Tuesday, June 25, 2024

ECZ urged to pay invigilators’ risk allowances


Teachers in Luwingu district in Northern Province have appealed to Examination Council of Zambia ( ECZ ) to consider paying invigilators’ risking allowance.

Teachers made a resolution at a meeting held at Luwingu high school staff room over the weekend that they risk handling the examinations during invigilation which has lead into some of them being fired from employment.

They argued that their fellow teachers who prepare final papers for grade seven, nine and twelve and those who mark the same papers are paid leaving three quarters of the teachers who invigilate these examinations.

The aggrieved teachers said the ECZ should emulate Cambridge examination which pays teachers who invigilate their papers. They cautioned that if ECZ does not improve on the condition then the teachers will boycott handling of their papers.

They said that handling of ECZ examination papers was not among the conditions of service for teachers but they were merely risking their work.

Zambia national union of teachers (ZNUT) district chairperson Mr. Michael Bwalya Chimponda said teachers have lost employment without getting their benefits leaving families in misery.

And Mr. Chimponda observed that some members of ZNUT were captured wrongly by Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) resulting to contributing twice.

He said the affected teachers did not apply for memberships and wondered how their names were capture by BETUZ.

Mr. Chimponda appealed to the authorities to quickly normalize the situation immediately before the matter gets out of hand.

He said the affect teachers are not happy with what BETUZ has done saying they might take the matter to court.

The district chairperson has thanked the government for embarking on managerial training courses which has resulted into improving the standard of education for most of school managers who lacked such skills.




    Can we in Zambia please sort out the naming of companies and government departments? We seem to be comfortable with the confusion of acronyms. For example, we have three bodies sharing the same acronym:
    1. Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) 2. Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) and 3. Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ). One hopes we don’t also have “Engineering Council of Zambia”.

    AND yes, pay the people for the work they did.

  2. Teachers need to be paid. They are very right because invigilating an exam is not part of conditions of service. The question is How much do you need to be paid? Not utupiya tunono. This is year of elections and its the ony time GRZ can pay you up. Keep fighting mwandi

  3. its time teachers ambandoned exam invigilation- too risky, demanding and demotivating. Those who set exams are paid peanuts while those running exams for ECZ get hefty allowances. Let ECZ officials come to all schools to administer these so-called leaked papers and earn their monies. I for one am not available for any service to ECZ.

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