World Bank commends Zambia’s new brand name

New slogan "Let’s Explore Zambia" , replacing the old "Zambia the Real Africa"
New slogan "Let’s Explore Zambia" , replacing the old "Zambia the Real Africa"

THE World Bank has said the launch of Zambia’s new tourism brand name and slogan ‘Let’s Explore’, will increase foreign currency earnings and make the country a preferred tourism destination.

World Bank senior private sector development specialist Marie Sheppard said Zambia’s new brand is a creative innovation that will attract more tourists from across the globe.

Ms Sheppard said the tourism sector will generate more jobs for the locals as more local and foreign tourists sample the unexplored tourism sites.

She described the re-branding initiative as a potential foreign exchange earner, saying many people will visit areas they have never seen before resulting into more viewing of wildlife and waterfalls among other tourist attractions.

The country had been marketed for over 30 years under the brand name and slogan ‘Zambia the Real Africa’, which has since been replaced with ‘Let’s Explore Zambia’ as of last week.

“The re-branding of ‘Zambia the Real Africa’ into ‘Let’s Explore Zambia’ is timely because even before the brand was launched, over 10,000 people across the world participated in the initiative during the pre-launch period,” she said.

She said the World Bank was one of the partners the Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) engaged in coming up with a new brand for the sector.

She said the sector will flourish under a new brand name but urged Government to ease the cost of doing business, which is still high for most tourism operators.

Ms Sheppard said doing business in the country is still high considering the poor state of the road network and lack of air transport to tourism attraction areas.

She said frequent changing of policies such as taxes, visas and levies in the sector are making it difficult for the tourism operators to price their products favourably.

“The poor state of Zambia’s roads in most tourist attraction areas is negatively affecting tourism operators who are currently struggling to price their products so that they can attract more local and foreign tourists,” she said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Branding is just one section of marketing. I was about to castigate the World Bank rep for the wrong comment but I realise its daily mail which concentrated on the wrong point. What is important here is to consider the advise about the cost of tourism in Zambia. The road infrastracture and the general tourism marketing is poor.

  2. Do we need the World bank to advise on tourism? This is one sector which we can manage independently. We just have the wrong people managing this sector. We do not advertise our country properly. Look at Tanzania for example, they have massive bill boards in JHB. One at the main entrance of OR Tambo.  We ca not even advertise in our own country.When you arrive at our main airport, the main bill boards is for MOSI and Cell phone companies. Almost all packages for Zambia are managed by foreign entities and all the monies are paid directly to their companies outside Zambia. 

  3. I must say this is a much better slogan. Whoever coined the ” Zambia the real Africa” must have been lazy and shallow in thinking and I wonder why it has taken them so long to fix or correct that.

    Everybody knows that Africa is poverty, Africa is war, Africa is high crime, Africa is corruption, Africa is backward. Africa is primitive, Africa is underdeveloped  and the list goes on…. ..and then to wake up and say “Zambia the Real Africa”  was the most s t u p i d  thing an organisation can use to brand the country. How dull  


    • I think VJ Rigger is correct, what does that sun above Zambia words means, is it the real sun or the symbol of the freemason. let us not bring evil worship publicy.

  5. That is a lot of wishful thinking, would see Zambia as a tourist destination? The country has nothing riddled with thieves, the posterity of Zambia are heading out of it, and that is a fact. Funny how the majority of people blogging here are aboroad and yet cowardly defend the country they are not living in, without explaining why? No one one wants to live there, if one fails in Europe then they go with the tail betwen their legs to Zambia because its not worth living in. No decent jobs, corruption full of racketeers with eccentric behaviour.


    • If you do not love yourself you will find it difficult to love and appreciate others. You seriously need help because a normal person cannot despise and insult his/her origins. Zambia defines who you are and what you are now is as a result of what Zambia made out of you.

  6. She said frequent changing of policies such as taxes, visas and levies in the sector are making it difficult for the tourism operators to price their products favourably.

    These are changes by MMD crooks in RBs GRZ in oder to steal. That is what we are saying. RB is a good bussinessman, not a leader. He only thinks short term to make as much money as possible. He would rather sell Zambias inheritance and showoff the proceeds of that sale then build something that will benfit Zambia in the long run. 20 yrs of this MMD GRZ and we still have the problems aforementioned. Only change will bring about change of midset towards longterm development

  7. The logo, brand name and slogan, the whole campaign is beautiful stuff. Congratulations. But I hate the World Bank with a passion. They’re a bunch of sleezy, thieving magg/ots with a selfish agenda that aims to keep the poor in mind (though rich in mineral and other resources) begging and pleading from them. I dont know why we have them operating here these flies on feacees, together with their disgraced IMF. You imperialists are nothing more than savage rapists, almost to the extent of cannibalism. How you can sit back and relax in your luxury mansions and executive cars while the poor dig mineral ore for a poultry taxed salary due to principles you embiciles propagated, without remorse or shame, has got to be one of the devil’s source of pride in a lost species called mankind. Prikcs

  8. We love Zambia, and we are doing just fine. I have plenty of European friends who have come to settle here for good, and they agree, zambia is paradise in the making! Mushota, you will die depressed in the wilderness…..

  9. A lot of Aficionados will tell you everything about the country the beauty etc, like Lasa Lasa , why concentrate on the good things only?

    Every time I have stepped foot on Zambian soil, I have felt ill, lethargic, with regret. The hospitals are scary and those nurses work thyere look incompetent to say the least. At one time my grandmother was admitted and shouted to by this Tonga nurse, I cant remember her name now. Tongas are a disgrace and they are the most annoying, immigrants that ever came to Zambia. All the Tonga remnants in our country have traits from Nigeria and they are a disgrace

    That investment and logo above is useless, and my fiancé could draw a better logo with one hand, and one eye open. Someone please pass the puke bucket! Thanks

    • shame on u mushota! thats an unfair way of describing the tongas. u and i both knw that its not every tonga that behaves in such a manner. believe me, am not tonga, but come from the north. my best friend is tonga, so is my boss! and they are both good. not only that, ive stayed with them in southern province, of course some were mean upon hearing the language i was speaking but i can not say all of them are mean. these same tribalistic remarks are contributing to our underdevelopment as a country because it is people like u who vote on tribal grounds instead of voting for people who can move this country forward.

    • Mushota, you are a big fool. Your granny died because she had an incurable disease, period. And which school did you go to to the extent that you dont know that Tongas were the first to set foot in Zambia and that they are about the only group to have moved from wherever purely for adventure. No wonder they got the best parts of the land. Grow up mwaiche.

  10. I love the brand and a few Aussie friends of mine say its COOL. Quntas will soon introduce a flight from Perth to Lusaka…

    I love to be Zambian

  11. Very simple and easily remembered. That’s what branding is all about it should be followed by a well thought out long term marketing campaign. I will definitely be exploring after I cast my vote.

  12. This is a good brand :) Please now back this up with good infrastructure to support tourism. Do not expect tourists to drink contaminated water or use pit latrines.

  13. As long as our roads remain bad with too many accidents and our cities filthy and our food and accommodation and transportation remain very expensive, the logo will do nothing. The logo too is not all that impressive. I could have done a better one. anyway, it is better that Zambia the real africa.

  14. Mushota. *********** ***. I hate you so much I wish I could wrap my thick fingers around your neck and watch you beg for you pathetic life. Zambia is a lovely country with lovely people and you and you pig for a fiance can take it from us. I used to like the old ‘Zambia the real Africa’ since that what real tourists come to see and not the sex tourists like Mushotas overweight, micro penis fiance who come to recruit an sex slave in Zambia.

  15. Further more, nice brand though and good work to ZNTB. Ba Government should work at making Zambia less expensive for tourists and its own citizens can start enjoying the benefits of this elusive economic boom.

  16. Mushota, you say you pig friend can draw better? I am sure he makes a great artist in the toilet bowl after a bout of diarrhea from you lousy cooking or after he spanks all over your face. 

  17. This is one of the few times I have agreed with “Mushota” – but this blogger is actually male, the relative of an MP who is a senior member of an opposition party in Zambia, whose mddle initial is L.

  18. Mushota , all is not lost ……yes we still have pot holes on our streets and yes we have one digit inflation and yes we have some developments taking place. They may not be to our expectations but we are able to survive here in Zambia. I know of some of my friends trooping into Europe and US for vacation from Zed….. What am saying is though we not yet reached the promised land we have started off , what we are looking forward to is somebody to speed up the process.

  19. Lets Explore:
    our land for oil
    technology – let’s innovate in something, anything.
    energy – go full force with clean hydropower
    engery – pioneer in electric cars; we have all the power we need
    arts – can we make a movie please.

  20. Zambia the real Africa was the best…… There is no inovation in “Let’s Explore”. Why change when tourists want the real part of Zambia and not the lifestyle of Lusaka….

  21. Congrats ZNTB! @19 this logo came from someone like you. There were adverts for people to submit and we shall presume that this was probably the best among those submitted. Write to ZNTB and find out when they intend to review this logo and that will be your chance to put in yours.

  22. I kind of like the the new slogan. We have had the same one for a long time and the change is long overdue. It shows that there are people working and not dwelling on innuendos and insults. I love my country and I believe the the next wave of economic development will take place in Africa. After all it is one of the continents with an abundance of untapped natural resources. The drawing of the falls on the left side just melts my heart …  

  23. Was that logo taken out of a kindergarten school? Come on Zambians, we can do better. That drawing is ugly. My four year old boy could have produced something better than that sketch of a drawing. ZNTB should replace its marketers with immediate effect. Very embarrassing…!

    • “KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid”, that’s the whole point easy for you to remember…..look at the best Global brands in the world even your 4 year old  boy can do better than the Coke, McDonalds, Apple etc

  24. #28 Mr Capitalist, can you comment on the Scrap Metal Ban Export threads. It is an economics story lets hear you take on that one. Stop hiding on useless thread like this one 

  25. I like the new logo – it shows that Zambia can be a fun wonderful place. The “Let’s Explore” tag line is also working on curious minds.

    Well done! What is next, what shall we change next?

  26. There are many types of people. There are people who grow up deprived and dream about going abroad as an achievement. There are also that type with an infiriority complex, the type that worships white people. There are also those that have found themselves abroad, not by hard work or because of school, but because of prostitution and drugs. The types above are so ignorant, that if they had a way, they would peel off their skin, but guess what?..they are still what they are. They are so miserable because they try so hard to identify themselves with success. Any normal thinking Zambian knows that there are opportunities here and if one works hard enough, there is no better place to be like being ….HOME!

  27. Refreshing logo….how on earth ZNTB retained a logo for 30 years only god knows, changing the logo is one thing, I hope this brand change is also accompanied by change of attitude, more creative sustainable policies and bold marketing campaigns complimented by a professional interactive “easy to navigate” website. I also hope ZNTB abandons its boring pointless global elitist annual milk rounds and think out of the box for a change…i remember 10 years ago the South African Tourist Board advertising on a third of Britain’s Black Cabs to accompany their new campaign or Tanzania’s NTB advertising in smaller English Premiership stadia a lot of money but good investment when Global TV audience is considered especially when big 4 teams are playing there. 

  28. By the way don’t take what these “bean counters” at the World Bank and IMF say at face value, they are largely sponsored by their paymasters the Americans and the Europeans, hence the have their best interests at heart not you!!!

  29. This logo is fresh unlike the old one that depicted Zambia as the real Africa along with its connotations of poverty, disease, etc. Thanks ZNTB!

  30. To all those moaning and complaining about how your “loved ones” can do better where they hell were you last year when ZNTB invited you lot to submit designs for a new logo…at times learn to give gratitude where it due and stop being negative its but or the environment!!

  31. `Graet and Refreshing Brand name! May we know who came up with the idea please so we pat them on the back. I kow cynics like one DINX can see the sense in what madam Shepard is talking about because they think this a political move by the MMD. I am not ashamed to say that i submitted my idea of the rebranding last year and i now know why my idea was not taken on! Congrats ZNTB.

  32. I love the logo and the new brand power!!!!! soft of the eyes.. beatiful to real makes you shed a tear and miss the lovely landscape we have……

  33. looking at the slogan it says “zambia let us explore” instead of “lets explore zambia”. is it talking to foreign tourists or local tourists. as far as I am concerned both are important but we need more dollars. my point is that the visual effect on the logo may work againist us without any intention to do so. take the line “lets explore” up above the “zambia”. otherwise the branding idea is great and we should do more. guine and gambia advertise on bbc.ccn. aljezira and sky, tanzania, botswana, kenya have billboards all over africa even in zambia promoting tourism and investment in their countries. i think we can do better or else mushota will rise above us

  34. the artwork is like that of a 10 year old and “lets explore” sounds like a phrase by a bunch of doubtful mineral exploiters

  35. Dear bloggers. forgive the misgivings of my fiancee. I took her from Zambia promising her good life but now reaping money from her as I pimp her off to my many friends who are happy with her BJ skills and meticulous bednometry prowess. Right now she in a three some with my neighbour and his dog. THANKS

  36. Mushota you really sound unexposed! To you UK is heaven on earth. What have tongas got to do with this article. I guess you are either bemba or from luapula, right? You are complaining of corruption and theft in Zambia——and yet you know that your tribe has played a huge role in destroying our country. Tongas are very harding working and respectful people. And Southern province contributes a lot to the the Zambian economy. Come to the Silicon Valley in California and see what tongas are doing in terms of inventions. By the way i am not tonga and i have a lot of respect for tongas

    • The little cow is a bitter troll who has some issues…staying in a crappy dreary place like Scotland with her silly jock boyfriend is one of them!!LOL!

  37. I luv the slogan, in fact i setting it as my computer background.Excellent job ZNTB.
    Mushota the english man.You are not normal judging by what you writs.You are dellusional and you have fright of thoughts and that makes you a typical psychiatric case.You better check in the next psych clinic.Pity you.

  38. Lovely new logo.
    …#6 Freedom , I remember when ‘zambia the real africa’ replaced ‘zambia in the sun’ . I think a competition was held, or something like that , and i thought at the time that it was a sh,.t replacement and the old one was better.! …… But this new one’s simply good !

  39. I have just learnt that Mushota is a product of an unwanted pregnance. She used to stay in Kaunda Square in Lusaka before she met a middle aged disabled white fella in Livingstone. The white fella took her to scottland where I am told, she abandoned him and married somebody else. Before that, she was co-habiting with a certain Mulenga who made her pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage and was abandoned and neglected by this Mulenga. A close friend, who is a nurse at an institution in Scottland revealed that she is a show-off and is a problem with fellow migrants. I will update you more on her personal details later.

  40. Mushota, a lot of your comments I disregard, and many times, I end up more angry at the people, usually men, who reply to you with obscenity and wishing violence upon you. But, I’m dating a Tonga man, and I can’t not speak up about your tribalist comments. It’s foolish to be tribalist in the first place, and anyway, the Tongas have done well in Southern province without anyone’s help. Their culture has avoided some of the problems of other tribes. Also, I’m a muzungu dating a Zambian man, and you’re wrong about white men being better! I like me my Tonga man, and I got no reason to leave him for such a boring man as you have. TWALUMBA.

  41. Way to go Zambia, let’s have more communication and environmental improvements to attract our would be tourists.
    Maria @18, using pit latrines could also be part of exploring……….lol

  42. #6 You  are a brainwashed imbecile whose stinky should never be allowed to s.h.-it in Africa! if you are black you suffer so muuch from an inferiority ccomplex you hate your skin colour. have you ever done social science? you have never! That iswhy you use insulting terms so loosely. what is primitive Who determines it? Someone in europe has told you that africa is backward and you accept it? No social scientist uses those words in thisage. A little education is dangerous.  If you want some free education: Zambia the real Africa was aimed at the tourists who value and want the thrill of virgin or wild Africa of whom there are plenty in the world. I would like to meet you face to face and teach you a lesson hide yourself. Just let me meet you brainless nincompoomp

  43. #6 You  are a brainwashed imbecile whose stinky should never be allowed to s.h.-it in Africa! if you are black you suffer so muuch from an inferiority complex you hate your skin colour. have you ever done social science? you have never! That is why you use insulting terms so loosely. what is primitive Who determines it? Someone in europe has told you that africa is backward and you accept it? No social scientist uses those words in thisage. A little education is dangerous.  If you want some free education: Zambia the real Africa was aimed at the tourists who value and want the thrill of virgin or wild Africa of whom there are plenty in the world. I would like to meet you face to face and teach you a lesson. DON’T hide yourself. Just let me meet you brainless nincompoomp

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