Ministry of health refutes reports of Polio vaccine causing G.E


The Ministry of Health has denied reports that the polio vaccine given to children during this month’s child heath week has been causing diarrhoea and vomiting.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Kamoto Mbewe said the vaccine that was being administered does not cause any effect on children.

Dr. Mbewe said all the vaccines administered are tested before being given out to the recipients.
He appealed to parents that have children that are having diarrhoea to go to the hospital to seek for help from qualified health personnel.

One of the healh workers talked to confirmed that there has been an increase of diarrhoea and vomiting cases at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

The health worker said its surprising that diarrhoea cases were happening in the cold season when it is most prevalent in the hot season and suspected a viral infection as the possible cause of the disease.


  1. surely nangu chisungu chashupa sana sana voting and ukupolomya, beta mulelemba muchi nyanja olo ichibemba

  2. Alright, twalalemba muchinyanja. Vomiting ha ha ha! Is it true that MOH tests these drugs? Or they completely trust their suppliers of those almost expiring drugs before being administered to our poor children?!

  3. Something is terribly wrong pa Zed. If it is not someone launching or commissioning this or that project, then it is someone denying this or that…What is amazing is all these launchers and/or deniers are GRZ.
    “Dr. Mbewe said all the vaccines administered are tested before being given out to the recipients.” Dr, such general statements are not helpful. Who does these tests? Is it MOH or the dubiously appointed suppliers who only God knows where they hail from?

  4. The government will always denie even if it was true that the drug was responsible for the diarrhoea and vomiting that was going on. Thats a very sad development.

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