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Frederick Chiluba, Zambia ‘s Second President is dead


FLASHBACK: Frederick Chiluba in The Syagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Former Zambian president Fredreick Chiluba died Saturday at the age of 68 for causes not known yet.  According to the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Chiluba died at 0:05 a.m. after a normal day on Friday.

Chiluba started complaining of heart pains on Friday evening, ZNBC quoted Chiluba’s spokesperson as saying.

The spokesman said that the doctor was called and attempted to save Chiluba’s life but failed.

“He died five minutes after midnight at his home,” Emmanuel Mwamba told AFP.

Fredreick Chiluba had been suffering from heart and kidney problems but Mwamba said he had earlier complained of stomach pains.

“We will release more details later in the day,” said Mwamba.

Fredreick Chiluba was born on April 30, 1943 to Jacob Titus Chiluba Nkonde and Diana Kaimba and grew up in Kitwe, Zambia. Chiluba was married twice. Frederick Chiluba did his secondary school of education at Kawambwa Secondary School in Kawambwa, where he was expelled in the second year for political activities.

He became co-boy and later a bus driver. It was there that he found his ability to became a politician due to his charismatic personality. He later worked as city councilor before becoming an accounts assistant at Atlas Copco, and rose in his rankings, in Ndola where he joined the National Union of Building.

Frederick Chiluba and his first wife with whom he has nine children, Vera Tembo, divorced in 2000 after nearly 30 years of marriage. Chiluba married his second wife, Regina Mwanza, shortly thereafter.

Chiluba’s personal appearance and dapper dress had been noted by both his supporters and opponents throughout his career, as had his short stature. His careful appearance and taste for fine suits became a trademark, and was noted during his corruption trial. Dr Chiluba had also been described by the BBC as “a fervent born-again Christian…” whose “…private life was the subject of much gossip.”

He went on to win the chairmanship of the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). Chiluba and several leaders in ZCTU were detained in 1981 by President Kenneth Kaunda for calling a wildcat strike that paralyzed most of the Zambian economy. The union leaders were released after a judge ruled their detention as unconstitutional. In 1987, he successfully withstood challenge to his chairmanship of NUBEGW that would have put his ZCTU position in jeopardy.

In 1990 he helped form the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), a party that, with Chiluba as its presidential candidate, went on to successfully challenge Kaunda’s rule in the 1991 elections. Chiluba was a powerful speaker with a natural charm and charisma.

Chiluba took office on November 2 of that year. He won re-election to a second five-year term in 1996 despite a lawsuit questioning his birthplace and hence his eligibility for the post. Some candidates in the 1996 presidential elections challenged his eligibility on these grounds, claiming that he or his real father was born in Zaire. There was, however, no doubt that he was raised in the Copperbelt of Zambia and this contributed to his taking up of unionism.

Despite his party’s overwhelming majority in parliament, he failed to win support in his bid to amend the constitution allowing him to run for a third term.

No member of parliament ever moved the motion in the house to amend the national constitution, the government never presented any paper on the matter nor was there any referendum to amend the national constitution. The third term debate was between different groups within and outside the MMD. Chiluba himself was quiet about it.

He stepped down at the end of his term on January 2, 2002, and was replaced by Levy Mwanawasa, his one-time vice-president. Chiluba started out as a socialist, but accepted some economic reforms.

Chiluba can be said to have left both an economic and a political legacy. Economically he started the process of ending Zambia’s socialist command economy. He presided over various economic reforms. There are mixed feelings in Zambia on the effectiveness of the economic transformation initiated by the Chiluba government.

He helped broker a peace agreement to end the war in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo, but failed to stop the escalating crime and poverty in Zambia.

Chiluba opposed international economic institutions. His successor Levy Mwanawasa re-established relations with IMF and World Bank that were abolished during Chiluba’s government.

After leaving office, Chiluba was a target of Mwanawasa’s campaign against corruption: in February 2003, he was charged along with his former intelligence chief, Xavier Chungu, and several former ministers and senior officials, with 168 counts of theft totalling more than $40m.

It was alleged that money was diverted from the Ministry of Finance into an account held at the London branch of the Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco). Chiluba said the account was used by the country’s intelligence services to fund operations abroad. Investigators said it was a slush fund, used to meet Chiluba and Chungu’s private and personal expenses.

In early 2006, Chiluba was flown to South Africa for medical attention for a heart condition. After resisting the government’s call for him to return to Zambia for what they termed as long-term treatment, he returned on July 15.

On 4 May 2007 he was found guilty of stealing $46m (£23m) in a civil case by a UK court. Chiluba, however, continued to plead innocence and refused to recognise the verdict of the Judge Peter Smith who he accused of having been bribed by the Mwanawasa government.

Most of the charges that were made against him were later dropped and he was eventually freed on those charges that remained.

[AFP and additional details from Wikipedia]



  1. The man is dead let us not sensationalise this news. The man embezzled millions and millions of pounds. He is not a hero, he is a villain! Making this too much news worthy and bringing your crocodile tears on this blog will not bring any sympathy from me, or anyone who is smart and intelligent like me

    Its unfortunate he is died, but let him go away. Let us talk about better life, X factor, Cheryl Cole.
    Grow up and go back and improve the country and have some breakfast. He died a pain free death, unlike Mr Mwanwasa. If you want to mourn, mourn Mr Mwanwasa. Use your brains. Thanks

    • You are not to speak any bad words of a deceased person his soul has been taken by the almighty and if he is guilty he will pay the price.

    • FJ has can now rot in hell. Many children died in hospitals under ka chiluba. He thought he could cheat death by going abroad for treatment. I am glad he is dead, he suffered and he was in pain, good. Mushota, you go and develop your country. You will not receive pocket money from your kafupi friend now. you can watch x factor in zambia, real TV is available there now.

    • Thumbs up Mushota!!!! Are we going to forget about all he did to our beloved nation and make him a hero just because he is now dead? God forbid!!! He drove millions of Zambians into poverty and only those who are/were partakers of his spoils are mourning or at least shedding crocodile tears…..

    • First sensible comment i’ve read from you…the little ****er had it easy…now he is going to face the creator after escaping the law for too long…all the born again BS yet he was stealing!!!

    • I Agree with you! The state should be responsible for paying back any money he stole due to the fact that they let him go scot free. Guilty by association i say!

    • Talk about X factor or Cheryl Cole??? Have you gone insane!! this is LUSAKA TIMES, not UK times, why should Cheryl be a feature as if she is Zambian!! The man has died, he was once a good leader but wealth and money corrupted him and he did some bad things but only God can Judge and he shall get his Judgement so will everyone else. 

    • Mushota, Chiluba allegedly embezzled state funds and was cleared by the competent courts of law. For someone who claims to be in the UK, your English sucks.

    • Thanx Mushota for yo comment, no need to call him a hero when we all know what he did in life, thats the problem with zambians.

  2. Chiluba’s death is symbolic to the end of the MMD Era

    Hide your husbands ..Regina is single again.

    Please donate those 300 pairs of booties to the street children. The money used to purchase them in the first place should have improved their living conditions

  3. There is time to mourn and time to celebrate. Time to steal and time to be caught. Time to grab and marry nyour maid and time to divorce her. Time to grab other people’s wives and time to die. May your Soul Rest in Peace. You brought, together with others, multipartism and your name will always be in the minds of most Zambians.

  4. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with Caesar.
    Enough said

  5. Despite what he might have had done,he was our leader,Democrat,a brother, a father and grandad.M.h.s.r.i.p see you in heaven.

  6. The world is rid of one more embezzler. Regina Chiluba, you didn’t think it would last forever did you, harlot.?

    Campaigning for fellow embezzlers put the final nail in his coffin. Talking nonsense at Willie Phiri’s funeral.

  7. zambian must learn from this type of leason. When somebody has heart attack, it very serious illness, it can attack you at any time… People like SATA can die in office he is to be elected president of zambia. we must learn from this,,, if chiluba is power,, a by election for nothing.. SATA please try to rest old man.. you will serve us from this problem. Can you rest now…!!! He died of heart attack,,,, disease fighting SATA in his old age…!!!!! he is punished because of his sins…go thief….and a killer..!!!!!

  8. This is a day of MOURNING for Zambian. Please IWE KA ##4 Kwandangala do not be childish here, we do not want stupid comments.. We have lost a great Zambian. MHSRP.

  9. Does anyone know where his money is? Regina Regina Regina…….Let’s see what the Post will say about him. Will they call him a Thief even in his death. It will be interesting to read the Sunday Post

  10. Chiluba – I’ve got 300 booties and millions of dollars. Can I bribe my way to heaven. I lived in luxury while the people of Zambia suffered.
    Angel Gabriel – To the left with Saddam, Osama, hitler and Idi Amin

    • I just lost a good friend Maureen on thursaday, so i cant harbour any bad feelings for Chiluba. R.I.P TO ALL.

  11. It is sad that he died, he was important in his own way, he may have wronged in one way or the other but he loved his country passionately and lead it peacefully during his ten years as commander in chief of the armed forces. may his soul rest in eternal peace

  12. Lusaka Time you have lifted this story and photo (almost verbatim) from the Post and you have not acknowledged the fact. That is known as plagiarism and it is unbecoming and untruthful. Whilst the news is a big story you will do well to acknowledge your sources. Your reporters are busy sitting on their backsides in your cyberspace offices instead of interviewing Mwamba yourselves. However, I thought about FTJ long and hard and I came to the conclusion that it is always sad whatever the circumstances. FTJ MHSRIP.

  13. He was a great leader and may his soul rest in Zambia. The economic direction Zambia is headed into now and the massive investment we re experiencing now is all the work started by this man.

  14. LOL. I have the money, ama Benz, the house everything. Heart attack ka?

    Wait for my outfit at the burial. …

  15. MHSRIP…..gee two zambian presidents in a row! KK is very fit.He has outlived the younger presidents.Can someone please post KKs diet.I think he is the healthiest man in Zambia and he should educate us Zambians how to take care of ourselves.

    • KK will outlive them all including RB. And yet this is the man that FTJ persecuted to the jilt. There is a God!

  16. #18 Below is KK’s diet

    Good dose of moral character
    no alcohol
    zero meat
    sips of scripture

  17. The demise of FTJ is a great loss to every sensible person. He inspired a lot of people, to rise from a bus conductor to a republican president. I’ll always remember him as a political genius, an eloquent speaker Zambia has ever produced as a republican president.  He ignited the horizon of most Zambians to build and own houses, today the demand for land is very high to an extent that there is nearly no province in Zambia which has idol land. Rest in peace Dr. Chiluba the “political engineer” as you used to refer to yourself.

    • You are very right,he rose from a Bus conductor to a president,to a thief and a wife snatcher!!!!

  18. Heart breaking news. May the Lord comfort the family and Zambia. A President who was not ashamed of his God. Zambia, we mourn and we shall miss you. Haters your days are coming too! Are you ready to meet your Maker?

    • Have not embezzled poor tax payers money,Have not stolen another mans wife.Yes,think am ready to meet my maker.

  19. Well the man is gone and he has left us in a mess,many will say he was a hero but to many like me he was a thief who had stolen a lot of the country’s money. I hope his friend will have no where to run to for political drilling because it is the end of their master. Hope the courts will continue with the cases Regina is facing so that if she is not guilty she will walk free. The man has died with a lot of issues maybe he can buy his way into heaven.

  20. The best you can do LT is to delete all contributions on this article and provide no provisions for any further contributions.

  21. All the souls lost during his rule, the stolen wealth and the, grabbing other peoples wives etc… these are thing he is answering to God as am talking. My advice is that they should search his pockets, just as a precaution in case he has money in it. Nangu ichipute chilapoleka bane!!

  22.  @19 Nubian Princess

    Ah you talk a lot of sense, how l wish people knew that Kk was the best thing for Zambia and that we had more of his kind

  23. TB Joshua is said to have told Chiluba to divorce the wife, give back what he stole and repent, otherwise something bad will happen to his life. As usual ba master dribbler disobeyed God’s instructions. He even went far as to mock Mwanawasa’s death. Death is the greatest equaliser. Hope he really made his peace with God.

  24. Regina mocked the death of Mwanawasa’s mother ati kwati nine uwaochele ba nyina. Lelo niwebo. You will feel the weight of Vera, watch this space.


    • All stolen goods, children in zambian hospitals died while he spent that money, and guess what those shops that made his suits are still going strong. short with no brains. He will not be missed, even the western countries have notice what a fake leader he was – sick little man with no brains, uneducated, cut sisal in Tanzania to make money and cheated his way into zambia, little magot

  26. Our God is Alive. We just save a living GOD. All thieves will just after the Elections when President Sata takes over the mantle as Republican President GO TO JAIL. Despite coming from Luapula, I will not feel pity that Chiluba is dead. He lived the Life of a COMMON THIEF who is now going to face his creator. He should account for all the wrongs he did to enslave the Zambian people. NOW LET EVEN THE FAINT HEARTED COME TO THE PARTY AND SUPPORT THE PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF), for the Change which Zambia needs.

  27. bloggers…i think you should all know that death in your neighbors house is not painful…next when its gona be in yours ,,,you will judge its intensity,…dr Chilu has answered the call of God,,,say no bad words,,,MHRP…after all the bible tells you to love your enemy  

  28. Actually they devil has started braiing the guy. Ulefwaya ukupyana Regina pekanyeni otherwise abanenu balasenda.

  29. Chiluba the Political engineer dies after talking to paliamentalians,i wonder what he told them before his sudden death no rigging of elections this year,the master dribler couldnt live forever!

  30. RIP FTJ,you run your race.Had a wonderful opportunity to take zambia forward after KK left power.Life is in GOD’s hands.Chiluba said he would use LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL tricks to make sure MMD carried the day,its a pitty he has gone before elections

  31. Let him rot in hell..a thief will owz be a thief….even in hell likes of micheal jackson, 2pac and other guys should be careful of dat thing so called chiluba..but I hope they teach him a lesson in HELL cz there bad guys in the club.Viva Barotseland……

  32. At the time some “respected Zambians” wanted to dribble us over house ownership, FTJ came out and gave us houses. Farewell our President.

  33. ooooooowe……. ooooowe RB Cries. He wished he announced the election date earlier so that the late FTJ could have helped him win the elections. What shall I do now…… What shall I do now???? RB is still crying.

  34. No need for crocodile tears here, the man lived his life full of deciet but alas could not do so with life. Chaps mocked LPMs death now chilipali iwe. Anyways it good that the3 dead know no pain.

  35. It serves him well, he always thought he could corrupted God like he corrupted Vasco Da Banda, how many people died because of his greedy…..? thousands of innocent Zambians because he took money for medicines, please stop mourning and say,… at last God has heard our cries. Poor Zambians are dying everyday while these greedy politicians enjoy the stolen money from hard working Zambians….I mourn Mwanawasa instead of this little dead thief…..Chiluba was a thief, now a dead thief and no one will change that.
    The next should be Vasco Da Banda so that all these thieves learn that death has no is equal for all…..Now i have a reason to drink a beer today.

    • Fimofimo please don’t forget to toast one to the death of this short criminal who used the Bible to manipulate Zambians into believing he was our saviour while stealing billions from them.

  36. Chaipa but we needed the money he stole from us for National development. I wonder how he’s going to face his creator.MHSRIEP.

  37. May FTJ’s soul rest in peace.
    Basop PF!!
    Sympathy votes from Luapula and the Copperbelt go to …….MMD!!
    Hardluck King Cobra!!
    May try 2016!!!!

  38. I wish he could have been rushed to UTH for treatment….ooooooh i forgot that he took money for medicines and fired professinals…..Rot in Hell Kafupi.

  39. ‘God does not rejoice in the death of a wicked one’, so I dont. too bad mr Chiluba, ‘will miss you mwandi’…

  40. Am told that MMD nabatampa ukuinyelawila.No more dribbling. No weapon made against zambians will proper, mukalapolekafye kwati ifipute.

  41. Sad to know that FTJ is dead,but its more sad to know that our money he store will never be recovered. Regina,how much is remaining?? I hope u wont go back to your former husband and start disturbing his marriage you bitch!!!

  42. You can not mock God, and that’s what Chiluba did by declaring Zambia as a Christian nation knowing pretty well he’s intention was to deliberately blind us while he continued stealing. Our God is living and looks after his people. 2011 – The Change is near

  43. #41 Actually this is not good news for the opposition – they wanted FTJ dead — and he is now dead. So, no political capital out of FTJ. Luapula will now believe the PF and UPND contribute to his demise due to incessant attacks. Can you imagine if RB had crucified FTJ – what were you going to be saying right now?

  44. I tried so hard not comment but i can’t just help it. I HATE hypocricy and so am sorry but i won’t join the ” MHRIP” chorus because his soul must not be at peace. He sent so many people to the grave himself so why should i wish his soul to be at peace especially that he never apologised for stealing from the poor. ”For the wages of sin is death”. Am sad that he never got to be punished for corruption but anyway kafikepo mune.
    This should save as a lesson to all corrupt elements that even in death we’ll despise them and that includes those who stole from Lima Bank, the least they can do is to apologise and return property they dubiously acquired.

  45. You will be always my inspiration DR Chiluba. i will miss you my dear. may yo soul rest in eternal perfect peace .Amen:((:((

  46. Man is like a fleeting shadow or flower that blossoms and then gets blown away by the wind and the land where it stood remembers it not. It’s appointed for man to dien once and thereafter judgement. Its a confirmation of God’s word that man will surely die. The question is where does your soul go afterwards. What has happened to Chiluba can happen to any one any time any where. If a man is convicted in his heart and confesses that Jesus is Lord then he will be saved. Christ died for our sin. Acknowledge him and live life in abundance.

  47. Kafwafwa nomba, the whole Luapula will be in Lusaka, each one to pick his share. Now begins the Fight among Family and Relatives over Chiluba’s Wealth: Money in Bank and elsewhere, Houses, Farms, Pension Package (house to be built), suits and shoes, etc. Lawyers also coming in to demand their Pay, etc. Wealth doing more harm than good here!! one would even prefer to die a poor man! I hope the Will clears such matters!!!

  48. In such times its hard to be ruthless and to use bad words, he stole our money but that is beyond the point because money wont go with anyone beyond the grave. Condolences to his family and to every Zambian for the loss of a life. We must also learn something from his lifestyle and avoid mistakes he left. Last funeral he attended was for Ba Willie Phiri in Chingola and that was the last time we heard anything from him. Rest in Peace Bashi Castro

  49. #1 Mushota, It is not good to say bad things about the dead no matter how bad or evil they could have been. It is better to keep quite or to try to find one good thing about them. Remember there is no one that is perfect under the sun.
    It is appointed for everyone to die including yourself and after that judgement. He ruled us for ten years and he made his mistakes which is human. My heartfelt condolonces goes to the family. MHSRIP

  50. Remember Meridien Bank and how people lost their money? Where is Robby Zulu the perpetrator. Is it because he used to bang Helen Chiluba that he was not convicted?

    Dr. Simon Miti is also another one. All these thieves are living good lives but the weeding has started now.

  51. Despite all the negative deeds that he committed or might have committed in the past the truth is that we should find it in our hearts to forgive him but not forget MHSRIP.

  52. Oh no so sad . . . The man brought us to modernisation in a way. Ended transport blues. Food shortages. Black market ended. Ba vigillante etc. MHSIP. A great loss to the family and nation.

  53. ATi kuti na bika INDLAMA Mucimugodi icabola. Ati uleseka uwikela bwino. That was at a rally in Roan I think around 1997 or so. Nabekala bwino na lelo? 
    Bane respect God Lesa ni KALAPASHI and he will not let his people suffer and he knows what to do at the right time. Let Rupiah win if he is popular and not use dirt Chiluba tricks.
    Ba Lesa twafweni

  54. He should have been flown to morningside clinic(RSA) where he and his ministers had invested.”put all your treasures in heaven……..”but he chose to invest in fancy shoes and designer shoes on earth.

  55. 1) I am sad because as a Christian, I cannot rejoice another persons death.2) I am sad because he is my relative 3) I am sad because we shall never know the truth. As William Shakespeare says in Julius Ceasar- OUR GOOD IS OFTEN
    BURIED WITH US, BUT OUR EVIL DEEDS REMAINS BEHIND. Rest in peace former Mambilima Upper School Alumina

  56. The whole of our uni senate, students, faculty & staff would like to convey our condolences to the Chiluba family on the untimely death of this son of Zambia. 

  57. agree with those feeling sorry for FTJ. He should have rested. Remember he is the one who started the slander against Bishop Mpundu that the latter had children? He should have beenquiet like KK- just keep busy whith charity work not getting involved with the useless Dora politics. MHSRIP

  58. Death is painful regardless of the causes. I only hope he truly repented because the man may have died of HIV having led a sexually riotus and careless private life when he was president. Only those close to him may know his secret night life details. He was far from presidential material. The message to those living is that we must repent because you dont kow when the cold hand of death will visit you. Seal your heavenly destination by confessing your sins and striving to live right in this sinful world.


  60. The passing of FTJ is sad. Despite the many good/bad issues (too numerous to mention) that have been about him especially after leaving State House, there will be no taking away the fact that he ruled Zambia for 10 yearz. 

    • Amen Luanshya!!! God has finally answered the prayers of most Zambians to rid our nation of the filth it had been harbouring all along…

  61. All you young women in Lusaka who got Pajeros from Chiluba in exchange for bed favors, if you are still alive kaya. Pantu Zambian girls who sleep with anything if it has money.

  62. By the way regardless of his negatives he still deserves a state funeral by virtue of having been president for 10 years, whether good or bad he was still Zambias president at one time. may his soul rest in peace and my condolences to the family members.

    • No he didnt. I brought myseld. Why do you ask? If you have armed robberer in the family and he is gunned down by the police, the rest of the commuity will rejoice but his death will be painful to the family. That is how life is. Do not be stone hearted. Let God deal with his sins since the country was too weak to handle his corruption cases

  63. 53 Adviser – Which Luapula? Imwe in Luapula we are cosmopolitan we dont believe in the Wakoni wako rubbish.

  64. Where is the body? We want the Zedian government to release pictures of Zambia’s most wanted plunderer. *****

  65. I suppose all you condemning FTJ are blemish free?? you are SAINTS eh?? check yourselves before you start throwing accusations and judging other. you can think FTJ has gone to hell but GOD is the only one who knows the relationship he had with his son. And i know we serve a merciful GOD. May GOD forgive all of you.

    • This is not the fora for your preaching. You should have done so to Chiluba to be a better leader and husband/father, not a plunderer and pussy chaser.

  66. It goes down well for us who shared the presidential hieght, me i will ask for 60 designer suits. Not to sure abot shoes he may just had even a smaller foot……………………………MHSRIP

  67. The most intelligent Charismatic President Zambia ever had. He changed Zambia. i remember going to Nchelenge by UBZ used to take 1 week but after 1991 Kitwe Nchelenge trip take a day. Apples were found in politicians homes before 1991. After 1991 apples were everywhere on the streets. government houses were dilapidate with plastics and news papers cover on window. After 1991, Zambia although a few owned homes. Privatization changed the status quo many Entrepreneurs emerged. Dispite the corruption allegation Dr Chiluba’s Legacy is indisputable. MHSRIP

  68. This man did evil onto his people, if not that he let it go uncontrolled. He let down the nation at a time when we needed him the most. So I say there goes Zambia’s biggest failure I am am honestly not sad to hear of his death. lets look at things that are more useful rather than clinging to a past that people are now creating for themselves saying the man was great and what not. He should be enough of a lesson for us come voting day.

  69. And someone explain to me why the hell the**** had an Israeli flag at his press conferences with those church clowns?

  70. God has his own way of dealing with things. I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chiluba should have repented. He was too much of a dribbler, i hope he didn`t end up dribbling his own life.And i hope
    RB learns that you dont pin your hopes in man but God . RB relied so much on Chiluba to deliver Luapula for him.

  71. I will miss you Father Chiluba You were a great Father and Leader who opened many peoples eyes.Rest in peace.

  72. No one is happy about his death but this man did evil things. He took God and his people for granted. I will not say anything but God knows what is best for us and his people

  73. He has gone a disgraced man.No sympathisers at all.Really sad its like un Zambian that peope are more happy at his demise than sorry.These are lessons to be learnt by all us.We can have millions but if they are dirty…its unworthy.
    Indeed he goes as the worst president ever straight from exposing tunnels to embezzling gvt funds and trying to change the constitution for personal gains rather than national pursuts alas all his own doing

  74. He has gone a disgraced man.No sympathisers at all.Really sad its like un Zambian that peope are more happy at his demise than sorry.These are lessons to be learnt by all us.We can have millions but if they are dirty…its unworthy.
    Indeed he goes as the worst president ever straight from exposing tunnels to embezzling gvt funds and trying to change the constitution for personal gains rather than national pursuts alas all his own doing

  75. He has gone a disgraced man.No sympathisers at all.Really sad its like un Zambian that peope are more happy at his demise than sorry.These are lessons to be learnt by all us.We can have millions but if they are dirty…its unworthy.
    Indeed he goes as the worst president ever straight from exposing tunnels to embezzling gvt funds and trying to change the constitution for personal gains rather than national pursuts alas all his own doing

  76. He has gone a disgraced man.No sympathisers at all.Really sad its like un Zambian that peope are more happy at his demise than sorry.These are lessons to be learnt by all us.We can have millions but if they are dirty…its unworthy.
    Indeed he goes as the worst president ever straight from exposing tunnels to embezzling gvt funds and trying to change the constitution for personal gains rather than national pursuts alas all his own doing

  77. He has gone a disgraced man.No sympathisers at all.Really sad its like un Zambian that peope are more happy at his demise than sorry.These are lessons to be learnt by all us.We can have millions but if they are dirty…its unworthy.
    Indeed he goes as the worst president ever straight from exposing tunnels to embezzling gvt funds and trying to change the constitution for personal gains rather than national pursuts alas all his own doing

  78. He has gone a disgraced man.No sympathisers at all.Really sad its like un Zambian that peope are more happy at his demise than sorry.These are lessons to be learnt by all us.We can have millions but if they are dirty…its unworthy.
    Indeed he goes as the worst president ever straight from exposing tunnels to embezzling gvt funds and trying to change the constitution for personal gains rather than national pursuts alas all his own doing

    • And I bet your are an angel….stuff it man and be human…he did his part while u took off on your wheels to a foreign land…so just shut up.

  79. Plunderer and pussy chaser aya lelo.

    Scarlett Regina you will walk out of there with nothing. Ukutemwa ukubeya amaso yabamukabene.

  80. Every Death is a pain to the family/country; Ba Chiluba was our President, despite whatever mistakes he made, we are here not to Judge. He was our Leader, Father, Uncle and a Brother……etc. Let us respect his passing away and mourn with the family. MHSRIP.

  81. Good that he’s no more, the guy never even finished his form five. so it’s simple to president. the end of mmd and label MP’s

  82. I find it rather un-zambian that in the time of death we have opted to insults and rather scornful sentiments . when death comes to another family we must remember that death will also eventually come to our families. we can condemn him for many things, but he was definitely not a Hitler. even if we had got the money and had punished him, do you think zambia would be better off? corruption right now is prevalent and some of you on this forum are even perpetrators of it. frigging hypocritics no wonder you will never come out poverty.

  83. Did Mwamba say he had a meeting with his lawyer yesterday? i suppose they gave him a mother of all legal bills his weak heart couldn’t contain blood pressure.

  84. A reminder that we are all visitors on earth, one day we are bound to go and account for our lives. Even as we judge we should also think of how our day of departure would be and what follows. MHSRIP! Its up to God the Almighty now. How are you preparing?

    On the other hand, I think every obstacle in PF’s way is being uprooted. Its clear its PF’s time.
    Again is MMD doing the country wide shows of FTJ’s body to solicit votes from mourners, lets wait and see. We can’t afford to lose a leader each time we have elections.

    Opinion; FTJ may have been troubled by the happening in Chiengi ie Katele’s dilemma and the fact that PF was winning! Thats life you die acts remain for people to talk about. Anyway, you were human.Again I say MYSRIP

  85. Atase wrote on 18 June, 2011, 9:43

    Death; Peter Lishika,Paul Tembo,Maj Wezi Kaunda,Ronald Penza,Richard Ngenda, Nkumbula etc

    Women; %===> – – – Regina mwanza, Pajero lsk staff etc

    Money: US$46m, US$8 zamtroop, Slash fund, etc

  86. Countrymen and women. Learn to forgive. Do not be complainants, judges and excutioners. Are you aware that there are more thieves outside our prisons than inside? The fact that YOU have not been caught does not make you holier than those who have been caught. Let he who has not stolen be the first one to throw the stone at the thief. May the Good Lord be the final Judge.

  87. oh my God Dr chiluba u are gone, whatever people will say GOD loved you no wonder u have died u have fuffiled what is writen in the bible dust u are to dust u return u remembered him in all your works,u were a good leader only to be misled by the so called cobra(SATA).He misled u in so many things made u build chiluba institute same as cater centre in USA so that u can be remembered misled u on the 3rd term saga only that u sensed the danger and appointed levy he ran away(sata) formed his patriotic fool party(PF) even when he was with u.chiluba go dont worry JEHOVAH GOD does not hate he is GOD of love ,he created humans in his own image black or white.chiluba GOD forgives sinners go u are blessed on this day.those who hated u will come and mourn,they listen to what the pastor.

  88. For all the terrible things Chiluba said when Mwanawasa died, I have no sympathy at all. The man stole from Zambia and mocked us about that, he stole someone’s wife and mocked him for that, while in State House he was sleeping with every married wife and dared their husbands to say anthing. Let him go and meet his maker and answer for all those things. Unfortunately he will be remembered for all the terrible things he did. He had the chance to redeem himself, to serve the country, but turned around and spat at us. So now how does he expect us to feel on his death? It is a lesson to those leaders who are still alive and have a chance to leave a respectable legacy for themselves. The truth is chiluba hurt many people and so many wanted him dead.


  90. ba LT… Vera was first wife? kaya. i thought another one existed before VT and that she ran away.. historians help.

  91. A lesson for all to learn from FTJ’s death. I think he was a prisoner of his own conscience-ha knew what wrong he did to the Zambian people! Ultimately, however, GOD is the judge. If any one of us have sinned, time to repent is now. FTJ, MYSRIP.

  92. Good riddence but on whose expense. The kamafellow has died a rich man after all thats what all you parasites think of wealth and nothing else. Maybe someone should get those 1000 pairs of tumakinkinti and donate them to the needy children since no normal man can wear them. Even those tumasuit from that French tailor can be donated to children who really need them. I do not know what the Post will say since the man they really wanted behind bars is now gone. Even Sata may now have very little to talk about since his main subject is gone. 

  93. Chiluba didn’t bring us democracy. Please don’t insult the Zambian people. It is the people who brought democracy by kicking out Kaunda and some of them even died during those riots. The people then said okay Chiluba come and be the custodian — and you know what, he f.u.c.k.e.d it all up. Again, chiluba didn’t bring democracy…. some people are still angry…infact others are just so angry that they are not the ones who have killed him. What happens when you mess up the lives of so many people is that those many people wish you death and it is difficult to know what has actually killed him…the curse of so many complaining voices. Think about even what his son used to do, he once broke a beer bottle and used it to scratch and rip open the face of a young girl..!!

  94. they will open there ears and will listen to what the pastor will preach and they will say amen.that cobra and mmembe they will celebrate your death and GOD will forgive them for they dont know what they are doing.everyone will die rich,poor,old young the list is endless…..mama regina be assured in time of this seek the lord for he is the owner……..those happy are with the devil sata satan.remember paul from saul to paul forgiven repented and great leader what more chiluba.people there are things we can condem no this tragedy one it will be u .M.H.S.R.I.P……….GOD receive his spirit for it is yours amen

  95. :((:((:((:((:((:((:(( So where is he going to be burried in Congo (with his father ) or in Zambia.You haters get a life whether you like it or not you all benefited from his rule in one way or another so to avoid the exposure of your ignorance just SHUT UP !

  96. ba fikala lets not politicise death,we all have our shortcomings and no one is perfect,the man did his part,he is known as the father of democracy and he is the reason you twits are able to cast that vote,ba fikala you are so uncultured ata,ng ni ba mushota you think u are intelleligent ule pipa amafi ku ba sungu na kalume kobe aka kote you want to insult us zambians let us mourn our leader in peace most of you are beneficiaries of his policies,you sick idioits

    • atase iwe ,ubututu bwekabweka fye.at least mushota knows her pay day not ukufola pa fote eleven.echo zambia tayakachitile develop wats wrong with ukupipa amafi. aku conning fye abantu mu katondo street and leave mushota alone at least she used her brains to get out of poverty

  97. Your thoughts are not my thoughts says the lord,whats makes you think hes in hell people no matter what hes done God forgives those who confess thier sins.its up you who are habouring with an forgiveness and resentment to forgive him.no sin is greater than the other.MYSRIP.now what is sata going to compaign about for this was hes main prayer point to take chiluba to prison when voted for presido.

  98. ‘The evil that men do, lives after them, but their good is oft interred with their bones.’ (Mark Anthony in Wm Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. So be it with Chiluba.

  99. May his soul RIP. As a Ugandan, i appreciate his efforts in calling for peace in the Great Lakes Region particularly during the DRC crisis when he hosted the Lusaka Peace Agreement in December 1999. Civilised Africans shouldn’t jubilate over the death of somebody.

  100. Sometimes I fail to understand Africans. Death is such a scary thing in Africa. We told to respect the dead yes but Osama, Idi Amin, Saddam, Mobutu and Chiluba? Judge not yes but what we have to remember is it is between you and God. This plank never apologised nor did he show remorse for stealing. Makes Zacchaeus look a saint in his prime. But hey Zacchaeus chose to follow Jesus in the end. Titus started worshiping RB. 

    Money guys ine eyo nsakameneko more than this devil Kafupi

  101. Can’t take all you stole with you. Lucifer will be waiting for you!  It’s a place of torment, you can get away with crime here on earth but you can’t get away from the judgement of Mighty God. God have mercy on you…….

  102. ba fikala **** you all for calling the man a thief the man was aquited atase you are so uncultured you cant even mourn at this point it doesnt mata whether u are mmd pf or upnd the man has died

  103. This is a warning to the politicians that you can run but you can’t hide from fate. Chiluba was a bad example of leadership. Let his death not make us forget that this man could have lived a better life. When he hurt us most, he never cared to apologise. The man was just full of himself and not amount of grief can make us forget that he was a bad man. We only recommend him to the merciful God. We will never forgive the shortee!

  104. Lets MOURN the man no man on earth is perfect its sad he is gone at this time when MMD needed him so much Rest in peace

  105. Wow, I used to be indifferent about Mushota but after reading her comment, I have seen she is very wicked. In fact, I have seen 2 witches on this blog.

    How wicked is it that you celebrate the death of a human being. That is something only witches do. Despite how Mr. Chiluba lived his life, we should not celebrate his death.

    Mushota, I have lost all respect for you.

  106. rb your political consultant has left you in a mess. ka chiluba you thought you were clever ka mambala, and were are you today.

  107. At least he can escape the nasty comments people make about him and I do sincerely hope he made right with this maker. Condolences Zambia

  108. The Bible reveals a lot about human nature. Among the Disciples of Jesus was Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus to death for a piece of silver. In Zambia Chiluba’s legacy is known for consolidating democracy in Zambia and declared this country a Christian Nation. FTJ bestowed the Republican Presidency to Mwanawasa, who mysteriously persecuted, prosecuted and destined FTJ to a life of HOUSE-ARREST. Yet God ordained Rupiah Banda whose civilized Govt restored integrity and dignity to FTJ due to a former President. The truth prevailed when Courts cleared FTJ of all criminal charges. Yet, another JUDAS-SATA vowed to persecute FTJ if elected President. The comforting fact is that Tata and Shikulu-wesu Chiluba, you have died a FREE MAN under the humanitarian President Rupiah Banda. MHSRIP.

  109. Despite all the bad things that he may have committed, Chiluba declared the country a christian nation and the bible says ‘blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord’. I notice that there is alot of celebration among PF supporters because they think that their Presidential candidate one Mr. Sata will win this year’s elections. One thing they have forgotten is that Mr. Sata has a heart condition, the same ailment that could have claimed Chiluba’s life. I don’t think that the change Zambia wants is to have another Presidential bye-election because am reliably informed that Sata may not last the next five years-ZAMBIANS YOU WILL REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS AT YOUR OWN PERIL. WHAT CHANDA CHIMBA IS SAYING ABOUT THE COBRA’S HEALTH IS TRUE. BESIDES, SATA WAS AN ACCOMPLICE TO CHILUBA’S CRIMES.

  110. Kafwa na masambi ayengi kakabova! And KK is still living whilst they (thieves) will ALL die. Next is RB and Dora the symbol of CORRUPTION. Hopefully before the elections!

  111. Its truly a Sad day that we have lost 1 of our own.I like many others rejoyced when the United States killed Osama.To me this is another victory for me because I know how poor the Zambian people are but this man took us for a ride.He was the worst Zambian president EVER with no regard for his own people.

  112. i dont know of an angry God! which God do you worship? my God forgives every sin no matter how big or small it is!

    • Kims…. much as God forgives sins regardless of what it is that we have done, FTJ took God’s grace for granted and wanted to blind Zambians by declaring Zambia a Christian nation so that he could wear the garment of a believer and yet he was not one. He stole so much while using the Bible as a front. Shame on the silly dead man

  113. Even the devil can quote scripture.God can use vessell but the question is how clean can a vessell be?Only God himself knows.His greatest move of all time was declaring Zambia a Christian nation.

  114. I know this is a small sample to make a conclusion but I seriously get the picture of how Zambians feel about this man.

  115. No dribbling death when it comes to sting.It just takes the breath of life away.Not even the highest shoe on earth can save you.rip

  116. MHSRIP……He was a great man. No one is perfect, all of us do have skeletons in our closet. Am sure u also have things to hide so dont hate the man even in his death. Let him rest in eternal peace….

  117. MHSRIP, its only human to error. Thank God he did not die in prison it would have sent wrong signals to the outside world.

    Michael must be very careful about his health too. If I were him I would take a rest and find time to play with my grandchildren than fight losing battles.

  118. I have a hunch Chiluba knew he only had days to go, and RB was informed. That could partly explain RB’s crushed wholesale dropping of the curruption charges. This is further supported by evident lack of willingness on the part of Chiluba to do anything useful other than talking out of turns at variuos gatherings. He abused our trust and embezzled public funds, but I also want to remember him as the ‘David’ who would dare to stand up to ‘Goliath’ KK when it was not safe to do so back then.

  119. Oh dear Me, What a loss, We have lost a son of Africa, liberator, thief (chekelako), reformer, a true leader of his visualised path. Indeed, Zambia has lost a man of some salt! I mourn with his true family, Castrol, Vera, maiko etc. Sad guys. May God see you through this trying moment. Now Regina, pack your bags, go back to Mr. Mwanza. He made enough money from the trade he made of you with Chiluba. Continue to enjoy yor life. BUT remember, husband grabbing is not a right thing to Do! Sorry Chiluba, Sorry to the lawyers in UK who lost licenses on your acount, sorry to the Zambias for the money lost, Hapy is katumbi, who can now solely with BYenjoy your mining investments returns, your looting etc. Anyway wherever you are Sony Rest well, Close of a painful chapter. RB watch out.

  120. R.I.P FTJ ,he without sin cast the first stone. Zambian culture buries a mans sins with him ,let us not be wicked and find pleasure in our fellow brothers suffering, only cowards kick a man when his down

  121. #145, rampant theft took place during the time when Zambian was “a Christian nation”. Chiluba should never be credited for bribing a few pastors into a ridiculous declaration that has no meaning whatsoever! Chiluba and his minions only used that to keep themselves in power otherwise the same Bible you quote rightly puts it that not anyone who calls me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of heaven. Chiluba enshrined a very complicated corrupt system supported by this so called declaration where we even thought at once that he was a Moses! Its just so stupid to use the Bible and credit it to a man who never upheld any Christian principles.

  122. It is very sad, but what you are seeing on this blog-site is a representation of how angry the country still is. I hope that RB is shown these reactions and realises what a mistake he made by dubiously acquitting Chiluba. Unfortunately, RB will also be remembered for being the guy who freed chiluba and that will never be erased. We are in a very unforgiving world and I’m just amazed by the s.t.u.p.i.dity of our leaders ignoring the wishes of citizens – as a result some of our leaders will die and not receive any sympathy at all. Chiluba is dead now, but don’t forget millions of Zambian children who died over the years from diseases they shouldn’t have died from if chiluba didn’t steal the money meant for hospitals and drugs. That ‘s why I have no tears for him and never will.

  123. i propose a moment of silence you people and there after a change of subject what next for the future of zambia?

  124. #60, what will? Kafupi thot he’d live forever..anyway like #57, I won’t wish you peace FTJ . You will have to explain to the souls that you sent to the other side too early before their time, why they could not : get medicine, their pensions, feed their kids, get jobs and so on while you dinned and winned and acquired enormous wealth with designer suits and matching little boots.

  125. RIP
    He died a common Zambian citizen.. Please don’t bury him in the city. Presidents will continue dying and we might create a big cemetery right in the city.

    MMD should take a blame for putting too much pressure on him to find a solution. He failed to come upon with a trick as promised. It gave him sleepless nights. Mr RB you are a Shylock. You have taken a pound of flesh from FTJ for failing to pay you back after you delivered in court.

  126. Mr Capitalist #140
    It is with deepest regret that you have lost the respect you have for me. The truth is I still have a lot of respect for you.
    I refuse to subscribe to that thought and remind you that this is the man that made uncanny comments about the ex President Dr Mwanwasa. In one video he threatens and talks of how he stands by this rock and if anyone does not agree with him apparently it will crush them. He has openly rejoiced on Mr Mwanawasa because he was being tried and, I do agree with you that we should not rejoice the death of one person but if this man cared about you and me he would not have stolen from the public with overwhelming evidence there to see..

  127. The majority of zambians were not going to shade a tear if the man was going to be jailed, and put in prison for life. With that said he did not belong among us, if he so fit to take away what openly belong to us. People are suffering, and dying of hunger, diseases, lack of education, and most have died did you shed a tear? So if you are going to sit there behind your 7 year old laptop and defend the man you should be ashamed and bury your head in your hands. I enjoy your comments but I think you are clearly an MMD pawn, clearly worried of the repercussions, worried if this means the demise of your party and eventual loss of the presidential elections. Smell the coffee EEE. Thanks

  128. Oh yah, that FTJ married twice, izn’t there word that Vera waz a second wife, which makes Regina the third? Someone in the know shed some light….

  129. chiluba you were a very bad example, stealing does not pay but leads to hell, see what you have done to yourself. lets hope you wont be stealing in hell.

  130. My condolences to the Chiluba family.
    It must be stated however that Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba presided over the most corrupt and murderous regime in Zambian history with the BIBLE in one hand.He was no less a criminal.Unfortunately he remained unrepentant and unashamed of his actions up until his death.He will now meet with his master.No amount of dribbling will work this time.

  131. All God – Panji’s words in the post yersterday to stife punishment for corrupt leaders made the BP and caused heart attack to FTJ. This is very serious. Not only did the doctor fail but reliase that life comes God. As for Regina – Luapula is coming to get the weathy. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I am just enjoying this news. KK wa muyayaya.

  132. i can not believe some of the comments here! he was a great leader that Zambians will ever see and time will tell! The best dressed man in Zambia,you will be missed.May your soul rest in eternal peace!!!!!

  133. Dr KK can now forgive Chiluba for putting in prison on Christmas day. S.t.u.pi.d boy put me in prison on Christmas day, said KK.

  134. He has died a free man here on earth it’s my hope prayer that he’s a free man as well where he is right now. May the Lord comfort his family.

    • Sorry he did not die a free man, he was convicted in London in a civil case where he was expected to pay back the US$46m to the Zambian people. However, the judgement was not registered in Zambia due to legal technicalities thus nothing was done to him concerning the same. In short he still died convicted. May God forgive him and MHSRIP

  135. @ #173 Mushota

    How old are you?? Seriously how old are you?? Whether I have a 7 year old laptop, it does not matter. What matters is whether I can get it to do what I want it to do and it works fine for me.

    The fact of the matter is no one has a right to judge Mr. Chiluba. Only God can judge him. The Bible says “let he who has committed no sin cast the first stone”. In the Bible, there were adulterers, thieves, murders, etc and Jesus loved them and died for their sins as well. We must hate the sin and not the sinner.

    Even during the crucifixion of Jesus, there was a thief who asked for forgiveness from the Lord and was granted forgiveness (Luke 23:39-43). [to be cont.

    • We are not saying he is going to hell no. We are saying he stole and stole in masses and that made people poor and caused death to a lot of Zambians. Please he killed the country indirectly and caused a lot of misery to so many innocent Zambians.

    • Polo yako c.h.i.k.a.l.a Capitalist. I don’t care if you have benefited from the 20 years of MMD plunder. This fcuker has died too soon before he has his real day in cout. You, MMD Bootlicker go fcuk yourselves you muthafcukers.

  136. its sad to lose such a great hero who provide much in terms of opening our minds and start owning fixed assets e.g. the govt house ownership empowerment, come guys lets b fair and let the man rest in peace. for his wrongs let God handle that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Ubucenjeshi bwa nkoko pungwa tasakamana,one down two to go,,,,God is great He sees and hears the crying of the poor whose wealth was misapplied..And we say “Uwanga no lupanga nao akafwa kulupanga”.Chabipa abakaamba ba LAZO…innocent souls are still annoyed ba Levy,Penza,Wezi,Paul Tembo,and many others not forgetting the died leaving poverty striken multitudes…Mwela shenteka Lesa bane…

  138. Come Zambians we at it again praising someone in their death.It’s sad with the lose of life but lets us praise where it’s due.FTJ rejoiced when Mwanawasa died,for it’s destined for man to live once and face judgement.Hope he stand right in divine eyes.

  139. cont. from #182]

    You can pretend to be perfect all you want in Scotland but the fact remains that today I have seen right through you. You can call me all the names you want but the fact still remains that what you wrote on #1 is very wicked. The worst part is instead of feeling any remorse for your wickedness, you attempt to justify it.

    No one knows what the relationship was like between Chiluba and God in the last hours of his death. You might celebrate now and think he is going to straight to hell but to your frustration, you might just find the man entering the gates of heaven. No one knows. Only God can judge him and not you.

    Chiluba may have said some nasty things to the Mwanawasa family and done some nasty things but that is his cross to bear. [to be cont.

  140. cont. from #186]

    Mr. Chiluba was not my favorite president and I have said it many times on this blog. But I refuse to celebrate his death or judge him. I am not perfect. Who cares about the so called implications this will have on MMD. This is not a political issue. Someone just died. What is wrong with you?

    He is the one who will be judged by his deeds on earth. And whether he made peace with God or not, that is between him and God. So unless you have never done anything wrong Mushota. Unless you are perfect in every way, free from all blemish, free from any form of sin, free from any wrong doing, only then can you judge him.

    You have demonized him on this blog, but without even realizing it, you have shown your wicked side. May the Lord forgive you Mushota.

  141. You reap what you sow…….people should not be surprised with the comments being made on Chiluba.Remember,Late Levy Mwanawasa had only but good comments on this blog

  142. He who dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the mighy. The man Died in God’s shadow.He made things right with his master. He is in peace while you do not know your fate aprat from insults. Let he who has never sinned cast a stone

  143. Warning to Regina,

    Luapula chaps are on their way wailing in the bus to Lusaka. You know them…. they mourn while mentioning and pointing at goods such as TV, Microwaves, Fridges etc… Start hiding some of the stuff now. If i were you, i would hide them at a friends house in Kalingalinga until its safe to take them back.. Dont say i didnt warn you.

  144. Christians busy celebrating the death of a person i dont wether theft is bigger sin than homesexuality u support so much pf

    • Chiluba killed alot of people and its cheap propaganda to talk about homos becoz PF doesn’t support Homos, Its pure *****ic talk.

  145. Come on fellow Zambians,lets be serious here, well he was a LAZO HERO…call a spade spade give us back our wealth you the ones remaining we are mourning our own poverty.And this sugar dad Change cimwela nacipupa no one can stand in the way of a tonado you will be blown off nge pepala..People want change iwe ati no am master dribbler,dribble us now..and you NOSE MASTER we are clossing up with you…hero hero..mulekwatako nensoni nefya BUWELEWELE ati hero ala..

  146. Chiluba is dead with a heart problem, it is right time for Michael Sata to examine and take stock of his life. There will be no time to fly him to South Africa when that heart fails. Tell him that even his lozi medical doctor will fail to revive him. We do not want another state funeral.

    • Remember that no one knows the day he will die just like no one knows when Jesus will come back. Who knows maybe Sata will leave 100 more years and you will or RB or HH (under 5) will die earlier than Sata. Chiluba RIP

  147. people death is not only confined to Chilubas alone. Dont be *****ic. death is death especially to the people left behind and not the one who has died. mourn with the family bgecause tommorow, it may be you or may be just now, your relative may be taking the last breach. to all the deceased comrades, we will mourn till we are with you.

  148. Ama fake doctors mwafula sana who diagnosed the great Leader with a heart problem mwaa..
    Sata ala teka sela munshila ici beleshi imwe ba nkusa….CHANGE IS COMING…with or with no Lazo uyu balepumya ati hero.

  149. This is very sad that Chiluba has died but i hope people will know how serious heart problems are and avoid voting for Sata who has a similar complication. Sata is sick but he is so power hungry that he does not want to admit that. 

  150. no 191 no wonder you are a villager this guy stole from Zambians and its on record , He never apologized for what he did as for you villager you are not well informed that why you are coming out like that .

  151. May his soul rest in eternal peace,let us put aside all he did,i believe he never just did wrong things.It is important to acknoledge were it is due.

  152. What happened during the meeting with the Rebel MPs yesterday? He was fine when he left the meeting around 17:00 hours. And why was he not evacuated like every one else? Or better still, why was he not taken to UTH or a private hospital. It is a shame for a former president to die in the house just like that. Things need to be cleared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, hope the man repented genuinely for all his sins.

  153. Malilo nikulilana bane wakufa siazibika….ba shi Castro bale tumfya ba Levy bena thought nelyo Yesu alinokwisa ali nokubasanga abatuntulu..That wife snacher chap,Lazo leader elyo yateka nomba bane ba rebel MP ,,,rebel leader Machungwa lelo lelo.

  154. So its another K1.4 billion Mausoleum to be put up, very ironic that he will be burried next to his ‘enemy’ Mwanawasa………… ummm the circus of that burial site now begins

    • Villager… I can assure you this is yet another opportunity for these morons to steal bucks for their campaigns from our coffers in the name of state funeral when all they can do is action the criminal’s suits/shoes to raise funds……..

  155. Embassy Park will get filled very soon. KK has had his time, RB chimochine, Sata malwele yamoyene. Lets start thinking about expanding Embassy Park. The earlier the better.

  156. May the soul of this great man rest in peace. His death will rob the Post of headlines because mmembe desperately wanted this man to go down badly. Mmembe has been denied that chance to see this great man imprisoned. It is particularly sad for PF who used Chiluba as a campaign strategy, but they now need to show Zambians what they will do for mother Zambia. Chiluba will be remembered for declaring Zambia as a Christian nation and restoring diplomatic ties with the state of Israel. These two acts made him an enemy of the Post and Mmembe. Mmembe is an African mask of imperialism using his newspaper as a platform to spew hatred.

  157. SMH at the silly superstitions zambians still carry of fearing the dead. The fear of talking bad of the dead came from pagan babylonians who thought the dead turned into gods after death and would be cursed. If you didn’t like someone in life why the hell should we suddenly pretend to like them when the die. We should have more respect for the living than the dead, did chiluba respect the mwanawasa after his death? Are you people forgetting some of the statements chiluba passed. This should be a lesson in life you can pay off all the judges in the world but life has a way of getting at you for all your wrongs. All that money stolen and will he ever get a chance to spend it?

  158. #187 Mr Capitalist
    There you are throwing the bible at me, as your weapon of justification, I refuse to succumb to your colossal bubbling

    Barring your quotes from the bible, you will realise your comments are as empty as Mr Chiluba right now.
    Bottom-line is Mr Chiluba’s deeds are tantamount to murder, and believe you me even that is being lenient on the man. The money he stole is equivalent to building schools, creating jobs, teaching people of AIDS, etc. He deprived the country of that and as a result as many people died. In my eyes he is worse than a murderer. He is in the same league as Bin Laden, Hussein.

  159. Surprising how people want to crucify Chiluba even in his death and make a hero out of Sata who engineered the expulsion of people like Miyanda from the MMD, Merzaf, Chawama hacking scandal. That is change for you ee! You want to judge Chiluba and exonerate the Gay supporter, God can not be mocked!

  160. I support blogger # 84 , only those who think are pure in every aspects of your lives.No one before Christ’s return , is a saint.We are all sinners.Echo twilila mu kupepa every sunday.So like others hv pointed out, no one shd celebrate the death of someone.Naturally,it should touch, it shd touch you.Who knows, 2moro it will be me or you?Respect death pliz.God bless you.

  161. Yes you can lecture me on what he did for your country, but he diluted all that by my explanation above and as such, I have no sympathy for him. If a Man rapes me and I hit him in return and he dies as a result, and you come to me and say oops that was the IMF Chief or that was Bill Clinton who did all this blah blah, I will not care, I will not listen because he does not fit to walk the freedom I walk, the roads I share, the clothes I wear he deserves another life, and yes perhaps death.
    Sympathy come on, unless you are a Son of this ‘evil’ man his contributions to the cause has been completely wiped out, He never showed remorse never repented and mocked those that questioned him. Mr Capitalist? No No Thanks

  162. Titus Mpundu umwinakalale is dead. Zambia mourns, cries, laughs or celebrates I cannot really read the picture of Zambia today. The small man was really strange in life. One thing I acknowledge is that he was a cunning very lucky man who died without smelling the inside of a jail even when he was due. MHSR

  163. iyeeee nfiti zakantu honestly how can somebody celebrate death muntu mubi zoona.all of you happy for chiluba’s death hope you are perfect and remember God can not be mocked everything is open to his eyes there no secret.so watchout God is watching you.

  164. May yo soul Rest in Peace! Thanks a lot 4 bringing Democracy in Zambia besides bringing corruption,fraud and stealing Governments money.

  165. #194 I am afraid you are just promoting hypocrisy. If a death is a death as you point out, why do our politicians belittle the suffering of our people? People like Chiluba were behind killings of those who opposed them. The same is happening now. Our politicians do not condemn their cadres when they kill in their name. I remember somebody was kill the morning before he testified against Chiluba in court!

  166. LETS DRAW LESSONS; what does it profit a man to steal from the poor? vanity and vanity? what does it profity you president Banda to support corruption? what massage are you going to read at the funeral? because this man was a thief. please you should mention all what he did we shall not accept to hear he was a great leader. but also to hear that he store from a common man, he grabed peoples wifes, as well as maids. he was a political dribbler, he punished Dr kaunda. this guy does not need a state funeral. i say no to it. what does it profit you not to listen to what people want? but to follow the footsteps of evil? ba Banda people are so upset with you. you have lost respect even though you speak its nothing.

  167. Romans 12:9-21

    [9] Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. [10] Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. [11] Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. [12] Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. [13] Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

    [14] Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. [15] Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. [16] Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.

    [to be cont.

  168. FTJ don’t deserve my condolences….he can piss off the little rat….you can steal all the money in the world but when dead calls you go with NATING…message to all your greedy politicans!!!

  169. cont from #222]

    [17] Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. [18] If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. [19] Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. [20] On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”

    [21] Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Mushota, if someone is trying to rape you, there is nothing wrong with trying to defend you. There is however something wrong with you hunting the man down to kill him after he rapes you.

  170. This is sad news.

    Whatever wrong he did during his lifetime, this is definately not the occasion to gloat over him or glee. People, let us show decorum please and leave the final judgement to God, our creator – the only one who knows the number of our days on earth.

    Let us remember that a man is just a man – his days are as grass, as a flower of the field. The wind passeth over it and it is gone, and the place thereof shall know it no more.
    (Psalm 103: 16)

  171. MHSRIP
    I was not his fan, like most bloggers the man had his good and bad

    He ran is race and played his part…. wrong or right
    Let us respect him as our former president for the good and bad he did and let it be a lesson for our future generation. Zambia is moving ahead in many ways. We are going to see a new Zambia in the next few years with new leaders with a vision for the country. Soon SATA and RB will be gone. Our country need to be cleaned out of this breed of leaders. However, let us respect them for the part the played.

  172. Mushota, you stick to your beliefs and I’ll stick to mine. I still believe, despite his deeds, I have no right to judge him. Only God can judge him. Despite his deeds, I must find it in my heart to forgive him. For a peace of mind, I must forgive him for whatever he did. The Bible advises this. Revenge is not mine. Everyone will get their day. It is not up to me to decide. No matter how painful or frustrating or difficult it is, I must let it go. The deeds of the past are the deeds of the past. I must let it go and forgive.

    Zimbabweans have destroyed their livelihoods because they did not want to forgive the deeds of the past. They did not want to let it go. What did revenge bring them, non functioning farms, poverty, etc. What you do with your life Mushota is up to you.

    • The Bible says you shall know them by their deeds. If they are corrupt, or adulterous or thieves or wife grabbers, call them just that because their deeds have been made manifest. You cant call a thief a christian, or an adulter a christian. Then you will be lying to yourself.

  173. Chiluba is a bandit like the one who was killed on the cross with Jesus. He used the “church” to hide his criminality. A bad man is bad even at the point of death, let him go away for he was not the annoited one. he bred confusion wherever he went after leaving state house. Ba Regina condolences but learn and be strong like Maureen Mwanawasa who lost a decent husband not a thief

  174. The issue here is his death not whether he stole or not. It is sad when people die, not for themselves but for the families they live behind. We know he did wrong but the many is no more. So should we continue to talk bad about him?. What do we get out of this? NOTHING. Let us learn to be human at times
    I for one feels sorry for his family that he has left behind and not for him as he has died and is not feeling any pain. We can say bad about, but the fact is that he cannot hear us. If he has to rest in peace or not, I will leave that to God to judge

  175. RIP Chiluba…..anyway Viva PF Viva Sata….we need to correct all the observations and comments regarding men and women in government and all those aspiring for public office…..same will be said about you and me once in office and after office

  176. Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth @ 225, any chance you have been raped before and forgiven? Just asking.


  178. thou shall not judge or condem thy brother, let the died burry themselves coz their destine cannot be changed anymore, fight for your salvation coz chiluba is going to heaven because he confessed his sins before God.God always forgives so he forgave him. Where is your destin?

  179. death is death, i think it is ignorant to rejoice someone’s death, not realising what he has done to this nation, mwaletantamina ubunga amifunya mulibulya bucushi, he has done a lot to this nation he has made you to be who you are today, is he the only one who has stolen in this nation? you are forgeting that others are still stealing with there children,may his sore rest in peace

  180. I agree with the Capitalist, Mushota must really be a bitter lady, whatever it is that Chiluba did against her. She is turning herself into both Judge and Jury, like she saw the things that Chiluba stole and has evidence that he killed people like Wezi Kaunda, Ronald Penza etal as others are putting it.
    Madam Mushota you express your bitterness the way you want on the this matter but one thing for certain you can not tell who goes to heaven or hell, that is better left to God because his grace is all sufficient, he can even forgive a thief at the cross before his death sentence and promise him PARADISE. May I add that defending Chiluba in his death does not make one MMD. If you have a heart atleast you can think of his surviving family, it looks like you have never lost a parent.

  181. No one is judging chiluba just point out the obvious. Calling a spade a spade is not judging the reason why you think it’s judging is because you are brainwashed into saying good things about someone who was not good. The man destroyed the nation and just because he is dead we shouldn’t mention it? where in the bible does it even mention that as soon as someone dies not showering them with praise is judging. If you read the bible you will see most of the people that died there were still critisized  You never see no verse saying don’t talk bad about herod, pharoah, nimrod, because they are dead . Using the bible to justify your own chiluba mysticism won’t fly here

  182. MHSRIP, I really wish KK continued his misrule upto now, during KK ‘s rule Zambians had no property, no house, not even wheelbarrows. Apples were only found at state house. The special branch were everywhere,. ZCBC, Mwaiseni were stinking with rotten foodstuffs in the freezers. Meal mealie supplies controlled by governors, UBZ, just to mention a few. Whatever hatred Zambian tribalist had against FTJ, FTJ, will ever remain be a liberator of many reasonable Zambians who wanted press freedom and economic liberalisation. May the soul of this great son of Zambia rest in peace

    • Remember
      1.It was FTJ who was a tribalist after all.He was so against easterner KK,that he and his bemba cronies engineered a change in the Zambian constitution(Parentage clause) to sort the man out.In the end,he got caught up in his own web.
      2.Prominent Zambian’s met their brutal and tragic ends during FTJ’s reign:Richard Ngenda,Paul Tembo,Ronald Penza,Wezi Kaunda.All died at the hands of FTJ’s “Red Brick” operatives.Mr Shamwana,Mr Msakanya,Gen Tembo,Gen Miyanda all lived to see KK out of power.Mr Shamwana was even KK’s defence lawyer during the botched mis-prison of treason trial in 1997
      3.FTJ was found liable by the london high court of embazzling Zambian public funds.FTJ brought Scotland yard in 1992 to investigate KK for stealing $6 Billion but nothing came out.

    • You are still hang up on apples sure? Moron. We had Mangoes which is a better fruit than apples. How much do mangoes cost in US or Canada. Ulekwata amano.

  183. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  184. #247
    Soory dear, privatisation started in 21998. We could hav had all these things in a decent way than rashed way where you steall governmnet funds -Nkumbula and Aka -resigned 1993 because of Chiluba’s thieving behaviour. I gues you have to go and re read your economic history

  185. When did capitalist become a priest, he thinks that we don’t read then holy book? mwanya your strategies are being destroyed by God. Remember not so long ago he said that “we” [MMD] shall employ all international tricks to dribble the elections and deliver victory to RB where is he today?  God promised that i shall fight your battles and for sure he is fighting battles for poor Zambians. Today Zambians have been vindicated Hallelujah!!

  186. When did capitalist become a priest, he thinks that we don’t read then holy book? mwanya your strategies are being destroyed by God. Remember not so long ago he said that “we” [MMD] shall employ all international tricks to dribble the elections and deliver victory to RB where is he today?  God promised that i shall fight your battles and for sure he is fighting battles for poor Zambians. Today Zambians have been vindicated Hallelujah!!

  187. #246 what benchmarks are you using to decide what is good and what is not good? No one is asking you to praise Chiluba in his death, but saying terrible things about him and accusing him of things you can not substantiate is very unfair and inhuman. Dr. Chiluba had children, and you can imagine how they could be feeling reading comments like yours about their deceased father, can you for once put yourself in their shoes?

  188. Mr. Capitalist

    Your task is humanly impossible. Even if you found the most apt words to bludgeon down Mushota’s mind, failure is the only sure result. It is a principle at work. You are either for or against it. As much as you could be disturbed at the insolent heartlessness exhibited by many on this fora, just know what you are wrestling with – a principle!
    They hate and are hated, they judge Chiluba and thus condemn themselves. 

  189. what a great loss a great man like FTJ.when he was persued for his corruption case he never disapared like other did.you are gulty untill proved gulty.he died with no case but people had an issue with him there failed to prove.RIP mr president.

  190. No one is perfect in this world. Power and money brings selfishness. I’m sure his intentions were good to start but POWER poisoned those good intentions. Most of you were supporters to Chiluba when he was in power so don’t be hypocrites and cheat yourselves. Just acknowledge a man has died who was once a good president but became corrupt at the end of his time, chapwa. This man has family who have feelings it wouldn’t be nice reading things like this when mourning. Let his soul rest in peace and he will get his judgement. But only God can be the TRUE JUDGE

    • Don’t forget all of you people would be aloud to vote if it wasn’t for this man who started democracy! at least celebrate the good deeds he contributed to Zambian society.

  191. Amazing how africans think when a pig dies they become a saint. The man was evil. Infact if we had oil he would have faced a Tribunal. Shame we will never find uko kabikili money yesu kashetani

  192. No amount huffing and puffing behind a Laptop will save this Lazo. He never apologised, never said sorry pakusecha ama Zmbians. Nakuba bufi! 

  193. It makes me a ashamed that fellow zambia can have such hatred. Not a fan of chiluba but i do recognise what he has done for you and me. How many of you were about to get a passport under the KK regime and pursue your dreams. I owned a business in the early 90s and i know what it was like to get dollars. Think of who you are today. RIP


    • 3RQU shut up. ulichipuba! at the end of the day he is still a man! His dead. He derserves some respect for the good things he did. Im not condoning the bad things he did! If you have nothing better than to slander dead man mufumepo fye!!

  195. A man who started with good intentions but was then corrupted by power and access to tax payers money. Had he followed his initial path he would be a hero today. In the end he turned out to be no more than a common thief, happy to wear expensive clothes and watches at the expense of the people who put him in office. I’m glad to see the back off him. 

  196. Iye eee pafita nomba ba Regina…. twalamona eko mwalachensela nomba….. I dont feel sorry for Kafupi… this is his day…

  197. How sad that some Zambians can now rejoice in death….how low can we sink? I wonder how this sad occurrence can bring so much joy … Haters will never achieve anything in life…losers all the way.

  198. #248 -You are still hang up on apples sure? Moron. We had Mangoes which is a better fruit than apples. How much do mangoes cost in US or Canada. Ulekwata amano.

  199. You see, all the money you stole/wasted fileshalapo fye, iwe ni kwi loba wabwelela ka heftyj.
    chief campaigner atoba akaputi ku chulu!! RB na iwe tepa tali nomba!! Waste of time for national mourning, just make it a public holiday for a nice barbeque with cool mosi!!

    • Great observation. MHSRIP. We shall remember him for great things he did for the workers during the communist UNIP era. We shall also remember him for his brave fight against the great KK. We shall also remember him for ending those menacing queues for essentials that made William Banda the King of the Vigilantes. We shall remember him for having deported the thug William Banda to his country Malawi. God, please forgive your son, for to err is human.

  200. Too bad he has passed on and his family and Zambia has lost. He was our president for 10 years. He may have had his own short comings. He was never my favourite. He made me suffer as a student. But I can’t judge him. All I can do is sympathise with the family in this hour of darkness. Let us not be angels and try to come out like saints.

  201. I am not the type of person who rejoices at othe peoples downfall, but for this man, I say good riddance. He never even said sorry for his greed and what he put zambians thru. Esp poor people on the belt. I hope he goes anywhere but heaven and may his soul never find rest.

  202. #270 you must be very uncultured and immoral, the bible says mourn with those who mourn and you would rather have a party. Remember it is better to go to the house of mourning than to go for a party. Can you imagine seeing people celebrating while you mourn your father. You would rather demonise Chiluba and make a hero out of a HOMOSEXUAL ADVOCATE. WHAT A SHAME!

  203. A great leader has passed on. Im so prevailaged to have lived in his time and I will tell my child of what a great leader FTJ was. History will always say ‘Zambia’s 2nd Republican President’. Rest in peace man of God.

  204. Its sad reading some of the comments above, he was human just like you and i, he stood for what he thought was right just like any human being with many imperfections, people may never be grateful or be forgiving but GOD who knows all hearts is the judge of all, you never know where his eternal rest will be…work out your own salvation for it is appointed for man to die once and thereafter face judgment. None is righteous and we all have skeletons in our own wardrobes, the only difference is he was in a position of power and one which exposed him. I am not supporting what he did but i choose not to utter a bad word or raise a finger at him…MHSRIP

  205. its easy to go with the crowd & pick out only the negative aspects of man,whether or not the notations are true or false,i strive to find that which is positive about my neighbour.
    and today i mourn with the rest of the nation for the passing away of his Excellency Fomer President Chiluba,may his soul rest in peace & God comfort his family & children in these trying times.

  206. its easy to go with the crowd & pick out only the negative aspects of man,whether or not the notations are true or false,i strive to find that which is positive about my neighbour.And today i mourn with the rest of the nation for the passing away of his Excellency Fomer President Chiluba,may his soul rest in peace & God comfort his family & children in these trying times.

  207. I agree with the last bloggers. Chiluba had alot of secretes; worried about his assets which in most case are in pipos names and companies, also kept the TB Joshua prophesy, pf rebel Mps secretes, why he devoced Vera, this man had alot of secretes many of them have been haunting till this morning. We should learn to share things with others even stolen stuff must be shared. Am very bitter with Ftjs death. Atleast he should have opened up what has been eating. We all make mistakes. But better talk about them bfore die.

  208. #274,Ba Miss Daisy mwalubile kwi??? abena xlya.. Iam with you where kafupi is concerned.. may he rot in hell.. elo Regina pafita umuyaya…

  209. Some one should deny VJ ARVs so that he follows suit soon, we don’t want international dribbling this year.

  210. No comments but just to say…nintemwa!!!!!!!! pliz dont 4 get to put his money mumbokoshi he can use on his way to hell.

  211. But people are bitter. Why? This very unZambian. As far as I know Zambians are meant to be forgiving even for people that have done bad things to them. A bitter heart is unhealthy. Your bitterness can end you up in the same situations as the Late FTJ. Just forgive and move on. Alternatively join politics and make a difference. Thanks

  212. very sad time for zambia again. what is the comment of mr sata? his silence is very loud. i am sure that he will do a policy flip flop again, and when he does so his cadres who have passed so many bad comments today on LT will flip too. they did it the other day when they learnt with shock that their leader mr sata does not support windfall tax on the mines after all, he is quite happy with the current tax arrangements by rb’s government. after all the ranting by mr sata about fjt, it will be very difficult for him to say all those nice things that civilised people say during moments like this without losing what is left of his little credibility. rest well presidnet chiluba, MYSRIEP.

  213. Zambians tekanyeni bane, fisanga abantu. I just hope that we will not use alot of money on his funeral. Thank you Chiluba for what you were for Zambia. I for one even talked about our history of politics in Zambia and I appreciate the way you encouraged people to study as you were that example yourself. Zambians you can point fingers, remember 4 fingers are pointing at you, leave the bitter words to God, just do us a favour, burry him as quickly as possible and let us have those elections. Those who would like to see more heart attacks continue votting for sick people.

  214. # Mushota
    To wake up to the news that MUSHOTA is dead will be great. But there she/he is, keeps taunting LT bloggers the way Bin Laden taunted the world. It’s hard to get in the mind of Mushota who might be a disillusioned foreigner who had a bad life in Zambia and keeps venting anger on a wrong forum. Give over and move on you despicable piece of work. Most people might been unhappy to have moved away from their countries only to realise that things were not as great, they have still carried on to make the best of the situation and in turn have found other opportunities.
    Things are always seem better the other side.

  215. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house! leave the man alone. Atleast I know and its common knowledge a Zambian salary is not enough to enable one drive an expensive car and build a mansion! Are we saying all Zambians are thieves? all those who are rejoicing are thieves also, atleast they have stolen even a pen from their employers! So shut up and find life!This is not entaintainment! The great son of Zambia has passed on!
    FTJ rest in peace, MYSRIEP, you liberated many, You spared Zambai becoming another Zim, you didn’t have to please everyone anyway!

  216. I hope they use the money he stole for his funeral. This is a guy who refused to apologise to the people he stole from and he even boasted about it and mocked us. So why should I forgive him. It is God to decide his fate and that is where he has gone. Only recently he had started claiming back the money in Zamtrop account saying it still belongs to him – including all the other assets that were confiscated from him. I mean, what sort of person is that? Absolutely no remorse at all. He probably is still laughing at Zambians even in his death. And RB better handle this death with sensitivity to angry zambians, otherwise this could be a huge election decider for him and make even people who were going to vote for him change their mind.

  217. I mean just compare these two former presidents: Mwanawasa and chiluba. Mwanawasa apologised to all he thought he had offended, even when he was doing everything right and never stole from anybody. On the other hand, the thief chiluba never apologised, instead he was coming back to further insult and mock us by claiming back the money and assets he had clearly stolen. I would forgive Mwanawasa and turn my back on chiluba. Sorry, but chiluba to me doesn’t deserve any sympathy. I think people shouldn’t be f.u.c.k.ing up when they are alive thinking that they will get away with it when they die. There are a lot of families who are suffering today because chiluba killed their bread-winner. I don’t even want to say too much. Let him just go and leave those suffering to heal.

  218. Very difficult situation for PF. Do they suddenly start saying he was a good man? or continue telling the ‘truth’ about him? Either way, they can not score electoral points. Good for RB , he will continue saying Chiluba was okey.

  219. The loss of a life is always sad. It is however, extremely difficult to find words to describe the loss of Fredrick Titus Jacob Mpundu Chiluba. There is so much that is undisclosed, that remains a mystery about this man. We cannot decipher the person in this man, but we can only leave it to the almighty who created him, and whom he could not hide from. Remember, he had an extremely close relationship with the almighty. It is difficult to herald him as democrat, because whilst he championed the case for multi-democratic values, did he really live the life of a multi-democrat?. How many voices of multi-democratic did he stifle, crush and eliminate? It is only those who live with the hippo under the water that will ever know. Like Sondashi once said, we need to ask the crocodile!

  220. Life is vanity. Lets learn from his life and death. I hated the man when he was alive and failed to hate him even more as am only human flesh and blood, born to make mistakes.

  221. The Bible says you shall know them by their deeds. If they are corrupt, or adulterous or thieves or wife grabbers, call them just that because their deeds have been made manifest. You cant call a thief a christian, or an adulterer a christian. Then you will be lying to yourself…And so i say FTJ was a good person in his early political days but got carried away with the pleasures of using free Tax payer’s money.He claimed to have repented but his repentance left q lot of question marks. Overal, only God knows.

  222. Mr. Capitalist

    The innocence of your words and desire to make right a ‘wrong’ has steered my flute and play I must, a dirge. My desire is that these words of mine could be broadcast at noon and sung out, vociferously, as do the muzin to all and sundry, my flute tuned in mourning, in grief, in sorrow, in pain

  223. Mr. Capitalist by your consistent articulation and fair minded spirit, void of any sort of lewdness, insult or caricature, represent, on one hand, on this fora, all what is good, Godly, exemplary and praise worthy, while on the other, Mushota, represents the bad and morally inept, the uncourth, the uncourteous, the rude, the wicked, the unfeeling, otherwise known by the name ‘Satan’, the spirit and god of this world.   

  224. Zacchaeus the tax collector according to the bible, promised to reatain all that he plundered with interest 4x. He made this promise upon meeting our lord Jesus Christ. Thus if Chiluba really repented as papported by other people, then he needed to retain Regina back to her husband with interest as adimission of guilty. he also needed to retain $46,000,000 plus interest back to government of the republic of Zambia. I end here.

  225. Anyway, go well Frederick Chiluba!!!! Who am i to judge you. I also have my own bundle of sins on my head which need to be cleared by the almighty God. Actually, i shivered when i learned about your death yesterday morning. I pray for you that your soul rest in eternal peace and that God forgive your sins. Go well, we shall find you. Its just that you had to go first. MYSRIP.

  226. Fcuk Very Much Ka Frederick….I hope they reserve the hottest fires for you in hell..ka swine iwe!!!

  227. In Zambia I fought hard but lived with constant fear to say will things ever change for the better?I know that’s the questions many citizens have and they cant even get married knowing they cant afford to bring someones daughter home because they don’t really know if there’s gonna be food on the table.I was fortunate enough to sneak out of the country and now achieved stuff that was far above and beyond me at home but the more I stay here the more I realize that Chiluba messed up a lot.Chiluba had a Mafia attutude when he should have had a servants heart to save his people.I love Zambia more than anything but I think Chiluba anamwa mankwala yozola.

  228. If you look around these politicians,who among them has a servants heart?Alot of people are in the wrong field altogether.

  229. Jesus did not come to judge the world, He also cautions, “Thou shall not judge” therefore I judge him not. I know though from scriptures that whatsoever is bound on earth is also bound in heaven. How I hope Kafupi was free on earth. I hope he did not die like Judas Escariot. I Hope no blood was spilt because of him. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us – I hope Kafupi had a forgiving heart. Confess your sins one to another – I hope Kafupi ever confessed.Limbi Kufwa na NO Zebiggie.

  230. Thought Zambia is a christian Nation or should I say the people of Zambia are christians.What has happened to us?Saying bad things about a deceased?No one is perfect nor are we angels.We’ve all done bad in one way or another.FTJ did both bad and good,the man tired.Lets appreciate what he did whilst in power.Let him go and rest in peace and stop talking rubbish.FTJ MYSRIP.

  231. Good or bad,you reap what you sow.Today we are not seeing the fruits of what Chiluba sowed.These fruits(peoples comments of course) are what he exactly sowed.I’m not judging but that’s 1 thing to keep in mind.These people did not just wake and say I’m gonna say something bad about Chiluba.If anything these people at 1 point trusted Chiluba.Now to go from trusting someone to what it is today speaks volumes of what this man thought about his people.
    Today the Chiluba fruit is as bitter as the Osama fruit.

  232. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment Heb 9:27
    The journey FTJ has taken is one that we all will take one day and after that we will stand before our maker and give account of our every idle word that as come out of our lips AND YES INCLUDING THE INSULTS AND HEARTLESS COMMENTS BEING POSTED ON TIS BLOG!!

  233. he was a great man indeed.he loved he’s country very much,though people said he stole some of zambias treasure[money].they will still say he a good man.i dont think anyone will criticise he ruling now.MHSRIP

  234. #312, I agree with you. Who am i to judge! We are all bound to sin. Great son of Zambia is gone, FTJ rest in peace, you liberated us all and you loved this country. We will miss you ba tata, we shall find you. Its just that you had to go first. The ever smartly dressed President. RIP

    • But I en I will live forever….thus I command his blessings to be upon I that i should not die but live….AMEN

  235. One regret I have is the amount of equipment we could have bought for our medical facilities out of the numerous trips our leaders have made to South African clinics. If we had that equipment nearby, probably he could have been saved. Our leaders should learn that South Africa will be too far one day.


  237. It’s actually in bad taste to talk ill of the dead. Only the likes of Adolf Hitler deserve castigating after death. Hitler killed millions and millions of innocent lives.  Chiluba stole, but he DID NOT kill anyone. Let him rest in peace and not in pieces!!!

    • Because of his theft many people are suffering and have died……..UTH doctors at one time during chiluba’s term went on-a-go-slow subsequentlly were fired,how many people lost there lives…..My parents almost died of BP/hYPERTENSION after Spark mansa batterries was sold by this short man,but unfortunately many died during that period……and imagine,since 1995 they have not been given there dues…..WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME CHANDA???If you benefited from his theft well and good,he is ur ‘hero’ but to me,i HOPE he repented or else I WILL MEET HIM IN HELL!!!!!

  238. Its really sad to note that people can talk ill things even in death. Lets Mourn the Former President with dignity, he served us for 10 solid years and its not a jalk people, think!
    MHSRIP and may the Good Lord confort the beleved family

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