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Cops nab 220 over Mansa riots

General News Cops nab 220 over Mansa riots

Zambia Police Spokesperson, Ndandula Siamana
Zambia Police Spokesperson, Ndandula Siamana

Police have arrested 220 people in Mansa following the riots which resulted in the death of five people after rumours of suspected ritual killings.

The police have since dispatched 300 officers to Mansa to reinforce the local police and ensure the situation is brought under control.

The riots have resulted in the damage and looting of various properties belonging to local businessmen worth billions of Kwacha.

Police public relations officer Ndandula Siamana said in a statement that besides damaging property, the rioters also killed cattle, goats and chickens.

“Many prominent shops were set ablaze and some rioters mercilessly slaughtered chickens and also besieged some farms,” she said.

Ms Siamana warned that police are still carrying out investigations and those arrested risk being charged with offences ranging from murder, assault, theft and malicious damage to property as well as riotous behaviour.

“The police service cannot tolerate this and will not rest and will ensure that until those in custody and those to be arrested are taken to court,” she said.

She said this has been the saddest development because it has signifies anarchy and breakdown of law and order in Mansa.

“As the security situation normalizes in Mansa, Victims of these riots and indeed the law abiding citizens particularly in Mansa are requested to cooperate with the police service,” she said.

Ms Ndandula said the service is further appealing to Mansa resident that might information regarding those who were involved in the riots but have not been arrested to get in touch with the inspector general of police, the commending officer and the public relations officer.

And the MMD in Luapula province has condemned the violence describing it as unnecessary and retrogressive.

MMD provincial secretary, Able Chilukuta, said the party in Nchelenge district, where he is a councilor, has asked the police to guard Amico shop belonging tone of the businessmen affected by the rioting.

“We do not want the violence and destruction to spread to Nchelenge where some of the Mansa businessmen also have businesses, I have told the officer in charge to guard the Amico shop in Kashikishi,” he said.

He urged the people in Mansa to remain calm and allow government investigating agencies to do their work nad come up with the truth instead of acting on mere rumours,” he said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


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  2. nice mama, bena kabonde must be enjoying ku force headquarters. next time ba LT get a full body pic. wasnt sexist, just appreciating african queen. on the topic stop the killings please. its jus hunger in mansa thats the problem.

  3. LT what happened ? Did you doctor the picture ? Galo a jujuka. Nothing to see here folks move on !

  4. we are told that Chimbaka is behind all these happenings in Mansa because some of his relatives have also been caged. shame on you minister how can you allow your relatives to be involved in such bad attitudes, and you open your mouth unwisely to condemn the catholic church. to hell with you and your ministerial post….just because iwe your stomach is heavily piled. last chance for you to be warming up that chair. go to hell.

  5. Who is the MMD chap to tell police to guard a shop in Nchelenge?! Ain’t the police supposed to be professionals and work without political directives?!

  6. DR.XYZ,
    Waona manje, you want to run away yet last time you said Australia has nice beaches and leisure resorts. No way out my friend tanga chaba.

  7. Leave our local radio station alone! Y are u turnishing the name of the local radio station which has done no harm to the country? Y cant u blame Shikapwasha and Rupiah Banda’s photo album (ZNBC) which informed the country that 200 kids were on target by the businessmen for the ritual killing but u are attacking the local radio station jst coz its Cotholic owned. The so called Luapula province minister who has kept on blaming every wings confirmed having instructed police to investigate the rumor but paid cold shoulder to his instruction apo balimusula because of poor leadership and police balalyamo muli ayo ma suspects who had their shops and houses looted. Ritual killing rumors have been their in the province but due to the deaf ear by the police has caused these.leave the station…

  8. Ndandula is intelligent and hard working lady. Let us accept that its not an easy task to manage the police service in the acrimonius environment over Zambia. Police undergo alot of challenges inspite of the increasing demand for quality service.

  9. Those blaming the local radio station, do u know that junior police officers are confirming that the senior police officers in Mansa have the hand in the matter?. Iam not saying they are involved in the ritual killings but rumor has it that they get money from the affected businessmen. Imagine, How can one be given bond for K1million for the case of wrong packing. People, we have got ears to the ground and what is happening police in Mansa must shoulder the blame and not anyone in the district.

  10. Can the PF Leader condemn the riots in Mansa please. MMD have given us their position which we appreciate. Kabimba san, at bwanji? Last time “Development Meeting” ba PF munapeleka ma bus full na bakaponya ku Mansa just to go and infect Mansa with kaponya mentality. Now you are quiet why?

  11. Chimbaka wants to implicate the radio station which was his pulpet during his campaign in 2006. Today he is instructing the police to arrest one of the local radio station reporter just bcoz he is related to the young man with a vision who is challenging him in Bahati constituency. Leave our reporter alone. Bravo reporter. Alutua contunua my sweet babe. Dont be afraid. Be another Chansa Kabwela dear. Thankyou for your boldness. Watch out CHIMBAKA. Dont touch the fire.

  12. #11. ahahah. LT deceived us by putting that nice picture. This is the real her. I have however given it you because I have just found someone to marry in this few days.

  13. Chimbaka be careful otherwise you on fire. We want you to apology to the management at the local radio station for misinforming the nation. infact you are the one who has caused these problems because of your poooooooooooooooooooooooooor leadership.

  14. 17 DR.XYZ, I understand, I will take her regardless of what she looks like this time arround. So keep away with your Australia lady. Next time you come to Zambia don’t say mlamu arrest so and so who has done this and that to me. Bye

  15. Good morning

    What’s with all this senseless killings and revolts in some parts of our beloved country? First it was Mongu and now Mansa. These places need more schools, universities & colleges to get the people educated & keep them busy with progressive endeavours.

  16. Please bloggers talk to people who come from Mansa if you know any. These alleged ritual killings have been going on for years. This is a fact. What has alarmed the situation is the 200.
    If the situation is not handled properly it will spill to other towns. Wina Azalila very soon

  17. The first picture we saw of this police officer was taken when she just completed her course at Lilai few years back. the current picture we are seeing now is how she looks today after mmd’s policies have crushed her tooth and nail. she depends on bribery and corruption.

  18. #20 Nine Chale,
    Now your tone on these brutal killings has suddenly changed, when they happened in Mongu you commended the police and even blamed the young people by asking the question, ”Don’t they have anything useful to do instead of protesting?” Now because it has happened in your part of the country you call it senseless killings and agree that the government should provide these places with Colleges, etc..Please let’s be consistent.

  19. Our students say “leave the police lady alone. She’s still beautiful on this picture as well. Talk about the Mansa riots. Most business people in Zambia are now using juju instead of studying to improve their business. Juju business does not last.

  20. Distant Drums 24// Good question to 20. Sorry that life and property were lots in both the Barotse and Mansa cases.

  21. WHY are arresting pipo, u know that those business men are killers and the police in mansa ran away. sources are that even the police had allowed the pipo to riot because it is too much for the same business men. they are dangerous and if you are not careful they will kill u the police. me i live here in mansa and i have all the info. dont cheat pipo nefyo tulemona namenso mulelemba ifyenu why we have lost our pipo here elo mulebepa. actually tatwaleke ka police tu kamona kabili pabafye abli 30 teti batu chinfye nangu twalatapa fye ukubalowa kabili mwalitwishiba cimo ne ndoshi chiluba

  22. lyonse efyo muchita kubepa abantu, in there houses they have sacred rooms with coffins and you think pipo are wrong. arrest the root cause not the outcome. blind officers and all those who report fake are u all blind and have no ears. we are very anoid here for the killings, uselles young business men killing pipo and you are there ati police spokes person…..first who gave u the info u have written to the whole world? lies,lies,lies, the business men have killed many pipo here now its time to have them sorted because u have failed to arest the root cause. if u are playing GOD ‘s creation is very important, u treasure wealth ….but for wat wen they are killing those that buy there goods oooo we are not happy please some info dont sensor we know u are gvt en u dont want to alarm the situ

  23. #24 Distance Drums,
    It has been long time since you asked a powerful question, and it is good you directed to #20 Chale, the LT superstar.

  24. Better to find ways and means to stop what is happening in the country than casting a blame on some innocent people. People of God and especially those in govt, What do u think could have lead to the riots in the country? Zambia is a poverty striken country and this has made it possible for the people to be the way they are. Mr. President and yo people u steal with, Y these happening in your regime? plse leave legacy to make people smile at. Police in Mansa are now millioners coz their wives 4 were involved in looting the shops. Visit their houses and u will prove me right. UBUCUSHI BANEEEEEEE!

  25. Hey! those opening their pong mouths so widely MUST go to Walite’s house in Musumali and check from one of the rooms and what is found to his tropicals which he didnt put on the very day he met his fate-Bloooood! where did it come from ? he was burnt in his neighbours house and no one entered his house before it was set ablase. Dont open your mouth foolishly Mr Chimbaka. No wonder you have caused what happened in Mansa. Go there and see for yourself. Remember your words;” awe nikalefyamba ukumfwika nshalandepo.” u said these words Edwin Besa ‘Chisanguka’ Chimbaka. y scapegoat now?

  26. Why would MMD provincial secretary Able Chilukuta act as police commanding officer or as inspector general of police to instruct officers in charge to guard AMICO shops in Nchelenge? where is leadership from IG office on this one?

  27. Two things in Zed, when you become successful in business from rugs to riches and if you are old enough, thus God bless you with long life, then you are perceived as practicing witchcraft and people dont like you. Too bad what is happening in Mansa and at large. PHD sydromme.

  28. Have the police done any investigations on what trigged this issue or they are busy persecuting the poor villages. Let us be fair and look at this issue objectively. How would you feel if your child was stolen from you in the middle of the night? Come on, investigate the issue and arrest the business people not only the poor people.

  29. If Zambia had a credible govmnt,direction on this important matter could have left someone with a sound legacy.To day it is clear that Chimbaka is misleading the people in luapula & President,in proctecting what is going to lose very soon.The riorts in Mansa are based on realistic happenings.Fellow country men,Umuntu tapena ukubukafye ubushiku bumo and protest,this has been a long period of habouring pain and anxiety on the matter.Bakapokola efyobasambilila fyabuwelewele,pantu they even defend want they are visibly seeing.Poverty mwisonde,Amico was feeding the Police that is why last time he survived.Wemukashana Kapokola uicindike,tawishibe efyo ulelanda.Necifulo cine ukwete,I am not doubting limbi u used Juju that is why ritual killings is a normal business for U.Ukacimona ubushuku bumo.

  30. President Banda,Can you immediately release the poor and innocent people,what they got belongs to them,as these people became rich using the private parts of innocent human beings.Any resonable president can ask God for getting some senses to release the innocent people who acted to protect themselves as your stupid police men have failed for a long time,hence riorting has taught these people that it is bad to kill.

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