ZCTU condemns sacking of Shoprite workers

Shoprite Zambia deputy general manager Charles Bota looks at employees after they refused to return to work behind the manda Hill store

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has strongly condemned the decision by Shoprite management to dismiss all workers who have been on strike in the last four days.

ZCTU Director of Public Relations and International Affairs Martin Chembe in a statement released to QFM today says the trade union demands the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of all the fired workers.

Mr Chembe says it is immoral for Shoprite management to fire workers when government through the ministry of Labour and Social Security is meeting the management and the union to try and find a solution to the situation.

He says ZCTU is aware that Shoprite management and the National Union of Commercial and Industrial Workers (NUCIW) are currently holding meetings with the ministry of Labour in an effort to resolve the situation.

He adds that the action by Shoprite management clearly shows that it is has little regard for workers’ welfare and the efforts being made by government to find a lasting solution.

Mr Chembe further says that it also shows that management does not respect labour laws governing industrial relations and has since urged government to act quickly and decisive on the issue.

He states that the labour movement will not allow foreign investors to focus on profit maximization without paying any attention to the welfare of workers, adding that workers should not be used as tools for production.

Mr Chembe has since appealed to dismissed Shoprite workers to remain calm as the union deals with the situation.



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    ZCTU iz still around for workerz? Last time I checked they had gone into a non-pact withe ruling party against the oppozition..

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    Don’t worry workers ba Shoprite chimo nokubombela ama Chinese, tali ifya ma Chinese ni temporal.

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    The worker have a right to protest and they should not be fired for fighting for their rights. shoprite worker in south africa enjoy the benefits that the Zambian worker do not enjoy just because our laws are weak. we should say no to casualisation of labour. workers have a right to social security!! Viva shoprite workers.

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    These workers have been getting meagre wages for a long time and now it has come out though a little late. Where’s the Minister of Labour? Let Shoprite not employ any Zambian should they stick to their guns.

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    Do we have a government in place when foreigners are treating zamians like this?The dismissed workers have no hope of re-instatement with RB’s Gvt.They should not worry so much coz this temporal.VIVA Shoprite workers for fighting for their rights.If PF comes into power,we shall sort out such infestors(Investors).We know that RB,Liato & ZCTU are compromised and therefore cannot bite fingers that feed them.CHANGE IS COMING THIS YEAR.VOTE SATA & PF IF YOU ARE TO ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF WORKING.

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    Zambians are just too weak when it comes to business negotiations. But duducha na gelo negotiations niba number one.

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    Where is government of Zambia. Zambians at the mess of so called investors. To hell with their investment.
    Rupiah does not realise that these guys have decampagned him
    This man lacks wisdom sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    No. 10 Malikopo I salute you and other positive bloggers. Its very easy to cripple Shoprite. The four days the workers have been on strike has made the chain store lose Billions of dollars. The operations and cashflow of chain stores is like a pyramid. The suppliers and banks will be on them to make all outstanding accounts and thye will findd it difficult. Some perishable stocks will go bad resulting into big loses. If Shoprite does not own up its better for all right thinking Zambians to boycot by from the chain store. They cant be using our fellow Zambians as simple tools to maximize their profits. The workers have nothing to worry about. Shoprite will be forced to rehire the same workers and they may victimise a few who will be regarded as ring leaders which is normal. Results wil tell

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    Shoprite management is using Charles Botha to look white in the eyes of felow Zambians. Charles is a highly qualified and experienced in retails trade. During UNIP days he was a Store Manager att NIEC Stores current Shoprite Cairo Road. Had NIEC not been put under Charles was one of the promising young managers who could have been an MD by now. I dont know how these Boers have created a low position of Deputy General Manager. The man deserves a better position. In fact the chaps dont even understand our culture and ignoring our labour laws at will. I urge workers not to blamre Charles Botha the man is being used for a costmetic make up. Down South these guys cant practice kapatulula. Those Zulu etc will throw them in the sea. Its here where they treated like Kings with abosolute immunity.

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    Ha I’m suprized!!! Really amused. Is ZCTU in existance??????

    The fossil has awoken or started dreaming????? End of the WORLD is near!!!!!! The dead have started awakening!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujiah!!!!!!!!!!

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    All our student body, staff and faculty say that is immoral for shoprite to sack the workers. Let Zambians boycott all shoprite stores until the workers are reinstated. ZCTU should take the lead.

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    Shoprite can advertise for the jobs to filled by thousands of loafers on the street but cannotmange to train them over night. This is the strength of workers and they should firmly stand together. What value does Shoprite add to our national economy other than draining our scarce forex to import merchadise from South Africa for distribution round its chain stores. Anglo American Corporation packed their bangs but the Kuris came to fill the gap. Shoprite management should be made to understand this is not a banana state or failed country. Zambia withstood firmly bombings, killing by Rhodesians rebels supported by Boers. Shoprite should respect our laws insted of turning Zambians against their leaders and Govt at large. Hon Liato dont be selfish call a spade a spade when dealing with shoprit

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    ZCTU has shown how toothless they are when it comes to salient issues in the nation.They normally come late on the scene when fire has already gutted a lot of things.We need a ZCTU of COSATU type.ZCTU,under this MMD cadre Leonard Hikaumba,has exhibited pathetic leadership.It has been an institution that has been siding with government even on useless issues.The best is LH to resign and pave way for capable leadership.The chap is an MMD cadre who is hiding under the canopy of unionism.He has lamentably failed to propel unionism in the nation.This RB man, has made a lot of institutions to lose their bite on important national issues.We need flesh air in most institutions in the nation.Change is inevitable.Lets vote enmass to kick out the tired and farting Movement of Mad Dogs.

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    With Change of Govt or not Shoprite is loser not workers in this uncalled for situation. Keep the foght on. If Gen Mubrak can be shown the door by the masses who does Shoprite think they are. ZCTU, Labour Ministry (Liato) and Shoprite Management should be honest and level headed in resolving all outstanding issues. I dont know what has gone wrong with Liato Austin he used to be vocal union leader at Zesco now he is zee. What a shame? You have ambandoned fellow workers just because you have temperol comfort in a Ministrail position. PF is coming and you shall need those you are forseking.

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    Latest news is that all dismissed workers have been reinstated unconditionally & they should report for work immediately.However Liato is not fit to run that ministry,he has forgotten how FTJ mistreated him while he was at ZESCO union.

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    Most of the comrades above I salute you except the unpatriotic # 1! Zambians need to start showing these investors the PEOPLE POWER. We have parents, sisters and brothers working for SHOPRITE and when they are unfairly treated, we should stand up for them by boycotting buying from SHOPRITE. With the current MMD Rbish government and Minister of labour Liato, it is impractical to trust them to protect SHOPRITE employees, as most likely they will side with the employer who has financial muscle to ‘oil’ them! I for one will BOYCOTT shoprite if they fire the striking workers enmass.
    SHOPRITE stop exploiting Zambians! ABASH SHOPRITE!

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    For me and my household no buying from this investor. Let us all kind up the pressure, decompany shoprite. Has for MMD it is a sign that the govt is not respected by these so called investors. RB act now, even if you are losing you still have to work.

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    Compare the conditions of service for Shoprite workers in South Africa to our own and other countries were they operate, what is wrong wtih our GRZ, protect us from abuse by the so called investors whom you even exempt from paying tax for sometime and later leave after that period expires and a few months later come back under a different company.Why cant the same conditions for Shoprite workers in South Africa be same with our own, are there laws or individuals that prevent Shoprite from doing that here.

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    Too many errors earlier posting, sign of being very unhappy.

    For me and my household no more buying from this investor. Let us all kind up the pressure, decampaign this slave wage paying supermarket. As for MMD it is a sign that the govt is not respected by these so called investors. RB act now, even if you are lossing you still have to work.

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    Do not worry my fellow Zambians, change is coming. No more nonsense. No more cheap labour when Zambians in countries like the UK and other developed countries are well respected in terms of being hardworking and qualified at various echelons. Where are the benefits of privatisation my fellow Zambians???

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    You cant fire people like that whilest you are still holding meetings with the GRZ. Just yesterday 2 Zambians at the standium in Ndola were severely burnt,Radio Phoenix reported that a chinese threw a cigarette he was smoking at some zambians who were mixing paint with other flammable substances but the ZNBC report was defending the chinese by saying unknown people when people in Ndola saw that it was the chinese who did that what is wrong with other reporters?

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    Shoprite, please dont take Zambians for granted.
    You make much profit here, why should you underpay your workers??
    Dont you know this money you are making is coming from Zambia’s resources??
    Why did you not stay in South Africa where you came from if Zambians dont matter??
    I want you to know I am not happy, though I dont work for Shoprite.
    Anything you do wrong to my fellow Zambians affects me and all Zambians, remember that!!!

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    This is what happens when the labour movement is compromised. Shame to Hikaumba and his minions

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    What can I say? It good to be patriotic fellow bloggers. At least on this one, we are all agreed. Viva Shoprite workers.

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    WILL NEVER SHOP AT SHOPRITE IN SOUTH AFRICA, BOTSWANA, ZAMBIA AND NAMIBIA. We will have to throw out the MMD and put in SATA to deal with these thugs at Shoprite. They are as bad as the Chinese. Our people are in temporary employment when we all know that the profits that SHOPRITE makes are NOT TEMPORARY but permanent.

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    When we say that people have been betrayed by the govt Dora and Ronnie refuse to accept.how can a visitor become so important in the house he is visiting? we have heard the mistreatments at Shoprite and the govt has been quiet but when these innocent workers who working so hard for these shop complain they get the boot.wat is wrong with this govt? as for Hikaumba forget about him the govt did all wat it could for him to go thru and u think he can talk? he a cadre of Rupiah.we are together Shoprite workers dont worry

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    where there is no sensible government, you expect even ba mumbwe ukutumpa.Ba Shoprite niba mumbwe. When President Micheal Chilufya Sata ascends to power very shortly, Shoprite will pack for South Africa. We are in a hurry to build Zambia without RB and his Shoprite.

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    Zambians, don’t forget that what Shoprite is doing is what our dear father Kenneth David Kaunda(Bashi Panji) and beloved 1st Republican President of Zambia with his colleagues fought against for many years and many others died – RACISM. Bakapoli aba should not be allowed to do whatever they want here. This is not Holland or some stupid place down south.We shall get them if they continue with this impunity.

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    Zambia does not gain anything from shoprite, apart from mistreating the workers, they bring all their food from south africa and they externalise the money everyday to S. Africa. All because our leaders are weak.

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    [-(Besides it is kind of a franchise store, now why the difference in the conditions of services for the poor Zambian worker? Why should farm products be imported from South Africa when there are plenty of local farmers who are very much capable of supplying Shoprite? I urge all you Zambians to buy local foods. They are healthier, tastier and the money circulates in the local community. Support your local growers! We will see if they will continue to make billions of$$$ if that scenario were to happen. Shoprite management should know that a ‘happy cow produces a lot of milk’. The same rule applies to underpaid workers.[-(

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    It’s sad indeed, when workers protested at ECZ,the boss left and the protesting workers have never being reprimanded. When shoprite workers protest they are fired and the bosses are free.Do we really have labour movements in our country. CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY

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