Zambia wins a seat on the World Meteorological Organisation (W.M.O) Executive council


Submitted by the Mission of Zambia to the UN-Geneva

Mr Jacob Nkomoki, Director of Meteorology and Permanent Representative of Zambia with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was on the 26 May elected as a Member of the WMO Executive Council for a four year term, 2011 – 2015. The elections took place during the WMO Congress (16 May-3 June) which is being held at the International Conference Centre (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland.

WMO is the United Nations (UN) System’s authoritative voice on weather, water and climate. The WMO Executive Council is the supreme governing body, which sets the strategic directions, priorities and budget of the Organisation. The Executive Council guides WMO activities in research and services related to weather, water and climate, which are fundamental to people’s daily lives.

With Mr. Nkomoki’s election to the WMO Executive Council, the Zambia Meteorological Department is expected to strengthen its collaboration with the global community in addressing challenges facing humanity such as climate variability and change.

Mr. Nkomoki’s candidature was endorsed and submitted to the Congress by the Government of the Republic of Zambia.


  1. This of course should please comrade Ngwira and indeed is a plus for the whole nation. Such opportunities do not just come anyhow, one has to deserve it.

  2. This is good. Lets have more of this so that we can have more role models at international level in all walks of life for our young people in our Country. Go Zambia go.

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