89 ,real name, Webster Chilikwela, is a rapper/producer. He has been doing music since 2004 with a group called The HooD BoyZ, the group consists of; 89, Dot Com and Shizzo. They do a variety of music but mostly Crunk, Hip Hop & R n’ B.

 KAPA187 : Hi ,welcome to the interview. Tell us about yourself.

  89: My stage name is 89, as you can tell I got it from the year I was born because that was  the Genesis of Webster. I am a multi talented artist or should I say entertainer because I produce,  that is, record, edit and master the tracks on my own. I can rap, sing and dance. I mostly do crunk which is hip hop but more aggressive, fun and more entertaining, and R&B .

                For my new mixtape am doing a variety of Genres such as Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Kwaito, R&B, Crunk, Accapella .That is to show the world that Zambia is progressing music wise and that music has no limit, in the sense that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it and portray the right attitude.

  KAPA187: Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

  89: I get my inspiration from Busta Rhymes because of the way he plays with words and rhymes, Lil Jon because his loud and diverse music, Timberland because no matter what kind of instrumental he makes, someone can still tell that his the one who made it, Polo da Don because he fuses soul with hip hop or R&B and Usher because he adds that smooth R&B feel no matter what kind of style his doing and his a great dancer or should I say performer.

KAPA187: “Crunk” was made famous by Lil jon , but has since reduced a bit in popularity. What do you bring to the table that will make people love it again?

89: I make my music danceable, fun, less gangstar or violent but still keep that crunk touch. I sometimes fuse in rock, R&B or jazz to keep the listener entertained

KAPA187: What has been your biggest achievement so far?

89:  My biggest achievement has been making it this far in school coz most people drop out or give up in the course I’m taking(NCC at ZCAS)  and also learning how to play a piano.

KAPA187: What separates you from other producers/rappers?

89: As compared to other producers i’v met so far in Zambia, im not hard headed, I take criticism and advice into consideration, I keep an open mind, love to try out new things, I can direct people where they go wrong in a song in order for them to come out perfect . Also , I can write, dance and sing

KAPA187: Do you have a favourite song that you have made, and why is it your favourite?

89:  My favourite song right now is “am on” which I did recently. It’s going on my new mixtape “am on” which will be in stores soon. This song is talking about where I came from, how I got started with this whole music thing, my life style and one thing is that I never lie about what I talk about. I just keep it real.

KAPA187: Do you use real instruments when producing your music. 

89:  I use a keyboard to make instrumentals and sometimes a guitar to avoid my music sounding electronic because live music sounds better

KAPA187: Can you explain the process of making a song, from the production to the lyrics, where do you get your inspiration?

89:  When it comes to making a song, I usually start with the instrumental and I usually come up with the ideas of the instrumentals by the way am feeling that day, cause I use music as an escape route from the real, as an expression to the way I feel.

 After an instrumental is made, I get started with the lyrics by reading books, watching movies or listening to music that suit the mood am in. Then I record it over and over until am satisfied. Three days later, I edit and master the songs. I then play it to people who don’t know me and ask them what they think. I never even tell them that its a zambian who did the song. A good song with me usually takes about a week and a half to be done.

KAPA187: Besides music what other interests do you have.

89:  I love computers, graphics and cars.

KAPA187: If you could have any super powers what would it be and why.

89:  Lolz, I would love to have the power of teleportation so I can be places in a matter of seconds like the jumper (movie), travelling sometimes is tiring.

  KAPA187:.What does the future hold for 89?

89:  Well you’re hearing from a soon to be a masters in computing holder. In the future, I want to have managed to upgrade my studio to the fullest where I record a proper song and shoot a proper video. I wana work with the hottest artist in the game such as, J Cole, Wale, T-Pain, Drake, lil Wayne, M.I, Ice Prince, Timbaland, polo da don, busta rhymes, usher, Justin beiber, lil Jon and bun b I jus wana b a super producer and this new mixtape, am going to use it to market myself to the public



Up temp song made especially for the dance floor.

Grinds on me

A nice smooth RnB influenced track .



  1. Ayo Max, i’ve been working on that and you won’t be disapointed when you hear my new mixtape!
    Hey one Zambia! lolz, luv da nem, thanks. am glad you like it!

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