Munali rejects Prof Luo as Wynter Kabimba says decision is final

FILE: Professor Nkandu Luo (r) and health minister Kapembwa Simbao cutting a ribbon during the World Asthma Day in Lusaka

Confusion over the adoption of parliamentary candidates in the Patriotic Front has continued with youths in Munali constituency rejecting the adoption of Professor Nkandu Luo.

Munali is the latest seat where cadres have rejected the party’s preferred candidates.

In Kalulushi former Mine Workers Union of Zambia President Rayford Mbulu has been rejected, while candidates for Chifubu and Bwana Mkubwa in Ndola have also been rejected.

The youths from Munali who stormed ZNBC Saturday morning prefer Eric Chanda who they say is the best candidate to win the seat.

The youths were led by Kalingalinga ward Publicity Secretary, Jackson Chilufya and Vice Treasurer, Christopher Chanda.

The two ward officials have told ZNBC News that Eric Chanda has worked with the people at the grassroots and deserves to contest the Munali seat.

The PF has concluded its adoptions but is yet to publicly announce its candidates.

On Friday, cadres from Kalulushi Constituency on the Copperbelt protested against the adoption of Ryaford Mbulu as the parliamentary candidate.

The cadres who stormed ZNBC Kitwe studios gave the party leadership a two day ultimatum to reverse its decision over the adoption of Mr. Mbulu.

But PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has maintained that the decision of the party central committee is final.

Mr Kabimba has described the youths as indisciplined and not genuine members of the party.

PF Vice President Dr Guy Scott also lambasted the cadres that protested over adoption of Kalulsuhi candidate Rayford Mbulu and accused them of not being genuine members of the party.

Dr Scott also accused ZNBC of being hostile and said it was not true that PF Members could go to ZNBC to protest against the adoption of Mr Mbulu.

He told ZNBC News in Kitwe in a telephone interview that the alleged PF cadres that stormed the ZNBC studios in Kitwe were not members of the PF.

He said genuine PF members could not go to ZNBC for coverage.




    • Addressing this to the wrong audience ie non registered voters who have no bearing on the elections whatsoever. As for those that are registered voters, doubt very much if this issue of dual citizenship will be on their priority list. Solution is to possibly take leave of absence and go back to ZED and help campaign for the party you see fit will pursue this agenda

  2. he he he genuine pf members with complaints know they will be heard by znbc just like genuine mmd members know the post will feast on their grievances- no rocket ka Guy scott. Guy is next, we dont want foreigners in lusaka central, what have you done in the many years- 10 you have been mp?

  3. Circus in the Poor Finishers’ Party of thugs yet they are pre-occupied with doomed injunctions against a sagacious winning RB too advanced for them in the race.

    Zambians have again rejected ICASA Kandu.

  4. There must be a lot of  money changing hands in Zambia with people being paid to ‘destabilise’ other parties. If, as alleged (and undefined) a LEARNED man Seb Zulu received ‘Judas’s 30 pieces of silver’ to kill uNIP, what chance do unemployed, homeless cadres have against the big bucks from the big three parties? Even the other Presidential candidates now, may be looking for pay day from the highest bidder! My suggestion for elections is as follows: Any party that does not get more than 20% of the votes should have its candidate disqualified from standing in general elections for 10 years. If we had such a rule, Miyanda, Sata and Nawakwi would not be in the picture.

  5. This is MMD’s stratergy to organize some MMD members and pretend they are PF supporters rejecting their candidates. Very cheap politics… MMD is going and will be a dead party. Any person who stands on PF ticket will win

  6. Sata is shifting his campaign strategy just like a mother changes her baby’s diaper every too often. The PF configuration is simply so dead to resurrect or turbo charge itself back to life. No amount of “spare parts” can bring back PF to align itself going into the election.

    The Bogus Prophet made a mistake by allowing “The M5 Curtail” to stand on the pulpit and become his voice of hate. By that, I mean The M5 Curtail are: Mpompo, Masebo, Mulongoti, Mmembe and Mbita. (Residues or rejects from MMD)

    You cannot send the message to the voters by allowing those that are driven by Malice, Hate, Lies and twisting the truth that Zambians can see on the ground as far as progressive development is concerned.

  7. The fall from grace if at all, does not draw closer as a surprise to those that have followed Sata’s political life for decades, unless you were born yester-years

    The truth of the matter is, Sata is ill. PF is still struggling to find candidates when all long Sata has been calling RB to announce elections and pretending to be ready.

    It was just two weeks ago when Fred False Mmembe, realized and admitted to his confidant workforce at The Post that the boat is sinking so fast for PF. That coming from the Mmembe speaks volumes, but he has to put up a brave face to cover his pride

    Above all let the real men and women go out and fight it out. My big money is on MMD and seconded UPND as tangible opposition party to bring sanity and balanced debates in parliament.

    • Independent Observer,

      Again you are on the money. PF will die a nice natural death after these elections. Thank God there is UPND to take its place and provide the much needed checks and balances.

      The M5 as you describe them do not even agree on whether or not the sun will rise again after dark. That’s how polarised they are.

  8. Yaba

    Muzi wapya…. confusion when the battle ground has been drawn! I foresee the mother of all defeats. If HH was clever this is time to take over this space of official opposition. Unfortunately like Sata, HH need to realise that politics of tribe are long gone in Zambia

  9. So these chaps are showing us their true colours. They have been hiding in the names of NGOs while criticising the government. This Nkandu Luo stole a lot of money during that AIDS conference and she went into recession so that nobody talks about the ICASA funds. Now I know why the government complains about direct funding to the NGOs because they are operating as political parties. All NGO leaders want political positions after making noise like vuvuzelas. They are not serving the public but their tummies. 

  10. I really do not support the adoption of Nkandu Luo as a Parliamentary candidate for Munali Consttituency. What happened to Mumbi Phiri? Ya mu nyokola njala mambala asakila cabe nchito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PF geting off the rails. Cracking signs!! First they run to court, instead of going out to campaign. this court thing will demonstrate the lack of brains in PF. dull leader, dull lawyers how dont even understand the law: high court instead of supreme! SATA no, just an empty tin. now the cadres will take it out of hand with protests, kaili they are all ng’wang’waziz. call boyz!!

  12. The demise of PF is nigh!!PF sympathisers and cadres get life jackets a.s.a.p before the Titanic sinks for you own sakes because the Cobra has run out of vernom and is connered by HE.RB.
    Wina azalila,wapya munzi!!!

  13. #2 Malawi Babe, do not be stupid my friend-racism out! U are behavg like an hypocrite-I can see u are speakg from yr comfort zone in the UK and chaps like are the same ones who mourn like babes if called a blackman or foreigner in the UK. Give respect to Scott-he has choosen to fight for the poor from the corrupt regime while u are their talking rubbish probably chewing benefits which Scott’s forefathers sweated for-grow up!

  14. Ba PF – just let all ex MPs stand in their former constituencies and allow for selection in areas where PF had no representation … except for those with court cases, e.g. Ndola Central. Let Wynter Kabimba contest Ndola Central

    • Wynter will only get 1 vote in Ndola Central (his own vote). His father (Mr Kabimba senior) has rejected his party. He is supporting UPND.

  15. No 18

    Ba Winter can not stand as an MP this time and win… Am not Bemba but am told that the Bemba’s have a saying that… uwenda na ngoshe aumubeya amaso


    • Are you sure sir/madam? I remember the time when I working in Govt, times of reshuffles I used to intercede so that none of the following guys was taken to the ministry I was working as a minister or deputy: Luo, Nsingo, Kapijimpanga, Manjata and Lupando (b4 he was made V/Pres.)

  17. Zambians will witness more confusion in the PF structures when a full list of adopted candidates is officially announced. If Sata has any courage and any remnant of fair health, there are fewer than 45 days left to effectively campaign for himself and offer support to his 150 MP adopted candidates. His behaviour in front of Judge Mambilima, and calling editor of “Stand Up For Zambia” as “Chanda Chimbwi” revealed his true sarcastic personality. As President, no one will survive Sata’s acidic mouth. The more he opens his mouth the more he is prone to un-mask the greater part of his madness to the alert voters.

  18. Sorry to say Mr Sata do know that kabimba kakufinisha failing to adopt MPs and taking RB to court over his and father. sata home village is not mpika you home village is mwaka village near chiyanga in tunduma TZ and all PF supporter know that sata also is not real Zambia

  19. Good lord god almighty, what manner of grotesque site has this Prof. Luo evolved into! She truly is becoming such a physically and aesthetically unpleasant soul, Dr Manda should puke at the mere thought that he once married this minger and co-habited with it for years and worse still sired children with it. I wonder, if you put horns on this cow, “ki mwanangombe ya fula mutaka shangwee!”

  20. “Dr Scott said genuine PF members could not go to ZNBC for coverage”. Well now Guy Scott, where would they go for coverage, the Post?

  21. For a guy with a PhD in Cognitive Science this Dr Scott is so dull that why he his in the losing boat

    • The guy is dull. He failed to perform in the Ministry of Agric. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to be found with ‘abena’ Mutati, Kabinga etc. becoz they can start questioning where he got his PhD

  22. PF will claim that the list of candidates has not been released so all this about Munali is hearsay and propaganda by the state media. Well, I have news for you: Nkandu Luo was on ZNBC TV News at 19.00hrs this evening confidently talking about what she plans to do for Munali constituency once she is elected as MP. So all these reports are genuine, and TV pictures do not lie bane. RB nafuti nafuti.

  23. I am a registered voter in Munali constituency and, this Tasinta woman, has never been my favorite. Oish.. I can’t wait to get back to Zed — and for 20 Sept — when I will use the ballot box to assist in helping her go where she truly belongs.

  24. Isn’t this same Nkandu Luo tainted with ICASA corruption? Now, that’s not change we can believe, if I may borrow a phrase.

  25. Nowadays Sata is always talking about Dora’s legs. I look forward to Supreme Court ruling — and hope PF loses — so that we can have a glance at the next Chanda Chimba III’s documentary which might show Nkhandu Luo’s in her mini skirts.

  26. The problem with Zed is that there are too many recycled politicians. How can the likes of Luo, Mpombo, Mulongoti, William Banda and Mabenga bring anything tangible to the table? Speaking of the upcoming election, clearly PF is not ready for prime time, thus all the excuses in the world. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  27. Toloke Zambezi ndimutima umo
    Banda iwe tiye tilipamozi tiye iwe tilipamozi to toloke Zambezi ndimutima umo
    Africa tiye
    Nafuti nafuti

  28. #23; I catch your drift. My take on PF is that it has become dysfunctional since the power behind it has significantly waned and maybe the financial backing is also evaporated. These adoptions could easily have bee rammed down the necks of the grassroots if their leader still had command (this organization has never had cohesive structures and so relied on the leader). That is why for you to defeat MMD, you have to discredit their policies as opposed to just slugging their current leader – they will come and go.

  29. uwenda na Nkandu Luo ni Sata eumubeya amaso ya white.Nkandu liule sorry bane its not iule its Luo.What ever name it is.Nkandu will be beaten puss down the hands.Another heart attack in the waiting for cobra.R B nafuti nafuti

  30. This is just the begging of confusion in PF, wait for more drama. The idio’ts are doomed, they will never rule Zambia. This year is the end of Sata

  31. Chawamila mbuzi ku luma galu! So, now we know that all those MMD chaps leaking ifno to the PF Vuvuzela are not genuine MMD members!

  32. # 38 It is Donchi Kubeba working even in PF members. Lol. The Pathetic Fools are just cry babes. How can they accuse they disown their own members.


  33. What’s the latest on Mumbi Phiri? And people, where’s Mutinta, that Zambian chick in foreign land? I miss her comments which would always end with “Thank you”.

  34. Now it’s the turn of PF adopted candidate for Chawama Edgar Lungu, before the list is announced. It seems the members of PF are disgruntled with PF’s dictatorial appointment of Central Committee by Mr Sata at the no-vote “national convention”. The members seem to be saying to Mr Sata “You have dribbled us at the national convention, well you can have your MCCs, but we shall have the last say in the choice of our parliamentary candidates……”. And so it has come to pass.

  35. @41, Mumbi Phiri is crying foul because it seems at the sight of their newest entry Nkandu Luo, the PF don’t think much of her first cousin Mumbi Phiri. I can imagine the impact of this on that otherwise good family.

  36. Countrymen, every party will have complaints about who is adopted.However, every party must strive to meet the fulfil what the grassroot want.

  37. The youths from Munali who stormed ZNBC Saturday morning prefer ERIC CHANDA who they say is the best candidate to win the seat. The youths were led by Kalingalinga ward Publicity Secretary, JACKSON CHILUFYA and Vice Treasurer, CHRISTOPHER CHANDA. “. …. Hahaha. And who says PF is not a tribal party. Just look at the names here.

  38. Nkandu Luo is handsome.More handsome than the Cobra itself.The anticipated defections are not forth coming.What type of Fools are these PF maggots?On the copperbelt all the adopted candidates have been rejected by the cadres and the Post cant report that,am told the chief Gay man Namakando,has diarrhoea,the ass is leaking,he was reported to be with Gay Scotch.Another dick down defeat for the Idio.ts.

  39. Wynter Masebo. Shame on you ba guy! Just read the above 45 comments. Chaps are repeatedly echoing your name and remain amazed at your shallow mindedness. What’s incredible though is despite your party’s clear immaturity, lack of direction and complete idiocy, you still keep misleading the ka cobra by assuring him of winning. No. 19 has summarised you very well, ba wynter masebo.

  40. The die is cast. By the way nkandu luo looks more like a man than a woman. Could it be that she did a sex transplant?

  41. But Prof Nkandu Luo, it is a “beautifullest” one sure. Maybe brother Manda picked her on a blind date. For one, I do not appreciate ugly people at all, especially women. These are the kind of people who are giving credence to the believe that human beings, especially Africans, are descended from apes. I mean, look at this Chinsalese, what doubt is there that she shares the same roots with Kansundila Banda’s baptizer, Kolwe the iconic State House baptist? 

    • @ Ububi Africans are the furthest from apes of all humans it’s biologically known. Apes have pale skin under the hair and just plain not as close to human genetics other species like mice. So are we related to mice ? Never bring obscene comments here. But we want Mumbi.

  42. ba Chanda mwe baile ku Znbc I want you to be honest,when did you resign from PF and what made you resign from PF,dont take advantage of the situation ,today sunday you even at church.I and ba chanda we left PF to join UPND in 2009 July.

  43. ZNBC lies as no genuine PF meber will go to them and complain about PF adoptions. I would advise ZNBC to concentrate on the confussions surrounding MMD candidates. Anyperson standing on PF ticket on CB and Lusaka town constituencies is winning.

  44. Sata doesnt know that he’s been played. All the intellectuals will desert the ka party when they are elected into office. Look at the likes of Dr. Machungwa, Fostina Sinyangwe. Pf is just Nkandu Luo’s stepping stone since the party will win the seat even if they feature a maggot.Well played Naomi Price!!!!

  45. RB nafuti nafuti. This time around anything MMD is good. MMD candidate Majorie has been overwhelmly accepted partly because of her buitie. For the first time Munali will have a buitiful MP unlike the “Dog” Mumbi Phiri. Remenber she has never appologised for the word Dog


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