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Last Wk/Weekend in Pictures



'POWERHOUSE' Lusaka Rugby Club and Zambia Sevens coach Owen Busange's wife Mulenga laying wreaths on the grave of her husband at Kakoso Cemetery in Chililabombwe


A patient recuperating in the new Chongwe District hospital


Nurses and other medical personnel captured at the Reception in the new Chongwe District hospital


President Banda visits patients at the new Chongwe district hospital


President banda with Dr Welani Chilengwe during the launch of the mobile hospitals in Chongwe


Gender Deputy minister Lucy Changwe, Deputy minister in the office of Vice president Daniel Munkombwe and MMD secretariat employee Augustine Chapota(sent by LT blogger)


King Imwiko Lubosi (II) sitting on his thrown in the Kuta (Traditional Court) in Limulunga royal village in Mongu contrary to reports that he had died.


His Majesty the king of Barotse land King Imwiko Lubosi (II) waking majestically to the Kuta (traditional court) in Limulunga royal Village in Mongu


Some residents of Mongu queue to obtain their National registration and voters cards


UNESCO director general Irina Bokova with Science minister Peter Daka when she arrived in Zambia.


Police officers trying to control the flow of traffic along Lusaka's Freedom way after word went round that there was a riot in the city last Thursday


Police officers trying to control the flow of traffic along Lusaka's Freedom way after word went round that there was a riot in the city last Thursday


The Barotse Royal Establishment Indunas dance for the Litunga ( King of Barotse land) in the Kuta (Traditional Court) at Limulunga Royal village in Mongu contrary to reports that he had died.


Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Denny Lumbama with United Nations country co-ordinator Kanni Wignaraja when she visited the PS's office in Kabwe.


Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Denny Lumbama with United Nations country co-ordinator Kanni Wignaraja


  1. Pic 2-Lt hope you got permission for this photo.Pic 6-you are what you wear,the hair do by our minister lady leaves a lot of question marks mwe.

  2. #3 #4 Good job. That what to be seeing. Public infrasture, public policy and delivery should be priority.
    You can shove the rest to your throtts.

  3. picture 6, have just stolen it from the best news paper Zambia has ever had THE POST..not boza ati sent by a blogger

  4. – The new hospital will soon be like all the other hospitals in Zambia understaffed and nasty.
    – Lucy Changwe and her make up! I blame her relatives, they dont like her otherwise they would advised her

  5. When Sata becomes president, district hospitals such as the one in Chongwe will be built in 90 days.

  6. PIC 14: Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Denny Lumbama with United Nations country co-ordinator Kanni Wignaraja when she visited the PS’s office in Kabwe.
    Tuma bisiketi natu ma Fanta na kokakola ngati ni tubana shuwa!

  7. #9 I guess the people in the photo are not supportive of the call for the province to secede otherwise why would they want Zambian national reg cards?

  8. But jealous down, the Chongwe hospital looks good. The only problem is that the man ‘recuperating’ in picture 2, has ECG tapes to the chest without the ECG leads and machine. Do they only have one that goes around or were the tapes just for show?

  9. #8 So I guess your solution would be not to build any new hospitals and then you will be the first one to condemn the govt for not investing in healthcare……..????Suppose whatever the govt does, there will always be some ungrateful critic out there with nothing better to do but to sit on her/his backside and criticise and whine in the typical Zambian way.

  10. In my view Lucy Changwe iz just beautiful and doezn’t have to go to such extremez in the name of fashion and style. Thoze “thingz” change the beauty.

  11. #14 – That was not my point. The point is why abandon existing hospital is squalor and run to build new ones? This is election year my dear, people have hidden agendas. Visit this hospital a few years down the line. Ultimately people will still flock to UTH for specialized treatment.

  12. The Chongwe district hospital reception desk looks impressive.Hope it will be maintained. Maybe some diaspora nurses might opt to go back to Zambia….

  13. At least ba LT you have improved on the variety of pictures. But you can still do better. My only comment is that Munkombwe should retire from active politics. He is too old. I hear sometimes he gets lost in parliament not knowing where he was sitting after coming from shower room. Please let him leave politics to the young ones.

  14. The Zambian economy was one of the ten best performers in Africa at 7.6% GDP groth rate, according to the IMF and it shows in the kind of infrastructure coming up everywhere. Please let us keep Sata’s dirty hands off our economy.

  15. I heard that the woman who blogs as Mushota on here is the one who eloped with a Polish Catholic priest. Can anyone confirm this or was it just malicious info?

  16. King Imwiko Lubosi (II) is a chief of the Lozi not “Barotseland!” “Barotseland” is defunct and non-existent! This is the reason why you mislead people and cause confusion by making people erroneously to believe that there is a “country” called “Barotseland”and they start to looking for “independence!”

  17. Can someone please grow trees in Lusaka? The council does not see the need for trees! Photos 11 and 12 are frightening!

  18. UK CHURCHGOERS were left stunned this week after they discovered their Catholic priest had fathered a love child and run off with his mystery girlfriend.UKZAMBIANS can reveal that the woman is Zambian medic Gracia Mwimba.

  19. pic 6, is that woman not a nightclub or stripclub dancer? she does not look like a Government official

  20. Picture #6.Why is the woman only light-skinned on the face and her arms and hands are very dark?is she bleaching her face?where is your pride in your God-given complexion?

  21. Shawa Shawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uzinkhazikikako nakupapata. Wherever, the president goes you are there. Do you find time to work in your office my friend? When do you clear the files in the office. Nangu ndiwe Lusaka Provonce Minister awe wacilamo mambala!!!!!!!

  22. ba minister kwati nichi h.u.le..cant these people afford stylists sure? as if she’s from chez ntemba sure..

  23. Imwe Lucy Changwe lishilu. Even if the woman wants to express herself, this is not the way. Looking like a $2 ho sure. Two tone fake hair, half painted lips ………

  24. #16 Sometimes it is better to shut up rather than jumping on the band- wagon of negativity just for the sake of it. This is a positive development which ever way you look at it. We are a poor country, we can not afford to have every hospital specialising in every single ailment. Either way, this will help in de-congesting UTH which may well lead to better facilities at the hospital due to the fact that less people will be using them. Why is it hard for us Zambians to applaud a positive development that will benefit our ordinary brothers and sisters? Yes this is an election year, but you can not build a hospital in 90 days.

  25. MMD – Child killers – Mongu, Mazabuka, Lusaka – Keep counting the bodies of young innocent children while you vote this year

  26. Interesting round of pics. Good to see some tangible progress here and there too.

    Chongwe Hospital looks very clean – like a hospital should look like.

    pic #6 is there no dress code for government officials in Zambia? Looks like a Halloween party.

  27. Number 43, Suvela iwe, lol!

    Pic #14. Iyo kwena, a senior government office serving coca cola and biscuits to a senior UN representative, what ever happened to tea, coffee, or manzi chabe? LMAO, only in Zambia – that picture’s made my day awe sure.

  28. Lucy Changwe, looking like a zombi (or traffic light as someone alluded to) sure ??? This is the result of bringing uneducated cadres in parliament, she doesnt know her job in parliament. she could have spent that money on Gym membership to burn that mass of fats she is carryng instead of demonising herself like that.

  29. Can someone please tell Lucy to dress, put make up and have hair like a Minister, she looks like a prostitute, one should know their code of dressing for their position. What a shame

  30. pic #6: Coca cola – Fanta skinned Lucy Changwe is supposed to be in prison for bouncing a cheque! What morals can she teach young girls when she paints herself like a peacock? Actually female peacocks are not even colourful! It is the males that lock majestic.
    Impressed with the hospital. This is what we need, killing 2 birds with one – develop infrastructure and provide medical services. Sata will show them how to do it.

  31. #6 Loose Changwe – Coca cola – Fanta skin arrangement. She looks like what is served on the table of #14.

  32. #s16 and 35: Both of you have valid points. Firstly, lets be happy that some infrastructure has been put, this is definitely better than mobile hospitals as it will remain standing and beautify the city. However, the existing hospitals are in a deplorable state, UTH, other hospitals and clinics need major renovations and upgrading. We can’t be boasting of building new hospitals when patients at existing hospitals sleep on the floor and lack basic health care. Have you ever seen the mother’s shelter at UTH. When babies are born prematurely, mothers have to stay in that shelter for days/weeks. The place is like a jail/cell/chindonzo!

  33. she does not look like a prostitute she is actually one. At nkhruma she used to urinate on the bed and people’s things. she is just not the type for such a position she is supposed to be in a bar waiting for me. shame on whoever appointed her.

  34. #3 Bobe you have cracked me up! It is a long time I heard that word, Mampolyo!!! It is an apt observation; I concur as I crack up! Good pics overall.

  35. Now sanit has returned in the way the flying squad was operating in unmarked vehicles. It was difficult to distinguish real officers from robbers now its clear that the public would easily recognise them and hed their warning whenever they are pursuing thugs. It a well thought act to avoid loss of life at the hands of trigger happy officers. I salute the police high command.

  36. Things at UTH are bad you only beleive if you have a beloved one needing medical attention or seeing a consultant. I took my daughter this morning to clinic 3 imagine I had to drive there at about 04.00hrs. Upon arrival I found kundi ya bantu already on que awaiting to be attended too. When I inquired others said they slept within UTH. I wonder if the authorities are aware of congetion at specialised clinics. I wonder if one of the mobile hospitals will be turned in a specialised clinic or not. Things are really bad in our health institutions. Though building are being put up,there are alot of challenges. As we go to vote lets ask ourselves this question. Are our leaders sincere when they go round asking for our VOTES are they worth being Voted for?

  37. There is nothin wrong with Lucy Chanwe’s dressing and make up. Those who know the type of person should not start blaming her or appointing authority. She might have been a problem whilst a student at Nkruruma College of Education but that has nothing to do withher current status. She has made progress over years and lets not just look at her negative side. Lets encourage her to improve on her weaknesses. Bouncing a cheque is an offence but BOZ Chief Fundanga admitted that alot pipo and businesses have continued bouncing cheques. Thats how things are done in Zambia.

  38. Lucy Changwe looks like she is in the ‘Sales” business or one of Koffi’s dacing queens n not a government official

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