluate issues from a professional point of view and take things personal. ZTB has a huge duty to promote the country and they owe it to the Zambian people and the author is Zambian lets get real people.

  49. A number of issues make this country stagnant in it tourism marketing
    1) Poor infrastructure
    2) Lack of direct flights into Zambia
    3)Lack of qualified personnel in key tourism entities
    4) A weak currency
    5) Most expensive fuel in sub region trickling down the burden to tourists
    6)Negative attitude of Zambians within and in the diaspora in marketing their on country
    7) No destination marketing plan at ZTB
    8) Use of wrong promotional tools that are not compatible with high level tourism marketing
    9) Few high class hotel making the dominant ones extravagant (demand vs supply)
    10) No value for money. Expensive prices for non quality tourism products and services
    11) No effective body at MTENR to effect standards.

    How can we help the people at the ministry ?

  50. There’s no place like home!!!! It’s very disappointing to learn of how we Zambians bitterly criticize our country once we get exposed. We forget that we too have a major role to play in the development of our beautiful nation Zambia…denting the image of our country of origin is total ignorance…what happened to patriotism? Shame on you! You’re more proud of what other people worked so hard for. Shame!!!! Every country works hard to get to where it is. It never happened overnight!!!!!!!!! Let’s appreciate and learn from the places we visit and then bring ideas back home…Zambia needs to be re-branded and this is a start. Well done ZTB!

  51. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Very useful information specially the final part :) I deal with such info much. I was looking for this certain info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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  53. Terrific work! This is the type of info that are supposed to be shared around the net. Shame on Google for not positioning this post upper! Come on over and talk over with my website . Thank you =)

  54. Very good article Percy, i strongly agree with you when you say ZTB are not doing any planning as far as marketing is concerned and there is no statistical data to enable them formulate a workable budget for national tourism campaigns. Very sad indeed!

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