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L/stone listeners tell off Chitala, Mulongoti


Mike Mulongoti

Some Livingstone residents have asked former Zambian ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala and former Works and Supply minister Mike Mulongoti to retire from active politics because they have become irrelevant to Zambian politics.

The residents said the two were currently attacking the MMD and the Government because they were out of the ruling party.

But Dr Chitala and Mr Mulongoti, who featured on a phone-in programme on Zambezi FM in Livingstone yesterday, insisted that they had a right to actively participate in politics and claimed that the MMD Government had failed to run the affairs of the country.

A resident, Neto Halwabala said Mr Mulongoti had been in Government for a long time and had nothing new to offer to Zambians.

Mr Halwabala wondered why the former minister was currently supporting Patriotic Front (PF) and its leader Michael Sata and yet he criticised Mr Sata when he served as a minister in the MMD Government.

Contributing to the programme, Mr Halwabala described Mr Mulongoti as a person who was ever changing positions on national issues.

“You used to call Mr Sata all sorts of names but all of a sudden you are now supporting the PF leader simply because you are out of Government. Is Mr Sata now different from the person you used to criticise some years ago?” Mr Halwabala asked.

Other callers said Mr Mulongoti was a double-tongued and arrogant person who could not be trusted.

Some callers, who preferred to remain anonymous, said Mr Sata was known to be a violent man and it would, therefore, be wrong for Dr Chitala or anyone to support the PF leader.

In response, Dr Chitala said he decided to endorse PF because it was the only party that had higher chances of winning this year’s elections while Mr Mulongoti said he would officially announce his endorsement after the dissolution of Parliament this year.

They both maintained that MMD had failed to run the affairs of the country and that the United Party for National Development (UPND) had no chances of winning the elections.
[ Times of Zambia ]


  1. How about those that phoned in and supported their (Mulongoti & Chitala) move? Dont they deserve to have their endorsement heard? Do not hide in the use of anonymous to exaggerate your own biased reporting. Give us both sides of the story

  2. nemwine lubemba…..ab bantu balingile ukutuushako….they have also contributed to the downfall of our country……kuya bebele…..

  3. We are tired of Mulongoti. The chap was arrogant when he was in government. Please PF or UPND, don’t entertain this mangwambu

  4. Well done civilised people of tourist capital,i dont see a sane individual giving audience to these two actually 5 including Mpombo,Panji and Sichinga.

  5. Indeed politics is a dirty game as everyone wants to belong where he/she feels the chances of bouncing back into power are higher, what a shame! May God save mother Zambia, and may He give us credible leaders. The devil is a liar.

  6. It is evident that Mike and Deririck have no morals they are but a pair that have decided if I cannot have it no one will…it will be a pity and a wake up call if MMD reclaims Plot 1…then the lesson not to urinate in the pot you prepare food from will have a greater meaning to our two comrades…but all the best in your decampaign strategy even if its on thin ground very thin…

  7. These two clowns do not even have faith in the person they are supporting but they belive that he has high chances of wining thus sopporting him. They are just job seekers.

  8. mulongoti has no shame and a sense of maturity.when he was M P of Lufwanyama he did completly nothing,nothing at all.the same with the current M P, Dr Puma him also is a qualified fuilure and unpopular with the people.Mulongoti has been in the MMD for a long time,he should tell people of Lufwanyama what he did when he was M P.otherwise he must shut his dirty mouth.Chi(ka)tala Mbita tell us how you sold and ditched your collegue,the late Dean Mungoma.YOU ARE DIRTY DIRTY AND HAVE MADE POLITICS VERY DIRTY thats why you can support parties of gays,who knows Sata is dating the two of you or the two of you are almost dating.

  9. Supporting pf over any other party bcoz they blieve pf has a higher chance of winning! Very wrong criterion indeed. Where have left our principles please?

    • As if you were reading my mind. I was thinking the same. This is a ‘muselela kwa kaba’ or ‘ukwa lola umwela’ attitude.

    • guys I agree, but think the principles never existed in the first place. these men have no shame at all.

  10. Only a f.o.o.l can support what Mbita c.h.i.k.a.l.a oooh!!! sorry chitala and Mike Mulongoti are saying. Just yesterday these chaps were in full support of the wrong doings of MMD. Now that they have fallen out of favour of the MMD who do they want to f.o.o.l. Mulongoti, i’m sure he still even have those MMD shirts bearing big pictures of RB if he has not burnt them yet. He was at every meeting the right hand man of RB. Always doing tuchawa almost kissing RB. Awe tamwaimone bwino Uko kwine bamichonga!!!! S.t.u.p.i.d. I.D.I.O.T

  11. The headline iz suspect, but the moment I just see the source of the article, my appetite to read crumblez.

  12. No politician will be one hundred percent perfect. Therefore we should view the strengths and weaknesses of every candidate and then make decisions from that angle. The positive and negative sides of especially the presidential must be thoroughly screened before we conclude on anything. I believe my humble suggestion will be understood and that tribe should not be a criteria at all. let the best get it

  13. Bloggers criticising Chitala and Mulongoti are serious hypocrites and amnesics. Rubbish Bin has kept very close ties with Chiluba who was proven in the court of law to have run a corrupt government that stole, in the belief that the relationship will benefit him in form of votes from Luapula province, this is a grand scheme which is a totally open secret. Mulongoti left the MMD after being intimidated from challenging George Kunda and Chitala has been isolated and denied any opportunity to earn a living . Both were ostracised for trying to exercise their rights, who wouldn,t be pissed? RB is running not only a corrupt government, but hegemony against all those in the way of his staying in power. Chitala and Mulongoti have no assurance that MCS will give them jobs, but they favour him!

  14. All sane thinking people in this Country are coming on board in support of the PF. Contune on the same path, as MMD’s end is near

  15. #19 When was Mulongoti Member of Parliament (MP) for Lufwanyama??????? That is news to me. I think i need to be educated. All i know is that he has never been an MP before and has been surviving by the mercy of the incumbet presidents through boot leaking.

  16. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

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