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Government development programmes continue to shame its critics – Cifire

HeadlinesGovernment development programmes continue to shame its critics – Cifire
Deputy Minister Angela Chifire (l)

Luangeni Member of Parliament Angela Cifire says government has continued to shame its critics by continuing to provide development to the people of Luangeni and the country as a whole.

Ms. Cifire said it is unfortunate that some people do not appreciate the developments the MMD under President Rupiah Banda has brought to the people.

ZANIS reports that Ms. Cifire was speaking when she addressed Saili Women’s Association and later paid a courtesy call on Chief Saili at his palace.

Ms. Cifire said some people just negatively criticize government development programmes for no apparent reason saying such people only want to be difficulty for nothing.

She said there were a lot of developmental programmes government is undertaking in Luangeni and the country at large adding that even critics of government are aware of such developments.

She called on such people to come out in the open and appreciate the development programmes government has put in place.

Ms. Cifire who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister, said those that have come out in the open to support government realize and have seen that MMD is a working government.

She commended those that have openly supported development programmes in her constituency and the country as a whole and urged them not to relent in doing so.

And Chief Saili of the Ngoni speaking people in Kova area in Luangeni constituency has urged government to continue assisting women clubs in his area and engage them in various developmental projects.

He said this was important as it would help women in the area become active in issues of their development.

Chief Saili said that involving women in developmental projects would also help them contribute to the development process in his chiefdom.

He noted that there is need for Saili area to develop in order to be a strong example to other chiefdoms.

Meanwhile Saili Women Association Chairperson, Emekiye Soko said women in the association have continued to remain united and working closely together.

Ms. Soko said unlike other women association, Saili women Association understand the importance of unity.
She said unity was an important ingredient of progress for any society.



  1. Mavoti yali pafupi mama nikufikako ku tumachiefs otherwise you lose elections. Just take a few brown envelopes and some sugar then you are home and dry. Also remember to tell the electorates that BabaSata wants to promote homos and lesbians in Zambia if elected into power. Explain to them that he wants mwamuna pa mwamuna and mkazi pa mkazi; they will certainly vote for you. Nipoint iyi mami! All the best. I end here!

  2. ” Luangeni Member of Parliament Angela Cifire says government has continued to shame its critics by continuing to provide development to the people of Luangeni and the country as a whole. ”

    Minister Cifire should shut up so she doesn’t embarrass herself. I get it, she is loyal to the MMD and she likes holding on to her job. But please don’t insult our intelligence.

  3. What development in Luangeni constituency is this b-che taking about? You call distribution of money to women organisations development? Nonsense, when was the last time the Mwami turn-off to Mwami hospital/Vubwi Road worked on? You call it development when you turn a Basic School into a high School, change the name of the Primary section, transfer infrastructure to the high, and depriving primary school children of learning space at Feni?

    This is the worst insult you can give us, now that elections are near, you want to go round cheating people with RB’s brown envelope culture, taking advantage of the poverty you have created.

    Wait, I’ll expose you when I decide to come back home and stand as MP in my Luangeni Constituency. Don’t insult us. Ungoni Sungaphele.

  4. List development projects in Luangeni under your term of office iwe ka angela? Iam coming to campaign for PF candidate ..watch the space

  5. shame critics …whuch development? for 19yrs developing the nation and u ar proud to go and attend the conf on least developed nations shame mami. this yr its pffffffffffffffffffffffff

  6. Acts of desperation. Claiming to have brought some imaginary development that exists only in their heads.

  7. #7 & 8. I don’t think you two are from the Ngoni land. Do you really think Sata could develop our land? The guy is a trick star. I know of people from his party in Mufulira who would rather vote for someone else than Sata. RB is educated and atleast performing. Sata is desperate hence the idea of calling all homosextuals to invest in Zambia. Shame on him and his followers. May God curse him for advocating homosextualism.

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