Supastar Deejay is a club DJ , he plays at popular Lusaka night club Hollywood City

KAPA187: How did you get the name supastar deejay?

SupaStar Deejay:  I started with the name crazi Hussein, then it changed to insane-Hussein, i kinda suffered abit of an identity crisis till one of my friends started calling me Supasta deejay,
I thought it was cool, simple and catchy. I liked it and it stuck. Rach you’re a fool for that one, lol.

KAPA187:  What made you decide to become a Dj , what or who was your inspiration.

SupaStar Deejay:   Since I can’t sing or dance, djaying was the next best thing, it was a hobby in the beginning , but 2 years later it became a career. My love for music is what inspires me.
But there’s alot of deejays that i look up to, Dj’s such as Dj Cleo, Dj Waxxy, Dj fresh, Dj Tiesto, David Guetta and Vj Takt and the list goes on and on.

KAPA187:  Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails’?

SupaStar Deejay:   I have too many classics which never let me down so I will give you two:
Sean Paul – Like glue, Shabba ranks – Bedroom Bully (classics)

KAPA187:  When Djing at a club , is your set pre planned , or do you just go with the flow.

SupaStar Deejay:  I go with the flow. Music is more of a feeling, the role of a Dj is to read the crowd and NOT to be predictable so it’s better to go with the flow.
I try by all means to be as spontaneous as I can be and also as creative, that’s why they say Dj’ing is an art.

KAPA187:  Do u play a particular type of music , or do you mix it up.

SupaStar Deejay:   I mix it up. It’s much more fun mixing different kinds of music, and because people have different music preferences everybody will be kept on their feet.
I play music that I like more or less, and I like all genres of music from hip hop to house to dance to the dancehall.

KAPA187:  When was the first big occasion you Deejayed for, and how did it feel?

SupaStar Deejay:   The road to Zain Mtv music video awards Zambia that was held at Hollywood city. It was the build up show to the main award show in Kenya in 2009.
It was an honour to be one of the two dj’s selected in Zambia to play at the event,i felt like a star! it was an exciting experience.
It was the most organised party i had ever been to, from the stage performance to the dance floor to the drinks at the bar. It was sold out and it was on MtvBase, Like how cool
was that, and the best part was all my friends were there to support like always, thanx guys.

KAPA187:  That must have been a great experience , whats the funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

SupaStar Deejay:  It was a Saturday night at Hollywood City, i was playing T.i’s Live Your Life and i accidentally ejected the CD midway through the song and instead of silence in the club to my surprise the crowd was singing along to the chorus, it was so awesome, talk about live accapella hey, it’s always fun to hear the crowd sing along to your music.

KAPA187:  You currently Dj at Hollywood city night club, how did you get that opportunity.

SupaStar Deejay:   Hollywood City had just opened and at that time I was living in the same neighbourhood and i was coincidentally looking for a dj gig, I was looking to become a resident Dj anywhere. I got an audition and next thing you know, I was hired!

KAPA187:  Guess you were at the right place at the right time ,What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?

SupaStar Deejay:   SADC battle of the Dj’s which was held in Windhoek, Namibia. It took place in September 2010, it was so great because I got to meet and dj with dj’s from all over southern Africa.
We had 30minute battle sessions and the croud was off the hook, it was a mixed crowd too, and guess what? Everybody was a winner because we all came with our own flavours from our home countries.

KAPA187:  When all the partying is over, what do you do to relax?

SupaStar Deejay:   I watch movies ; action, horror and scifi, I also like to hang out with

my friends and listen to music lol, i take my music with me everywhere i go, literaly .

KAPA187: In 5 years I will be…

SupaStar Deejay:   A music producer and one of Africa’s hottest dj’s. Becoming a producer is another big step that I would love to take and it’s something that i am working on, so look out for me.

KAPA187:  Any advice for upcoming DJ’s 

SupaStar Deejay:  Dj’ing is lots of fun but it’s always great to have a backup plan as a just-in-case, you never know what tomorrow could bring and remember to always play ‘it’ safe. And remember there’s nothing better than the feeling of being appreciated for work done. It pays to work hard, so in anything you do, do it with a passion.


Here is a sample of one of his mixes

A link to the full mixtape can be found on his facebook page.



  1. Ahhh I miss hollywoood city. Can’t wait to get back to zed. DJ Superstar I see yah!!! If u don’t mind, I have downloaded your mix. Its too great to leave here without it :)

  2. Loving your mix!!hussein,your interview will help these up coming dj’s.awe do you know who I am??? Supasta

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