Zambia has no intentions of integrating refugees

Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Ndiyiyo Mutiti talks to regional chiefs of defence forces in Mansa

Home affairs Permanent Secretary Ndiyoyi Mutiti says government has no intentions of integrating refugees in the Zambian society.

Ms.Mutiti said integrating refugees in society can be done once a policy decision is made by government.

She said ministry has no immediate plans for refugee integration as earlier suggested by stakeholders during the world refugee day celebrations in Lusaka last June.

The permanent secretary told ZANIS in Lusaka today that it is not automatic that when you become a refugee you have to stay in that country.

She said that currently government is working closely with UNHCR on the process on repatriation alone.

Ms. Mutiti has charged that government wants to reduce the number of refugees as soon as possible.

She has since appealed to refugees to consider returning to their home country during this repatriation and cessation period.

The cessation period for refugees from Angola ends on the 31 of December and the cessation period for all refuges in Zambia ends on the 31 of December 2011.

She said that all refugees should be in camps unless those who have applied for work permit or to conduct businesses.

“No refugees are allowed to make business outside the refugee camps without a permit from relevant officials.

She added that professional refugees are free to apply for work permits in their different fields.

When asked about refugees married to Zambians, Ms. Mutiti said once a policy decision is made refugees married to Zambian can opt to or not to go with them to their country of origin.

She charged that there is no law allowing refugees who are married to Zambians to stay in the country on such a condition.



  1. those married to zambians govt has to make conditions we cannot leave it open like that the citizens will be abused by these refugees

  2. :d yes because we’re already being abused by the congolese , chinese , indians , nigerians and now south africans …. Angolans shud try namibia, zambia is already full of wheelers and dealers haha 

  3. I can’t pick any constructive comments for # 1, 2, 3, and 4 all of you useless comments you must understand that these pipo in question are fellow human beings with human rights only separated from being Zambian by boarders. What we should not forget is that we need foreign participation in growth of our economy. Neighbours play an important role to this landlocked s.t.u.p.i.d country of RB

  4. I’m not sure what the policy is now (….and apparently, neither is the PS), but in the mid-1990s it used to be that if a refugee woman married a Zambian man, she could become Zambian and remain in the country. If, on the other hand, a refugee man married a Zambian woman they would have to live in the refugee camp and eventually go back to the country of origin. Clearly, this policy was a case of gender discrimination.


  6. Any refugee married to a zambian should be treated like any other zambian.Lets have a human heart and treat people with needs as fellow humans unless of course they are a security threat or have criminal intent.

  7. Surely young Zedians rush to marry South Africans, Americans,Australians, who are we in Zambia? Let them live in peace and most of them were born in Zambia. Naimwe you can be like them. It should not even have come out of her mouth. alitumpa sana uyu mwanakashi.  They are refuges and some can even be better than most of us. On this forum most of the comments are coming from Zambians overseas or overland which means you are not in Zambia.

  8. Of all policies this on is the most inhumane, they are human beings some of them were born in refugee camps and have lived there for a good 20 years. Where do you want them to go??? even in the UK if you live there legally for 10 years they grant you citizenship. They have records all those who have stayed for 10 years and more should be given an option of either taking full citizenship of leaving the country.

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