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NAREP predicts increase in corruption

Headlines NAREP predicts increase in corruption

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has predicted an increase in corruption if the MMD government is voted back into power in this year’s elections.

NAREP president Elias Chipimo Junior told QFM that the MMD government has completely failed to curb graft which has led to increased levels of poverty in Zambia.

Mr. Chipimo has also condemned the move by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to drop money laundering charges against former Western Province Permanent secretary Ikanuke Nooyo.

He has described government’s commitment to fighting corruption in the country as a non starter.

The DEC dropped charges of laundering amounting to K46 million, through unretired imprest against Mr. Nooyo adding that the money has been recovered from his gratuity.

The NAREP president says it is unfortunate that government is letting loose those who pay back resources obtained through corrupt practices without prosecution.

He explains that the gesture shown by the commission clearly demonstrates how selective the law is being applied in the country.

Mr. Chipimo has further said once voted into power, his government will ensure that corruption in all systems of governance is eradicated and perpetrators will be brought to book


  1. Your observations are correct. Rupiah has already legalised corruption by removing abuse of office clause and public funds are now on sangwapo by Rupiah and MMD cadres.
    However, Chipimo don’t mislead people as we don’t want experiments and vote spliting because we are changing the govt this year. Voted in power by who?
    Beware of small parties which split votes.

  2. You are very much correct young man Mr. chipimo, but remember that you win the presidence please just eat your fathers,money ok. You will just split vote we all need change or to remove ba fikala ba MMD.

  3. #3 Zaka Zee
    Sir/madam you are entitled to your own opinion. Gud luck.
    But ifwe ni pabwatooo come rain come what weather.

  4. [email protected] FYI, Chipimo Jnr is a self made man, worth more than his father. Why do you assume that his father is wealthy? Because he was a politician/diplomat? If that is the expectation of politicians then no wonder they have to steal!

  5. Academic warrior, actually OPINION does not mean being against PF. Even what yoru expressing is actually an opinion of how you feel things will turn out. You are therefore also entitled to your opinion academic warrior, as a free zambian.

  6. CHIPIMO is correct, when you vote for RB you crucify yourselves you will not see any uprightness all;what you will see is total manifestation of all shapes of corruption in the nation especialy those in govt; it will be sangwapo for the next five years what a time it will be!

  7. Elias must be encouraged, especially by the young generation, he has a good vision for Zambia’s economic development, well focused, exposed and ambitious, I have read some of his work on internet and I think that he is not talking just for the sake of it. I like the fact that he is not given to insults and the like, it is refreshing to have some logical discussions without verbal hiccups. Well done Elias and keep the fire burning, its my prayer that God grants you wisdom.

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