“Cancel printing contract for ballot papers,” ECZ told


Anti Rigging Zambia has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to direct the cancellation of the contract with Universal Printing of South Africa for the printing of ballot papers for the forthcoming elections.

In letter dated 29th July, 2011 the ECZ Chairperson, signed by Anti Rigging Zambia Chairman Willie Mubanga and Legal Director Kelvin Bwalya obtained by QFM, says it is of grave concern to other political parties that the MMD government is in the forefront of choosing a contractor to print the ballots for the forthcoming elections when it is an interested player.

They says the ECZ should cancel the contract with the South African printing company since no ballot papers have yet been printed as all political parties are still to declare their candidates.

They state that there is already suspicion of the contractor, and more particularly the MMD government’s involvement in securing the contractor.

They added that it will save tax payers money to have the ballots printed locally as well as empower Zambian companies and avoid what happened in 2008.

The letter has also been copied to all presidents of major political parties including the MMD.


  1. The question of rigging is out as long as we remain alert. If its time for real change people will decide through the ballot box and no amount of bribery will change the status quo. All we need to do is go out flat even if it means moving from door to door. The problem that we have in Lusaka is we think those who live outside dont reason. There is to much talk on the Lusaka based Radio Stations yet these do not cover the whole country. Go out there in rural areas and sensitize the masses.

  2. Anti Rigging or whatever you call yourselves with your irratiuonal thinking. Is it logical to stop the printing of ballot papers just because the opposition political parties have not declared their lists of adopted candidates? Was it not the same opposition parties that were pushing the president to announce the election date and claimed to be ready for the polls? Did you expect the ECZ to sit idol after the election date is announced just because some clubs have not commenced or concluded their adoption processes. please be objective in all your works if you are to have any credibility.

  3. You should be impartial by posting all the comments.Then please stop publishing articles that contain insults and vulgar language.Lets be level headed and noble in our contributions.Believe me you,RB and MMD are winning with a landslide.

  4. So Kelvin Bwalya and his Anti Rigging Zambia have resurfaced? The last time I heard about ARZ was 2008 when Kelvin Bwalya & Company chased a truck which was carrying lamps for polling stations thinking it was rigging materials. The ECZ and the truck driver allowed Bwalya to wild goose chase the truck all the way from Livingstone Customs to Lusaka and then they opened it for Bwalya to inspect. The whole election campaign they never came up with any evidence of “rigging”. Quite an embarrassment to the legal profession this PF cadre, same vintage as Musa LAZ Mwenye.

  5. Why do bembas have superiority complex please people? For this reason, I have withdrawn my support for PF and will vote HH or RB depending on how I wake up on 20 sept. I cannot believe these pathetic people and their thieving vuvuzelas, kelvin, go and clean up your house, mambala iwe.

  6. Let this anti-rigging continue making noise maybe donors will feel pity for them and offer them a few dollars,who knows.

  7. The fact of the matter is that bashikulu is feeling well and PF NGOs are trying to buy time but i think its too late. Am gone……………………

  8. Give us the alternative company in Zambia. I hope you are not thinking of that priniting company that you have for printing wedding cards. ECZ have already told us government printers do have the capacity. Can someone please just tell me how printing ballot papers outside can result in rigging. All opposition parties are involved from priniting stage upto results being announced. Unless it is now being claimed juju is used so all the monitors are blinded to see the rigging. Worse off using Zambian companies is more risky, we know what happens to leakages of Zambian printed exams.

  9. Hahahahah Ba PF now you are looking for all sorts of faults

    Let the game begin….. ¬†Bashikulu now is retiring.

  10. master manipulators of elections ,the likes of v j mwaanga and company are warming up to do what they do best ,that is to remain in power for eternity.unip for 27 years ,now mmd for how many?absolute power corrupts absolutely.these gentlemen go from one ruling party to another practicing their art of rigging elections,these are the same men who cannot govern themselves are given a job of governing us,they are caught breaking gods laws yet here they are ,still adulterous,still stealing and if their decaying bodies allowed them to do so still getting intoxicated.

  11. Number 7, you are just a racist chauvinist pig who likes to insight war in countries. Just because one Bemba has made a comment, it doesn’t mean all Bemba are the same. Because of the remark that you have made, does it mean that all your tribesmates agree with you. Just be quiet if you have nothing constructive to say.

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