Dr Kaunda calls for peace as Zambians goes for polls


First republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda

First republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda has appealed to all Zambians to remain peaceful as the country heads for this year’s tripartite election.

Dr. Kaunda said today that peace should be preserved as an election is the only means that human beings have the mandate to elect leaders of their choice.

He said Zambians must continue to love one another and preserve the peace that the freedom fighters fought for during independence.

Dr. kaunda said it would stupid for any one to fail to maintain peace during election campaigns.

According to the news Monitored on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Dr Kaunda said Zambians should learn to co-exist despite their political differences.


  1. Listen to Kaunda. A man of great integrity and character.

    Viva KK
    Viva Humanism
    Viva White Kerchief
    Tiyende Pamodzi oye

  2. so much sense from the old man!! apparently he is the only sane person left in town.
    thank you old man!!!

  3. Thank sir, we hear you   Tata you make us all proud to be both Zambian and hold on to 1 Zambia 1 nation motto !
    Let us heed Dr KK,s words and respect one another regardless of tribe,colour or age
    LT please proof read your articles before publishing them, because surely how should all Zambians all co-exit

  4. Thank sir, we hear you   Tata you make us all proud to be both Zambian and hold on to 1 Zambia 1 nation motto !
    Let us heed Dr KK,s words and respect one another regardless of tribe,colour or age
    LT please proof read your articles before publishing them, because surely how should all Zambians all co-exit as you put it in the last sentence of this posting co- exist

  5. KK pleas tell these MMD the citizenri are impatient for a date of their liberation, and real accoutability and openness as to how the considerable wealth generated by our vast amounts of natural reasoures is being squandered, leaving the majority of Zambians wallowing in serious poverty for the past 20 yrs of their rule.
    Remind them of the Arab spring, were the suffering Arabs are rising against corrupt rulers abusing reasources, while their pipo suffer. If the wish of the majority wont be hided, we are headed for a Zambian spring.

  6. Sure listen to the Big man. They say each finger on the hand differs with the other in terms of size, hieght but they all perform same duties of holding things firmly. Same with us no matter which political party one may belong to but the most important thing is to preserve PEACE. Long live KK. That is a good advice. Can you remember, An advice from an oldly person becomes sweeter the day after.

  7. I beg to differ, KK is/was the worst of them Presidents. The man came from Malawi and killed Kapwepwe; our only hope for a prosperous Zambia and indeed our spirit of our Zambian independence dream.

  8. # 9,chumbu munshululwa
    In my opinion UNIP was better than MMD. I say this because of the amout of capital infrastructures built by UNIP in their 24 yrs far surpases MMDs use of zambias money on capital projects in their 20 yrs. During KKs time we had NCZ, KTX, MTZ, kapri glass, and many many more factories. Infact 70 % of todays infrastructure was built by UNIP were as MMD have even failed to fix the street lighting on cairo Rd for 20 yrs they have been selling off stuff mostly..

    • I completely agree with you. Such a shame it ended like it did for KK it wasn’t his fault entirely.

  9.  I have great  admiration for this man. Not an embezzler but a true, honest hard working freedom fighter who did what was within his capacity long live KK. GOD bless you.

  10. Dear #9. Chumbu. Clearly you are one gifted individual. Very creative story teller. Seriously, ever thought of going into writing books, novels scripts etc.. with a spin similar to what you have played in your comment, and then in the final chapter you unravel it.. Thats how Hollywood was founded. Use that talent and make a bundle of money or else it will use you.

  11. Amen, ba Mudala.
    Let there be peace on earth and we prosper with fair and equity for all in Zambia, Africa and the world.
    KK is my hero. 

    Long live KK, Long live Zambia.


  13. KK started very well. Built schools, roads, health centers, parastatals etc. But his objective was hijacked by freedom fighters from around Zambia. We all thought once all countries became independent, things would become easier for Zambia to trade. We were wrong. KK channeled a lot of money especially in military assistance to fighting across the boarders. National service and Commando unit of Zambia army were created to fight a big war. At the time there was no country south of the Equator which could stand Zambia army except SA army. We lost our money in such a big bate. Today new leaders can not say the same as KK. At least KK can say we could not stand seeing fellow Africans suffering while Zambians were bathing in freedom and wealth. At last KK started to fight for his survival

  14. #10 Witness – UNIP inherited a surplus, MMD inherited $7 Billion debt — they have cut that to less than $2 Billion and improving the country’s credit rating. Be careful with comparisons in isolation or with absence of understanding.

  15. Iwe mudala Elections were peaceful in your days as you stood against a FROG Chula Mbototo”. Did we ever see the frog win and move to state house? You thought Zambia was your toilet. You just shut up and enjoy your pension. Peace, what peace, my foot. As for your supporters my message to them is: GET A LIFE I:D:I:O:T:S. Was it not your son that killed that poor girl and got away with it, yaba ichipuma

    • You must be a product of an immoral incest relationship, the breats you put of your mother there, are actually your sisters because your father screwed your own sister to produce…cos he could only get it up with his daughter, thus your name

  16. The most interesting scenario is that when a former President, a diversity of Chrurch leaders, the well-meaning NGO’s, and of late even Chishimba Kambwili start preaching for non-violence, we all know that such messages are directed at Sata and his newly-found body guard GBM. In the unlikely event that Sata were to die this evening, the whole country will breathe a sigh of relief. His departure would entail the end to violence

  17. # 16 Adviser
    Most of that dept was wiped out by world bodies, but is rising again. 24 yrs of UNIP built more that 70% of infrastructure with free education for all, 20 yrs of MMD has built what ?? Arcades ?

  18. #16 Don’t forget there was a debt cancellation under Mwanawasa for $4 billion dollar debt relief by the G8 2006. MHSRIP Mwanawasa lobbied hard for it. He had also introduced w/fall tax which would have reallly balanced Zambia’s revenue if it had still been adopted by MMD. Especially with the copper boom. Overall, I think Mwanawasa was the best president Zambia ever had as he implemented policies that benefited Zambia long term.

  19. #19, 20 – It does not matter whether it was cancellation or not – it happened under MMD’s watch. Why did KK fail to lobby? KK pursued a Socialist approach and therefore, had to build factories – that was very appropriate in that era. MMD liberalised the economy and followed a Capitalist approach (Socialism died in Russia). It is not the responsibility of MMD to build factories. Their duty is to provide an enabling environment for you to build factories. They are building schools, hospitals, roads, etc,etc.

  20. #21 I do not entirely agree with you. KK had a prominent industry in each province which created employment. MHSRIP Chiluba over liberalised and sold the companies leaving Zed with no employment and empowerment. A mixed economy is the best. In my opinion KK over did the nationalising and MMD has overdone the liberalising. Most companies leave a percentage for a country to own in significant companies. MMD make mistakes thinking foreign investors are the ones who should develop Zed. They are there to make profit…That is why MMD should have put policies that actually give them some revenue to develop the country through a clever tax policy. OR own some shares in the companies sold. Botswana is a good example. MMD is supposed to build factories and schools like UNIP did.

  21. Most local Zambians do not have enough capital to build manufacturing factories like the western world. MMD or whatever party will be in power still need to contribute to building these manufacturing companies. In the long term sell shares to the local people and foreign investors. They need to keep investing heavily in education, infrastructure and health facilities. That is why they are called the goverment. India heavily invested in the education of their people and you can see how many doctors and engineers etc they produce. China invested in manufacturing industries which has extremely developed their country.

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