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PF adoptions in limbo, as alleged mass defections from MMD fails to materialise


File: PF cadres raise the red cards

CONFUSION and uncertainty have gripped the Patriotic Front (PF) as it struggles to find credible candidates to field in this year’s tripartite elections, sources have disclosed.

Sources within the party’s central committee who asked not to be named said in Lusaka yesterday that the PF leadership is panicking following the MMD’s unveiling of its parliamentary and local government candidates.

The sources said the launch of the MMD campaign has also caught the PF off balance as the party is still struggling to sort out the confusion its president, Michael Sata, has created in the adoption process.

“There is confusion in our party. Right now, we don’t know who has been adopted and who has not. Only our president knows and this lack of transparency has caused anger among the rank and file of the party,” one of the sources said.

The source said many ordinary members of the party are angry that Mr Sata is single-handedly picking people to be adopted without consulting the grassroots.

He said Mr Sata and the central committee had been duped into believing that there would be an exodus of former ministers, members of Parliament and councillors from the MMD to the PF after the dissolution of Parliament and the ruling party’s announcement of adopted candidates.

[pullquote]“The much anticipated exodus of former MMD ministers, MPs and councillors was just an illusion. It has not happened and that has caused consternation among the leaders,” the source said.[/pullquote]

“The much anticipated exodus of former MMD ministers, MPs and councillors was just an illusion. It has not happened and that has caused consternation among the leaders,” the source said.

Another source said there is growing resentment among ordinary members towards the few, mostly discredited politicians who have defected to the PF.

The source said the former ministers had promised Mr Sata and his inner circle that scores of former ministers had assured them that they would cross to the opposition party if they are not adopted to run on the MMD ticket, but that has not happened.

“What has annoyed us most is the fact that only a small number of former ministers have defected to the PF. These people are not even popular in their areas,” the source said.

“Some of the candidates who might be adopted will be difficult to sell and that is why the likes of Sylvia Masebo (former Chongwe member of Parliament) may not stand in their traditional constituencies.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Daily Mail is not worthy reading. The paper belongs to the dust bin. I wonder and doubt the sanity of Lusaka Times to opt to cite Daily Mail. The paper is good for toilet paper. The reporters are drunk, poorly trained and starving. Most of them they live off their sources to feed their families. 

  2. Just publish the list of candidates so they can start campaigning.
    Sep 20 is just around the corner.
    UPND,ADD,PF,HP and others have not listed who is standing and so don’t just concentrate on one party.

    • Becoz Pali Fwaka (PF) has been making alot of noise even when there are not popular in some parties of Zambia.

  3. Zambia Daily lies. Ma RBshiiiii. We in PF already know that Masebo is standing in Chongwe her homeland. Like it or not that is the truth. Continue dreaming with your daily lies.

  4. PF has no strategy in all they do, MMD parliamentary candidate are already campaigning while Satan is looking for candidates. And if MMD wins the election PF will be crying saying that the elections were rigged….. 

  5. Imwe ba PF kaponyas hate the truth, just admit that your dictator is letting you down. Sata himself said it that he was anticipating a huge defection of MMD ministers……. Wina azafa na heart attack next month. 

  6. I thought read a similar story and from the same source-MMD-controlled media.THis is having nothing to report about.This is indeed maRuBBish ZDM and TZ..give us a break!!

  7. its true Pf has lost it all..its true PF has no people to stand in most seats..people are scared to lose and bury sata this way!

  8. Hahaaaa at some point he said he was even working with military chiefs what a shame.The man has run out of ideas nowonder he is saying the president isnt a zambian.

  9. Lelo lelo lelo ba Patriotic Front Kaponyas. No mass defections from the MMD. Sata was banking on Mutati, Pande, Musokotwane to join him. Find your own material in Nsanda, GBM, MPONBO,KAMBWILI,MUMBI PHIRI,JEAN KAPATA etc iwe chimudala chi SATA.

  10. PF kaponyas must learn to digest and use their pea-sized brains before quickly brushing ways stories regardless of the source. You shall be that last ones to know because of your blind loyalty. Did u watch yo mad president expose his follishness at mulungushi international conference center yesterday on ZNBC. Yes..ZNBC the state owned media covered the I’d.iot yesterday.

  11. Yes, Steven Manjata former Minister of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) defected from MMD to PF. Thats the calibre of people that PF want.

  12. Posted: June 26, 2011
    4:55 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh


    Editor’s note: This is another in a series of monthly “WND/WENZEL POLLS” conducted exclusively for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies.

    Barack Obama

    Half of Americans would like to see Congress investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency and nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens, according to a new scientific poll.

  13. All other parties havent announced the adapted candidates apart from MMD. So why are people concentrating on PF only. Even UPND has not announced the list. Siulapwa the Goat is busy advertisisng people to run on his ticket now and has drawn a blank. So what’s the fuss about PF. The candidates will be unveiled this weekend, the winning team.

  14. # 2.Now I deduce what type of person you are. Preferring a news paper for use in the toilet? Your annal region must me as rough as elephant skin. You are uncivilized and not fit to paticipate in this debate.

  15. Chimudala Chi Sata you’ve been crying for ZNBC coverage. Yeh, you got one yesterday at Mulungushi and I bet your followers were proud of you. Listening to his rants one wonders what goes through this man’s heard. No maners, no coutersy, no everything basically. Where was this man raised? Did he ever had parents, brothers, sisters etc? And he’s supposed to be our messehiah? And to imagine the experiences which the people in his daily life go through gives me goose pimpos. No wonder he didnt want ZNBC to cover his convention.

  16. # 17 thats good News. RB should prove that he is zambian whether you are PF, UPND, NAREP,NASHALANEKA PARTY etc…

  17. 4:55 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh


    Editor’s note: This is another in a series of monthly “WND/WENZEL POLLS” conducted exclusively for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies.

    Barack Obama

    Half of Americans would like to see Congress investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency and nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens, according to a new scientific poll.

  18. RB is Zambian and he does not need to prove anything but let his accusers prove that he is NOT as follows:

    Let them bring birth certificates of his parents bearing Zimbabwe or Malawi national. RB does NOT need to produce anything.Period!!!!!!

  19. PF supporters you talk of change right? now what kind of change do you want if you are waiting for the same corrupt MMD MPs to defect to your PF party what kind of change is that? we are dissilussioned for the fact that we not in zambia hence we cant have a better judgement on the ground level ( us blogging frm outside zambia). at the same time PF is petitioning RB nt to stand, then campaign at the same time. its a lot of work in my view. Sata is a snake anyway he can manuva….lol. PF madalas you are jokers and full of it!!! 

  20. This Sata guy has been claiming to be ready for the polls are early as last year.From his rants you can tell the guy was just being his usual self the clown.Just look at the so called ministers that defected to PF,they were not wanted in MMD thats the only reason they went to MMD’s political toilet.

  21. i feel for Patrick Mwanawasa… was a big gamble my friend, hope the cards full in your favour. im a gambler myself, when you playing roullete, if the machine starts to win back the money, you pull out and get your winnings. in this case you havent won anything but gambled borrowed money.

  22. comedy of errors??….there is more comedy of errors in the opposition. i cant help but laugh… yayaya katwishi mwebena zambia.

  23. this election is for PF to lose. step back and rearmour, be focused my dear brothers in PF. we need the opposition.
     The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand. The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

  24. well, well,well….Sata was corned by the Post and its minions into believing that there will be mass defections from MMD to PF once parliament is dissolved. Alas, they are still waiting for the mass defections to stat, while RB and the MMD have announced their candidates and launched the campaigns officially. wapya munzi,wina azakomoka……kikikikiki

  25. Ba PF..low blows will not win u the elections..u are now scared to stand against the man that we have chosen as presidential candidiate yaba..for ur own information it will not work..u wilol stand against RB who beat u in 3months of campaigning…chwee chweee chweeeeeeeeeee…NO DEFECTIONS and now u panic..give us ur list..lelo ni thursday please

  26. I am sure in their dreams SATA and Wynter come up with a great list of candidates, and organise great rallies and campaigns and get close to winning then they wake up, only to find it was just a dream. This is what is contributing to the confusion where they want UN to intervene in the matter in which RB was chief mourner at his former wife’s funeral.

  27. Failure to heed warnings is the usual PF approach… better you sink on your own with your Akabwato than take the rest of us with you! You are going down.

  28. Political Failures,Political Faggots,Political Fools with a very Poor Foundation.Thats PF.Sata and the top foolish leadership know that they have already lost the election.


  30. The problem with PF, is they shoot the messenger. When they were told the pact could not work, they insulted everyone who said so, including Major Chizyuka. Sata said they were expecting mass resignations, where are they?. Winter says PF is scutinising applicatants to select genuine PF. Why do it now? Why push Banda to annouce date when you are still scrutinising? Sata said PF was ready , Winter says we are scrutinising. Please PF , GET SERIOUS

  31. Thye have been caught off guard for sure. Time is running thin and the “A” Team for PF is no where to be see. Clear the air mr. MCS.

  32. Iwe First Patriotic Zambian #26, Fortunately for Zambians there is evidence to that effect that RB is a foreigner, just wait and if you are native Zambian then you will surely tell yourself that you are an assssss after all. Have you ever heard of any country since the Universe’s creation ruled by a foreigner. If you are a foreigner you better keep quiet and if a native then you are empty. This weekend and its on record, PF QUALITY Parliamenterians will be unveiled to the masses. After all we know the adopted MMD trash that this rotten MMD has forced on peoples’s throats. We will thump you kaleza. Viva Sata, nipa bwatoooo, PF wins by landslide……

  33. Who else do do think is worth while that we need defect from the MMD. All notable persons have already defected with MMD only remaining with unsellable persons. Do you think Kunda or VJ are sellable. MMD is but a complete joke

  34. Note fof Mulenga Mwaume @#.17: Obama has never hidden the fact that his father was a Kenyan. He even visited his Dad’s country in his capacity as SENATOR. Any whites that are digging in Obama’s origin must be mentally crazy. The truth is that in both continents of North America and South America, the real indigenous race of that New World are the the so called RED INDIANS. All the whites who live in the 2x American continents derive their origin from France, UK, Ireland, Israel, Spain, and Portugal (ie. originated from several parts of Europe). American politics usually dwell along their respectic ethnic origin.The Negroid ethnic groups were mostly ferried to America and West Indies thru slave trade. Mulenga’s examples reflect his tribal mentality. Let’s face facts on the ground.

  35. The source of the story relating to PF’s failure stems from true realities. Most newspapers have employed journalists who have shared the same training facilities in institutions of journalism. There is no smoke without fire. We know that journalists working for the Post are coerced to report negative stories to please their boss. We know too that Sata is fielding Prof Luo in preference for Mumbi Phiri, and this assertion can only be disproved by Sata’s release of his stressed-up candidates. The message is simple. Sata must release names of PF adopted MPs. There are only 45 days to election time.

  36. #47 SHimaini…………………then what are you waiting for?? release your so called evidence, but let me educate your simple mind;
    1. proof should be beyond any reasonable doubt and it has to be production of a birth certificate. RB’s parents where born in late 18’s, and there was no Zambia by then and no certificates issued at that time.
    2. If at all you have your forged certificates, then refer to judgement by the supreme court where a precedent was made(FJT Vs KK) where it was clearly established that KK is Zambian and is free to run for presidency.
    3. Can you also sit down and peruse the meaning of citizenship by DISCENT!!!!
    This dullness you have inherited from your god (cobra) will never take you anywhere but dogmatise your wonderful mind the Almighty God freely gave you.

  37. The 1996 constitutional clause can not be applied retrospectively.Before 1996 the constitution was very clear that anybody who was within the boundaries of Northern Rhodesia in 1964 automatically became a citizen of this republic called Zambia.It follows therefore that assuming RB’s parents were foreign at Independence,they automatically became Zambians.No new registration can invalidate this proviso.In other words,the 1996 constitution cannot dezambianise them.Winter who is a lawyer who aught to know this.RB need not have sleepless nights over this. It is simply NAFUTI NAFUTI NAFUTI.

  38. Shame to all of you that insult LT but comment more than once on every article they put up! For your own informattion even the so called good media in the name of the post has the feature for you to comment on any issue they put. Try puting up similar comments to the ones you put up here and you get the rudest shock of your filthy lives. The so called largest opposition party in zed is similarly turning out to be the biggest let down. The leader of this party is so trivial, childish, imature, incosistent, vindictive and irrelevant to the current political dispensation. I pray he comes no where near the seat of power because that would be the most embarrasing thing Zambia has yet shown to the world!


  40. What a behaviour from an aspiring Presidential candidate (Sata) exposed last night.
    You blind followers, please open your eyes.

  41. When the opposition said that they expect mass defections from the MMD what we did not understand is that they meant that “Mas”ebo was going to defect. The PF members have not fully understood their leader’s folked tongue when he speaks. The days for the Elections is drawing near we are yet to see “Mass” defections other than that of Masebo defecting to the PF- even though SATA doubted whether Masebo had any brains at all. So the frustration from the PF is real because there no mass defections this far. Opportunists will always be there. The PF needs to be careful otherwise they will end up having a party of disgruntled leadership. Just like their leader Micheal Zondwa SATA.

  42. Pali Fwaka (PF) ali mucibe. Wise people saw it some years ago that PF is a group of brainless politicians. Do you think Mutati can work with Sata? No not all. The levels of thinking are different. Sata and Mulongoti have the same levels.

  43. Now where is the mass defection of ministers that we were promised? Since there are none so far, can we say that this prevailing overconfidence is misplaced as it was during the Pact saga?

  44. There is no need of calling the newspaper names that published the article which was gathered from reliable sources, the way forward is for you people in PF, to tell us when your president is holding a press conference to announce the list of MPs, period,otherwise we are going to think that you are not ready because the defections you puported with M’membe’s Post are not coming forth.

  45. Daft and ill prepared PF kaponyas are now dancing pelete to sagacious RB’s socio-economic and political suave beyond comprehension of kaponyalism. I have always told you Zambians that PF is a circus of failed primates doomed from the day they were born. Is it amusing that this daft chap called Kabimba can resort to wasting time of his ill prepared PF on frivolous and failed strategies? This is the chap that has never won a single legal case in any judicial chamber throughout his life. Then what legal opinion can he bring up? RB and MMD in historic victory match all the way to 2016. Nominations are accepted by CJ and inauguration done by the same. Let these primate boycott if they so wish MMD is set to renew the mandate.

  46. The capitalist MMD is like a dying person who laments what ever comes to the mouth.When ministers defect to PF they call them names and when PF says the BOAT is now full NOAH -Sata does not have the keys but the PEOPLE who will now decide their FATE.Kaunda was systimatically hated and as result of embargos by MMD agents all companies were sols but we are going to rebuild those when AMAKA reigns


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