Vice President George Kunda arrives in Abuja to attend Nigerian President’s inauguration

Vice president George Kunda about to get into his official government vehicle

Vice President George Kunda has safely arrived in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja where he is tomorrow scheduled to represent President Rupiah Banda at the official inauguration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the 15th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr Jonathan is being inaugurated following his landslide victory in the April 2011 presidential elections for a fresh term of four years.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kunda who was aboard a commercial flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines arrived at 12:30 pm local time (13:30 hours, Zambian time) today and was met at Abuja International Airport by Nigeria’s Minister for Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Muhammed, and Zambia’s High Commissioner to Nigeria Alexis Luhila and Zambian staff at the mission.

Second Lady Ireen, Deputy Minister in his office, Daniel Munkombwe, Science and Technology Deputy Minister Given Mungomba and some senior Government officials, have accompanied the Vice President.

Upon arrival at the airport, the Vice President was immediately driven to Truscorp Hilton Hotel where he will be lodging during his stay in Abuja.

And according to an official programme availed to ZANIS in Abuja today, Mr Kunda is this evening expected to attend a Presidential Inauguration State Banquet that the host President is hosting in honour of Heads of State and Government at State House. The Vice President leaves Nigeria after scheduled business.

Earlier, Zambia’s High Commissioner to Nigeria Alexis Luhila told ZANIS in an interview in Abuja today, that the First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda was also expected to attend the swearing in ceremony.

Dr Kaunda has been specifically invited to the event by Dr Jonathan due to his significant role in Africa’s liberation struggle.

Mr Luhila explained that Zambia’s attendance to Dr Jonathan’s inauguration which takes place tomorrow at Eagle Square is important because of the cordial relations that exist between the two countries and that Nigerian investors had invested massively in Zambia in among other sectors banking and housing.

In addition, the Zambian envoy noted that Zambia’s support for Nigeria at the inauguration ceremony was because Nigeria is an economic power house in Africa and due to its role played in the liberation of Southern African countries as the first West African country to join Frontline States.

‘’It is important that Zambia is represented at the inauguration ceremony tomorrow because we have cordial relations with Nigeria. Nigeria is an economic power house in Africa and its investors have invested massively in banks and housing in Zambia, ” He said.

He cited Nigerian investments such as Eco Bank, United Bank of Africa (UBA), Access Bank in the country adding that Dangote Corporation of Nigeria had also plans to improve Zambia’s urban shelter by building about 4 000 housing units in the country.

Meanwhile, the local press here has indicated that all is set for Dr Jonathan’s high level inauguration which takes place tomorrow and 15 Heads of States have confirmed participation out of the 40 invited.

The Nigerian government has disclosed that the event is expected to gobble about 830 million Naira (about 5.3 million USD). A number of activities have been taking place building up to Sunday’s ceremony.

Among other activities expected this evening include musical/cultural and fireworks display at Abuja’s Eagle Square and this is expected to culminate into the official swearing in of President Jonathan tomorrow.

Heads of States have since started arriving ahead of Sunday’s event.



  1. Shame on you Kunda and co.

    Have you seen how long it takes for democrates to be sworn in after winning an election, unlike in Zambia where everything is rushed? One can only hope that we can learn a thing or two from this.

  2. “Second Lady Ireen” Is this an official salutation for the VP’s wife? … soon we shall have “Third Lady” … and so on and so forth. Anyhow, it is good for once RB has sent a representative to the inauguration – or is he flying out to some more lucrative destination??

  3. Gundix and Kalok seem to constitute a clique of spoilt characters. Typical of PF cadres’s mentality for lack of civility. These two lack any traits of diplomacy to realise that Nigeria and Zambia are two countries that need to cement relations for the good of the Noigerian and Zambian people. Hence Zambian representationat the inaugaration by its VP is highly commendable.

  4. #4 i agree with u..#.1 and 2 PF cadres indeed. i suppose government officials didnt jst dream to go to nigeria but wr invited and the ceremony is so important for African unity,i wonder what these cadres would have said if it ws RB who wud have gone there…diplomatic relations is so important for any country be it developed or underdeveloped and its the key to sustainable development as it provide socio-economic benefits where trade and exchange of culture is concerned..represent zambia mr VP.

  5. You hardly hear of a statement ‘Has arrived safely’ unless there is some incident of concern during the flight.

  6. He can’t fly anymore he is busy campaining commissioning road rehabillation projects and free solar geysers from ZESCO. Scrapping capital contribution by ZESCO well its wait and see.

  7. I hope this Kunda guy has been advised by Kafupi to utilise this opportunity and visit Bishop TB Joshua. Chiluba is on record of praising the healing powers of the Bishop. Chiluba seems to have been cured of his Aids induced bad heart. I gather the secret to TB Joshua’s healing is the Holy water he gets from the oil polluted Niger Delta. Some born-again Zambians are actually making a rolling business acting as agents for TB Joshua and bringing this healing polluted water to Zambia for sale to the brethren!

  8. “Vice President George Kunda has safely arrived in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja”

    Why the word safely? Where there some problems or did they anticipate some to happen? On the second lady thing, only Zambia has a second lady. Whatever it means.

  9. Good evening

    Bloggers, bloggers! A little decorum. Let’s not politicise everything please.

    The VP and his delegation have not gone to Nigeria to represent MMD but the entire republic of Zambia. From Nigeria to Somalia, Sudan to Zimbabwe, Africans everywhere are investing huge energies in search of democratic change and social betterment. Let’s unite with our brothers and sisters and support them in their efforts to build true democracy and sustain peace on the continent.

  10. There has always been a second lady.And that has been the Prime Ministers wife then to the Vice presidents wife know. And Yes it ends there. Does it mean a car has ten gears?? Because we have 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th. Dont be dull people. It,s the repect given to the wife of our leaders. In any case they are both entlitled to security so open your s.t.u.i.p.i.d brains. By the way am anti MMD but thanks for representing Zambia VP and entourage.

  11. If i were Kunda i could steal a couple of hours to go and see Bishop Joshua. Enough said already.



  14. Im just glad that RB is able to delegate also. He is finally getting the message… I guess he cant afford to ignore the criticism of all his international travel with the elections around the corner. To echo the sentiment of other bloggers, it does sound strange to say the VP ‘arrived safely’. It implies he was not expected to arrive safely!!

  15. I’m sure kunda will be wise enough to visit that bishop for one oe two healing prayers, and the man of god will shout to thee heal!

  16. Real democracy indeed. being sworn in after nearly 60 days is good, even Uganda swore in their President after 30 days unlike in Zambia where a President is sworn in 12 hours after the election, even before the last results are received from Shan’gombo.Thought Ecobank is is Togolese Bank, I stand to be corrected.

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