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Stop provoking MMD- Mumbi


Former PF party general secretary Edward Mumbi

The Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD) sympathiser Edward Mumbi has warned people defacing, President Rupiah Banda’s billboards against provoking the ruling Party.

Mr Mumbi said such action were barbaric and are capable of creating violence during elections.
He cited that the billboards along Great East road where the Chinama Hospital has been built as one which has been tempered with.

The MMD Sympathiser noted that the billboards where President Banda has commissioned developmental projects are indication of the government’s works.

He called on the opposition political parties to desist from destroying President Banda’s portraits.

Meanwhile,   Edward Mumbi has advised late President Levy Mwanawasa’s eldest son, Patrick, to reconsider his decision to join politics and instead get back and secure his future.

Mr Mumbi said in Lusaka yesterday that President Rupiah Banda had been ready to help Patrick get back to school but it was sad that he (Patrick) seemed not to be interested.

He said having worked with the PF and its leader Michael Sata before, he was aware that the PF and its leadership was not a kind of group that would help Patrick enhance his future.

Mr Mumbi said Patrick should not allow himself to be used by politicians like Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president

[pullquote]”Patrick is still a young boy who needs to shape his future and I am advising him that it is time he got back to school. Patrick is very much aware that President Banda has always been ready to help him get back to school but it is sad that the young boy seems not to be interested,” he said.[/pullquote]

Edith Nawakwi and equally other disgruntled politicians from the PF who were bent on destroying his future.

“Patrick is still a young boy who needs to shape his future and I am advising him that it is time he got back to school. Patrick is very much aware that President Banda has always been ready to help him get back to school but it is sad that the young boy seems not to be interested,” he said.

Mr Mumbi advised Patrick to realise that Ms Nawakwi, who now wants to look as if she is a better politician by using the Mwanawasa name to gain popularity, had not allowed their children to be ruined by political demagogues like herself.

“People like Ms Nawakwi and those in the PF have already secured the future of their children by taking them to school and it is shameful that the same people who now want to show as if they are good parents, could allow the son of the late president to have his future ruined in this manner.

“I do not think it will be fair for us Zambians to sit back and watch Patrick’s future being ruined by these desperate politicians. It is really sad that Ms Nawakwi could appear on a radio programme and start the programme by first talking about Patrick,” Mr Mumbi said.

He said President Banda had always wanted Patrick to get back to school and enroll in the faculty of his choice.

Mr Mumbi challenged Patrick to deny if the president had not been willing to convince him get back to school.

He said having worked with the opposition PF where Patrick was now eyeing to contest the Kafulafuta seat, he was aware that Mr Sata and politicians like Ms Nawakwi were not capable of nurturing other people’s children in a right manner.

Mr Mumbi said Ms Nawakwi should be ashamed of herself for having lamentably failed to run her political party where she had now been left alone after all the members had run away to join other credible parties like the MMD.

Ms Nawakwi, Mr Mumbi said, had shown extremely poor leadership by failing to run a political party which was full of life with the late Christon Tembo at the helm.

“In fact it is wrong for Ms Nawakwi to even think she is a good leader going by the way she had shamelessly and lamentably failed to run the FDD. It is also surprising that she can even consider herself

to be this year’s presidential candidate with such a mediocre leadership background,” he said.

He wondered where Ms Nawakwi was basing her mandate to even think of contesting this year’s presidency when her party had never even been to any convention.


[Times of Zambia]



  1. Finally he is MMD sympathiser after ages as PF ex-Sec General! I can see the shift – soon he will be MMD ex-sympathiser…

  2. Kekekekekekeke i expected that at least this Bafoon was going to be given a job, MP seat etc but he has been completely sidelined. Worse still PF is now tight.

  3. # 2, he has now seen red as his earlier messeges have fallen on deaf ears and so he has no option but to be called so. we have not forgotten that he went to south africa to check on the ballots and we know he came faster and fatter than he went, with a benz on his lap. alenya uno mwaka

  4. It’ MMD that is defacing RB so that they finda reason to fight. Useless Mumbi sidelined nicely by RB. Even RB kows Mumbi is a traitor who can reveal state secrets when they differ. Viva RB on Mumbi but RB still u going Out. Your twins need u now.

  5. You loser, you are jumping from one party to another, like Hule ya mu chezi-nthemba. Just shut up than waste time for Zambians.

    LT Show us the Billboards.

  6. Mumbi is politically a finished person without making noise no pay cheque will be issued. If Patrick Mwanawasa declined the offer that comes with this kind of exposure and raw attounched conditions it worth refusing this political suicidal offer. Levy never give Ruphia VP with conditions but rather to work with Ruphia. Secondly Levy left enough money and its upon the step mom to assist Patrick as per say. No normal person will fall for such poor approach and help that has to be used as a weapon from hired individuals, Mumbi, Chifire, Siluapwa, and others to insult thosewho have being helped. Mumbi he was sent by Ruphia to bring this useless . Billboards will face the damage and it is not crime because its tax payers money who are not happy with this corrupt govt. Corruption and your Ruphi

  7. Kwaliba ifipuba ba chalo , I wonder if this guy has children , they must be ashamed of this brainless old person.

  8. Look who is talking about school between Mumbi and Patrick who looks like they need to go to school? Am sure if this dunderhead had gone to school he would have been making a fool of himself. 

  9. Mumbi chiwelewele kwena. I fail to understand why he behaves like A MAD , CONFUSED animal. Kwati ni SIULAPWA ………….. why bill boards everywhere. Besides no payment is made to the Concil for the same. ……….. Mumbi ukule mumano like your BODY ……..!!!!!

  10. It is always important to keep quite than yap least you put people you are supporting in problems. Why and How was Ruphia expected to help Patrick. He is not a relative for crying out loud unless it was a condition that he stops condemning the government . These Mumbi chaps are equal to our children home who expose each other coz they have been exposed. i have seen it some much in MMD.Just last week there was an article for some MMD Chipata chap saying Mangani was responsible for violence and yet MMD is on record of petitioning the results and blaming UPND

  11. MMD is provocative and they think that Zambia belongs to the few individuals like Hule Dora, fake priest Shakapwasha, Malawian/Zambabwean RB, sickly Kunda and other stupes. Give over you cowards.

  12. Atase i couldnt even finish reading this. (1) Why are they being called MMD Ads when taxpayers money being used? U shouldnt have the face of one man there and you might as well get us all lined up for photos. (2) some of those projects were started by CHiluba and Mwanawasa, where are there faces? (3) If they are political campaign posters please tell us and remove the phrase “your money..” just leave “your kabament at work (i even wonder if its our govt afterall). (4) WE DONT NEED THOSE BILLBOARDS!!! This should also be noted by the next government!

  13. Mumbi is a pathetic character, just like a dog with tail between its legs trying to impress the master.
    In African politics billboards are associated with mamuyayaya dictators like Mubarak who is now appearing in court on a hospital bed behind a cage charged with his two sons.

  14. MUmbi you are not fit to advance patrick. The zambian laws rightly put it straight that for someone to become an MP he/she must be 21 years and above,now he is 29years old.come on mumba wake up from that old bed and start thinking.

  15. Mumbi is the one who needs educating. The b*stard is dull and muselela kwakaba. His entire life has been like that – starting from Zamtel as a clerk to now bootlicking and with forged education certificates. People are defacing (Shrek face) billboards because they are scaring children. Leave the young man alone. Living off your wife – soon you will suffer when mmd goes.

  16. I really get confused with our so called give me money b4 i yap, i wonder wether they think b4 opening their stinking big mouth, 4 real patrick was MMD and no one from the rulling party came out in the open to say we need Patrick to get back to school, now that is in the opposite side, they are a lot of them talking about patrick, i thing patrick is big enough to judge these monsters.

  17. Mr Mumbi it is a pity you are more concerned about Patrick’s education when your son in the USA is just a credit card fraudster. Have you taken time to educate your own son. Don’t just yap like a rabid dog. Show us how good of a parent you are by giving us information about how many of your kids you have educated. Insala ilaleta umu sebanya kwena.

  18. Hi son can not even buy a air ticket for himself to come to Zambia.Nawakwi may have her own problems,but tghec lady is at the far.Nawakwi can even pay ba Shikulu ba Mumbi.Infact he used some’s names to go to schools and get a job.PF has all the records for Mumbi.MMD was folLowing him up on this issue and that is how throw him away.The cotract wit MMD is that he has talk bad things about Sata and other up coming leaders or this hostory will come out on Chanda Chimba the 3rd


  20. Did this guy really beat a million other sperms? Wonders will never cease. I can’t believe that he did

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