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Last week/weekend in pictures



The royal wedding (picture from LT Blogger)


Hilary Clinton talks to President Banda at the University Teaching Hospital


President Banda and Hilary Clinton with Zambian and American officials at the University Teaching Hospital.


President Banda and Hilary Clinton unveil the Peadiatric Execellence Centre at the University Teaching Hospital


President Banda and Hilary Clinton unveil the Peadiatric Execellence Centre at the University Teaching Hospital.


Some young traditional dancers were part of the local entertainment programme at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka.


Some young traditional dancers at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka


US secret service agents and their Zambian counterparts counter-checking the walk path for dignitaries into the Mulungushi international conference centre


US secret services agents briefing journalists on do's and don'ts at the ongoing Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in Lusaka


President Banda, US Secretary of trade Ron Kirk and commerce minister Felix Mutati pose for a photograph


Commerce minister Felix Mutati, Ambassador Sheila Siwela (centre) and US Trade secretary Ron Kirk before the start of the AGOA forum in Lusaka


Commerce minister Felix Mutati and US Trade secretary Ron Kirk before the start of the AGOA forum in Lusaka.


Commerce minister Felix Mutati and US Trade secretary Ron Kirk before the start of the AGOA forum in Lusaka


US Trade secretary Ron Kirk is besieged by photographers before the start of the AGOA forum in Lusaka


The Lusaka MMD choir entertains delegates at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka


Commerce minister addresses delegates at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka.


Delegates at the AGOA Forum watch a short documentary on Zambia


President Banda addresses delegates at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka


Some US trade officials and USAID representatives during a press briefing on the sidelines of the AGOA forum


The flags of Zambia and the United States flying high at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka


US Trade secretary Ron Kirk addresses delegates at the AGOA Forum in Lusaka


President Banda meets former COMESA secretary general Erastus Mwencha, now deputy chairperson of the African Union


Vice president george Kunda meets some American investors on the sidelines of the AGOA Forum


President Banda's chief -Chikuwe explaining the President's nationality


Former Patrotic Front and UPND cadres who defected to the ruling MMD in Mazabuka at the weekend


Zesco United Midfielder Portipher Zulu


ZESCO United players going through their paces at Fes Sports Complex in Morocco


ZESCO United players going through their paces at Fes Sports Complex in Morocco


  1. I know I am Light Brown may be just slightly Black. But Gosh some Zambian people are very DARK , so terrible. I notice the President looks un easy with Mrs Clinton, I wonder why? It is also embarrasing that Mr Clinton came to Zambia, there is nothing to see in Zambia, although i appreciate that she may have been coerced in coming there.

    There are no memories in Zambia, If anything Victoria Falls is in Zimbabwe. We have some National Parks but who doesnt? When you leave Zambia, you just wonder How on earth such a nice country is dirty, HOT, not so good food. They sell roots at one market I went to, and Some eat Beans for Lunch, or porridge as breakfast , please? I have a balanced meal, eat healthy food exercise and I feel blessed. Clean Zambia or we wont come back, even visiting. Tks

    • you are the people who really believe vic falls is in zim. as geography would have it , there is soil erosion that is leading the vic falls to have a huge chunck in zambia. as for dark skins, whats wrong with that really.

  2. Mrs Clinton looks young, she looks in her 30’s I have always wondered why whites age better than the blacks? Anyone knows?

    There was no need to put the first picture, I feel like puking, someone bring a Puking bucket please..Thanks

    • black people definitely age better than white people. Put 2 80 year olds black one white. the white one will have tuma green veins popping out of his or hers wrinkly skin. yuck! Hillary Clinton has money she probably did botox, a ka face lift and dyed her hair

  3. ka Mushota. You are a filthy bread and i wonder why GOD didn’t make you into a DOG probably you would have saved your masters deligently. Ba LT what about Sata and Mrs Clinton?

  4. Ba Mushota eating good food and a balanced meal isn’t the only thing in life. Wherever you are as a foreigner in a strange land, i bet they will never allow you to manage a company or even a group of people. Most people out there end up in clerical, janitorial of care aide jobs, so there’s nothing to be proud of. Those of us who are lucky enough to work as managers in foreign lands, still treasure our Zambian heritage, coz this place we’re in belongs to the owners of the country

  5. For real #1. you need to shut the f… up. We are so fed up of your antics. It’s no longer amusing nor funny. Know your limits.

  6. Mushota, Zambia may be dirty,smell etc but it is home.The food is bland but its delicious and sitrs up many precious memories.Porridge(groundnut)  made in zambia is very healthy,healthier than bacon and eggs,the beans is to die for….There is nothing wrong with being very dark.Its beautiful healthy skin full of melanin-protecting one from harsh UV rays….We are all beautifully and wonderfully made by God.each one of us is unique.Wouldn’t life have been dreadful if we all looked like you!

  7. We do not need to look at picture No.24 – Banda ‘s useless chief spare us some bad dreams, LT put more meaningful photos than of that f,o,o.l,i,s,h chief

  8. #1 You are so content with your Scottish “heritage” but you keep your eye glued to what’s happening in Zambia. You are always the first to post on here. Its like you have nothing else to do, why not go suck wringled old scottish dick?

  9. Ba Mushota kwena mula tumpa, ala lesa aka mikanda nesolselo shenu. It doesn’t mean that you are not Zambian just because you used that diploma between your legs to be that side and you start saying bad about my country and my fellow Zambians. M.U.S.U.L.A

  10. Mushota my dear, i agree with you.most young people especially in zambia who are in their twenties look like 40 and in most cases 50 and above.

  11. The sooner my fellow bloggers realise that Mushota is just an attention seeking little girl the better. She gets aroused by responses to her contributions, more so negative ones. Anyway, Zambia, what a beautiful and colourfull nation God has blessed us with. Sun shines all year round, great landscapes, but our best asset is the people….wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

    • I agree with you. The sooner we ignore her/him by not giving her/him the audience that she/he is clamouring for, the better. You are totally right.

  12. Our students say that Mushota needs deliverance. One minute she’s saying something sensible and the next minute she’s uttering false statements like a demon possessed person or a person with schizophrenia. Mushota, who told you that there’s no Victoria Falls in Zambia? Who told you that whites do age better than blacks?

  13. Pic 24, that chief looks like One Dan Pule. I’m even imagining the sound of his voice!
    Mushota Mushiota kanshi ukaleka lilali ubuwelewele?

  14. I retired a long time from blogging on LT, but this mentally retarded Mushota has made me come back from retirement. Anyway the message is to other bloggers to, at all cost, ignore this girl. I think she is looking for attention and that’s why, whatever she writes is devoid of any inspiration and has no clear direction. I beg all of you to ignore this girl…Please. She has deep inferiority complex and deep rooted slave mentally. Her parents really did a bad upbringing her. She is a sorry sight. She makes me feel like crying. Never insult my people and my country you s.t.u.p.i.d i.d.i.o.t

  15. @22 anti-sata
    On the contrary, I enjoy reading Mushota’s blogs. If you follow her closely, you will find that her mood swings with the tide of the sea. This is in response to the phases of the lunar orb in the sky. In short her blogs are lunatic.

  16. PIC 1.
    I did not know that Zambia has coss-dressers!
    I suppose this is just a dyonko. By this time next year, the whole cabinet may be cross dressing if one MC has his way!

  17. I wonder whether ‘Mushota’ really exists. If she does, its frightening to imagine what kind of help she needs. She falls far short of anything remotely human. Criticism is acceptable and mentally healthy, but not for its own glory seeking sake or deranged gratification. It is even difficult to discern whether she actually needs sympathy or ‘castration’.

  18. LT I berg you to block all Moshota’s contributions from this website. Personally, she irritates me so much that each time i see her picture, I stop blogging and move to a different article. She is just a thorn in the flesh!!!!!!!!!!! GALU OPANDA M’CHILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. BLOGGERS: The only way to upset Mushota is NOT to respond to her comments! Ignore her totally as NOTHING GOOD comes out of her blogging.

  20. Reminds me, when one time I asked my Uncle to sit down! And he said I was rude none talks to some older than me that way. He is a dog

    I try to educate and see things from a positive and educated point of view and what do I get all the Hungry lions, no substance just insulting me. I feel very hurt anyone that says something so bad to talk of prostitution and how I am this attention seeker, I am
    Nothing and discrediting my fiancé.
    The bottom-line is I am very successful, I can afford anything and I say nothing, nothing but the TRUTH. Why on earth would you try to bring someone flying your flag There is nothing wrong with my disliking Zambia and most men, but loving the minority there. Stop the hate and contribute, intelligently like I have always done. Grow up people. Thanks

  21. #29,Shut up we mbwawe ka Mushota.. so nauseating. ububi kwati ni kolokombwa. Just shut your dirty mouth for once!! and talk sense on this blog..

    ******LT what are you waiting for to BLOCK this dirty mouth???

  22. @ # 2,Iwe Mushota kwena i dont think u’ve spent so much time with white people, where i am,they always ask me why we blacks age better than them. utusungu tatukota bwino sorry. no matter how long i stay away from Zambia it will always be my home, nangu tuchule shani. well am sure ur not proud of where u come from.

  23. Fellow bloggers, I expect you to congratulate us for our successful wedding despite that we could only post one pic @ # 1.

  24. I dont understand. Why do people get agitated for me speaking the truth?
    here I am educating the millions and millions of people. You have desperate retards who are and never will be in my class even asking for me to be blocked. LT are not silly, they know I speak the truth. I have not and will never Insult anyone, I dont use profanity as you do, (they say it is lack of volcabulary) but then again you are not in my league , so I dont blame you at all.

    Contribute I believe I am educating, and putting sense to the less sense people. I am opening doors for the people people that cant find the keys. I am carrying the torch for those that want to see the light. I am the reason of belief, seeking truth and justice and NO ONE will stop me educating the masses, I refuse explicitly. Thanks

  25. I think ba Mushota, is the most successful blogger on LT this year, yes, he is able to shift the attention of about every one to his non-sense. If only people people could ignore him!

  26. you leave me with no choice but to wish you dead ba seems like you have burnt bridges from where you are coming from and i think we dont need people like you to develop our beautiful country.wish you knew how many people woukd love to come live in zambia…

  27. Hello bloggers,

    When I looked at pic #1 and blogger #1, I could tell that the comments would be even more obscure than usual. Well, I was right. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Freedom of speech can cause a lot of havoc as can be seen on this thread.

    Back to the pics:

    To me pic #1 looks like a group of aesthetically-challenged actors doing a play or drama show and not a “royal wedding”.

    Pics 6 & 7 I like the traditional colours but some of those girls look barely legal for that kind of dressing. I thought they’re sorted out according to age and not according to short hair and nice legs? LoL.

    The AGOA seems to have been a well organised event. Let’s hope it will achieve it’s objectives.

  28. I thought i like the so called mushota but now shes so irritating i cant stand some one who talks dirty things about my mother zambia home is home mushota God lifts and can bring you careful words carry power dont think may be you are just joking but am telling those words stand.anyway am suprised thats how people from getto behave.we thank the one who trafficed you to europe.

  29. Mushota is not the girl every1 is thinkn of, she is not a black lass ,she is not the girl in the picture,mushota is a ka silly white girl playn with your minds.

  30. Mushota – I am sorry to say but I can see you crying each night in your sleep. Everything that you say is opposite of the truth, you say the opposite just to offend people, and make up stories about your life, people with money do not brag about money. I feel pity for people like you because you know deep down that you are a sad sad person, but you put a show to look tough and all put together. There is a quote that says “often times people get upset by the things that are characteristics of who they truly are” Face the facts, life is not that difficult and it does not require all this unnecessary energy.

  31. Ba Mushota naimwe, there is a limit to everything, you claim that you are intelligent but I don’t think you are showing it here, because you would have noticed that what you write is no longer amusing, or whatever you want to achieve is not working, people are just tired of your fake comments. If your intention is to ruffle some feathers, am sorry to say that only very few who can’t see through you, are being affected by your comments

  32. # 8 looool Ati US secret service agents and their Zambian counterparts counter-checking the walk path for dignitaries into the Mulungushi international conference centre, do they have secret service agents in Zambia also looooooool

    • #47 when someone say counterparts doesn’t mean they carry the same name title. It means they have the same capacity regardless of what their called in their country. So yes Zambia has some kind of secret service under the office of the president, those dudes that protect the Zambian president are equivalent to the secret service! 
      You can also say Hilary Clinton and her Zambian counterpart (whoever the foreign affairs minister is) because the secretary of state and the Zambian foreign affairs minister do the same job. Hope this little lecture has helped you reduce your ignorance

  33. I now believe witchcraft doesn’t work,with the writting of ass mouth talk trash from dimwit cursed mushota she would have gone under along time ago,but one day she will meet her unlucky fate poor lonely thing God forbid.

  34. For # 1, I now believe witchcraft,voodoo whatever doesn’t work because this ass mouth trash dimwit hoodrat mushota would have gone under by now,one day God forbid you will meet your fate poor lonely thing.

  35. #1 I now believe witchcraft,voodoo whatever is not real with your A.S.S trash mouth you dimwit rousy lonely hoodrat born out of wedlock you would have gone under a long time age,one day you will meet you fate you piece of S.H.I.T.

  36. Zedians!!!!!!!!!! We are better than that. The comments iam reading here are ridiculous. Man sees what he chooses to see. Mushota sees zambia as being dirty and thats what she has chosen to see. Some of us see zambia as the beautiful Africa and thats what we have chosen. Remember its easier for a wise man to become a fool but difficult for the fool to become wise.

  37. Over sucking white dick and licking arse has made Mushota go mad! ignore the numb-skull people.

  38. Guys. Mushota grew up in Kabwe in mukobeko. Went to bwacha secondary school. We can’t be fooled. Soon I will reveal your real name.

  39. Iwe ka Mushota, you claim to be light brown because of fi Jaribu from Congo. You will die as a prostitute and we shall burry you in Mpika

  40. No. 1 (Mushota). A high number of universities yet so many fools. I take it you have gone to school and yet you refuse or deny your roots. A quintessential inferiority complex! No sense of belonging!

  41. I hope this Mushota iz not from LT staff just to agitate some weaker soulz into some fierce, unreazonable and unwarranted debate and trade of insults. My advice still standz; IGNORE this “woman”. 

  42. Looks like every picture has Mushota in it. Why is s/he the subject of the blogs? S/he must be feeling chaffed at the attention s/he is getting.

  43. Good international activities happening in Zambeziland.Putting motherland back on the map.
    Enjoyed the colouful young dancers. Hopefully keeping up some traditional dances.
    Bloggers, any one with an idea where one can get CD/DVD of our traditional dances or music?
    I recently discovered Zambian gospel music on You Tube.

    I should say that today I have missed constructive contributions on our pics of the week.

  44. People, MUSHOTA IS CRYING! Please read “Musokotwane cautions Zambians over PF”. Finally, we have gotten rid of this b.i.t.c.h. Hope its the last time I’ll hear from you. Aren’t we all human…after all.

  45. Mushota is most inteligent blogger here cause she is able to sway fellow bloggers. from now i want evryone to respect this lady cause she is liberated to the extent than very few can understand her. keep it up gal i will always defend you hoping that a lot will follow suite.

  46. My Brothers and Sisters , pls we must pity this deluded person who is trying to act big just because she lives overseas , well so do I , and I can tell you it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, and I am saving every cent to get back to Zed . And also who is she to call fellow Zambians retards , such things are highly offensive , unChristian , un Zambian ….. ************

  47. F**k you Chi Mushota together with your fore Fathers were ever they are. Let them blame you coz you brought this upon them. Kolokombwa Swine. Ifi malepe

  48. Mushota , you are an i.d.i.o.t What are you thinking of to say such unkind things about your own people, your own country , shame on you . And by the way I am also living in the UK and am earning strong money , which I am saving to go back pa Zed . Give me good weather, ice cold mosi and proper fat steaks any day

  49. I am told this silly Mushota is a Zimbo!Why she is obsessed with Zambia I do not know.Maybe she misses kwa Mandevu.
    Her dad is from that place near Lusaka and her dad a mega polygamous Zimbo father.

  50. 71 entries plus mine almost all talking about Mushota. Am embarassed coz it makes me feel whoever this scum of the earth is,is a genius at seeking and grabbing attention.Anyway,on picture # 1,you just have to love mother Zambia! That’s what all 72 of us should have been talking about.

  51. #61’s request: Bloggers, I need your help
    I enjoyed the colourful young dancers. Hopefully they are keeping up some traditional dances a rare taste to those who visit our unique country.
    Any one with an idea where I can purchase CD/DVD on our traditional dances or music?
    I recently discovered Zambian gospel music on You Tube and keeps me linked to motherland.

  52. At 29 (Mushota) If you say you are hurt, it saves you right. Coming to talk about contributing intelligently, you should have thought about that before submitting such a damn and provocative comment. You might be successful were ever you are, but that does not give you the right to disgrace your country and people. Don’t be one sided when passing comments. Next time don’t be surprised when you find that your husband or fiance has been snatched from you by a complete blacky as you put it.

  53. Ba Mushota, this God is we serve is so faithful, He is not like man who changes his mind according to situation, don’t brag, if you are successful, just thank Him show off, don’t be a pieace off

  54. Now i can tell Mushota is very dumb. pic #1. has been circulating on many websites including facebook as a joke .it was taken in west africa and is not a Zambian Mushota , don’t get excited LT must have very dumb journalist who cannot even describe the picture’s whereabout except saying a “ROYAL WEDDING” very immature indeed.ubupuba..

  55. Picture 1 is not from Zed. It is from unknown source . . . .I have seen it in many emails doing the rounds at the moment. Please ba L T do not put meaningless pictures into circulation – pictures whose source (and purpose) you do not know.

  56. mushota shame on you we are all away from home but its not as rosy as you want to portray,iwe wali inchushi ninshi walekula get  a life,in this age and era with such shallow minds eeish. 

  57. iwe ka mushota ninshi ulepontela zambia,where you not born in zambia,give thanks to GOD that you are able to eat a balanced meal,don’t look down on others,otherwise GOD will humble you and start eating grass for breakfast

  58. What the hell is happening to LT.You are the media common change the freaking pictures.Chiluba is dead not the the whole media.Tufwilemo………

  59. having reviewed the posts by our dearly beloved mushota( who i can bet is possibly schizophrenic) i have found the posts are usually characterised by some impairment of a normal individuals cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning.according to the uks mental health act this individual should be sectioned they are a danger to themselves and society.Mushota be my friend the nhs will give u a small room i will vist u and bring u sticks if u want leaves anything…glasgow is just an hour from here… do u remmber nshima ? i cud bring some for lol lol!!! i can sign the documentation with regards to you care i promise i wont allow them to conduct any electro-convulsion therapy on you.but guess what u might just find it to be lots of fun! let me knw

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