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UNHCR describes Zambia as a haven of peace

General News UNHCR describes Zambia as a haven of peace

Some refugees living in Zambia showcasing their dances during the World Refugee Day in Lusaka

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Assistant High Commissioner, Erica Feller, has described Zambia as a hub of peace in the Southern African region.


Ms. Feller said Zambia’s peaceful environment is vital for the protection of people seeking asylum in the Southern region.

She was speaking at Lusaka International Airport in Lusaka today upon arrival from Geneva, Switzerland.

She said Zambia has for a long time now been hosting thousands of refugees from countries that faced political conflicts in the region and beyond.

Ms. Feller has thanked the Zambian government for being generous to host refugees from other countries.

She said it is therefore appropriate that Zambia will host the dialogue meeting during the UNHCR’s commemoration of the 60th Global Anniversary.

While in the country, Ms. Feller will call on Vice President George Kunda and meet with some stakeholders.


  1. It is this same Mentality that has allowed Some Govt Thieves to Rig elections knowing full well that Zambians won’t demonstrate or Protest in any way.

  2. People like #1 THE LATE ONE are the people that take the peace we have for granted. I can guess that he comes from that province where the people think that Zambia owes them more than it owes any other province. VIVA Peace. VIVA Zambia. Abash political upheavals.

  3. We are very lucky in our country. Even when things were very difficult we lived in peace. Protests and demonstrations only cause total chaos and devastation in African countries. VIVA Zambia.

  4. # 3 (Emergency Kanyankula Mad )you are also a tribal racist a f.o.o.l who only looks at his comments as genuine and good, when your comment is equally sinful in the eyes of the Zambians and the world at large I.d.i.o.t

  5. Ms fella can talk like that afterall she has come with dollars and ll be able to go to manda and shop. In zambia, there are no jobs, prices of essential commodities are sky rocketing,political violence is the order of the day. Hope ms fella ll change her views.

  6. Coming from a UN body, this comment makes me fell good as a Zambian because it reaffirms who we really are and the net effect is that it will continue to stand us in good stead before other nations.

  7. @ #3 like your name states, your mind is in critical Condition.Have you ever heard of peacful demonstrations? Not all Protests end up in Blood shed. It is such feeble mindedness that will see Zambia go to the Dogs. As far as your comment on the Province goes, I am not now nor will I ever be a Political Tribalist like you are judging by the way u involved Western Province & NO  I don’t hail from there.Sorry! 
    Next time know your role and Shut it!

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