Women to blame for their few adoption – Sayifwanda


Zambian women as powerful as men

MMD Zambezi East Member of Parliament Sara Sayifwanda says the adoption of few women as candidates for the forthcoming general elections should not be blamed on the party.

Ms. Sayifwanda, who is also Gender and Women in Development Minister, says it is unfortunate that women did not spread to contest in other constituencies in the country.

Speaking in an interview, Ms. Sayifwanda says women in the party made a mistake to crowd up in one constituency to contest for the same seat.

Ms. Sayifwanda noted that it is not helpful for women to just fight for one constituency when the country has 150 constituencies they can stand on.

She appealed to women in other political parties to spread to other constituencies instead of heaping up in one constituency.

And Ms. Sayifwanda expressed confidence of maintaining her constituency seat.

She says with the 110 infrastructural projects initiated in her constituency, electorates in her area will have a reason to vote for her.

Ms. Sayifwanda, however, noted that her re-adoption was not an easy process adding that it was the toughest of the 150 constituencies.


  1. ya,a sure it is tlu,womans or mans,is same.same fight same equal politic,i yes sayifwanda,womans need fight for there lights and pozitionz.i step down four now.

  2. When you enter a train don’t close the door claiming that the train is full. We have seen these women holding positions hindering fellow women to join. The likes of Catherine ‘catering’ Namugala who are at it fighting fellow women.

  3. Well said miss Siyafwanda, most women were busy doing what most women do best, hate on other women. Let me guess most were trying to get masebo and mumbi Phiri’s constituencies. 

  4. I don’t know what to say about a gender which is contradictory to mine. Open any contest to women bitching and opening legs becomes a norm. I don’t have a solution but but our female folk need to get themselves sorted!

  5. i think women in politics are becoming a dissapointment because we don’t see the difarence in their way of doing politics from men such as and this is all thanks to Dora. I mean they use the same primitive, abusive and deregatory campaign language just like the men so what’s the point of having them? Dora had a chance to change the way zambian politics is looked at & conducted not only because she’s a woman but also because she’s young. One would have thought that she would use her priviledged position to prove that women & young people in general can take this country to the next level, to the zenith, alas, she’s proven that she’s just as corupt, arogant and selfserving like all of them in the past and current

  6. It is incredulous that Sara would give such a lame reason without any evidence.
    In which constituency did these women congregate?
    Even if that was the case MMD would have deliberately spread out these women to other constituencies the same way the Party does to men.
    What was hard in doing that?
    Stop giving bogus reasons simply because you have been exposed and caught pants down!

  7. What one should expect from a Minister of Gender is to provide leadership on gender issues, not simply blame women for underrepresentation. It is not fair to judge an entire gender based on a few. What women in politics need to is actual support from their respective parties and opportunities to contribute meaningfully, not just to dance for candidates.

  8. “You cannot force a horse to drink water” the saying goes. Even in USA, UK or developed countries they dont force women into these matters until education does that, more women must be educated. Free education is the way only that can solve this political and social imbalance in zambia.

  9. We need more nawakwis, masebos, namugalas sayifwandas all these went thru Free Education up 2University level.

  10. As a Gender Minister you should have advised your fellow women how to go about nominations in the country under MMD. Because she is greed, she blames it on other women. Gender equality will be a pipe dream if women in power continue blaming other women for their failures.  

  11. But women like Dora Castle lager Siliya do not inspire other women always insulting men but busy sleeping with them at night

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