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President Banda declares 7 days of national Mourning for the late Dr Frederick Chiluba

Headlines President Banda declares 7 days of national Mourning for the late Dr...

President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda has declared seven days of national mourning for late second Republican President Dr Frederick Chiluba who died in the early hours of Saturday.

President Banda has announced that the period of national mourning starts on June 20th, and will run through to next week Monday the 27th June.

Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Joshua Kanganja has also announced that the former Head of State will be buried on Monday June 27 in Lusaka.

Dr Kanganja says in a statement issued to ZNBC News on Sunday that during the period of national mourning all flags will fly at half mast.

He also says that all radio and television stations must play solemn music between 06 and 18 hours.

Dr Kanganja has also directed that all activities of entertainment nature should be suspended or cancelled.

Meanwhile, Dr Kanganja has informed organizers and the public that Africa Public Service Day activities which were scheduled to start tomorrow have been postponed.

And First lady Thandiwe Banda Sunday morning visited the funeral house of the Former President Dr Frederick Chiluba.

The First lady arrived at Dr Chiluba’s Kabulonga Residence shortly after 10 hours.

The First lady who was accompanied to the funeral by Tourism Minister Catherine Namugala joined scores of mourners who have gathered to convey their condolences over the demise of the former President.

And scores of people have continued to visit Dr. Chiluba’s funeral house to convey their condolences.

People from walks of life including the Church, Civil Society Organizations, members of parliament and senior government officials are gathered at the funeral house.


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  1. .
    LT can you moderate MUSHOTA. You have lost meaningful Blogger to The WatchDog because of her filthy.

  2. National Mourning used to be torture  in those Kaunda days when ZNBC  radio, TV would just play funny music called solemn music and there were no private stations back in the days and no Internet to stream from. I think today you young people have a lot of choices, DSTV Internet, you name it

    In our days it used to be bad and the worst National Mourning I remember clearly to this Day was Mozambique’s late president Somara Machel’s one Month national mourning!!! Boy, we were tortured in terms of music or entertainment on either TV or Radio and all we had was ZNBC, or whatever they used to call it back then. Those were terrible times and will never forget the torture KK put us through back then.

    7 days not bad in this day and age

  3. 7 days for what? zambiana are not robbed of anything to be frank. at least zambians can now save some money. money used in corruption can go to development. if he was atill alive he would have been given so much money to go and campain in luapula. thaks god the money will be saved. can Rb slso declaire what will happen to 300 pairs of shoes? 200pairs of suits? his money he put in Zamtrop account? what about his buildings? what about the step son from vera chiluba? his he going to be given some money? what was the will of this man/ whow will inherit the stolen money?

  4. Only in africa can a doctor get away with it by saying he suffered an “unknown attack” as was qouted in the post yesterday.An unknown attack! give me a break-you had a window of 5 hrs to save the man and you failed.A cardiac arrest does not happen just like that .There are signs that lead to it-but l guess it will be dismissed as his day had arrived and the doctor will get his pay without being brought to book.The same thing happened to levy and no one asks why it is only zambian presidents who have been dying over the last few yrs

    • Al, it is Chiluba’s spokesperson (Mwamba) who issued that statement of an “unknown attack”.

    • Its not the doctor who said unknown attack. There has been no mention of what was the cause of death from the doctor. Medicine is the same whether in Africa or Europe when one’s time has come one can not run away from it. We have to accept it as such. From Emmanuel Mwamba’s narration it seems Chiluba had stabilised and even asked the doctor to leave.

    • #6 comment, still remains valid, you don,t go to review acadiarc pt , having some symptoms and just dismiss it as nothing serious, without running any blood tests or EKG, this is indeed zambian medicine, and if this is the attention a former presido gets what of a commmoner!

  5. As we depart from this earth, we shall be remembered by what we have done, and at times the bad overshadows all the good we may have done, So it is for FTJ. I remember my brothers and sisters who died in droves because there was no food or healthcare, being taken to the nearest clinic in a wheel barrow while Chiluba dined with prostitutes!

  6. Let him declare the 7 days of National Mourning in State House…no parties there…when are we going to learn as Africans about efficiency.. this chi RB is just dreaming up days from his fat head… that’s 7 days of productive government time…in Europe the most they will give is 24 hours tops. 
    Just get over with it people …a State funeral is more than enough for that little rat [email protected]@rd!!! 

  7. It is so sad to lose a former president of a nation.He was a great man who will b remembered by many for the introduction of multipartism. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

    • Those who were born after 1991 can afford to insult Chiluba and eulogise the Cobra…..the shameless snake ate with chiluba for ten years..he also ate with KK


    • Are you God for you to talk about someones health and when he will die? Yoy are such an *****! shut up if you have nothing to say!

  9. [email protected] The man had several complications and no one Doctor could spot them all. It could have been multiple failures to his organs, how do you know. Everyone will die at any one point leave the Doctor alone on this one. Besides you all know that this man has been unwell for over a decade so what are you talking about?

  10. Well I guess 7 days national mourning is befitting of a former president.
    But that does not take away the fact that he presided over worst levels of public corruption in Zambia’s history.
    When he was president,prominent political figures (Penza,Tembo,W.Kaunda,Nguni,Ngenda e.t.c)met their deaths in the most brutal way imaginable.This was in the so called “Christian Nation” era.
    I agree, FTJ deserves it……………

  11. Come on now, 7 days national mourning?? That’s simply outrageous and superfluous. What is wrong with ONE day national mourning? 7 days is way tooo much in this day and age because it will hurt our economy. What is going on in Zambia?? We really need fresh blood in the leadership of our Country to keep in pace with today’s world or else we are doomed. The countries we borrow money from do not do 7 days funeral simply because they know its bad for their economy in the long run. Thats why we borrow from them. RB Govt is really a bad joke.

  12. 7 days of mourning with all activities of entertainment cancelled and radios TV channels playing solemn music for 12 hours. What a country!! Does RB know the effect this lost week will have on the economy? Why cancel entertainment? We can have flags fly at half mast for all year since most of our politicians are walking-dead anyway, but cancelling people’s entertainment for a whole week is going overboard.

  13. 7 days is ok remember we had 21days 4 levy & lets nt copy everything dat u europeans do 4 them funerals are more like parties

  14. 7 days of National Mourning? Unbelievable…. No wonder Zambia is where it is… dirty, underdeveloped and looking like war zone. No national mourning for poor Zambians who perish everyday from road accidents, poverty and curable diseases………………No love and respect for the poor?

    Please Vote Wisely this Coming Election!!!

  15. This issue of so many days of national mourning should end. Why should the nation mourn for seven days, let alone for 2 days? Shaka Zulu nearly killed the great Zulu kingdom when he mourned his mother for 1 year! No one planted anything and he even banned conjugal activities! Come on people, let go of this retrogressive habit of making funerals stop people from going about their normal duties. It is a breach of human rights to stop a person from associating freely. Ordering media stations to play ONLY solemn music is plain silly and it should go away.

  16. I notice that the older generation in Zambia (>65 years) are tying us to these inconveniencing practices on weddings and funerals. I love and respect my parents but on several occasions we have differed on issues of funerals. I think funerals should be private family matters unless a person dies on NATIONAL duty. Levy died on duty. Our soldiers died on duty against Smith’s regime, in Sudan etc and not a single day was ever given for national mourning, except for the Gabon disaster. Suppose a veteran politician dies every week of the year in Zambia, what would happen?

  17. Get the body around the provinces guys, then call for elections after the tours.Qiuck thinking iwe Banda, bwangu!

  18. 7 days of national mourning, really? What is the basis for this or is it just too much power this president has? How I wished he cared for the children dying in agony in our hospitals due to lack of medicines!

  19. ladies & gentlemem lets respect death put aside the so called politics we are all sympasisers wat au going 2 du with those pairs of shoes or suits if were given 2 u. though am pf lets just wait and hear wat caused Dr Chiluba 2 die not mumala. remember this guy had 2 meetings with lawyers & luapula mps.

  20. How do you mourn impupu for 7 days? it should be business as usual. Chiluba was a thief, he doesnt deserve any National mourning, 1 hour should have been more than enough. Bushe kanshi mwema Zambians mukasambilila lisa to be true to yourselves? CHILUBA = PLUNDERER ( Thief ) He is a dead thief now. He should go in the History books as Zambias thieving president. Why stress the suffering Zambians with 7 days of national shit. If i had tears to shed, i would shed them for the suffering Zambians not Kafupi. May his soul rot in hell. I went out last nite,met a Zambian and we drunk to Kafupi death.

  21. Can some one kindly give more info on how the likes of Tembo, Penza and others died? Was not in the country and dont have the knowledge on how these progressive Zambians met their demise

  22. Mwana ka kalunda
    Munahandi mwani,
    Please ask senior citizen am sure he nows better mwani

  23. What a country! 7 days of wasted productive time, no wonder this country is stagnant in terms of development. If you ran an entertainment business, do these people know what 7 days can do to a business without revenue and expect you to pay salaries and rentals? An obirtually in the paper and one day for flags to fly at half mast is enough. There are more important things to do in this country than waste one week doing nothing constructive, let’s learn to utilise time effectively for developmental needs.  

    • Not only loss of revenue, but losing it over a known thief. Why mourn a thief for 7 days? Chiluba should be burried somewhere in some unmarked grave or on the sea…where is America?

  24. One thing I can rest assure Bwezani about is that I will not shed not a single drop of tear for a stinking thief like Chabala Kafupi Chiluba. If I have any tears left in my skull, I will reserve them for Penza, Tembo, Ngenda, Pumulo, Kaulung’ombe, Mung’omba etc. For Chiluba, I would not shed not even a crocodile one if I had any. For me, its GOOD RIDDANCE! May his stinking thieving soul fry in eternal hell.

  25. Thats why our country will never come right, 7 days national mourning iz too much considering the impact it have on the economy. FTJ Kafupi iz gone so what? The only good thing kafupi did iz unseat KK, then went on rampage plundering the economy, grabbing other mens wives and rigging elections. VJ Mwanga uzo hamba nawe kusasa. Icalo lifupa lelo you grab somebody’s wife mailo waya down. Lesson learned

  26. Stool-pid # 3 HTC, #6, # 10 Independent, #22 Distant and #27/28 Distant you will be next and the devil is waiting for you with an appetite.

  27. Fellow Zambians

    The declaration is in order. The Bible says it is better to be in a house of mourning than in a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man and the living should take this to heart.
    (Ecclesiastes 7:2.)

    We need to realise that we are one nation and that we’re all in this thing together. We must not accept the apathy of some, which is contrary to the spirit of national unity and brotherhood. Let us triumph over negativity and bury our former president with honour.

  28. Musangu village in Mwense district is the right burrial place for Titus Mpundu. The people of Musangu deserve a tourist attraction. The tomb of Titus Mpundu will be the best investment for the people of Musangu. Daina Kaimba and Chabala Kafupi will welcome their sin back home to lie side by side with his twin sister. The state should not forget tradition and culture or else Titus’ sister will forever haunt RB for taking his spirit to Lusaka. The sin should be put to rest in Musangu and that will also please the spirit of Zarare Nkhonde in Mozambique.

  29. Zambians do you ever wonder why developed countries like England or USA do declare National Mourning of even 48 hours?? They can’t afford to its damaging for their economies….after the wild fires in Australia that killed a hundred people…that national only declared a day of National Mourning….Ka Chiluba is a former President, when Clinton or Carter passes you wouldn’t see them declaring national mourning!!
    Wake up ba Zambia

  30. @#2 – Are u sugesting we forget about ZNBC in this mourning period so that we don’t take part in anything to do with the little man’s funeral?

  31. agree with all other bloggers saying 7 days is too much! A whole week! I have lost close relatives and while my heart was in mourning, life went on after a few days….
    We don’t need the country to be atstandstill so long..he was not in office after all. Have our govt thought about the money involved in a weeks mourning? what is so wrong with burial on let’s say Wednesday with flags at half-mast till then, a short public eulogy from the president and a military salute from the army followed by short coverage of life and times on ZNBC?
    Funerals only affect the family after all…let us prioritise….

  32. This is the problem in Africa. The master dribbler is dead why should everyone else suffer?     

    Akamuntu kamisecha mwabikapo na one week? What is the difference between him, Mobutu and Osama? 

    When will this continent wake up? SW 19 momba bambi busy mourning Lazo uwafwile na $8m mulisecha ya 007.

  33. If I was running a business in Entertainment would I get compensation for loss of business?

    Africans let us move with time. Ngate AIDS nonomba ngatulapyanika iya kusendama.

    Jesus where is Mushota? 

  34. This means they want to keep the body for 7 days yuk! it does not make sense even in the African sense to continue mourning after burial. riduculous 7 days is too much. We need to move away from such backwardness

  35. We all make mistakes and we should for give our former president now that he is no more but 7days of national mourning is too much as its a waste of time and resources. May his soul rest in peace he was a Board chairman at my school back in the day before he was president- at the Dominican convent school ndola.

  36. This boy died of AIDS. Of late i could count his hair and lips started to appear like chikanda. Ati heart attack, kabepeni abo bene

  37. Basically, I dont trust people with more than 3 names. The more names one has, the more personalities

    F for Foolery
    T for Trickery
    J for Joker

  38. What is to be gained out of this 7 days of mourning?

    Is Chiluba going to be resurrected? or is he still being questioned about the whereabouts of the plundered money?

  39. I think all those who are against the 7 days of mourning can make their submissions to the CRC and NCC so that the days of mourning for our dignitaires is enshrined in our statutes. Why do these kabovas just whine about everything? You donkeys should give us a break. Asha!!!!

  40. Number 5,i agree with you. Its only here in Africa where a death like that will be brushed aside ati baumfwile fye mumala. That man was adressing meetings some few hours before he met his fate. True he could have had other longstanding problems,but surely there could have been that one thing that could have knocked him down. He could have a Cardiac arrest. The doctor should have done better.
    Aside from that MHSRIP eventhough he was stealing from poor men things which were dear to them

  41. Just through reading the above postings I can deduce what the mood of Zambia is regarding the proposed 7 days mourning. In any democracy the president should take note

  42. Sata is planning to withdraw from this year’s presidential race due to ill health and is floating either Bob Sichinga or Winter Kabimba as PF presidential candidates. However, Mmembe may be in contention if he is cleared by the courts.
    You heard it or read here first. Good night and goodluck.

  43. @ amayama i agree it seems the majority believe 7 days is too long i concur only ones happy will be the school kids

  44. I assume nobody knows CPR in the late Dr Chiluba’s house.
    CPR serve many lives.
    its time families were encouraged to do First Aid courses. it only takes one day to learn the skills

  45. He was a great president,done so much for his beloved country
    Well deserved 7 days mourning period! May the lord be with his
    Family @ this trying time! May his soul rest in eternal

  46. 50# Herdsboy. Nothing to hide, Sata is very ill so is the wife. You can see his face is all covered with dedicine which has now started making him gain a lighter skin complexion. Sad for the wife, she is a hard working woman and respected woman, unlike Vera & Regina. Sata has been thinking of giving up for his son that wants to stand for Kabwata Seat in Lusaka. But the son is not experienced to be PF Leader while the father works in the background.

  47. #32 Nine Chale. For a moment put the Bible aside. Unity has nothing to do with the Bible teachings
    but with the natural thinking of an individual and the understanding of wanting to belong or be a part of society’s way of doing things.
    Zambia has adopted christianity which in my point of view is a foreign ideology. Deeply look at the way our forefathers
    praised the Lord. What has happened to that approach? The white man came from afar and managed to psychologically
    convince us that their way of praising the Lord is better than ours. Going a step further, the white man pursuaded us to adopt
    Bibilical names for our children inorder to be recognized as christians. What happened is that we conceded.

  48. #32 Nine Chale. It is only now that we are slowly
    regaining our confidence that a name does not have to be Bibilical for one to be a christian. Agreed, for now let those that have time to
    mourn our former president do so without being commanded. Businesses wether in entertainment or not MUST continue operating.


  50. 7 days is too much,don’t you have other things to do.Why should the death of somebody who never valued other people’s live put things to a stand still for 7 day.That man had lived a greedy and selfish life.Don’t let his death affect us,we have also lost people. 

  51. #52 and other such like minds, before you start the CPR blame game, try to determine what  FTJ’s health and end of life care directives were. For all we know he would have elected a DNR status given the major chronic illnesses he had

  52. Within the 7 days he has declared, there will be thousands of our people that will die of hunger, disease and all sorts of issue caused by Kafupi! It is an insult to all those that died while serving their country. Chiluba was a criminal that should not have been given a state funeral. 7 days honestly!! 

  53. Kwena Ba Zambia tula ponta! Let’s let this rest people we have bigger fish to fry, elections are around the corner…. One question will the body lie in state?

  54. Is mushota dead? or has her “husband” imposed a 77 day mourning in the house?…which means no internet!!!:((

  55. imiponto bane mwatutinya!!!!!!!!!! I am just wondering the mood of most people on this blog, I am very much in order to draw this inference that 7 days mourning period is not favoured. But the head of state has exercised his powers and whether we like it or not, FTJ will be mourned for 7 days. MHSRIP.

  56. Doc Justin taking BP on someone who is not breathing, has he ever heard of an animal called ABCs? Breathing tapali, ena alepima BP, cikala clear the Airway first, ensure Breathing and check Circulaton before monitoring BP.Secondly, no assistant, so there was no medicating during the ‘rescuscitation’ attempt, how amateur is that?

  57. #52 BABYLOVE AND #65 TILA CHIZULE,I totally agree with you about CPR it indeed saves lives and for usre it is a one day course,one does not need a degree to perform CPR.It is frieghtening that doctors whom we expect to care for us in times of impending death should be doing less important things like taking BP!How can you have Blood Pressure when someone has a cardiac arrest?There is simply no cardiac output therefore no Blood circulating.When last did Dr Kangwa attend a refresher course?I do not blame him for the death of my beloved FTJ but surely he had all the risk factors pointing to a cardiac arrest for seven hours.Can the useless Medical Council of Zambia make mandatory for all doctors to be CPR competent please.Did Justine use defilbrilator on Dr Chiluba,use Adrenaline for resus????

  58. And to all those who are heaping insults on the dead i would like to remind you that,its un African,UnZambian as well.This man called FTJ was the only voice that stood against the ruthless leader of KK ,way back in the 70s and 80s .He was jailed for champoining the cause of the workers.When Chiluba spoke the previous day you could not find the Times Of Zambia by 09;00hours because everyone wanted to read about this brave man.Yes we all make mistakes in life but this man FTJ has left another side of him which very positive and i would like to remember for that,he empowered Zambians accross the board including Willie Nsanda,while others were giving themselves houses like SATANA and Kabimba dobuiosly.SATANA must go his checkup before elections so that pipo know how his fragile heart is workin

  59. Yaba! As much as hate FTJ, lets all leave this to the family and NOT RB as he will use this to his advantage!! Remember the Mwanawasa “dead body” formular which landed RuBBish in plot one? 7 days way too much…….. These old folks are taking us for a ride. Time to revolt and fight these old guys…. They are tempting young girls into vices which needs to be stopped.

  60. Section 24 am sure from Kankoyo township that your wishful thinking,you can not call RB as rubbish because you rely on post shinda pepa for insults.What have you done for Zambia yourself?

  61. Thats dull thinking from you section 24 how can the government leave the task of arranging the funeral of former president to a family?Remember young man we are not talking about a section chairman or indeed ward chairman.We talking about a former commander in-cheif of the armed forces of Zambia.Have some respect you young boys .Where is your grain of wisdom?

  62. “It is good to die before one has done anything deserving death” .
    Titus Kafupi Chiluba did do anything that worse, that some of you people continue condemning him for another death.

  63. My diagnosis is cardiomyopathy complicating viral myocarditis which he suffered some time back when he was evacuated to SA. He was sustained by prayer and maybe he was given time to own up, but he did not. I await his will to hear what his estate was worth. Now, that is of NATIONAL interest for all the media who dig really deeper! Will he be vindicated at last? Who will have the last laugh? I can see Fred just chuckling as he sings ‘Hosanna!’

  64. please can some one let me know who will inherit the house that the government will build for the late former president is it for Ba Vera or Ba Regina? please don’t insult me this is just a humble question iam sure most pipo would love to know. Thanks

  65. Many layers to the demise of Fredrick Chiluba. He stood up to the machinations and viciousness of one party era as a unionist and champion of worker’s rights and later risked everything to stand in the fore front against UNIP. Maybe he shouldnt have given out houses.But dont ask for the opinion of a widowed marketeer who has now raised kids in what she now calls home. And it may be true he stole. I just dont think he was all the evil I hear. Anyway,what a life! What a life!

  66. Sorry FTJ you are no more. But your friends you have left, will be kicked out of the system, MYSRIP.

  67. bullshit 7 days of wasted time thats a problem with thes madalas in power they are not upto date with the current trends, how can you morn a thief for 7 days..a life of thief is worthy nothing.

  68. we should have morned him for just a short period because he was a short man, short of glory; short of trust and short of mercy




  71. Well done RB for giving us 7 days to rest and celebrate our feast, we have more days to rest now we are waiting for George Kunda and VJ kalyaka,….meaning we have 14 days for these guyz.yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! wensansa we.

  72. :(([-( if only u knew. u made people look up and lean how to build there houses to live in. FTJ may your soul rest in peace

  73. # 63 just for your info, there is no such thing as end of life directives in Zed in any case every one is a DNR( DO NOT RESCUCITATE) since no one attempts to resuscitate in zed the health care system does not even have the capacity to do so

  74. I miss the Zambian way of mourning… 7 days of solemn music on TV and radio as mandatory… though sometimes it becomes so boring….

  75. I do not even understand how I finished up here, but I thought this post was once great. I don’t realize who you are however certainly you are going to a famous blogger for those who are not already. Cheers!

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