Attack on Muvi TV Journalists condemned

Citizens Forum Executive Secretary Simon Kabanda

The Citizens Forum has condemned the beating up of a Muvi TV news crew by suspected MMD cadres and has challenged President Rupiah Banda not only to condemn act but also act on the matter.

Yesterday, suspected MMD cadres in Nakachenje area in Lusaka west beat up and grabbed equipment from a Muvi TV news crew that went to interview a woman, who was attacked by the same cadres after they earlier encroached on her land.

Citizens Forum executive secretary Simon Kabanda says the MMD government should prove its commitment to fighting violence in the country by punishing perpetrators of violence.

Mr. Kabanda says condemning violence without action is not enough especially by the ruling party which is supposed to lead by example.

He explains to QFM that the MMD, being the party in power,should ensure that journalists in the country are protected in their day to day operations.

Mr. Kabanda says political party cadres behave the way they do because they are told to act in such a manner by their leaders.

He has further advised all political leaders in the country to discipline their cadres who perpetrate violence to avoid confusion in the country.

And UPND Lusaka province youth chairman, Brian Mizinga says political parties should see journalists as stakeholders in national development and not as enemies.

Mizinga says it should be realized that if journalists are harassed, the country will not be provided with accurate information.

He appeals to Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde to constitute a team of police officers to carry out investigations in the matter and arrest the culprits.



  1. All well meaning Zambians should condemn the act. Please refrain from tarnishing the image that others are working to bulid. Zambia is changing but it’s still a paradise of peace. listen well and vote visely when the day comes. May God never abandon our beloved country to the satanic forces in violence.

  2. It’s very encouraging that the youth leader has identified the culprits and please bring them to book. Zambia is a civilizes country.

  3. How can someone come to refute the aligations of the caders attacking the journalists when its so clear. Thanks for that Caution. Let us all Open our eyes and vote wisely in the fourth coming elections. Bullies and criminals should be voted out.

  4. The best course will be for President to use his inner circle, ¬†relatives and friends to go out and find the truth, what is distracting voters, what is annoying the people who are sitting on the fence, what can be done to bring them back to the fold, positive reporting about achievements of MMD vs waste of resources and time on finding negatives about Sata, HH or whatever with negativity spillover to MMD and especially to His Excellency.As government in power, MMD shall bring hope to people, talk about what programmes are in pipeline, what was inherited and what is done to strengthen….talk about all positives and leave the opposition to attack and counterattack each other. More HH or Sata will talk bad and foul about MMD more they will make mistakes in their utterances, more people wil

  5. This was supposed to be posted on other news item but everytime tried to submit, got an error message.

    contd…will see their true colors. Both have established notoriety. His excellency never went out to clobber people, he is not known for uttering violence and vulgar language under UNIP, MMD..
    Just concentrate on positives of MMD and things will turn around. Majority know the true colors of aspirants and better do not disappoint them by “joining the bandwagons of hooligans, insulters”

  6. These young men are not to blame. There Jobless young men are recruited from Intercity and paid K20k per day by MMD through William Banda + Lunch. It’s luck of employment that you see them engaging in such acts but we will take them and Rupiah on. I just feel sorry that a 74 year old man will take the blame for all these cadres in October this year and suffer the consequencies.

    • Where is the MMD in denouncing this action?

      Maybe LT just hasn’t reported this yet, but is very disappointing so far to see the lack of strong words (let alone actions!) being taken by MMD brass against these hooligans/cadres of theirs.

  7. This very sad and barbaric act by the MMD cadres will be blacked out by the ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail. The managing editors of these institutions are determined to please Rupia and his hooligans like Dora Siliya. Beating up innocent women within our communities will not endear the MMD to the masses. As it stands, the MMD is despised heavily in all urban areas of Zambia and the rural populations like in Mansa, Mongu and Mazabuka are awakening to this fact! The occurence of this recent violence confirms that it is MMD and William Banda who will be answerable to the Zambian people and the international court if we experience any violence during and after elections this year! We have warned MMD that training and rewarding militias will not work! VIVA CHANGE 2011!

  8. This is definitely not good for “a peaceful election” and clobbering each other will only breed more clobberings as no man has monopoly as far as clobbering is concerned. These “suspected” MMD supporters must be made an example out of now whilst this issue is still in the bud otherwise violence and clobbering will be our daily bread this year.

  9. Dora where are you? Condemn your unruly Cadres? All good and quite because it is MMD, if it was PF?? Wow would have been talk of the whole Year. Shame on MMD. You better change your behavior else Gone??

    A chewa akuti, Chikomela Mbuzi Kuluma Galu?? (It is always good & acceptable for a GOAT to Bite a DOG not the other way, as the Dog will be killed). In this case MMD is the GOAT??? That We shall slaughter with the ballot.

  10. MMD cadres, what is daily mail and Times something something saying about this. Just wondering if they even reported anything on this matter. Its a shame for these hooligans. Journalists are partners in Development and its people like William Banda who has no sense of shame and we condemn this behaviour in a strongest term. If it was P.F or UPND you would have seen ZNBC making headlines. Shame!!! Shame!!!

  11. Where is the MMD in denouncing this action?

    It is very disappointing so far to see the lack of strong words (let alone actions!) being taken by MMD top brass against these hooligans/cadres of theirs. Should we believe by their silence that this government believes anyone dressed MMD regalia has the right to gang rape a member of the press, or that such a matter can simply be swept under the carpet?

  12. When darkness falls and shadows start to creep around State House
    What is your last thought before sleep, old Rupiah
    Fear, dread, loathe, doom, peeing monkeys?
    Donchi Kubeba

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