Thursday, February 22, 2024

Some opposition leaders failed to attend burial because they are sick- HH


Dr Chiluba’s children laying wreaths and praying at the tomb during the burial in Lusaka.

United Party for National Development -UPND- President Hakainde Hichilema said some opposition party leaders failed to attend the burial of second Republican President Dr Frederick Chiluba because their health status could not allow them.


Mr Hichilema said only people in good health could manage to attend Dr Chiluba’s burial because the programme was long and strenuous.

Mr Hichilema said he did not want to attack individuals but said the nation knows the opposition leaders who did not attend the funeral of Dr Chiluba.

Mr Hichilema was speaking at a joint media briefing with the All Peoples Congress party – APC- in Lusaka on Tuesday.

The UPND has formed an alliance with the APC.

And Mr Hichilema says the Patriotic Front is no longer popular on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Hichilema says his recent visit to the Copperbelt has shown that the PF has lost ground in the province.

He also urged party members not to fight for positions in the party but concentrate on campaigning ahead of the elections.

And speaking at the same function All Peoples Congress party President Chozi Nguni appealed to all political parties to campaign in a peaceful manner.


  1. But isn’t it primitive and heartless of HH to rejoice in an opponent’s ill health? Would’nt it be more fulfilling to beat an opponent in their fittest form? Or is it that Sata’s state of illness equals HH’s best form?

  2. Why should sick people attend funerals. if they do so we shall demand that they remain at the barial site because we do not want to be frequenting the graveyard more often than not. you see Sata is just honest with himself otherwise he would have collapsed in the heat. the man’s face is falling off. SATA NGAFWA NINSHI NA PF YAFWA. DONT KUFYONO

  3. HH is truly under5,we want mutinta to win the pemba seat then take over the party leadership.Ba UPND,is this what you call real change campain sure?as a youth am really disappointed with your level of thinking.I assure HH that he will never see state hous.You have become a partner in distruction with MMD vuvuzelas.What has FTJ’s burial got to do with Sata’s health?Every negative comment on attacking SATA robbes you over 100 supporters yougman,Grow up

  4. This Hikainde goat is so backwards. Anybody can get sick. Chiluba died because he was sick. So what is so laughable about being sick.

    This is a person who wants to be President? Tonga stu.pidity

  5. Honestly Zambians we need to elect HH..Sata is a Dinasour and his friend RB. look what is going on 4.5 billion in 1 week Chilu plus LP´s 9 billion then soon one of the two…but still more tomorrow is not promisedn to anyone…So HH balla panshi you never know…Sick doesn´t mean dying..and not being sick doesn´t mean not dying! only God knows…God bless the dead!

  6. My question is very simple for those who understand SATA.

    SATA used to say he will reinstate the charges to chiluba once he becomes president. He condemned RB for Chiluba’s acquital. The question is, will SATA successfully campaign in Luapula after stating the propaganda of reinstating charges against Chiluba?
    Can someone please answer my question!!!!

    • Chiluba was not a factor in luapula. You can even see that from the rejection of his rebel MPs  by MMD in luapula. He was going to nothing to change luapula as PF stronghold. 

    • He just wanted the law to take its course and not being aquitted by RB in exchange for campaign. Chiluba was even sidelined by the mmd they realised he not popular(useful) anymore! Thats why he suffered even the attack after meeting the rebel mps

    • Sata and PF do not need Luapula province to win the 2011 elections.All they need in Lusaka,Central,Copperbelt,Part of Western and North Western provinces.

  7. HH shut up…….its not America,this is Africa indeed zambia ,lets love one another even wen we know that u wont get anything this year but a lossing battle u ar fighting…..peace

  8. blali tonga bull ala u saying u wil neva get sick u….wu ar u wu wil neva get sick……shut-up u political propaganda,:-?

  9. Sata is just tasting his own dosage. he has always ridiculed others who were sick. He rediculed mwanawasa that he had brain damage and hence the slurred speach but now it his turn to kick the backet before the polls.Sata said chiluba was lying about the heart conditions now that he has died he has failed to reconcile his statement with the honour of mourning chiluba

  10. that under five did not understand…

    only PF is able to kick out the crooks who plunder Zed

    the same under five privatization thief HH who was busy sharing the loots with chiluba through privatization

  11. I think most of you bloggers are just daft yourselves and u suprise me!!! Can’t u c that MMD wants UPND to fight with PF so that u continue dividing the votes? Check news source (ZNBC), and what do you expect?

  12. The MMD chaps are even laughing when they C ur comments. Playing in their hands. Fools, don’t just open ur eyes, make sure u c as well.

  13. Whoa! what kinda maturity pa Zed!!! HH thinks that being ill = criminality huh? Do you really laugh at people who re not well? I guess he laughed at Mazoka illness too!!!

  14. Why are the Bembas who support pf so thin skinned? Was it not Sata who ridiculed Mazoka about being sick? What about referring to Levy as ‘cabbage’ and calling GK ‘red lipped’ and saying that he will finish arvs meant for poor people? Please lets not have double standards here. Dont dish it out if you cant take it. This is the same mentality that is always accusing UPND of being a ‘tribal party’, but does not wonder why pf cabinet is dominated by Bembas. In any case, HH did not mention any names. If baSatana niwosa dwala and is hale and hearty why the knee jerk reaction from the Bemba supremacist party supporters? HH my brother, continue hammering them about this issue. If Satan is not sick, we will see him jogging around Rhodes Park tomorrow morning with Dr Kaseba.

  15. Now, on a more serious note, it is simply bad to despise others particularly when it is about sickness. I was hurt when Sata said Mazoka’s trousers were sagging. I dont want anyone again to experience that kind of pain. Please stop it. Today its someone else, tomorrow it could be you. While I don’t believe the staement was actually made by HH, the message as presented by ZNBC is meant to hurt others. HH cannot since so low.

  16. HH should be very careful not to stoop as low as those same sick people. When the sick people make such stupid comments people see tham as normal but not expected from a person who we expect to be living modern politics. Careful with the ZNBC coverage.

  17. Iwe number 10, please understand that human life is invaluable! – its incomparable to politics, winning or losing an election, or reinstating charges. As Africans all such stupidity comes after mourning a fellow human being. But mourning is hectic and energy sapping. So, as #8 says, whats laughable about missing a funeral on account of ill health?

  18. OK lets say Sata dies tomorrow. What will HH have to say about the so-called “Some other opposition party Leaders didn’t attend Chiluba’s burial? This is idiocy of the highest order. Who is in opposition here? Is it PF or it’s MMD? What a childish strategy to campaign. Wait until you see PF sailing through.


  20. sata is isck..why shud we beat about the bush..!HH thats the way…pipo ought to know why he didnt come at burila..sata..

  21. # 15 Deja vu,

    You may be from Luapula and may vote for SATA. That is fine, no issue at all.
    That does not answer my question, my question is not about who will vote for SATA; rather it is about Sata being free and successful in campaigning in Luapula, will he???

  22. It is funny how the ‘under five’ is making the kaponyas cry like babies and run home to mummy. It really does cut both ways. Sata and his the past it are the ones who have spear headed this kind of politics into Zambia. The shoe is on the other foot now and some of us have no sympathy for the cobra who now has no venom. It is highly laughable how some people are now trying to paint the snake as the victim when all HH is doing is giving him a taste of his own medicine ( pun intended!).

  23. We need an official confirmation from source of this very sensitive news.
    Was it recorded?
    Otherwise,we must treat this as mere propaganda because i do not see HH in a sober state of mind Knee Jerking himself.
    I’m neutral so far.

    • He did not mention Sata’s name and he was saying this in vernacular, much as Sata has said worse things, but I think apa HH sort of went overboard.

  24. Iwe Ka HH. You Are An Educated Fool. SHOW US THE INVITATION FOR SATA TO ATTEND. The Funeral Was By Invitation If You Can Prove That He Was Invited And Did Not Attend. Kolwe

  25. Moowamasani: Are You In You Right Frame Of Mind, Open You Eyes, The Funeral Was By Invitation Why Didnt You Attend Yourself. Bane Let Us Not Be Cheap. Am Putting Caps So That Iam Emphatic. You Must Be Under Five Also

  26. Looks like most of you don’t want to accept the truth. It is true, HH is right, Sata couldn’t attend the funeral because he is sick.
    He shouldn’t be saying that MMD cadres were going to beat him because if they wanted, they would have beaten him at Mulungushi when he went for body viewing. The man is a patient, just wait and see, very soon he will be in SA

  27. Silly boy who lives in his own world of stupidity. He thinks being young warrants him being entiltled to be Prez for Zed. Whats wrong with being unwell and not attending Chiluba funeral. Mind you there are a lot of people who did not attend his funeral because they found him to be dispicable and his death good riddance.

  28. HH is dull and very childish. No wonder he blew the issue of homosexuality out of proportion just to discredit SATA.

  29. HH, that’s being petty. I now agree you are an under 5 in politics. Concentrate on real issues, and not attacking people’s physical condition or health conditions. You will also fall sick one day, we will make fun of you. I didn’t know you are such a an I.D.I.O.T. So childish. The 20 cows and 400 bags of mealie meal you donated for the funeral will not buy votes !! You are the same I.D.I.O.T who called Chiluba a monkey in a maize field. Now he has become a darling after he has died. Do not get political capital from a dead person. That’s being immoral, and satanic, you F.O.O.L. Talk about how you will create jobs, bring investments,empower the youth, women, and others, than concentrate on personal attacks. Pray that you will never fall sick in your life. *****, FOOLISH CHAP, UNDER 5

  30. If SATA unwell, the best is to accept and pray for him. It will not help anyone to encourage the man to be telling people that he is not sick. Forcing him to claim he is well just because we want him to stand is being like a child who closes his/her eyes when s/he sees a dog as a way of hiding. I repeat if SATA is sick, please let us pray for him, let us not hide because we are not children but adults. We should not be that selfish as to use the man at the expense of his health. No, No, No!!

  31. Mashimba: Don’t Be Childish and Oblivious to reality HH Will Never Rule Zambia. He Is Too Imature By The Time The Boy Is Ready, He Will Be Irrelevant. Don’t Even Think Of Supporting Unprofessional People Like Ka HH: Ka Under Five

  32. Unbelievable cooperation between MMD and HH, I wonder how much they paid him. Now he’ll be at the bar saying “Ha! Me I’m a executive, hehe” what a useless    c o c k

    I thought Sata was threatened with death if he attended the funeral by that retarded baboon WB and the whole bunch of MMD thieves?

  33. Do our politicians really listen to other politicians in the western world when they are campaigning? Its all issue based, not accusations. Its embarrassing that HH is now at the same level as William Banda, Chifire and MMD cadres. HH is an educated man who I respect, but such statements are just unbelievable. The ones dying, no names mentioned here, are the healthy ones with good medical care from abroad. Health of an individual is important, but one should not build a career at making fun of people whether sick or not. Remember it doesn’t only take one to be sick in order die, even accidents kill. Zambian politicians please grow up, not just in age but also in thinking.

  34. Be carefull ba HH, icipompo cilapona ibonge lyashala, ask bembas in your party they’ll explain what I mean. May the almighty God bless & heal ba Sata, AMEN!

  35. ***** hh u a shallow young thief. yo paymaster is gone next its you.people you made suffer with your theft of money from privatisation ll haunt you

  36. SATA is now getting a taste of his own medicine, as much as i hate dirty politics, it goes to say that Sata uses these very tactics, his own ghosts have come to haunt him, unfortunately for Sata he will not be put to sleep at Embassy park but at his farm. HH ur day is coming to mambala.

  37. UPND was once the best party on the land, but now with such rhetoric it seems the goose has cum to roast. HH dont join the bandwagon for the sake of recognition, it does not always work in politics. You should remain focused not this malabbish!!

  38. HH is a political genius. This will force PF to come out in the open and tell us the truth about Sata’s healthy, something they have been denying for weeks. Good move Mr president , you have managed to extract the truth at last. We are loving it! That was a political master class game!

  39. This MMD vuvuzela is such a useless under 5 chap still in political diapers! How you talk so cheaply mwaiche hh!

  40. The problem is that in this day and age in zambia we still rely on hear say. we are like people in the medieval ages. am sure there were cameras at the event, but we will never get to see for ourselves what truly transpired. And we know its reported by ZNBC which twists what people say to suit their agenda so we may never know what exactly was said.

  41. Its not only Sata who is sick. Even this halfcast Mongolian is.He sits near the loo because the stomach is melting due to the acquired………………..a woman in Chilenge just gave him one dose ….just one dose and the man is leaking

  42. SATA is a public figure, why do some people want to privatise him?
    Why do some zambians behave like they own him? SATA being a leader of an opposition in Zambia is a leader for all of us, and we have the right to know what is happening to him. I dont know how much wisdom there is in saying there is no pain when you foot is on fire burning and you feel it.

  43. Hope all of you guyz have seen and judged.HH will never b the president of pa ZED.Look at his face particullary mumenso,he does not look straight.

  44. HaHa is a sick F.U.C.K since when was he given a post 2 register who attends burial or not…anyway even if Sata was very sick tht he cant walk/talk i would still not vote for u because u are a crazy a.s.s traitor.

  45. Can HH please prove to us that he will leave longer than SATA and he will never fall sick if at all its true SATA is sick.. Zambians forget fast,is it not less than 2 months ago Chiluba told the nation he will use both international and local skills to dribble to make sure RB wins this years’ election? and the question is will he do it?

  46. #59 Carol. Maybe you are the one who gave him. How do you know such details? Were you there when they were doing it. Just say, you are sick and you gave it to him.

  47. i meant that is the one who is sick.amenso yali ba bend.his thinking also is bend.
    Just look at how brave and intelligent the in coming president (Chilufya) is..William banda thought he will prevent chilufya from paying his last respect but he was surprised to hear that chilufya went and said goodbye to ftj.shame on you william banda.

  48. HH that is childish talk.Your language now befits your name:Under 5.PF has not been attacking UPND but what is your problem?UPND has lost direction,if at all it had one.Shame on you HH

  49. this HH has become a nonentity  a person full of personal praises he an idio.t who will never ascend to any highest position of presidency in this country…Julius Malema president youth league of ANC is even better politician than this crook who stole money for privatisation meant for the poor…it is just that there is censorship otherwise i have no kind words for this tonga twit!HH is even worse than the mess that the dog leaves on the side walk….what long and strenuous…. were people lifting fire wood?was HH sleeping there?i made a serious mistake voting for this TONGA in 2006…never again we mwana wambwa iwe!!mwana wagalu even RB called this am just repeating…VIVA SATA VIVA PF 


  51. VERY foolish indeed. This is the only cuntry in the world where the ruing party has no opposition. It is the opposition opposing one another. Cant HH call a press brief to address issues such as jobs, roads, taxation etc, etc. I do not think the chap is as bright as we are made to believe. I hope the people of Zambia punish him for breaking away from the PACT with PF. What about the row brewing in Pemba, talk about it instead of halucinating.

  52. Attendance was by invitation only. Whether sick or not sick one needed to be invited. How do you expect the uninvited to attend.? You are too petty bwana. Sata started his PF party from the grass root to where it is today but in your case you inherited upnd party after the demise of great Andy MHSRIP. You are no much to Sata in any way.You came into politics by accident. Upnd will never rule zambia under your leadership try somebody else as upnd leader. You are just too petty. Not even young boys like Patrick Mwanawasa would say, what you are saying. You are not a politician but a farmer. Politics is not about demonising fellow opposition political party leaders but to provide checks and balances on the ruling party. You are in a wrong career basaa.

  53. Aka akumu Tonga ni ng’ombe zoona. As if kena will never be sick. Campaign on issues you cheap *****. Tell us how much you plundered you stupid tribalist. Advocate for the seccession of Tongaland and you will lead your fellow cows. Imbwa yakantu iwe

    • Kafumbe; You are a hungry *****. You sleep hungry and do not even have one Ngombe you bitch. HH does npt need your tongue lash you namazai

  54. Oh my God ! And i thought HH was the only opposition leader with intergrity ? My God i can`t imagine these attributes came from him.I will never look up to this guy again.No ones chooses and wants to be ill ,hence it is unbecoming to try to gain some political milage from other peoples afflictions.

  55. Is HH auditioning for a comedy show? Don’t we have enough comedians in Bikilon and Diffikoti? And this is the guy some people have been saying is educated. What a looney?

  56. HH is foolish. He wants to be President and elects to attack those who are trying to kick out those in government just like himself. HH is just confirming that he is too weak and knows too well that Sata is well ahead of him together his newly established ally RB. Ba UPND you lack focus and you type of campaign is good for the BOAT. Vote SATA, vote the BOAT.

  57. leave HH alone he has a freedom of speech like any1 else..why PF kaponyaz homo lesbians always think whatever they say is right and whatever other say its wrong? come on Sata is the 1 who coined this  typez of politics of attacking other peoples health,,we all know what he said about Mazoka and Mwanawasa,n recently jorge lets Sata face the fate he advocated for. If what sata did to the likes of levy n mazoka was right,why is it wrong for HH to say the same? u Bitter PF ll c whr yo road ll end..MMD nafuti nafuti n Get well soon COBRA.

  58. Vote for Sata & next in December you will have by-election. Just accept that the man is sick. HH just said the truth whether you like him or not. Sata is sick. Heart attack is just like AIDS

  59. HH is just saying the truth. Sata in 2006 urged people NOT to vote for people whose trousers were falling, in reference to Andy

  60. People should be wandering why HH is now seemingly attacking Sata. A less critical person will think HH is doing so because he is an under 5. Far from it. HH has discovered that during the Pact, King Cobra used diabolical cleverness to finnish him. Sata was working with Mmembe and is still doing so to completely obscure HH from the political scenery. It is this discovery of Sata’s trickery that has made HH adopt a tit for tat stance agaist Sata.

  61. Very childish statement to make to one who has the largest opposition party. He is as good as a stateman. Leave SATA alone, if he needs to rest so he can campaign properly so be it. Concentrate on your billions.

  62. Iwe finished chikala Tonga HH, tell us your plan. you dont hold someones life. You think you are fit but i can tell you that your fitness is valueless. How can you diss sickness, you will die before sata i can assuere you. I.diot. F…uck yuo

  63. What do you expect from people who eat nsima with sour meleki? their thinking tends to be always sour, i rest my case.

  64. Who is liying to Hakahinde that he is a God send for Zambia?

  65. Rupia Banda’s Human cruelity has been exposed, thus vote at your own risk.

  66. Imwe ba PF, just get real. HH did not discriminate, scorn or stigmatise the sick. All what he said was that the burial program is long and strenuos and it is difficult for someone who is sick to attend. That is a statement of truth. Since all along you have been claiming that Sata is well why are you so incensed? Are you now admitting that the man is sick?

  67. So HH was doing a row call at the funeral..this is just dirty cheap politics this chap is just as vindictive and useless as that buffoon R. Banda!!

  68. the thugs, the cantankerous PF cadres are now feeling the heat. Chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi, a goat may also reiterate. The truth pains isnt it, PF cadres? Now its HH’s time to bite back the serpent wha has always spat vernom on him.

  69. sata was happy when Mwanawasa was sick and called him cabbage,he called George, ‘RED LIPPED’ and hated our man,son of our province,his excellence the late president Dr.Chiluba and planned to take him to prison.he said even the heart problem was fake.we all know that sata is now sick,he thought he will never be sick.its turn his to dance to the same redicule he made others go through.we are waiting for him to come to luapula and explain why he could not burry our brother.just step aside you mor.on.HH you are right the old donkey is dying,RB is fit so Kaunda

  70. Ba HH my advice is do your home work.Talking about Sata will not help you win the elections.You only have a two months to go and your still dancing in his shoes.Look go to masebo and ask her to join you,she has more than 40,000 + voters.Any talking about others has no vote from my taem.Look RB is now gone,he can not will this election 2011.


  71. I thought the degree clause was intended to bring quality into politics. I now understand that there’s a big difference between education and wisdom. HH is surely not wise though education. Unfortunately for him, leadership requires wisdom.

  72. What a looser! HH is perhaps the most st*upid buffoon on the Zambian political scene at the moment. Look, attendance for scoundrel kafupi’s useless funeral was strictly by invitation. RB deliberately did not invite SATA, hoping that SATA would be tempted to gate-crush the funeral and then RB would set his dogs on him so they can harass and arrest SATA for trespassing. MC is smarter than all of you minions! By the way, ka HH, who doesn’t know that prostitute you are fu*cking? FYI, that whore is HIV+; where does that lead you Mr under-5? Do you still think you will out-live MC SATA? It’s show time, SATA is the next the next President of Zed, you better get used to it!!

  73. HH. you are showing your under five manners. Dont kubeba people will chew your stolen cash and you will cry like KK did in 1991. Pf is forming Govt with Sata as president and you will be inestigated

  74. This is so childish and silly, honestly, if HH had nothing to say he should have just shut up as opposed to saying such “marubbish”. You wonder sometimes what goes on in that Tonga useless head of his, maybe he just “escaped” from a “runyoka” trap and he is confused. Nyele uleke HH, soon your head will look like that of Mwaanga complete with a pot hole above the ear.

  75. How about paraphrasing the headline to “SOME LEADERS WHO ATTENDED THE FUNERAL ARE SICK BECAUSE THEY WILL BE IN OPPOSITTION FOREVER-SATA”. Or better still to “SOME SICK LEADERS ATTENDED THE FUNERAL BECAUSE THEY ARE IN OPPOSITION – SATA”. What gives this little boy the audaCITY to volcalise such rabid trash against MCS. Ninkalipa

  76. #16 Mike Te. Are you reminding us that it takes a thief to catch a thief? In that case, you can also guess what happens when the second thief wins the election.

  77. Ba Patriot no.84 musikuba, you must be a tonga retard trying to defend that asshole HH. For gods sake HH is supposed to be in oppsition.

  78. I am so disgusted by this foo.l they call HH. Didnt this idio.t get it that the funeral was by invitation. And why does he aspire to be a president if he agrees with all MMD does. Why cant this nonenti.ty just join MMD. Hon Malupi and Elias Chipimo at least are not petty

  79. HH to be in Luanshya over the weekend.You are the same person who sold the mine to Binani twashala tulechula.I can assure you that Luanshya is still a very strong hood for PF.Any way come and prove your self wrong.

  80. I have read all comments. It is said and done. HH is still an embroy in the egg. He needs serious incubation before he hatches. Even mwanawasa Junior can do better. Nowander Dora siliaya advise him to stand as a councillor before he attempts Presidence.

  81. This chap is now just an agent of MMD. I regret having voted for him in 2006 and 2008. This time, i shall not waste my vote on him

  82. HH has joined Mumbi, Chifire, Kalonde and Liwekelo or Lifwekesho. This is the group that does not believe in what is legal and unethical. For these people, freedom of speech is synonymous to being unethical. Slander cannot be legal at all, It has been claimed that Sata disrespected Mazoka over his sickness. This is not true at all. It was the MMD, especially Kalumba Katele, who mocked Mazoka’s illness.


  84. HH just learnt from the worst i.e Cobra and is implementing the same campaign strategy used by sick Sata. Go HH go.

  85. HH boofus, its like the immature Hakainde has inhereted the “Thief tag”  and its fitting him very well. I wish he had the charism like Mazoka but he just a thief who made money from stealing from Zambians, responsible for the suffering masses. Anyway its a rubbish story

  86. #31 Fine dont talk about things from ignorance. 2008 Sata said the samethings about FTJ and still got 80% in Luapula. The eulogies atFTJs burial by One Mwansa are personal not by all of us. Even the great Katele does not command Luapula beyond Chiengi. May be you have a Luapula in your head which is ruled by FTJs tribe and relatives

  87. musiye ayende uyo sindiye chipyango, akumpyangila ka gelo kasila ataya \:d/ :)>-
    :d massege from


  88. That the beauty about politics. it bring the real you. If you’re greedy, stupid,unprincipled, bootlicker it will manifest eventually. Ba HH why ama blunders so mudala..?

  89. Imwe bantu, muntu wanu is sick you just want the nation to spend some billions. Sure he can’t not stand the stress at the funerals. The face could tell if you checked closely. HH is doing well to inform us about the actual situation. Sure this election is between RB, HH and possibly Kabimba.

  90. These bembas can insult HH because of their tribal behaviour. They are for being thieves, conmen and lazy. When Sata calls HH names you keep quiet but when HH stands up to say the truth about your sick lord, you start insulting on top of women you are fuc.king. All those insulting HH are embiciles, Sata insults in Bemba and you praise him. Sata is finished chap and if you want him to live longer you can donate your hearts so that we do heart transplant. You Bembas have destroyed our country and very soon will cause trouble in our country. You want to treat other tribes as if they are monkeys that you eat. Your women behave like bitches openning their gates for all men just like your mouths open to insult others. Go to hell if there is one and leave HH alone.

  91. Don`t insult HH. His advise is timely. We do not want another Bye-election. The country has no money to conduct presidential funerals every two years. The constitution is clear, let us have leaders with sound mind not sickly. This year, we are NOT voting sick people. Zambia has no money please! We can insult HH but the truth remains, some opposition leaders are sick and therefore not fit for service.

  92. I would not have said what HH said if i was running for plot one, however i give him a pass due to freedom of speech.

  93. We have given this boy SPEARS to conqure and win elections but im afriad he is still childish,my vote is going to BABWATO.

  94. HH comments just shows how shallow and *****ic minded he is, honestly these comments coming from someone seeking presidential post? who dont get sick? may people in UPND dont get sick. it explains why he is underfive.

  95. HH is now behaving like a retard! Don’t poke fun at your friend’s illness because it might be you tomorrow. Remember how Levy poked fun at Mazoka’s illness; Regina made fun of Levy’s mum’s accident; Sata poked fun at George Kunda’s ‘red lips’…All this negativity comes back to haunt you.

  96. What about organising a lot of patients for a protest at mulungushi over his pronouncements ? Women did it against Mumbi and why not HH ?

  97. 78 The Warrior//: “Sata was working with Mmembe and is still doing so to completely obscure HH from the political scenery”. You have a point my dear. Sata is a liability to Zambia’s political and economic development. He attacks everyone on everything including himself; going by his inconsitency. He attacked, Mwanawasa. He has never given RB time to settle and implement programms. Through the Pact he thought he could finish off HH. Bbelieve you me Zambia’s political system will only mature when this Satan man is out. The man has the characters of both a snake and Satan.

  98. No amont of insults will change the fact that Sata was ill and might still be ill so you dumwit PF cadres plus your MMD allies just live with it. It is a fact and whatever way HH put it, it still remains a fact. You can keep on insulting using different blog names but the truth is it will not affect HH’s popularity in any way. In fact the more you insult the more people will be aware of Sata’s illness and they more they will keep away from voting for him. As for you MMD cadres, tough on you, your ship is sinking in all directions.

  99. If there is any saddist at the moment, it is not HH, but one called Fred Membe. This Fred is twisted from bottom to top. I for one, predicted what is happening now, is some can remember, I warned Zambians over the so called ‘Pact’. I said that the pact had only one evil motive, to seize political power, and that it would then spend their one term fighting each other at the expense of development. Lucky enough, they faught before elections..and they are still reaping each other apart. If you can’t see the confussion now, you will never see anything..worse still, opportunities in life to better youeselves!

  100. HH that is cheap politiking, so immature that even fools like William Banda cant utter such cheap talk.

  101. It is one of the most important qualifications for anybody intending to lead this beautiful nation of Zambia…one has to be of sober mind and in good health. However, I think HH should stop making fun of Sata’s sickness. I wish people should just stop rubbing it in. In mature democracies, HH should have actually gone to see the old man after attending FTJ’s funeral as he is the yournger man. The old and frail actually need love arround them contrary to what is happening now. I hope RB will council HH on our traditions.

  102. The Problem with HH is he thinks by being young, he is the most prefered choice. He is NOT and he will never be. In Sickness or in Good health Mr. Sata speaks for the Masses unlike HH who is self centred and helping MMD. WE shall vote for ba Sata come what may. HH has no chance even to the finished MMD.

  103. Mr HH, yes alot of people who would have loved to attend were in hospitals. Attendence was also by invitaion card. Mr Hakainde I am very disappointed.

  104. HH help himself with Zambia’s privatization says Julius Malema. This guy HH is also a thief.Most of his wealth was acquired thru mismanagement of privatization of the mines. What a leader??

  105. Iwe ka HH, was Mr. Sata invited? Your fellow fools emphasised that attendance was strictly by invitation. Just shut up you stupid brat.

  106. The party in power is busy championing developmental projects such as schools,hospitals and roads.These are issues.At this time,I would appreciate if a leader could talk about important issues,what they gona do for the people if they were elected,not talking cheaply.if you claim to be educated and others not,then give me the substance worth your education otherwise you aint educated.Youngmen,lets learn to use our eyes properly.For me,young politicians aint ready to pick on leadership because even their talk confirms they arent folks to give responsibility.Talk issues.

  107. PF Bloggers, now you realize how silly your Party of Fools (PF) President SATAN has always been. He is the one who has always found joy in seeing others (especially Kunda) to fall sick and even wish him dead. SATAN is now taking his own medicine so you Party of Fools bloggers don’t complain! Sata is indeed a sick man whether you deny it or not. Just accept it and find another leader to lead your party and a grave for SATAN.

  108. HH is an opportunist who thought if he made that donation and was seen at the funeral he would win the hearts of the people of Luapula. What a jerk he is. Does he realise that people made up their minds a long time ago and that Chiluba was not a factor in Luapula? As for thinking PF has lost popularity on the Copperbelt, let him keep on dreaming. Useless under 5 nitwit, nincopoop and bragadoccio.


  110. HH never said those words. LT has been infiltrated by Shushushus and they want to widen the rift between the main opposition parties in order to avoid the pact getting back together.
    However, Sata is not well for sure and no one rejoices over it. We as upnd wish him a quick recovery.

    For you pf guys insulting without getting facts, the only crime HH has commited to you is to refuse to be duped by Sata, to carry Sata to state house! Stop insulting Southerners bakolwe imwe. I can call you anything as an Easterner.

  111. Sata called Levy a cabbage, called Mazoka names. Sata is the problen here. Isnt he the one who said under five? Sata can go to hell, together with his tribal relatives who think their tribe is more important than others. MORONS!

  112. You cant defend sicknes and pretend you are not sick.

    His followers are killing the man if they will continue to force him to pretend for the sake of their selfish ambitions.

    PF are you going to do everything to satisfy your selfish ambitions even at the expense of Mr SATA’s health??

    Now I know that PF cadres have no heart; its fine whatever they do as long as they get what they want.

    My, my!!. All I would advise is that SATA needs medical attention and prayer if he is sick, no pretending. No one has solved problems by pretending they dont exist.

    PF thinking is a sad way of thinking.

  113. HH you are so dull. If you know Sata is sick,why didnt you continue with the Pact?? You could have been the next president. You will never rule coz you are so DULL

  114. Na chilwala ichachine we, what do you want us to say? SATA IS SICK AND TIRED, PERIOD!

    If you love him, ask him to step down now!

  115. AKAWALALA imwe you missed a chance of learning from HH how to make clean money, not stollen money you have you thieves. All you know is stealing, thats why we shall never allow you to rule again. You behave like monkeys, very destructive indeed, ba Lazo imwe.

  116. PF are just after putting a tribes man in state house and nothing else. Who ever is not for that idea is an enemy and is insulted. Let me warn you i.d.i.o.t.s , Sata will never be head of state in this country coz he cant win right now and this is his last try. Stop pushing an agenda for personal gain, to just satisfy your ego. This is a country for all Zambians and not for Bembas only. There are many other tribes in this country and I dont think you can suceed if N/W, Central, Western, Eastern and Southern get together. Very selfish like monkeys, atase!!!

  117. HH what right do you have to talk about Satas health the fact that you were invited kukalilo doesn’t make you a health person . Sata was not invited and he decided to stay way because he is smarter than all of you a F.O.O.LS I ONLY HOPE WE WILL NEVER GET SICK IN YOUR LIFE? who knew that FTJ was going to die ? LEAVE sata ALONE mr health Useless Tonga man

  118. In the garden of Eden, Satan deceived Adam and Eve. Alas! The same snake is still alive today, only his name has been tempered with by dropping the letter “N” from his original name SATAN TO SATA. He wants to deceive Zambians using a devilish looking boat. So, if you see any such a boat, take to your heels and upon finding a clock with hands going backward, check a few meters away and you will see God’s right hand which will lead you to safety!!

  119. #158 Chipuba chamuchalo, no names were mentioned. Why do you conclude that its Sata he meant? Or is it true that he is sick? Anyway, we understand your frustration that Sata is not going to state house coz HH exposed his schemes in the pact. Hate the man but he wants all of you “pick pockets” and Kaponyaz to have a life and stop stealing imwe ba lazo.

  120. We understand PF’s frustration. But wake up guys, your eveil agenda will never succeed. Sata is not more important than the mases. He is just one rotten old thing that needs rest in abundance. We dont wish him ill, its you who are pushing the tired man when his health is failing. You are the ones killing him.Give that man a break, we need him alive as a political comedian!

  121. HH always playing the blame game. Very childish. You are becoming more and more boring.
    If, ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR and PROBABLY STRONGEST OPPOSITION LEADER, Micheal Chilufya Sata, is sick, We are praying for him, and we shall continue praying for him.
    You, yourself can just drop and die with BP (which you probably have because of sleepless nights thinking of ways to attack Sata). You can die before Sata, mind you

  122. PF will welcome anything that can help Sata to win the election.Not too long ago, HH was a darling of these i.d.i.o.t.s who are insulting him now just because he refused to be used by this old rag Sata. Its Sata and his post Mmembe to blame for the breaking up of the pact. They planned it like that but it has backfired on them, no wonder the man is getting sick. Now he regrets having done what he did.The snake is captured by an eagle and has run out of venom. Hahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!

  123. HH has been a good guy but since he has failed to beat his opponents fair and square, he has joined the dirty politics. It is a pity he too takes advantage of every situation in the country. We all know FTJ was a retired politician but it is just not right to politicize everything. I guess he was trying to score some political points by being the chief mourner and donating material things to the funeral. It was not about mourning for him, it was a competition which is quite saddening for him to portray himself in that manner. Let us keep our morals straight for the sake of our country! No need to be so petty!

  124. Good morning,Good afternoon,Good evenining! Country men and women,Mothers and Fathers!
    I just wish to remind you all fellow Zambians that Even the late “Doc of corruption” didn’t attend Levy’s burial he was comftably sitting at his former kabulonga house watching the procession on TV. Though i cant tell to whom ka HH was referring to in his statement, if he meant SATA then i,m disappointed with him.Why for sure should he make a Milage out of state funeral. By the way the burial attendance was by invitation, if some one was not invited by the Government of thieves for the poor zambians. Start talking about real issues. Grow up HH.

  125. I dont have anything against Sata as a human being. My concerns are his education background, his dictatorial tendencies and now his failing health. He is a threat to our democracy.

  126. Iwe Jackal #166, FTJ and HH were neighbours seperated by a wall fence. In any case, its a Tonga tradition to donate to a funeral if you can. HH donated 20 cows when Natala died in Mzbk, where Bembas stayed for four more days after the funeral enjoying T-Bone.

    There is absolutely no political mileage to gain there. You are indeed a jackal if not a hyna if thats your mentality. In any case of all the opposition president, its only your sick president who wasnt there.Were they all gaining political mileage nonsense you are talking about?

  127. Tracy @165, what was your reaction when Sata called G.Kunda “ka red lips Kunda”. Or ist it that Sata has the imunity, can talk ill of others and no one should say anything about him? Babe you need a serious talk.I will need your phone number babe!!!!

  128. I call upon Sata’s children to ask him to step down if they dont want to be orphans so soon.

    These i.d.i.o.t.s pushing him will remain enjoying themselves. His health is more important that the tribalism agenda being pushed by the bembas.

  129. Country men and women, the important lesson we ought to take from HH’s statement is that we consider the health status of a Presidential aspirant when voting. From a pragmatic point of view, spending Zambia’s already limited tax revenues on a state funeral and presidential by-election is a waste of resources and significantly undermines national development. Should the masses choose to ignore this fact, they should also be willing to bear the burden of higher income taxes… In sum, Zambians need full disclosure of the presidential candidate’s health condition (s) and, physically fit individuals to serve in the extremely challenging portfolio of Republican President…

  130. Mr. President (HH), at one point I thought you were a brilliant and upcoming leader. But this! This is just below you. Surely you can do better than that, Hakainde. What has happened? What a tragedy for Zambia, my beloved country!!

  131. If for sure SATA is sick, there is no logic in PF continuing to push him against the wall.

    If PF thinks that is logic, then EITHER I am unwise not to understand the logic because I call it selfishness OR the whole PF cadre community is unwise. If i am found to be unwise, the impact is little because I am alone. But if the entire PF is unwise then it is sad because the impact is big as they are quite a number.

  132. Pf is no more 2nd largest party from time cnbra chased 20 MPs he remained with 23. UPND 25. The insults from pf cadres a the result of hatrade by this leader, cobra hates Tonga he called HH to go to his small tribe. Bembas a very good people but cobra is very poorly minded.very violent oriented. KK was very good president he said cobra had no qualities for state house

  133. #174,what could be your basis of saying Sata is sick?Is it rumour or speculation?Do you have authentic medical evidence for you to be so sure of his sickness?If he is sick,what exact illness is it?Otherwise in the absence of valid evidence then the whole write up is mere speculative or rumour based…no good for talking

  134. You are ALL BIG LOUD VUVUZELAS. Is it true that MCS is sick? We need to get to the bottom of this HH statement…SICKNESS!!!

  135. #175 wise

    I dont live or interact with SATA at personal level; I hope you are not assuming that we know each other with Sata.

    So the only way for me to know he is sick is to hear from others. That is why, if you have been reading all my postings, i have indicated that “IF IT IS TRUE SATA IS SICK..”. I wonder whether you are reading or guessing, because if you were reading you would not have shocking people here with the question you have raised. You question must have shocked every reader who woke up well this morning.

  136. This is petty and immaterial from someone craving for Plot1. We are fed up of personality politics! Let the campaigns be issue based. Whether from RB, HH or Sata, we need mature issue based campaigns. These parties must tell us what they shall do for the poor Zambian once elected. Issues on how to reduce poverty, improve our infrastructure countrywide, developing a proper manufacturing industry, ways of increasing the tax base, revamping our educational system, improving civil servants conditions of service, creating jobs etc…

  137. Look at ftj and levys histories.i beliv sick pipo rule better.i pressume this tym its micheal.guday.

  138. HH under five leave Hon SATA alone, whether sick or fit we’ll vote for him not you. We don’t want job on training as you are.Viva Pa Bwato, Viva Hon SATA Viva PF

  139. It’s becoming interesting.The truth hurts and besides HH did not mention anyone by name but if we know who he meant then judging from the reaction ,HH hit the bull’s eye.To prove who is healthy i propose a 100m race for all the aspirants on condition that there will be ba Med Rescue to evacuate those who will run only 3m to millpark hospital.
    no.175 you are spot on.Ba PF enjoy the nite

  140. The truth of the matter is comrade sata is chronically sick. They had a meeting where they resolved not to attend the funeral. But sata sneaked and went for body viewing. Another guy, Lubinda sneaked and went to embassy park for burial. Now who was fooling who? Was chiluba’s funeral another NCC? Mwanya, NO votes this time around.

  141. Interesting indeed how PF kaponyas have been agitated by HH. He is just smart. Those who are insulting Tongas and other tribes are putting themselves in direct confrontation with God. I can only wish them luck. VIVA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  142. Stupid hungry Bemba kaponyas who are migratory like bushmen. They run from their poor ancestral lands going all over Zambia more specially Southern Province. Go stay in ypur Province you *****s

  143. HH is a bafoon i stop supporting a stupid baffoon.Why and how can someone seeking the highest job speak like from down behind.Stupid *****.Under 5.And you wanna be President?Some of these guys won’t rule Zambia.We’ve graduated we are now coming to vote.Not toucHHole.
    ToucHHole is an amateur who would be busy laughing at bedriddenpeople

  144. ba HH, instead of concentrating on removing RB from office, you are busy attacking your counterparts in the opposition….come on be serious….channel all your energies kuli RB…THINK MA’ F*****

  145. Come on Zambians, don’t you think the health of someone aspiring for plot 1 is important? Sata himself was so concerned about the health on Mr. Kunda & its not a secret to what lengths he went on the VP’s health. We need to have a person in good health in plot 1. I can only wish MC a quick recovery & that we should have a medical exam to declare someone fit before nominations.


  147. Sata is a public figure and therefore if he is not well we have the right to know. He has always wanted other leaders to come out in the open if not well. I’d rather he tells me the truth if he wants my vote else I’m tired of presidential funerals and mourning periods which gobble tax payers money. We still want more money in our pockets but will definitely not be able to get it from an ailing being.

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