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Women drug traffickers, an embarrassment to the nation – Gender Minister

General News Women drug traffickers, an embarrassment to the nation - Gender Minister

Gender Minister Sarah Sayifwanda talks to United Nations Development Programme Country Director Viola Morgan

Gender minister Sara Sayifwanda says the increasing number of women involved in drug trafficking is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the nation.

Ms. Sayifwanda says drug trafficking is not the only option women can resort to when there are a lot of businesses they can venture into.

Speaking in an interview with QFM, Ms. Sayifwanda challenged women in the country to emulate her steps in life and conduct good businesses that will earn them the needed respect as women.

Ms. Sayifwanda says she is not happy with the growing trend of women involvement in drug trafficking adding that the methods being used to conceal drugs are dangerous to their health.

She has advised women to utilize the women empowerment funds being provided by government instead of venturing in illegal activities just to make quick money.


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  1. Women like money which they haven’t worked for….on a silver platter.Women you have equal chances as men to prosper economically why push drugs.This is a serious national problem the govt. should take action.

  2. It is the MMD economic policies which has brought poverty so why is she is complaining,these women are desperate 

  3. UPND supporters are crying seeing that confusion in southern is making UPND loose more people from other country.Look at what’s happening in choma?Ha ha ha the party is run by underfive.How could u really regular adopt callers like Muchindu,Imbuwa(kabwata),konoso in kaoma?Well the party is finished and UPND bloggers should be ashamed with HH for running the party.
    Well coming to ussues of drungs.The problem is Zambian women are used by foregners not zambian men.These foreigner lsuch as labanese,somalians,pakistan /indians are the culprint.If we had DEC and gud intelligence in Zambia people would’ve seen people behind are foreigners who have invaded zambia in the name of Investors.Zambian women think light skinned people have money coz of ignorance hence being used by foreigners.

  4. sorry minister i seems you have nothing to talk about.create jobs and you wil not see this rubbish.that empowerment does not apply so forget .

  5. Madame Minister, don’t tell us thingz we know already, but advize on tangible mitigating meazurez you intend to pursue to deter the majority vulnerable Zambian women. 

  6. Get to the root cause of this vice. Blaming women won’t help. Even if you the minister was ih their (women) position, you would also do the same in order to survive. Don’t blame the thief after he has stollen, find the root cause first why he stole…

  7. Get to the root cause of this vice. Blaming women won’t help. Even if you the minister was in their (women) position, you would also do the same in order to survive. Don’t blame the thief after he has stolen, find the root cause first why he stole…

  8. What do you expect women to do when they have limited access to resources? Your dull Bull frog president is busy plundering the nation’s resources daily. The women have resorted to engaging in such degrading acts of trafficking because they have no way of survival.
    Let this primate leave state house and save our women and nation from further embarrassment. Stick a kg of cocaine up Thandi Banda’s puussy and see how she likes it.

  9. Its there time , we had the Iboo’s , Wina’s , Mwenso’s name it in the 80’s and 90’s doing Mandrax now its there time so let them get rich . what women empowerment funds are you talking about? the money that you only give to MMD cadres awe ifwe ni dont kubeba chabe


  11. Lets be honest to ourselves and not comment for the sake of it. There are many people that have worked hard and had their lives changed. The problem is that people want quick money. It is not about policy of government or poverty; these women get a lot for being couriers and thats what attracts them. Same with prostitutes; there are many that have chosen to work hard, start from spomewhere and they eventually get there….Rome was not built in a day…there was an interview where one of these women tried to justify this by saying the rewards are excellent…

  12. We have too many Nigerians in our country who are cheating these women. Flash out these foreign drug dealers first as they are a cause of this quick money behaviour. The minister has not told anyone how she started her businesses, how will these emulate her? May be she stole or was involved in prostitution, how will they know? What are her businesses? Coming out with blank statements is not helpful at all.

  13. What is embarrassing to the nation is RB and his Government. Stop blaming Nigerians, what kind of gullible people are you Zambians? You allow yourselves to be taken by everyone.

    This is August and there is no election date. Ufisanji Mambala iwe!

  14. Why do all threads have to turn political. At the least this minister is advocating for women’s rights. Dora the Arab investor seeking explored on the other hand has issues.

  15. Sayifwanda i think you don’t know what you are talking about,which women empowerment funds being provided by government do you mean?All this money is controlled by Cadres so what do you expect?Yes we agree that this vice is terrible and is denting our country but what political will have you shown yourselves as MMD when your cadres are busy misdirecting these Women Empowerment funds.I tell you time to reckon for you is coming particularly for you,and if you think you will get that seat again you are pushed.Muleupwako nokupwa please tekuti pashinka noku shinka,yaba.

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