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Rupiah is a foreigner maintains Sata


PF leader Michael Sata

Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata has maintained that President Rupiah Banda is a foreigner and is not qualified to contest next month’s Presidential election.

Mr. Sata says President Banda is cheating Zambians that he qualifies to contest the next month’s presidential elections under the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

The PF leader revealed that Mr Banda’s mother hailed Gwanda area in Zimbabwe and the mother is Ndebele by tribe hence disqualifying him from contesting this year’s elections.

He says the constitution should not be applied selectively and it should also apply to all individuals.

In the news monitored on QFM radio today Mr Sata says President Banda was born in Zimbabwe where he married a Makulu daughter and he was a chief mourner when his wife died.

“I know President Banda’s previous wife a Makulu daughter, he is an Ndebele there is no doubt about it,” Mr. Sata says.


  1. So what I personally dont care why wasnt this brought out when he stood for presidence the first time

    • Doesn’t matter that this was not raised at that time. We do not leave in the past but go with the present. He is not Zambian’ lied on oath and needs to go to Jail for lying. I know Rupiah is a perpertual liar the reason I feel no pity for him.

    • Can someone produce the records to substantiate these claims, because until then this does not hold water. Sata can not be trusted; as Zambians who have seen him through the years know…he is a shameless liar!

  2. We are seeing deterioration of the capacity to think and articulate issues of immediate concern to ordinary Zambians. I hope RB or his agents do not, I repeat, do not fall for this trap and start calling him Tanzanian. They should, like HH is doing, concentrate on pertinent issues at hand.

  3. Mmm, Mr RB can you defend yourself. This issue is getting hotter by the day. Does the ruling of his honor the former Chief Justice Mathews Ngulube also include that whoever was not born in Zambia qualifies to stand for presidency? What I do know is that his ruling states that whoever was born in Zambia and was a citizen at the time of the country’s independence is eligible to be president of Zambia. If Ngulube’s ruling excludes those who were born outside the country and from parents who are neither Zambians, then PF has a strong argument which needs a lot of legal interpretation. However, in my view I would rather want to see RB run for elections. There is no need to disqualify him. Let the guy file his nominations. 

  4. bashi Chilufya, with all due respect, you’re a clown! You had ample time to raise these issues as far back as 2008 presidential by-election but you’ve decided to raise it 4wks before elections! You were busy crying for the election date to be announced yet you seem the least prepared of all major parties. UPND/MMD have already announced their lists of parliamentary candidates while you chaps are still smoking chamba! There’s a reason God has denied you the chance to rule this nation while he’s given it to others (some of whom were woken from their sleep or brought back from their farms!). You’re simply not presidential material and the only two decent options we have is either HH or RB. Abash lumpenism, viva progress!

  5. They wanted to fix him on the Degree clause…he waited until parliament disolved to HIT RB hard…thats the Man…King cobra… ALSO CHANDA CHIMBWI has lost, want to appeal together with ZNBC, but their desclaimer says VIEWS AND OPINIONS….finish.. imwee.. Ni PABWATO……………………………………MWAMUKOLO……………………………………………

  6. this man is sick..he’s from tanzania..Guy scott is not Zambian..Lubinda is not zambian..so who qualifies..?nonsense..!

  7. PF have just stumbled on Govt., documents where RB himself Not anybody else, indicated that his parents born outside Zambia. Now the law made by MMD must be followed and not applied selectively. The MMD made law on parentage has come to haunt them. All those condemning PF wait until the evidence is provided. It is NOT PF that made this law but MMD. So dont condemn PF. RB is a lier. who lied on oath.

  8. Oh My Gosh he is still ranting on about this?? PF has lost this election. They are not ready. Bye Bye PF.

  9. Posted: June 26, 2011
    4:55 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh


    Editor’s note: This is another in a series of monthly “WND/WENZEL POLLS” conducted exclusively for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies.

    Barack Obama

    Half of Americans would like to see Congress investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency and nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens, according to a new scientific poll.

  10. Mpangula #10, if really the docs were found by PF do you think bashikulu Sata would have been this patient asking RB to defend himself while he withholds the papers. This man’s level of impatience is unmatched coupled with his itchy mouth which will vomit anything that just breaches his cerebral membrane without validating the idea or even to consolidate it. The truth is there is no evidence and PF is way behind in preparations, thus this craze! As I said in other previous posts, let him beat the man at the polls and then he will have the power to lock him up so that RB rots in the dungeons of Chimbokaila :-)

  11. A really stup!d debate. RB is 70+ years old and his parents could have been 30 years old when they had him. So the law expects him to provide proof of his parent’s birth place dating back to over 100 years back? Where does he even start from? Relatives? Colonial masters? So STUPID. All those debating in favour of Satans frivolous stupidity are also frivolously fo0lish. Even satan cant prove the birthplace of his parents


  13. MSC is indeed a failure in life. This is the time to intensfy the campaigns not the rabish you are articulating now. Four time looser is a big achievement in the history of failure.

    Bye bye SATANA;


  15. Who is this Jojo my namesake? However, the difference is that we hold different opinions. Jojo is the name for the right thinkers not backwards. I am very disappointed that my namesake is primitive and disillusioned. You need a heads up man. 

    • iwe mambala iwe, you are primitve with your party president Sata the colonial masters slave. KK spared this man he should have been killed after independence for being an informer. his lucky we are not like the S.African ANC. mbozi iwe!!

  16. If RB was a chief mourner at his former wife’s funeral, then what?
    Is that what Wynter (or is it Winter maize) wants to take to SADC, AU and UN?

  17. MMD ‘What goes round comes round’. I wish Chiluba was still alive to see the acrimony he has case for his party. Well may because of his cunningness he would still have had no remorse. He is probably safer dead. MHSR in pieces.

  18. Lelo ni lelo, the Law has caught up with Bwesani Lupiya. Anyway, this whole thing amounts to deceit, cheating of the highest order from these guys. All Bwesani should have done is to keep quiet and stay in Zambia quietly. Many children were born from foreign mothers and fathers during the federation of the two Rhodesias and Nyasaland when pipo (especially Malawians) used to move around looking for jobs, and it wasn’t their fault. All they need to do is TELL the truth about where they belong, simple!. KK, Aaron Milner, Bwezani Banda, William Banda and many more are indeed foreigners but are lying…

  19. If all these guys vying for Presidency in the forth coming elections are foreigners, where are the popular Zambians in the political arena? Are we shy or just stu.pid foo,ls , as Kaunda used to say, in the sideline cheering on or what?

  20. this snake can’t be trusted by Zambians. Who cares if Banda’s wife was Ndebele or if his mother was Zimbabwean. What about Guy Scott and Lubinda? Thats why PF killed the adoption of the new nationa constitution. Stup!d !diot!

  21. Maybe the piece of legislation in the constitution was not well thought of by the late Chiluba and his minions. It was rushed through without genuine intent. They in fact did it at the time that suited them and because of the Euphoria that surrounded the desired change they managed to see the insertion of the piece of legislation in the Constitution. Now it has come to haunt us. Quite a few people could be affected by this if they put themselves forward or threw their hat in the ring for the presidential contest. Zambians are now not s.tupid. Which is why the Kunda constitution has failed to go through Parliament because it is tailor made.

  22. RB is Zambian and he does not need to prove anything but let his accusers prove that he is NOT as follows:

    Let them bring birth certificates of his parents bearing Zimbabwe or Malawi national. RB does NOT need to produce anything.Period!!!!!!

  23. Politics in zambia r really cheap. how come everyone who becomes president, then automatically he’s labelled foreigner? KK, Chiluba, Levy & now Banda. When are we going to play fair politics? This shld have been an issue in 2008, especially that clowns are claiming to have known Banda & his family, well, before then. SATA is a time waster. Third-term granny!!!!

  24. Tell Sata …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  25. This may not play for learned guys like you on this site but it is intended for the masses in the rural areas who still have a strong nationalistic spirit and it will lead to RB decapitation in eastern province

  26. Sata and the entire PF leadership are all Political Fools who shall always remain Political Failures due to their Poor Foundation.Let Satan explain his Tanzanian roots.

  27. Sata and the entire PF leadership are all Political Fouls who shall always remain Political Failures due to their Poor Foundation tht always leads to poor fininshing bcoz of pa fwaka


  29. # 26 First Patriotic Zambian I doubt if you can find birth certicates for people who were born in ‘ancient times’. For instance, Zambians born before 1975 do not have birth certicates. Birth certicatesd were only introduced in 1975.

  30. I thought they said they would write to international organisations? so go ahead and write, why bother us. ifwe tuleya mukuvota pa 20 september and RB will be on the ballot

  31. Its either Cobra is saying the truth or is just being frivolous.Its a relevant consern that future presidents should consider when picking their vice presidents.The intelligence services should be cross-checking details of people aspiring for sensitive positions wether in opposition or ruling parties or public service.That is supposed to be one of the cardinal mandates of intelligence service.

  32. Sata want to divert election campaigns to this nonsense that RB is not Zambian. He is wasting his time because its too late. I think he has just realised even this time around he is no match to RB. All along where was he?

  33. This so called cobra,really surprises me.Instead of concentrating on real campaign issues,he is busy scandalizing the President about parental matters,which he cannot substantiate. I challenge him to produce proof to that effect ! Apparently,i have been prevelleged to take sight of the presidents parents national registration cards,whose contents are self explanatory. Sata is merely dwelling on a myth !! Shame !

  34. In primary class I doubt many of you will pass nor will you make good managers. Can we please stick to the topic at hand as opposed to talking about what’s not in the story. For now we’re talking about Rupiah Banda and his Malawian and Zimbabwean parentage. I think this is true and so Rubbish Bin a foreigner will not be allowed to stand as a presidential candidate.

  35. At the end of the day RB needs to come out and settle this issue once and for all. for as long as he is letting Dickson Jere , Richard Kachingwe and Kavindele speak on his behalf it wont ease up. as humans we make mistakes and some mistakes are overlooked but later in life they pop up. this is when the shit hits the fun. Kaunda was barred from standing in 1996 who was there to defend him the way RB is being defended, he was blocked and that was final. Some People have been happily married for over 20 -30 years, then one pop up from the past comes in to destroy the happy years. at the end of the day one can not give an excuse that why wasnt I probed before we got married….. where are the legal people here please clear the air. so much for the constitution that has different meanings…

  36. #44 Lawyer……………….Let your mind not be troubled, RB does not need to say anything but let all his accusers go to court and prove their case beyond any reasonable doubt.

    pf/sata always make silly mistakes just before elections and this costs them a lot, e.g;
    1. in 2006 sata insulted the north-westerners and he lost a lot of votes
    2. in 2008 sata chased the so called rebels who decampaigned him in their constituencies
    3. in 2011 sata has lost it again. Instead of campaigning, he is busy with a non-starter issue and also handpicking candidates. Also exhibiting a high level of childishness in the meeting of presidents yesterday – no wonder the young man HH told him off.

  37. I like this these guys waited for the last minutes to distract MMD what a good game PF and Sata keep it up RB hit Sata hard on criminal charges and failed now its RB’s turn to prove himself am even surprised why MMD is busy saying its not an issue. Why wasn’t an issue when you nailed Sata on the degree clause and the criminal charges? Come on RB tail us

  38. MCS may be a satanist, check the picture above he has a cobra statue in his office, thats one of the symbols in the occult meanwhile we take it for fun its time someone investigated this matter.

  39. #38 osatiwenye, I was born in the 1960s and I have my birth certificate still now. Anyway that’s not the point, was KK born in Zambia or Northern Rhodesia? Or Federation? It doesn’t matter – “Both parents should be Zambians by birth or descent – ECZ”

  40. President Rupiah Banda listens to ECZ official Eric Kamwi telling presidential candidates that both their parents should be Zambian citizens by birth or descent at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre yesterday , The post

  41. The old serpent has lost it’s teeth, he is clueless and clearly misguided…unfortunately his inner circle can’t seem to see that too! Historically all our presidents have been labeled foreigners…do we care!

  42. This seems to be serious bane…RB is not zambian..My foot…Restain, LIKE LEVY dId……….

    Kabimba further stated in his affidavit in support of ex parte summons for an interim order injunction that it was on the basis of his declaration and oath that the ECZ accepted and declared President Banda’s nomination as valid.

    He said he was informed that the MMD should not have sponsored and declared his Presidential nomination valid because his father was born in Malawi then Nyasaland and not Zambia.

    Kabimba added that unless this court grants this application, the MMD will again sponsor the same candidate President Banda as a candidate and that the ECZ will accept his nomination papers and hence rendering this action academic.

  43. It is true information about Rupiah’s foreign parentage emerged right after he was appointed Veep. It was in the possession of some of those that Rupiah annoyed and have crossed over to the PF. The PF and others have just come to be in possession of this inforrmation. They will have to use it as law-abiding citizens to prove RB’s lies. The current presidential qulification parentage clause was brought in by Chiluba to bar Kaunda. PF has to use it against RB to show him he should have taken NCC seriously so that we could have come up with a good constitution. Let RB pay the price for the partisan manner in which he handled the constitution review to remind him a good constitution was also going to be good for him and his MMD. PF has done nothing wrong!!! THE DOC

  44. Stop the rot! We all know the polling date. Use it to beat the man, not cheap parantage politics. If anything…Zambia has never been ruled by a Zambian! First, the Brittish, then a Nyasa, then a Congolese, then a Nyasa and if Sata wins….a Tanzanian….then what? Let us go to the polls with the same chimwela we had all the way…….and challenge the man using the ballot. Have you smelt danger?

  45. Awe sure,what logic is there to start debating the parentage of a sitting President when we just have about a month to go before elections. These guys blundered when they failed to keep the PACT together and they are now scared about RBs popularity. I PITY YOU PF losers that ubwato bwenu bwatulika bwangu

  46. For those of you who think that RB is a foreigner you have 5 years to be ruled by a foreigner.
    For us who know that RB is Zambian we will enjoy the five year rule. Surely 3 years was too little for us to be ruled by a good leader like RB. If it was under SATA this 3 year period was going appear a decade of serious embarassment.

  47. #61 Patriot.
    There is nothing RB needs to do.
    He already stated all he needs to say in 2008 and qualified as candidate. The one negating the status is SATA, he is the one to bring evidence to substantiate the claims. So SATA is the man with work to do to prove his allegations. where is evidence from Mr SATA?

  48. I mus add that the only thing RB needs to do is concentrate on his campaign strategy and make progress in that area, while SATA concentrates on the parantage and also makes progress in that area. Then on 20th Sept we vote.

  49. Daft and ill prepared PF kaponyas are now dancing pelete to sagacious RB’s socio-economic and political suave beyond comprehension of kaponyalism. I have always told you Zambians that PF is a circus of failed primates doomed from the day they were born. Is it amusing that this daft chap called Kabimba can resort to wasting time of his ill prepared PF on frivolous and failed strategies? This is the chap that has never won a single legal case in any judicial chamber throughout his life. Then what legal opinion can he bring up? RB and MMD in historic victory match all the way to 2016. Nominations are accepted by CJ and inauguration done by the same. Let these primate boycott if they so wish MMD is set to renew the mandate.

  50. @22 Chumbu Mushuluwa you are spot on. except you forgot one very prominent name on the list of foreigners ‘Micheal Chilufya sata’.

  51. #45 are you in the US? Donald Trump and Barack Obama who had to provide proof? Be real man and just watch things unfold, you are among those that think with your heart for the hate of MCS! The man is a clever politician I love to hate him!

  52. Born in Gwanda of a Malawian father and a Ndebele mother, just how does the man evade exclusion from running while the parentage Clause inserted by no other than his dead chief political adviser remains in effect? Ngulube’s ruling clearly excludes those who were born outside Northern Rhodesia from parents who are/were not Zambians. I always wondered why he named his son Dingane when he is Chewa, now it makes sense he is descended from the dreaded Nkosi Mzilikazi’s Khumalos. 

  53. Mr Sata’s case will not even make it to the evidence stage, not even false evidence, because the case has died before it has even started. Mr Sata’s case was prepared by an incompetent lawyer, probably Winter Kabimba no less, yes the lawyer who never won a case. Watch this space…..the case will collapse before Sunday. Just watch Mr Sata’s reaction when the court announces the verdict……prepare your cameras and video recorders for the greatest comedy ever and the most contorted face that you will ever see, and don’t forget the mobile hospital. It happens only once in a lifetime, don’t miss!

  54. The main issue is that of parentage. Even assuming RB was born in Zambia, there would still be the question of whether BOTH his parents were Zambian by birth or descent. It is a nasty piece of law that should never have been allowed to be inserted into the Constitution. This is essentially because it was vindictive – aimed at a particular person. The timing by SATA appears too late. He could have pursed it to its logical conclusion in 2008. On the other hand, those who are positivists would not care much about the content of the law. They would insist that it be implemented as it is – meaning they would expect the ECZ to get the facts and apply the Constitutional provisions. Until there is evidence to whatever effect, most of you bloggers simply don’t know whether RB is ‘legal’.

  55. Fact is, RB is not only one of the Presidential candidates next month, he is the incumbent President and the most likely winner of the elections. To bring up usesless issues now, will not help…this is campaign time, unless Sata is using this as his campaign stratergy, which in my view is lacking. PF needs a good lawyer, not the likes of Winter, Membe……

    • Spot on Lasa…the PF lawyers have not produced a single record of birth to consolidate there claims. This issue is a non-starter and clearly mistimed as usual. What kind of lawyers are these guys?

  56. As much as I dont agree with SATA i think he’s right on this issue. If you dont like the law….change it!!

  57. …is anyone in the oposition going to tell us what they can do better than the MMD; we are ready to LISTEN. The frivolous issues being debated are starting to irk some of us!

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