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The Cobra’s Sorrow: Why Sata should be allowed to Mourn Chiluba

Headlines The Cobra’s Sorrow: Why Sata should be allowed to Mourn Chiluba

Chiluba and Sata during their happy days in MMD
Chiluba and Sata during their happy days in MMD

By Elias Munshya wa Munshya
The news that a group within the MMD has been formed to keep Michael Sata from coming to the funeral of President Frederick Chiluba should be a concern to all peace loving Zambians. In fact, even our gallant security wings have fallen prey to this gibberish by entreating Michael Sata to stay away from the funeral—in the name of “security”. The very thought that it could come to this is not only ridiculous but insolently immature. I wish to argue in this article that Michael Sata should be allowed to attend and mourn his former boss. This is consistent with our common humanity.

Those who believe that Sata had been an enemy of Dr. Chiluba have chosen to look at a fraction of history and ignored the whole. They are simply being economical with reality. There has not been any true enmity between Chiluba and Sata. What existed were mere political interests that took these two gentlemen in different directions—only since 2008.

To use President Chiluba’s mere political difference when he supported Banda over Sata in 2008 as the yardstick for projecting the enmity between the two does not just make sense at all. Michael Sata had been Chiluba’s closest political confidante for years.

It is impossible to define a politically successful Chiluba without mentioning the political engineering of Michael Sata. It is Michael Sata who has served Chiluba in more senior capacities than any other living politician today. Sata was Chiluba’s MMD national secretary, minister of labour, minister of local government, minister without portfolio, and minister of health. Michael Sata helped prop up Chiluba’s credentials as a leader of the common people. Sata supported Frederick Chiluba within the democratic movement of the late 1980s.

Sata campaigned for Frederick Chiluba both in Lusaka and Mpika. In fact, the relationship between Michael Sata and Chiluba is one of the longest lasting political relationships in Zambia today. Spanning from the 1980s Sata remained true and faithful to Frederick Chiluba until Chiluba dribbled Sata in 2001.

But after 2001, and after the subsequent prosecution and persecution of Chiluba under Mwanawasa, it was Michael Sata who came to the support of Chiluba. Sata openly mentioned that Chiluba had dribbled him.

And Chiluba openly admitted that he had made a tremendous mistake by appointing Mwanawasa. But after the theft persecution, Sata became Chiluba’s supporter again. Sata provided Chiluba with the support of the common man from the Copperbelt and Lusaka while Mwanawasa and the likes of William Banda wished Chiluba dead. The alliance between Sata and Chiluba was so strong that it was the PF MPs and PF supporters who would line up the airport roads to receive Frederick Chiluba from hospital in South Africa. In 2006, no one was surprised to see FTJ raise a feeble fist in the air and request the people of Luapula Province and the Copperbelt to vote and vote for the Patriotic Front.

At one time, after the second political fall-out between Chiluba and Sata, Chiluba was addressing a funeral gathering when PF supporters booed him. To this Chiluba answered, “There are no permanent enemies in politics, only permanent interests.” In so saying, Chiluba mentioned one rule that has helped all successful politicians including Michael Sata himself. In politics no one is a permanent enemy. It only takes an expulsion, or the so-called resignation to turn political friends into enemies and political enemies into friends. We saw it happen in 1991 where those who were eating at Kaunda’s table suddenly turned to the MMD and became friends of democracy overnight. Nothing changed among those people, their hearts remained the same. They changed camps due to political interests.

It is rather ironical, that it is William Banda—Chiluba’s long-time arch enemy—who has today been transformed into Chiluba’s ally. What confuses me and many others is that it is this Banda who, while testifying against Chiluba in the 1996 presidential petition, claimed that Titus Mpundu hailed from Congo and spoke a Congolese dialect of Lingala as a boy. So William Banda is now a friend of Chiluba’s while Sata is an enemy. It seems the death of politics and the politics of death are incompatible with logic.

In 2008, it was politically appropriate for Chiluba to support Banda over Sata. A minute after the death of Mwanawasa it was apparent that Mwanawasa’s Vice-President, Rupiah Bwezani Banda, had no political interest in the continued prosecution or persecution of Frederick Chiluba. Under those circumstances, Chiluba was no fool to repudiate such a gesture. He again aligned himself against Sata and of course the Cobra went ballistic. He was angry against Frederick Chiluba. And it is at this point that the current MMD cadres miss it, they equate Sata’s anger as enmity. It is not enmity and it should not be interpreted as such. There was going to be plenty of time for Sata to play politics. And in fact there was still going to be more time for Chiluba and Sata’s interests to be aligned once more. Had it not been for death…Sata and Chiluba were once again going to embrace each other.

Sata and Chiluba’s interests were going to be aligned once more if Sata were to win the 2011 elections. Some have opined that a President Sata was going to revive theft charges against Chiluba after winning the 2011 elections. But those who know history and politics understand very well that Sata cannot take Chiluba to court. They know each other too well to do that. Sata said what he said because he was angry. He felt like he had been dribbled too much. But with him in power, there would be no political benefit for him to continue prosecuting Chiluba. Mwanawasa prosecuted Chiluba only when it was politically expedient for him to do so.

Mwanawasa took Chiluba to court not because Chiluba had stolen; some Zambians believe Chiluba may have stolen just going by the million dollar suits, shirts, shoes and underwear. But that is not the reason why Mwanawasa took him to court. Mwanawasa took Chiluba to court because he was politically in a precarious situation. He wanted ways to silence Chiluba who was still president of the MMD and had the support of almost its entire executive. Sata would not have the same political dynamics at play and as such, he would not have gone ahead with continued prosecution.

Here if the MMD cadres continue with this nonsense, it is Sata who will emerge as the shrewdest of them all. It is Sata who should want to keep away from the funeral. It is he who can say I had been dribbled too much by this man. But Sata is not known to keep grudges, just like Chiluba was. He has thrown all that enmity aside and he wants to go and mourn and sing “icimbo” for his friend and political confidante. This Sata must be allowed to do, even if it will mean taking the whole battalion of Zambian police to protect him from senseless cadres.

In death even enemies become friends; death is just like politics after all!


  1. those *****s called jerabos should be jailed togather wit that insane william, chiluba was a zambian president who has bn given a state finral so every Zambian infact every one even nonzmbians should that guy he was a statesman. pipo grow up, **** all those *****s causin confusion, william Banda **** u too.

  2. I`m also wondering why a foreigner in the name of Willian Banda that never even served in Chiluba`s government can have so much power as to bar staunch chiluba mates like Nawakwi and Cobra from attending the funeral.Sad that even funeral homes are being turned into campagn battle fields.

  3. Chiluba was to hand over power to Sata in 2001-2002, he didnt! And when Sata was having it good political wise, FTJ went against him…he never wanted Sata to led (though i believe Sata would have protected him from the Zambian people if FTJ had chosen him), even if Cobra was in FTJ’S cabinet all those years…it is upto Sata to pay his last respects…Ba Chiluba stepped on so so so many toes, i will always remember that. Period. RIP, finally.

  4. Munshya, yu start well in your article manje poor finishing!!! I wish to argue that the reason LPM took ftj to court was not political expedience. The fact is ftj stole our money, period. No amount of propaganda will change that fact…

  5. great article but seems to march Sata and show him that he is not evil,in short all the wrongs chiluba did Sata is there also as they are close friends just as this article can tell,Levy prosecuted FTJ coz at that time Mazoka was hot on political arena so LPM sort on how he can become more popular than he was,then is this article telling me that Sata was to drible the post and some zambians who wanted FTJ arrested if so then Sata is promising empty tins to zambians as he can not be trusted anymore for he just want nothing but plot one,taking us more backward than ever,shame upon zambian politics

  6. I totally agree with the author’s sentiments. The only area he may overlooked is that of Mmembe in the whole scheme of things vis-a-vis Sata’s stance towards Chiluba. Sata’s chalice was thus poisoned terribly. One notices that ka WB has combined the 2 in his vitriol.

  7. This sounds a good article. Let Sata mourn his friend Titus. These two were inseperable for a long time and they have a long history. William Banda should be sent back to Malawi…looks like he hardly learns.

  8. munsha disappointing article from you
    anyway it seems you are also just looking for political mileage and not actually reading between the lines
    surely every zambian must know that there is no place on zambia that the cobra cannot visit freely
    even the funeral house what would happen to sata if he visited, think about it??? who in MMD would let anything happen to sata??
    this is also partly sata’s political gimmick to mourn chiluba on radio and after burial to try and paint MMD a certain way just as MMD are tryin to gain some mileage from this just like you musha

  9. Article by a Bemba tribalist, always twisting facts. Levy never wanted to Chiluba to die. He allowed him to go for treatment in 2003. SATA differed with Chiluba before Levy died and this was just after SATA came back from his heart treatment. So mr Munshya stop paitnting SATA a saint as he not. He hated Chiluba to to the bone and only supported him to win votes in 2006. Your article is full of nothing but lies and emptiness. We are better informed bwana. PF carder.

  10. I am sure MMD is as democratic and torelant as the D after Ms. There is absolutely no benefit in blocking Mr.Sata attend his best friend and boss’s funeral. Come on Zambians this is not the politics our people need.

  11. Well written article but why RB is quite? Can government shed light on this group called JERABO unit what do the letters mean? is it a legal security unit? what about recruitment when was it done for the same, its unheard of when we have recognised security wings of Govt failing to contain these Jerabo thugs , can we trust our security to protect us if attacked by rebels??? SATA should be cleared to attend his friend and tribesmate funeral.

  12. Who certified him dead. What was cause of death if not foul play. Lets learn from Michael Jackson.


  14. Munshya on this one you are twisting logic to suit your emotions. In short, you are completely illogical in your opinion. Your logic excludes the fact that it was Sata till the point of Chiluba’s death who was in the fore front aggravating his ‘friend’s’, heart’s poor condition till he died, by threat and insult. Just three days after Dr. Chiluba’s death you pretend that this fact is a myth?

  15. The only fitting reason why Sata could ever want to attend his ‘friend’s’ funeral is to ensure that he is really dead nothing else.

  16. Ba kabwa what are u talking about. Death is death! You can never despise the dead.Whether he did wrong or right the fact still remains the fact! he’s gone whether u talk of how he said bad words about mwanawasa’s daeth u can bring them back to defend themselves

  17. @Kaunda Next, Jerabo comes from the words jail boy. On the Copperbelt they say three jala if someone is jailed for three years. I’m sure over time they started saying Jera-bo for ex-jail birds.

  18. If these politicians zooona cant manage themselves over a funeral how would the manage a chi country. Napachililo ponse ubushilu bweka bweka sure. Atase *a big Nigerian fyolad*

  19. How could you ascertain that Sata was Chiluba’s ‘friend’ when he public threatened to ‘display’ his ‘thieving’ friend in a zoo, once he (Sata) ascended to power?

    Munshya, perhaps in this article, more than at any other point, you have allowed twisted emotions to have the better of you. I am sure you will rethink your opinion once the clouds have cleared up.

  20. Sata was allowed to mourn Baldwin Nkumbula,Paul Tembo,Wezi Kaunda, Ronald Penza, Richard N´genda and Anderson Mazoka..so let him mourn his friend FTJ. Death daddy is the only way to see God and face our short comings on Earth whilest we were alive. God bless the Dead!

  21. Good article. i totally agree with you SATA should be allowed to mourn his friend FJT, even if it means bring our commandos to protect SATA. This is political master bation to allow William banda to be the chief guard to FJT’s funeral when HIM(FJT) toke that into exile. SATA+CHILUBA=frnds, WILLIAM + CHILUBA=ENemies.

  22. Great piece of opinion from you Elias. Note the word opinion and not facts. You know when you have written a great piece when both sides of the argument call you names like #14 and am sure by the end of the day somebody will label you MMD cadre.

    I don’t think anybody want to harm Mr Sata really. I think Masangu in post #5 is close to the truth. it is just the media exaggerating things. Even those claiming they were harassed, they did get into the house eventually , how?

    There is just a CHIMBUYA games at play here and sad that some media house want to justify their hate for certain people, and hijack a normal tradition and twist it. Anybody who has attended funerals between East and North ..this is normal. Don’t blow it out of proportion

    • Imwe naimwe Ba MMD chief Bootlicker icimbuya with who? Are Chiluba and Sata Tribal cousins? They are just decampaigning themselves if they don’t know, people are not happy about this.

  23. I see that many, including the author of the article, have a surreal understanding of what ‘mourning’ is. Ludicrous as it sounds, how can Sata who has refused to forgive those who are still alive, do the illogical and mourn those he promised to harm? What is the logic of saying that Sata should be ‘allowed to mourn’ Chiluba? How will he mourn when in life he actually wished his ‘friend’ harm?

  24. Nice article, William Banda wants to behave the old UNIP ways, to be seen as doing a good job in MMD. Shows the caliber of people running MMD. A true failure and have made Sata a hero.

    Sata loved Chiluba and even was the man backing him for the third term.

    Shame, Sata has to fight to attend these VVIP funerals, was the same case during Mwanawasa’s funeral, when he told Maureen that “Naifwe tuka kwata ichililo, tukesa mitafya”

    MMD PLEASE Allow the Man to Mourn his Friend. Don’t champion Chiluba’s funeral, it is for all ZAMBAINS

  25. any way am just suddened by the deeds of w.banda he is stupit to arrass a woman of GOD wo was considered as part of the family,shame on u&MMD u are leting yo thugs arrass pipo thats **** may da soul of FTJ R.I.P

  26. Ba William Banda na ba Jerabo please we are here to mourn the late president.Do not show your stupidity .Babwezani use your authority as head of state and strain your fellow malawian William Banda from harrassing innocent Zambians.Tell him that he should not forget how he was deported by Chiluba.History repeats itself

  27. In other words, it seems, logical to some that if someone shoots you, you expect those remaining alive to take your murder as a by the way thing???!!!!! Chimbuya logic I guess>

  28. I am 100% in agreement with the author of this article. FTJ and The Cobra could have differed in political Opinions but i believe that even if Sata become President, he would not have persecuted FTJ. These are Politics. Ba RB, PULIZEEEE CAGE THE FOREIGNER WILLIAM BANDA before he dents your Image. WHO IS HE TO STOP ANYONE FROM ATTENDING THE STATE AND I MEAN STATE FUNERAL?

  29. #16 I don’t see how the so called “Jerabos”( jail boyz; since they are often said to spend time in jail az a rezult their alleged shoddy activitiez) come into all this or indeed why the government should shed light about them. Unless there iz something new, the Jeraboz have nothing to do withe MMD or any other political party for that matter. This Munshya iz really a story teller.

  30. RB declared a 7-day period of natrional mourning, and because of that statement every Zambian within or without Zambia is in mourning. Love him or hate him.The MMD secretariat should direct its cadres to stop its threat against opposition politicians.If it stays silent,then it will be seen to be guilty by association.The MMD should not condone this unbecoming behaviour by its cadres.

  31. This is the height of hypocrisy, the only sane man in this matter is William Banda!!!! It is only william Banda who knows that an enemy should not desecrate human value by pretending to mourn those he has killed. To hell with the Chimbuya logic.

  32. #27 you know old zambia mmd thugs will harm him in presence of police beacause are above the law. have never RB stopping william Banda to involving in violence? post report runway but you are still taking it as a joke that is interesting.

  33. Well articulated article,Chiluba is dead and those of us who worked with King Cobra and Bashi Mpundu(FJT) can relate to your article. Chiluba was great in so many ways and needs to be mourned with Honour. Please Ba Kabova dont be used to steal the good things done by Ba Chiluba by not letting Bashi Chilufya mourn his friend. Sata knows no enemies and he has demonstrated that on several occasions.
    My Dear Second President MYSRIP. Moone Mulumuno!
    Zambian USA

  34. My advise to Sata this is prophetic if you want to God to lift you up better humble yourself just forgive chiluba and go mourn.if not wel lthen you will remain were you are .God sees the heart thanks

  35. I hurt this Animal called William Banda who has given his power to mistreat Zambians in the our country something must be done to stop this ribbed dog . where is his boss kanshi his he the one who has given him authority . MMD your days are numbered mark my words


  37. This imbecilic logic of equating ‘mourning’ to attending a funeral place of one you hated whilst he lived is one good reason explaining why we are poor. Logic is absent, so what more development?

    • mmd govenment and the part are fools the issue of barring sata fro attending the funeral of the gretest criminal is not good again why allowing this foreigner williumbandato trouble zambians pliz fellow zambians let us vote wiselyotherwise these people the presdent are foreigners when voted again willkill pipo

  38. Good article there.why is this foreigner wants to disturb peace in Zambia in the name of Chiluba’s friend.W. Banda was never a friend of Chiluba but has happened now that he’s more friend than those who worked Chiluba? RB should something WB’s behavour.

  39. MMD – Can you STOP this dim-witted and ridiculous conduct? Let Sata go and mourn his former boss.

    While we support your Fiscal & Development Programs, this is now going too far.

    Let all people of Zambia mourn Chiluba – albeit PF, MMD & UNDP. Can someone above ask William Banda to give respect to the family of the deceased?

    We all should realise that not all people that go to funerals are there to really mourn the dead. Some come to celebrate the death of someone, while displaying Crocodile Tears.

    Your worst enemy is always the person that knows you. Chiluba had enemies in MMD that are now singing the Missing You song.

    Chiluba did good and messed up a lot of things – its time to burry him and move on

  40. Everything must be allowed to take their normal course you f.o.o.ls. Enemies don’t mourn each others losses!!

  41. Yes you can allow anyone to mourn provided he did not declare his open enmity whilst the deceased lived. Have it in your thick heads!!

  42. You can tell from the picture how Sata always wanted to entice Fred to become president. This man was brilliant and ignored all efforts made by this Pafwaka man.

    My only concern though is that KK has not said a single word regarding the death of Chiluba. Is he still bitter that he made him enter prison and the death of his son?

    Come on Guys lets learn to gorgive and forget

  43. True Dat. Politics in Zambia are a thorn in the flesh. Who could imagine KK weeping over chiluba. We quite well understand that our old man is a weeping type but I thought not for Chiluba, not after being sent to jail like that. It seems these politicians always have ways to silence each other. But to me its all dirty. You can’t prosecute or even jail to be at the summit of reigning.
    Munshya whereas your analysis is somewhat tempting to believe. Chiluba celebrated the death of Mwanawasa like it or not. Chiluba injured many people than you can imagine. Lets leave everything to the Almighty, you and I will only find out the fate of Titus when we die and after judgement day. Please shut up for Gods sake.

  44. #28 You don’t play chimbuya with close relatives of the deceazed at a funeral, and under the circumstancez Sata “qualifiez” az late FTJ’z cloze relative. I sand to be corrected by thoze that are very chimbuya conversant.

  45. If anything only William Banda has the magnanimity of heart. After been dropped in the middle of a game reserve in his deportation order which they hoped would prove his demise by the mouth of wild beasts, here he is showing how kind his heart is. Sata hated Chiluba enough to kill him, how can he mourn him now? Going to the funeral place is not mourning in this case, it illogical and hypocritical.

  46. I agree with the author on this one though I have reservations on the part that involves our late third president LPM (MHSRIP). Let Sata be allowed to mourn his former boss and colleague even if it means affording him state protection. For the sake of posperity let him even be in the company of RB, who is his old friend, at all the funeral events starting from church service to burial site. No one would be tolerated to cause violence within a 100m radius or even more of the republican president. Let all the main party presidents including HH and Sata be in the company of RB at the funeral events to ensure their protection. I am just saying…

  47. Yes Chiluba and Sata did a lot of thing together, nawakwi knows alot about that!!! That is why there is heaven and hell, life and death. these two phenomenon cant mix ah ah. You can’t mix heaven and hell, neither can you mix life and death. Enemies in life, enemies in death!!!!!

  48. The most hypocritical thing that Sata could do in this matter is give an apology that all what he said about Chiluba prior to his death was just a joke. Well that is what hes going to the funearl place will be saying in essence.

  49. Why would anyone put a negative against my comment if they can’t openly refute my statements? Ati howu, howu eh?

  50. chi william banda, who the hell do u think u are? Chiluba will remember for the $46Million…. he was a man indeed..MHSRIP

  51. it’s so sad to see what poverty can do to someone like William banda and his so-called mmd thugs they should grow

  52. So for many the act of attending a funeral place is ‘mourning’. For all I know Sata once he is at that place will be grinning in-wardly all the time. Now for the sake of the beloved who have been gravely wounded by this terrible loss, do not let Sata’s presence there, add salt to their wounded hearts.

  53. William Banda from Nyasaland and a Luo for that matter is let scort free to cause confussion in Zambia. My foot, anyway, in Bemba we say, “Amalilo tayabola, Sata will find his own time to mourn FJT

  54. Yes, as much as many Zambians have proved what negative attitude they have for foreigners by the attitude towards this man William Banda, he of all has shown what it means to be consistent in friendship. In life and in death. Spare your Xenophobic attitudes you morons, William Banda is proving more sensitive than all of you.

  55. The funeral of Chiluba has shown how MMD cant come to terms with reality that even if Sata and Chiluba publicly looked like enemies they were actually friends who differed on a political level.If anything the so called William Banda himself was not even an inch close to Chiluba.These thugs are just assisting in the complete demolition of the MMD.

  56. So this man can get away with any foolishness he chooses to do, no matter what he says, it does not matter? Who is going to explain this and put sense to my confusion?

  57. He who stands at the gate to the funeral house checking who can come in and who cant is a moron himself.At a funeral house there are no vigilantes or guards and the like.Iwe Zayelo you must be confused,William Banda cant come in the middle of state funeral and create confusion.

  58. chricenice

    Please explain, help my understanding, because you have written something that seems illogical to me but you sound sincere?

  59. Tekere sort them out after all they are ur mbuyas so that we laugh at them after the funeral that u were just playing cimbuya

    • Tekere is not a Ngoni, hence does not qualify to the Bemba’s mbuya, he’s a useless Malawian.

  60. chricenice

    You are worse than I hoped. Don’t further prove that you are a worse retard than your words are proving. Don’t just yap if you can’t fully explain your logic in words. Explain you moron, I give you another chance before I dismiss you as another comical invalid.

  61. MMD must show maturity. where is their spokesperson – Dora Siliya and where is their Secretary general -Major Kachingwe? they are all quiet and one wonders the party structures and where William Banda stands. It is very bad for the MMD i know most of the member even in MMD are upset and this may work to the disadvantage of MMD. There is no way people like Mutati, Simbao, Chituwo can be silenced by this man William. William has the full backing of RB thats why the MMD senior members cannot comment on the issue

  62. WHo should or must allow Mr Sata Micheal Chilufya of PF to mourn or attend the late Mr FJT Chiluba’s funeral?

    Let us be serious, the only person who must allow himself to go to the late Chiluba’s funeral house is Mr Sata MC himself. Mr Sata MC claims to be brave and so let him go to that funeral house instead of hibernating from the public with excuses that are neither here nor there. If he is bitten there so it be but let Mr Sata MC go there without his PF bodyguards or let the PF bodyguardss stand at some distance from the funeral hous of Mr Chiluba.

    Have a solemn mourn everyone for the late Mr FJT Chiluba.
    Matt 6:33

  63. If this is the average opinion of a Zambian, then I don’t blame politicians per say for our backwardness. It is the whole people to blame as unitary for such warped attitudes. The politicians just take advantage of the silliness that prevails. No seriousness, Zambians are simply living by providence.

  64. Sorry but that is why we must have HH or anybody younger because SATA will die soon and Zambia will be forced into another expensive election

  65. Let Sata go and attend the funeral so that he can blunder as he usually does through his Chimbuya jokes. I am sure he will go and say to RB that ‘usanilodze ka’ and will tell KK that ‘nomba naine mukalanjita ati kateka’. Then he will go to HH and say ‘Handa 5, wapona buti’? And finally, he will pass by WB saying ‘iwe kuya beebele come December, 2011’.

    Then his cadres will go ‘Pabwaaatoooooooooo’. I am sure he will not say anything about FTJ.

  66. if u ar saying chiluba s a plunder where ws sata whn chiluba ws doing tht y he didnt put it in public?we al kno wht made mwanawasa to resign,infact thy plundered together wth chiluba,if at al chiluba did tht and tht s the reason y sata supported the third term era trying to huber wht thy were doing wth chiluba.now yo boss s dead go and mourn him,chimudala ichi chizakakula liti imwe.

  67. Shidada,

    From what I have gathered, an average Zambian does not mind electing Sata, even if he was walking around with an oxygen mask on him. It does not matter even if he eventually dies 10 days into office. It is perfectly logical for an average Zambian, morons!

  68. ‘Here if the MMD cadres continue with this nonsense, it is Sata who will emerge as the shrewdest of them all.’

    Who can put sense to the above quote?

  69. Nice article, those with selective memories are the ones trying to dispute or ignore the desperate circumstances LPM found himself in. Firstly, he had barely beaten a man that the whole world knew had won the 2001 election by a mere 1.8% (or even less), Secondly, his sponsor in FTJ was extremely unpopular just after the third term saga, Thirdly his sponsor was still in full control of the party that adopted him ,as munshya points out, Fourthly, despite the winning LPM was still less popular than Mazoka and the petition was gathering steam, especially after the meeting “under the tree” with FTJ. All this drove LPM to crucify FTJ both from the party and in any circle that was perceived he had influence. So to say LPM was driven because FTJ stole is rather rich, he won through stolen money!

  70. Another illogical statement:

    ‘In death even enemies become friends; death is just like politics after all!’

  71. Ah so the enemy has always been LPM, nice one eh Chiluba and Sata had ever been friends,wonders have not ceased to be performed!

  72. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. All what is between chiluba and sata are sweet memories.

  73. Okay, listen all of you. Its not LPM who took FTJ to court. It was the Zambian people who slept at the National Assembly building to ensure FTJs immunity was lifted so that he could dance to some music. Amnesia! Some kids even travelled all the way from the CB on big buses to come and camp at Parliament building. So who took FTJ to court? Is it not the Zambian people?

  74. I’m just trying to put some direction to the article, especially where LPM comes in because to claim that all what he did as far as the prosecution of FTJ, was as white as snow would really be naive. Why was it that in the case of petitioning of his victory, sources for campaign funds used were conveniently ignored and state witnesses like Chungu where not eligible to testify….but when FTJ was in the frying pan, anything was fair game (to some extent)…Yes FTJ stole and I’ll be the last one to defend him, however to try and paint LPM with angelic brushes will be stretching it a bit too far…

  75. Enemies in the eyes of people during daylight but friends nga bwaila. Calling each other to meet and drink the Jonnie Walker Blues of this world

  76. It funny how everyone paying respects to FTJ are just refering to him as having been a “Good Trade Unionist”. What about his Presidency? Is it just me or it seems very hard to find anyone genuinely sheding a tear for our second republican President? Will he even be missed at all? Just asking…

  77. #87 Bile, the people of Zambia demanded that FTJ be tried BUT what made LPM go ahead was not the people but his circumstances he found himself in as detailed in #83. I’m sure you that if LPM had won 2001 elections legitimately by over 15% with the whole world’s approval, his first task was not going to fight for his legitimacy but to fufill the campaign promises. As far as I know, prosecuting FTJ was not on his list of promises. The petition of his victory as well as the demand for the prosecution of FTJ put him in a position to choose between the “King” or the “King Maker” and of course we all know what he chose.

  78. Dead wrong, Sata’s position was poles apart at the time of FTJ’s death. William is just teaching him to behave well even with people he does not agree with. Sata stands to learn something through this, my message to William would be to encourage him to tighten security till monday so the serpent does not see a glimpse of the procession.

  79. The article started well but some facts in the last part are not correct. I do not agree that late mwanawasa prosecuted Chiluba becuase he had the support of MMD excecutive and wanted to silence him. Nonetheless, funeral of a former head of state is for everyone.William Banda is making a mistake. No normal person can approve his conduct.

  80. I thought pipo who used to say Sata has an adore smell which comes from his mouth were just stupid!!! look at chiluba’s face, it truly shows that he was avoiding a ka bad smell from Sata fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  81. Good article ba munshya and Uwakwisano has hammered the final thump to the nail.LPM was not an angel, but a power hungry politician who betrayed the trust of his friend.Yes FTJ may not also have been an angel.

  82. These MMD are just decampaigning themselves. The nation is not happy about this, anyway the elections are this year we shouldn’t even worry so much, we will know what to do.

  83. Most of these thugs barring Cobra from the funeral are his former pupils in the school of kaponyalism & thuggery.So careful what you do today for it will one day haunt you in future.

  84. The article is sensible on the barring of Sata but this statement ”Mwanawasa took Chiluba to court not because Chiluba had stolen…” is just riiculous and an insult to Mwanawasa and the Zambian people’s intelligence. Facts are that Chiluba’s assets(liquid and fixed) were frozen in Europe and he was found guilty. Two of Chiluba’s U.K lawyers were also barred from serving for helping Chiluba to basically defraud Zambia so Munshya Wa Munshya,you need not insult our intelligence. Yes,King Cobra has the right to attend but because we have rotten people in leadership,he will not be allowed and their will be problems if he forces himself to go to the funeral.In our society where illiterates and dimwits dictate others,it’s best for Sata to go and campaign than go to the funeral.

  85. Any sane person would not allow sata to attend the funeral.Sata should reap what he sows.Remember Sata was chased in Chipata during the funeral of late LPM.Gabage in Gabage out.Show love to people when they are alive! period.

  86. Great article-I entirely agree with Elias on all issues he has touched. The only person to blame in this saga is RB himself bcoz he is got the authority to put an end to all this nosence-just one word from him to his cadres would do it but alas RB lacks the intolelance towards his oponents and thus he is happy with the status quo. There is too much uncontrolled yapping from the MMD thungs and this is causing alot of tension in the country-right now Zambia is like a country without a leader/president.

  87. Munshya was being philosophical when he said Chiluba did not steal, he knows Chiluba stole quite alright but was trying to put it into the bemba perspective. Ukuiba by the likes of Munshya can sometimes be called ukusenda or ukutola depending on the prevailing mood. This is a funeral mood so as a bemba Munshaya now calls Chiluba’s theft as ukusenda…..

  88. I think this is a trying moment for Zambia, i don’t just see how the likes of Sata, Nawakwi could be stopped from attending that funeral. Really Chiluba has never been my hero and now that he is dead well, we really need TRUE leaders in Zambia. Our so called leaders, really GOD should bless our great nation. Anyway MHSRIP.

  89. But why is the entire security setup failing to tame this Nyau, William Banda? and RB’s quietness just confirms his love for anarchy.

  90. If Kaunda who was persecuted and jailed by chiluba shed tears at the funeral, why prevent sata from mourning his friend FTJ.

  91. The article is rubbish. I concur Zayelo. Sata was never a friend to Chiluba ba-fi-colour. Chiluba’s friends were Newstead Zimba, Chitalu Sampa and other unionists of 1980’s. SATA up to now has no best friend. May be Fred Mmembe and the Post. Chiluba was insulted every day by SATA and you say it was politics? Ma Rubbish guys. Let SATA follow the dead body to Luapula and you will see because all the REBEL MPs will be there to denounce SATA.

  92. The mistake Sata has made recently is to be useful tool of the Post to annouce that he will re-open Chiluba’s cases using the rogue justice system of the task force on corruption. We all know that under the “task force” judges were selected by mwanawasa and told which way the cases should go, and that is not justice. Is this what Sata is being used to re-open?

  93. The truth of the matter is that the man is sick and exposing him to stressful situations will just aggravate the heart problems. Unless he takes some digioxin tablets before crying. Otherwise we can end up having two funerals.

  94. This article has no structure…………………. the one you wrote about chiluba’s life was far much better than this. Try again



  97. It is a tragedy that the Zambian leadership has completely failed on the issue of Chiluba’s death. What is the point of a state funeral if the Zambian population is not allowed to mourn a departed leader? So Chiluba was President to only the few MMD thugs that are harrassing mourners? What a shame!!!!! Even more shameful is Rupiah Banda allowing this nonsense to continue!!! Where is the leadership when you have thugs like the ***** William Banda calling the shots!!!!????? Despite our sentiments about Chiluba, his funeral has turned out to be the most disrespectful proceedings ever accorded a former president of Zambia. By the way, it seems a tad disrespectful that the man died on Saturday and up until now, the current President has not been to the funeral house to pay his respects…

  98. @13 Tell Them, you are spot on. As much as I agree that WB must be banished for his violent ways it is not in MMD’s interest to stop Sata attend the funeral. Rather Mr. Sata is making political mileage out of thing sad moment. In fact in the end Mr. Sata will attend the funeral without incident to the disappointment of his aides who are just out to use this event to bury their own bad news. I can wager my last dollar on it. Sorry Kaponyas, but it won’t work. RB has already advised that the country should mourn Chiluba peacefully. 

  99. Very well written Elias Munshya wa Munshya, very well written. I look forward to more of your publications!

  100. sata is a disgruntled fellow.why should the issue to morn chiluba be something to talk about.he wants to win sympathy out this funeral.if he does not want to attend let him stay,ubibi

  101. There is no froodom in Zambia.How can some in court for not being a Zambian starting doing such things to Zambians.Ba William Banda is not a Zambia,but a Malawian as per the late President Chiluba.Zambians why allow such things in our beloved country.Dora is a Chikunda from Maputo,she has no heart for Zambians.

  102. sata just wants to go and make sure FTJ is dead..he is not going there in good vain..let him stay away and there will be peace…jail this man b4 elections..

  103. Is Sata supposed to ask for permission to attend the funeral?. The onus is on the police to make sure that everyone who goes there is secure. Can Sata fear William Banda for sure?

  104. Sata is just ashamed of what he used to talk about FTJ. Whether it was right or wrong is another matter but his mouth just opens to insult others all the time. In times of death like this he finds it hard to mix with others. Instead his juniors start talking for him while him is hiding in his house. tell him to come out and mourn the person who saved him from being investigated for theft.

  105. But Elias Munshya wa Munshya ulimwaume, i never thought ba LT can have someone to analyse FTJ-SATA relationship like this. big up you understand politics very well and you follow political events closely. let sata mourn his friend,he was indeed closer to FTJ than even president Banda.

  106. I could not have put it better myself. Well done Munshya.
    However, you have left out one political player in all this and that is Fred Membe. It is Fred who has been creating enemies and divisions in Zambia. Fred Membe will pit people against each other. He is not a play maker but a war monger. There is nothing that irks Fred more than when he sees Zambians happy with each other.
    Mr Sata went to Mwanawasa’s funeral and was snubbed by Maureen, and who reported it but The Post? Fred Membe declared Chiluba a thief and an enemy, and thus he wants everyone else to do the same. To Fred Membe, “a friend of my enemy is my enemy.”

  107. I concur with those who want William Banda deported back to Nynsaland.He is a beast who does not deserve to live among pieceful Zambians.We can not and must not allow one ***** to come and confuse everybody and have people killed for the sake of one RB.Wish some one can “erase him”
    sooner than later.Bushe indoshi shilechita inshi?You can have him for meat,please help!!.Twanaka nefipuba pafula!!

  108. Great article. Mwanawasa truly persecuted Chiluba in the name of “prosecution.” It is through that betrayal that cost the good name of Africa’s most eloquent, intelligent and wise leader. The six years of persecution fueled by a dire need for donor satisfaction led to a relentless and unwise persecution of Chiluba. I believe that dark cloud FTJ was made to pass through leading to the striping down of his immunity by an ungrateful hand-picked successor is what has made the man go home earlier than his time. RIP.


  110. Well written with balanced emotions. Just not correct when u say Mwanasawasa prosecuted FTJ for other political reasons and not for theft. it is a proven fact that FTJ had handled state finances inappropriately which Mwanawasa took advantage of to settle personal scores that led to his resignation as vice president.

    The best SATA can do is to stay away and capitalise on the UNIP mentality that MMD has acquired. Otherwise let RB extend an invitation so that they attend together as a way of security assurance.

  111. munshya, so are you suggesting that the bad side of mr chiluba was actually engineered by mr sata? not surprising though, i have always said that mr sata cannot represent change, he can only take us back to the days that are associated with mr chiluba’s bad side. anyway this funeral will show us who the satanists are, some newspaper gurus have already come out in the open to claim first spot.

  112. Chiluba and Sata were joined together at the hip. Its because of their staunch friendship during the presidency of the former that the later undermined his seniors in cabinet especially the then VP, Levi Mwanawasa, who was later prompted by such machinations by his cabinet colleagues to resign in 1994. During the reign of Chiluba, Sata was untouchable despite the fact that he was a mere Minister without Portfolio.

  113. This is just a thought process. Wouldn’t it be nicer that His excellency Rupiah Banda or His Right Honorable George Kunda and Mr. Sata arrive in the same vehicle to send the right signal locally, regionally and internationally. We might have differences at political levels but when it comes to national issues we are united. Also, this will avoid negativities of all sorts by disgruntled cadres of ruling and opposition parties.

    There might be protocols involved but they can be sorted out.

  114. Zambians! Even in death we can’t unite to mourn a former president?The world is watching and wondering what will happen during elections in a few months.

  115. Elias has been economical on the history & dynamics of Zambian politics. Sata was never a best of FTJ. Chiluba’s friends were Trade Unionists Sampa & Newsted Zimba. Mwanawasa’s friends were drawn from Unza Law School. Western interests clandestinely worked thru Sata as British spy in colonial era. For his security Britain kept Sata in UK, but later embedded him in UNIP & MMD to serve imperialist goals. PF was funded by a pro-Western State Thaiwan via a Malawian window, which was plugged after his deportation. Sata has no respect for FTJ who worked against Anglo-American interests in Zambia. However, Zambian culture allows INDOSHI to mourn the dead, but they will analyse the colour & density of his “crocodile tears”.

  116. Elias, your report is one sided! You could do better to be neutral if your reporting has to attract the attention of high calibre people like me and many others out there.

  117. Bembas say “mumbwe ukulila ninshi pali uko ashintilishe amatako”. William Banda?JERABO VIOLENCE are created by RB, the republican president of Zambia, that is why he says nothing publicly about their violent acts, and the police know it that is why the Inspector general of police cannot do anything and that is why it is not possible to have free and fair elections with a president who is intolerant and loves only himself. Anything other than RB in state House is better than living dangerously under RB; even Sata, though he is not the right guy for presidency, is better than RB who creates violence to remain in power. Abash violent RB u r taking us backwards with your violence twanaka nenu bafi colour………. 


  119. They simply want to use chiluba’s death for campaigns.Just like they did on president Mwanawasa’s death.Dr chiluba and Honorable Sata were legendary comrades.Let Hon. Sata mourn his brother and friend.In African traditional society funerals erases all personal differences.If they are fearing to meet him at the funeral house what will happen in the campaign battle fields?

  120. When I come into power, I will re – arrest Chiluba. I will make sure Chiluba dies in prison.

    Chiluba did not only plunder Zambias resourses, he took away Regina from Mr Mwanza.

    End of Qoute.

    These are Words of Love from PF president. Scared to go to the Funeral house because of these words. BY is right. Sata – na has banned him self at the funeral.


  121. Listen “Kaunda next says”: You need to be corrected. SATA is NOT and has NEVER been FTJ’s friend and NOR is he Chiluba’s tribesmate. One can differ with a friend but one never goes to an extent of threatening a “friend to die in prison”. That is Sata at best in the so called democratic Zambia. Besides, Sata is a MWAKYUSA from Tanzania. If Sata were to appear at the funeral, other mourners will be measuring the specific gravity of Sata’s crocodile tears with amusement or shock.

  122. obviously like your website but you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth on the other hand I will certainly come again again.

  123. Hey!!I??ll definitely have to check out Sean??s post. And I love the idea of blogging about a failure and how you learned from it. I??ll have to do that one soon

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