One of the most promising up coming  rappers in zambia has to be Pompi , i havnt been listening to his music for so long , but the first time i listened his track “bring the bass”  i knew that he was not just your average rapper.


In an interview on Head rush (a popular hiphop show on  Channel O) he explained he was given the name Pompi, which means tap , it is a metaphor meaning that words come out of his mouth like water from a tap. He has been in the music industry for more than 7 years and he has a number of his videos that have played on Channel O as well as MTVbase.

Apart from making music he is also the CEO of Lota house (House of dreamers). It is a media and marketing company that deal with ; branding road shows , talent management , cooperate event management , among other things. He also hosts a number of events such as the  BLXCKLISTED  party that takes place every year.

His latest single is “chipolopolo”  ,which is heating up the airwaves , it was also reasently played on BBC  radio.


Pompi should be an inspiration to other up coming rappers because , in addition to being a  rapper and singer , he is also a graduate with a bachelors degree in business systems and honors in computer science and information. And he is an entrepreneur. Making good on the saying “dont put all your eggs in one basket”.

He is currently working on his first album ,which should be released early next year. He is planning on working with a range of  artists such as Oliver Mutukudzi from Zimbabwe  and Uncle Rex from Zambia , just to name a few.

You can listen to more of his music on his Facebook page and Reverbnation page.

I guess the sky is the limit for Pompi!





  1. He is so so amazing this boy. If you even look at his website it is even better than some cooperate sites. CHIPOLOPOLO ZOONA. Given a choice on who can represent us musically on an international standard, i will choose him undoubtedly. The guy even fears god. What more can a woman ask for lol. I see wer the boi is going and he will be huuuge. 

  2. hah this boy is mulilo. Has anyone herd a song called “nipempela” by him. Its amazing and almost made me cry. God bless ya pompi

  3. Did I hear someone say this guy is better than CRISIS? Pompi is a Hip-Pop Artist and CRISIS is a Hip-Hop artist. If you can’t see the difference then, explaining this to you would be pointless. CRISIS is something else. You can’t compare the two. CRISIS has made some amazing music and continues to do so. Mr. Swagger is the King of Zed Hip-Hop.

  4. Yooo he is plannin to sng with Olivr Mutukudzi in Zim ppl ar crzy abt Tuku , i think ths guy mst b vry good coz Mutukudzi is a star blv me on tht one, i wl look 4 his music 4 real

  5. Iye!!! who is this lost chap who claims crisis is better. I am sure he is a yo bali who does not understand music. Ever taken time to listen to how unique pompis style is. Crisis is a photocopy of many other rappers who lived b4 him.

  6. this guy is jst representing zambian talent big time,his creativity is tops.kip dropin dem hits pompi & silence yo haters.

  7. Pompi u r da best that zambia has ever had, u know the definition of music. You dont write a song just because someone has done it before n u inspire some of us. we got ur back bro. POMPI 4 ZED

  8. Really from Kenya and ur songs r getting good airplay here.ur realy creative.u inspire a Kenya gospel artist.FLEKSY

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