Friday, February 23, 2024

Mid-week pictures



Vice president George Kunda, Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo (c) and Lusaka district administrative secretary identified as Martha dancing during the Lusaka province MMD dinner dance


Actors from the Zambia One Comedy group in action during the funeral of the late artist Joemwa Msinje Mwale in Lusaka


An artist on stage with the casket for the late artist Joemwa Msinje Mwale


Former pupils of Kamwala High school present a remeberance poem for the late Joemwa Msinje Mwale during a requiem mass in Lusaka


Difikoti and Bikiloni performing at the funeral of Joemwa Msinje Mwale


MMD supporters dancing at the Lusaka province MMD dinner dance


MMD supporters dancing at the Lusaka province MMD dinner dance


New Generation Party president Humphrey Siulapwa in his ofice at the party's secretariat which was opened in Lusaka at the weekend


New Generation Party president Humphrey Siulapwa and national secretary Robert Chabinga unveiling a placard at the party's new secretariat in Rhodes park


New Generation Party leader Humphrey Siulapwa addressing his cadres


Shoppers were stranded at Shoprite Manda hill after they found the chain store closed by striking workers


Some Chinese nationals captured turning away from Manda Hill after they discovered the store was not open for business because of a strike by workers


Shoprite Zambia workers outside behind the Manda Hill store after they staged a sit-in protest


Shoprite Africa director Garhard Fritz in deep thought after the Zambian workers refused to work


Shoprite Zambia workers with a placard.


Shoprite Zambia deputy general manager Charles Bota talks to workers after they refused to return to work behind the Manda Hill store.


Shoprite Zambia deputy general manager Charles Bota looks at employees after they refused to return to work behind the Manda Hill store


Shoprite Zambia employees perched on trolleys behind the Manda Hill staore


A shopper walks past Chilenje shoprite stall which was closed by workers


Motorists driving at the detour created at the Levy Mwanawasa junction being erected opposite the Lusaka central police station


A cyclist tries to race against a Limosine along the Great east road


A cyclist tries to race against a Limosine along the Great East road.


Police oficers in plain clothes at John Laing police post


Los Angels road that leads to kanyama township


Protocols officers and security personnel wait for President Banda at the Japanese Embassy


  1. A limo in Zed, i bet he cannot even see his mama’s house in Bauleni with it.
    We have gullies inna di house.

  2. Joemwa Mtsinje Mwale! Gone but too soon. May your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace. God guide the family through this trying period.

  3. Farewell Jomwa!! What a worthy way of bidding farewell by his colleagues!

    Any idea how some of our prominent personalities must be mourned?

  4. Guess who the owner of the limosine is, any idea how he/she managed? MMD dancers in pic 6 should join zambia national dance troupe.

  5. Pic 21-22 Damn ama guys nabasungapo pa Zed such a limo… awe nizi coz such are not common even in richest countries like Norway.Awe ni zimya neighbour.

  6. I have been a fan of Zambia Radio drama and Zambia one comedy. Joemwa Mtsinje Mwale! what a great entertainer! I feel so sad and touched, he is one person who brought humor to Zambians despite the poverty and hardships people are going through….go well my brother, your life was a worthwhile journey. Condolenses to the family.

  7. Nice pics LT
    # pic1. VP Kunda, and Martha, nai pasa

    #pic 2,3,4,5 Sad reading. may his soul rest in peace

    # pic 6 & 7, MMD Supporters. Nai pasa

  8. Excellent variety of pics LT. Joemwa Msinje Mwale was a great Parent,Comedian & Teacher… RIP big man, the world will definately miss you.

  9. Yes Shoprite are worst employers and they deserve the industrial action by unionised staff. What is wrong with this investor. Keep the pressure until you achieve what you are owed. Retail outlet of Shoprites type they have made clossal loses due to their bad employments policies. Let them Pack the bags and go others will come and fill the gap.

  10. No 13 you must be frustrated in life and a looser. At least I know one of the men in pic #25 met him in london at the zambian embassy some 15 years ago, he is a career diplomat and a dedicated civil servant not you looser.

  11. The passing of Joemwa Msinje Mwale iz very sad. In the Zambia Radio Drama every Monday evening on ZNBC Radio 2, Joemwa waz such marvel and I waz ever glued to the radio.
    Very interesting, Siulapwa haz a “National Secretariat”!

  12. #19 Fiasob –

    I repeat pic#25 RBs Chamber Maids. They spend their days kneeling for RB, picking up after him and covering his incompetencies. There are no diplomats worth respecting in the Zambian government. Look at the way embassies are run.

  13. Very sad to learn of the passing of Joemwa Msinje Mwale – he was a great natural talent – the last of the “5 star comedy generals”

  14. #19 Fiasob – What is a looser?

    Bloggers check your grammar and spellings before embarrassing yourselves.

  15. @ Canadian Zambian was he on Sowero? May Joemwa Msinje Mwale’s soul rest in peace. Let’s pray for his family, friends and relatives for the good Lord to give the solace and rest in distress; Lord Jesus provide for them in all their life’s needs. Salvation aswell, Amen.

  16. # 17-Norwegian despite having money don`t believe in showing it off through material possesions.Dudes with limos like that will leave their cars packed and instead take public transportation, no wonder it is difficulty to know who has money here.Hence your kumushi is contextual my friend.

  17. Malonje kwainu nonse mwapedza mpata otimba mmadzulo ano. Okubweletserani sowero ndine Jomwa Msinje Mwale. Sowero was something not to miss from the days of Home service to radio 2. Those were great days. Pitani bwino a Mwale, muzimu wanu uutse ndi mtendere.
    Pict # 20 Can someone please tell me what that is about? What sthe design of the same junction
    Pict #25 I recognise one face there. I didnt know the gentleman was a shushushu. I will mind what I say next time we meet as these people know no friendship.

  18. R.I.P Joemwa.

    How do you expect our police officers not to be corrupt when they operate in such squallor?

  19. Greg Lungu, Maximo, Sauzande to mention but a few, now its you Joemwa………..Hope you will reorganise yourselves in the other “world” to form a powerful drama group. May your soul and the souls of other departed rest in peace ba teacher.

  20. Picture 6 and & makes me uncomfortable

    My fiance is not like that to me, It is mutual and discreet

    I am appaled and not happy


  21. Awe #31 Mushota. What exactly are you trying to say. That you are swirling? Mocha and Milk?

    Personally, pic#6 is just folk having fun with dance. They are not naked so whats the big deal?

  22. The limousine is probably a business investment and is hired out to people to use on wedding and the like. No sane person will buy a limo to use just to get around in Zambia

  23. #31…picture 6 and 7 is simply lovely…ni dance my dear lady!

    Picture 23 please pa Zed…ni police office honestly so??? Nkawzi please do something…even if you are about to leave office lol!

  24. Looks like I came in late for the mid-week pics and most of my thoughts have already been uttered by other bloggers, but anyway…

    RIP to the deceased entertainer.Zambia has lost a lot of great talents in the arts.

    Pic #6,7 reminds me of a song we used to sing when I was young – ati “Ba Kaunda bali leshya uku shana Bump Dance…” This time nobody sees anything wrong with a little bump dance. Lol!

  25. #25. Americans have the money and are loud and proud about it. Who cares about what those Nords do? Leave the Zambian dude alone.

  26. I am suprised how people on this blog can think a Limo cannot be found in Zambia. Please you people abroad, come to Zambia and see how it has developed. You find all your friends owning mansions and driving Limos and hammers as you languish and work like a slave abroad. Mukabwele fye tukesa mipokelela.

  27. #38 Dr. XYZ – That is hater talk. Zambia is developed, where? Weren’t we just mourning the death of Ruggers who were killed needlessly because of lack of emergency responders?

    FYI – Hummers are no longer manufactured because in the real developed world there is no demand for them anymore. If you are smart you will know why.

    Many Zambians thrive and live well abroad and are citizens of the respective countries they migrated to. So bakabwela kwisa kunsala uko ku Zambia where you cant even get basic health care unless you can afford a private hospital.

    Did you see the picture of the police post above? Open your eyes my dear. Problem with Zambians is you get content with peanuts. You see a limo in Lusaka and you think it is development.
    so shut your lazy self up and go limo…

  28. RIP Joemwa will be sadly missed by fans of the Zambian arts.
    Amai Ntotase, nkumbu kwainu nonse na banja la sewero.

  29. # 37 and 40-I get your point of view on an ideal life.In this world there are materialists and realists.From your tone i can see that the former applies to you.The nords have more money per capita than America.The realist and not materialist ideology is what makes the Norwegians unique.Good luck with your limos :)

  30. #46. Should the Norwegian Stock market crash, the whole world is gonna be in real big trouble. I was the first to warn all of you.

  31. americas, europe, asia, far east, anywhere-in-africa-but-zambia, who cares? bragging on something you may have joined (citizen ka?) but…what have you done lately for the soil that gave birth to your mothers.

    there’s a limo in zed…be happy for its owner. there’s delapidated infrastructure pa zed…be disheartened enough to do something.

    room for us all.

  32. I wish someone could take photos of Kamwala trading area. Its a complete disaster with the rainy season. Lsktimes please visit that area and post pics…

  33. # 39 things are not as bad you perceive, my mum was ill recently and she was treated at UTH for almost nothing. Dont think that becoming an American citizen is something, you can be one but you cannot even afford to visit your relatives in Zambia who are not American citizens, come on lets face facts, if one works hard in Zambia the sky is the limit. Zambia is our motherland nor matter what we may become, lets pray for our leaders who are letting us down that they make selfless decisons for the benefit of all of us. Iam proud to be Zambian and I can afford a ticket to the USA.

  34. These pictures are really nice and sharp ba LT! Is that woman (pic 23) a police woman? Let’s be serious. She cannot chase and arrest anybody. The police station itself is a joke. If you get locked up in there, you are bound not to come out alive.

  35. masebo is just to much of her self !!! we need knew young mothers to be in parliament !! all the taxes we pay she gets and puts in her ass !

  36. masebo is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big headed . i helped her but she has never, only created problems for me . i will tell the world that u have a snake in your room and asked me to look around so that u can send it to a married man lombaaaaaaaaaaa i will open up . i want my money it was not easy sleeping with you on the grave yard !

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