Supreme Court clears Dora Siliya over Zamtel deal

 Education Minister Dora Siliya
Education Minister Dora Siliya

The Supreme Court has cleared Education minister Dora Siliya of allegations of breaching the constitution by turning down the attorney general’s advice regarding tenders to evaluate Zamtel assets, when she served as Communications and transport Minister.

This is an appeal case filed by former Transport Minister William Harringtone.

The appeal was heard by a panel of five Supreme Court Judges.

These were Deputy Chief Justice Irene Mambilima, Judges Lombe Chibesakunda, Marvin Mwanamwambwa, and Hilda Chibomba and retired Supreme Court Judge Sandson Silomba.

Judge Mwanamwambwa delivered the judgment on Friday on behalf of other Supreme Court Judges.

He dismissed five out of the seven grounds of appeal raised by Mr Harrington.

Judge Mwanamwambwa also cautioned lawyers against making imputations that judges are biased when cases are not adjudicated in their favour.

In June 2009, Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda reversed the Judge Dennis Chirwa tribunal ruling that Ms Siliya breached the constitution by defying the Attorney General’s advice on the award of tender to evaluate Zamtel assets.

And Dora Siliya, who is MMD Spokesperson, has challenged people on the Copperbelt to take advantage of the available business opportunities to develop themselves.

Ms Siliya says the MMD government has put in place a number of business interventions Zambians can exploit to develop themselves.

She has cited the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission and Youth Empowerment Funds which local people can access and create wealth for themselves.

Ms Siliya was speaking in Mufulira on Friday when she addressed a public meeting meant to explain to the people the achievements of the MMD government.

The meeting which is being held at Mufulira High School has been attended by civil society, the church, civil servants and the general public.

She also says the Ministries of Community Development and Gender have enough funds which can be used by women interested in form clubs and associations.

Ms Siliya has called on people on the Copperbelt to judge the MMD government based on what it has done for the people of Zambia instead of using emotions to effect change.



  1. Stop wasting our time. Our Judicial system is outta rubbish. Wait see what will happen in the next Govt

  2. Yes courts also cleared Chiluba but we know in our hearts Criminals walk and God always vidicates us…

  3. What did you expect from Supreme court at this time with elections rooming, Dora to be convicted? Ha that’s a non starter. As usual bought out acquittal!

  4. Our Judiciary is compromised, end of story. If the boot was on the other foot, say Mpombo was being tried for the same the verdict would have no doubt gone the only way we know it would have……the executives way, full stop!! Anyway, every Dogra has its day.

  5. this is good news..too much loss for PF joined the wrong crew of money launderers..

  6. Do you honestly expect Dora Siliya, RB’s girlfriend to be found guilty by RB’s courts and judges? It was all a waste of money and time to have taken this to supreme court. Only dull Harrington expected a win from that.

  7. Corrupt Justices! What are the individual legal opinions of each judge? Did they all come to the same conclusions? Whatever Justice Mwanamwamba read was a summary. A Supreme court is supposed to be detailed in its judgement. For God’s sake theses id…iots should understand that their rulings are basically the final interpretations of the law….They basically create a body of reference!

  8. Chief Puta of Bwile people in Luapula province have you heard that Dora is cleared of all corruption charges. What about your son Dr. Kalumba.

  9. PFs lawyer is Mr. Wynter Kabimba who is rumored to have never won a case in the courts of law and is famous for the disappearing act he performed during one of Mr. Mpombo’s court case. PF saying the judiciary is corrupt is as good as drinking poison.

  10. I hope the courts somewhere up above are still being conducted just like they had a different outcome for Kafupi, poor people are dying day in day out and criminals are getting richer with the blessings of the Judiciary. Kafupi never spent his 8 million USD which is in the Government account…or maybe not.:-?:-?\:d/\:d/

  11. Please do not grow weary as this aquittal is only but temporal. Dora Sility and Recycle Bin (RB), will dance pelete sooner than later. Just continue watching this space my friends. The wind is blowing and we’re reclaiming what’s truelly ours.

  12. The judiciary of zed is fake,it is not independent all and it is controlled the the bwezani of this what is so special about the aquittal when every one knew about the outcome.

  13. rubish judges who will never do their on judgement but commanded what to say and justify it through fake advice.

  14. Sadly the High Judge himself mentioned how the judicial system is perceived by normal people. So, these guys know what they do and how they have failed to render true justice in the nation. I would rather use local courts or my esteemed chief Kazembe to adjudicate my cases.

    Already RB is working on Katele’s case and they about to clear him just to win a vote in Chienge. And you call that justice? What a sham of a nation. Sometimes you would think the young woman, if she is truly a woman, in Scotland is right to say what she says about Zambia.

  15. I ****ed Dora….she’s so sweet, muleumfwakofye mwebantu…..chipata women are so sweet….alifundwa dancing… not sure of the reasons why Chisha Folotia decided to part company… sure he misses her dearly….

    Dora… bravo!! uli musikana….so sweet and cultured..

  16. 25-Mudala ufwile walipiba sana-chimama chobe chi Dora chili nakamubili wee-too much fats pa body, you must be a very strong kalume uchinasha!!!

  17. #25. I hope you used two condoms at a go. If not, you must be very brave and courageous. One condom cannot withstand the kind of rigorous and vigorous dancing you are describing. With Eastern power, it easily breaks and leaves you with no protection.

  18. the entire bench of the supreme court needs to go. its disgraceful. where is the logic here? ministers take the role of the civil service and somebody says its okay! no wonder the chienge mmd cadres are demanding acquittal of their jailed mp becuase how do you justify such judgements? god serve mother zambia.

  19. the bench have categorically forgotten that one of theirs was hounded out of her post as ECZ chairperson for single sourcing KPMG auditing firm just for a paultry 1 billion and smart siliya today stands cleared for “NULLITY” and Capital fimo fimo not mentioning the saga at the lusaka international airport. If there is a country where justice is seen to work for and against the citizens just because of status difference in society, zambia stands out.
    there will be weeping and mourning as it was in the days of noah when the flood came suddenly, so shall it be with the mukukulu’s. starting with the very rotten bench. they have forgotten that mathew ngulube had to resign because of akanono from the one who bought 150 pairs of custom made eliganza’s and notuma suit. ati 2 inch heel?

  20. “He dismissed five out of the seven grounds of appeal raised by Mr Harrington.” what happened to the other two?

  21. #26 & 27..Thats common sense not usually common, in my case, I ensured six condoms, but as already said, eastern power is just too much to contain…I felt like I hard it live…..she really knows her job…!! Incredible lady….God give her more days…:)

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