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UPND to announce adopted MPs today, delay was strategy to avoid defections


File:UPND vice president Richard Kapita

United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Richard Kapita has announced that the party, will today, 12th August, 2011 officially announce to the public the 150 adopted parliamentary and local government candidates for the forthcoming general elections.

Mr Kapita said that his party’s delay in announcing the adopted parliamentary candidates was a strategy to stop other political parties from picking its members who have not been adopted.

Mr. Kapita said that the party decided to take time to announce the adopted candidates because it knew the ruling MMD would have had approached its members to bribe them to join the party.

In an interview with QFM, Mr. Kapita said that the list of adopted candidates to be announced will be the genuine one unlike speculations on some candidates who have not even been adopted by the party.

The UPND Vice President said that the party was transparent in its adoption process, noting that it ensured that the seats were allocated to credible candidates.

However, the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has said that the delay by the opposition political parties to announce their adopted parliamentary candidates is a sign of defeat.

MMD acting secretary general Chembe Nyangu wondered what has delayed the announcement of candidates by the opposition when they were pressurizing president Rupiah Banda to dissolve parliament and announce the date of elections.

[pullquote]Mr. Kapita said that the list of adopted candidates to be announced will be the genuine one unlike speculations on some candidates who have not even been adopted by the party.[/pullquote]

Mr. Nyangu has questioned what the opposition political parties want to believe that 2011 is a year of elections for them to announce their candidates.

In an interview with QFM, Mr. Nyangu further questioned why the opposition is not ready when they were busy calling for announcement of the elections date.

Mr. Nyangu has since advised the opposition to come out in the open and announce their failure to participate in the forthcoming elections.



  1. Hahahaha

    So what will stop people who have not been adopted from defecting? The MMD has already realised its list so why would they bribe your members or what will stop them from bribing them after you realise the list..

    The logic just does not cut it…  is this what you call Bus Stop intelligence or logic?

  2. HELLO HELLO, HONK HONK, HELLO HELLO, HONK HONK….Fellow supporters of HH the time to answer every phone call with a double-hello has come. LET THE WORLD KNOW WE are behind HH as we saturate the airwaves with HELLO HELLO and the streets with double-honks. THOSE CALLING RADIO SHOWS OR TV SHOWS PLEASE PLEASE remember to greet the listeners or viewers with a HELLO HELLO… HELLO HELLO, HELLO HELLO, HONK HONK, PEEP PEEP….VIVA HH, VIVA UPND 

  3. Mr VP Kapita, Now this is what people are calling UNDER 5 politics. Surely how would MMD poach your members when we have already announced the list of our candidates long time ago. If you said you delayed to avoid PF, which is full of ……… ( somebody fill in the blanks) , from poaching your best brains like Dr Chirwa and the like, then this lie would make sense.

    By accusing MMD, you have clearly blown your cover. You just delayed because you were not ready period and today being the last day you just have no choice but to announce. We look forward to facing your MPs in the battle field. May the best candidate win.

  4. I don’t understand if people will defect they are bound to defect. What should be noted is that people who defect because of not being adopted are good riddance. All they care about is being an MP and not the party. Selfish pricks who care less about serving the masses.

  5. Come on ba UPND – this is the kind of logic we would expect from the paltry faculties (pf) party who are still waiting for the purported mass defections of the likes of Namugala, Simbao and Mutati from MMD to take place.

  6. Good strategy. It’s a well known fact that MMD and PF were hoping to adopt rejected UPND members in areas where they know they have no chance of winning. By delaying the announcement of adopted candidates UPND has outfoxed the two parties since there won’t be time for them to change their adopted candidates’ list.

    In any contest there are winners and losers so this tactic by these parties led by old recycled politicians is very divisive to say the least. It’s like people who like intefering in domestic marital affairs. MMD and PF used the same tactic in 2006 to cause divisions in UPND so we are ready for you this time.

  7. Clearly 5 and 7 do not understand MMD politics of bribes.

    Releasing the names after MMD released theirs is not the point as if MMD would steal them.

    Late naming stops MMD bribes to UPND members to be mole’s.

    This is why MMD will be removed this year as they keep making stories to suit themselves and their ideas that MMD are clean and democratic.

    MMD is a joke!

  8. MMD has been on the ground for close to month now. Their people were adopted and are campaigning. Those who are having difficulty have been replaced with more suitable candidates and the MMD picture looks more united than ever before.

    Its kind of late for UPND to announce in the 12 hour. Their people need to start by printing posters, shirts and caps which will take two weeks to finish. By then, UPND will only have two weeks of real campaign time.

    All this for fear of defections? Awe its too high a price to pay to come out last because you fear defections.

    Kapita is senseless on this issue. It was better to just keep quiet and announce mwe!

  9. bafkala aba fikopo zoona. MMD made its winning team way back and have made a few replacements after getting feedback from the ground. They are well ahead of all these so called oppositions in terms of preparedness. I will not be surprised if they make in-roads in southern, CB and lusaka.

  10. Is Chembe Nyangu still acting Secretary General?…I thought Richard Kachingwe is now the MMD Secretary General…Anyway what is for sure is that politics is a game that you need to play with caution and UPND is playing that game with correct or wrong assumptions, MMD announced their list earlier and we didnt see much defections and the reason why PF had problems finding good/credible candidates in some constituencies. However I think the real delay for PF and UPND in announcing their candidates is to play on each other’s minds …remember they once bedded together and know each other’s tactics…..

  11. The reasoning is awash. You cant wait without campaigning for a month to let your voters kknow who is standing. YYou need a period of ssorting oout any problems and selling your candidates if the people reject them. Your reason just shows lack of confidence in your own people and ddont eveven claim transparency, there’s none in this.

  12. SO BA UPND YOU ARE ALSO BANDONCHIKUBEBA???????????????? 2011 STARLING LIST WILL BE OUT 3 DAYS B4 CLOSURE OF NOMINATIONS. MWAMUKOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Whose intellect are you attempting to insult? Your so called strategy is senseless and hopelessly hopeless. I thought Sata went abit overboard when he called your leader an under five. Well now your shallow strategy has removed all doubt. Am particularly hurt because I always considered you guys to offer the nation real change but it seems you are as directionless hopeless as your defunct PACT partners. I do not need to be rocket scientist to tell that MMD has so far shown more political organisation than all these political pretenders we have around.

  14. Last election, when Sata’s people passed by making their usual noise, some children and some half-brained humans would waive the fist and respond back. Now I have noticed that people just watch them in amusement. This year…PF is dead and burried for good. Without Sata, PF won’t survive and Sata will not survive another 5 years.


    Name: Constituency
    1. Osward Chuulu Chisamba
    2. Patricia Chileshe Mwashingwele Katuba
    3. Catherine Chilonda Keembe
    4. Sydney Mushanga Bwacha
    5. James Kapyanga Kabwe Central
    6. Eddie C. Musonda Kapiri Mposhi
    7. Ingrid Mpande Mkushi North
    8. Davies Chisopa Mkushi South
    9. Derrick Chola Kalenshi Mwembeshi
    10. Donald Nsonga Mumbwa
    11. Edith Kasenzale Crehan Nangoma
    12. Chanda Mutale Chitambo
    13. Chama Mushota John Muchinga
    14. Phillip Kosam Serenje Central

  16. If the world had Olympics for stupid political ideas and strategies, this would have scooped the Gold Medal in ALL categories. So UPND may not have the big brains after all. Alright, its back to Siliya et al for another wasted five years


  18. People UPND informed those adopted long time ago, but there were given strong instructions not to mention to some parties to avoid defeactions. PF used this strategy in 2006 elections. It worked for kaponyas very well. It may work for UPND. What UPND can not afford now is to loose a senior member, because there area of support has voters. So they need not to sprint the votes. I have no dought UPND will win in central, southern, western, north-western and Lusaka provinces. PF and MMD will sahre alot in the copperbelt, Luapula and Northern provinces.

    Name Constituency
    1. Esther Mwilwa Banda Chililabombwe
    2. Dr. Joseph Katema Chingola
    3. Wylbur Chisiya Simuusa Nchanga
    4. Rayford Mbulu Kalulushi
    5. Mwenya Musenge Chimwemwe
    6. Moses Chishimba Kamfinsa
    7. Bonnie Mutale Kwacha
    8. Lackson Kazabu Nkana
    9. Richard Musukwa Wusakile
    10. Steve Chungu Luanshya
    11. Chishimba Kambwili Roan
    12. Stg. Major John Akufuna Mufulira Central
    13. Yamfwa Mukanga Kantanshi
    14. Levy K. Chabala Kankoyo
    15. Emmanuel T. Chenda Bwana Mkubwa
    16. Susan Berina Kawandami Chifubu
    17. Dorothy Kazunga Kabushi
    18. Fackson Shamenda Ndola Central
    19. Patrick Chakupalesa Mwanawasa Kafulafuta
    20. Rev. Christopher S. Kalenge Lufwanyama
    21. Stardy Mwale Masaiti
    22. Keith Maila Mpongwe

    Name Constituency
    1. Nickson Phiri Chadiza Central
    2. Vincent Mwale Vubwi
    3. Lambwe Kachali Chama North
    4. Dr. Affron Chakupa Lungu (Prince Galamala) Chama South
    5. Lucas Phiri Chipangali
    6. Lameck Mangani Chipata Central
    7. Grace Maria Mwanza Kasenengwa
    8. George Kanyamula Zulu Luangeni
    9. Musa Banda Milanzi
    10. Mustapher Banda Mkaika
    11. Samuel Milanzi Sinda
    12. Boniface Paul Botha Chasefu
    13. Clement Mwale Lumezi
    14. Evans Kazonga Ngoma Lundazi Central
    15. Mabvuto Augustine Mwanza Nyimba
    16. Paradious Sakala Kapoche
    17. Godfrey Banda Msanzala
    18. Leonard Banda Petauke Central
    19. Kaweche Kaunda Malambo

    Name Constituency
    1. Nickson Chilangwa Kawambwa
    2. Rodgers Mwewa Mwansabombwe
    3. Ronald Chitotela Pambashe
    4. Harry Kalaba Bahati
    5. Kennedy Sakeni Mansa Central
    6. Davies Mwila Chipili
    7. Mighty Mumba Mambilima
    8. David Mabumba Mwense Central
    9. Raymond Mpundu Nchelenge
    10. Chifita Matafwali Bangweulu
    11. Dr. Andrew Mwali Mutaba Chifunabuli
    12. Emelyne Kabanshi Luapula
    13. Gen. Benson Kapaya Chienge
    14. Benson Chola Milenge Chembe

    Name Constituency
    1. Obius Chabu Chisala Chilubi
    2. Hastings C. Nsensembeka Chimbamilonga
    3. Maxas Bweupe Ng’onga Kaputa
    4. G.B Mwamba Kasama Central
    5. Alfredah Mwamba Kansembe Lukashya
    6. Lazarous Chota Lubansenshi
    7. Chungu Bwalya Lazarous Lupososhi
    8. Emmanuel Chilubanama Lunte
    9. Prof. Neverly G. Willombe Mporokoso
    10. Christopher B. Yaluma Malole
    11. Freedom Chomba Sikazwe Mpulungu
    12. Evaristo Kasunga Mbala
    13. Giles Chomba Yambayamba Senga Hill

    Name Constituency
    1. Sylvia T. Masebo Chongwe
    2. Phillip Mutantika Rufunsa
    3. Obvious Summerton Mwaliteta Kafue
    4. Geoffrey Chuumbwe Chilanga
    5. Pastor James Gutinyu Feira
    6. Edgar Lungu Chawama
    7. Given Lubinda Kabwata
    8. Col. Gerry Chanda Kanyama
    9. Dr. Guy Scott Lusaka Central
    10. Jean Nyumbi Kapata Mandevu
    11. Miles Sampa Matero
    12. Prof. Nkandu Luo Munali.
    Name Constituency
    1. Davies Mwango Kanchibiya
    2. Mwimba Malama Mfuwe
    3. Mwansa Kapeya Mpika Central
    4. Christopher Mulenga Chinsali
    5. Kampyongo Stephen Shinga Shiwang’andu
    6. Col. John Siame Nakonde
    7. Bresfold Gondwe Isoka East
    8. Malozo Sichone Isoka West


    Name Constituency
    1. Tandy Chipawa Kabompo East
    2. Joyce Chijilo Kankiza Kabompo West
    3. Fabiano Chiposo Kasempa
    4. Bert Mushala Mufumbwe
    5. Able Bulawayo Kazhila Mwinilunga East
    6. Victor Kayekesi Mwinilunga West
    7. Newton Malwa Solwezi Central
    8. Peter Ilunga Solwezi East
    9. Rodiness Shatewa Ndumba Solwezi West
    10. Thom Makondo Zambezi East
    11. Christabel Ngimbu Mukuyu Zambezi West
    12. Harold Bickson Mbaulu Chavuma

    Name Constituency
    1. Jones Kawilila Choma Central
    2. Aaron Muchindu Mbabala
    3. Kebby Hantuba Pemba
    4. Peter Chiyombe Gweembe
    5. Rodwell Mwetwa Dundumwezi
    6. Omar Munsanje Kalomo Central
    7. Gidson Muuzu Mapatizya
    8. Josephs Rikki Akafumba Livingstone
    9. Benson Hamujamba Chikankata
    10. Felix Manyoni Magoye
    11. Lucy Mwiinde Mazabuka Central
    12. Francis Bwembya Bweengwa
    13. Gravor Nsanzya Monze
    14. Reginald Mogoba Moomba
    15. Aaron Moono Mwiinga Namwala
    16. Lovemore Kakuba Kanyama Siavonga
    17. Mike Petama Sinazongwe
    18. Pascalina Musokotwane Katombola
    19. George Chipasu Kaingu Chitembo Itezhi Tezhi

    Name Constituency
    1. Dr. Muyenga Atanga Kalabo Central
    2. Lt. Col. Trueman Simuyawa Kaneta Liuwa
    3. Kafuka Kafuka Sikoongo
    4. Kaleka E. Maseka Kaoma Central
    5. Musangu Muzaza Luampa
    6. Richard Timba Simbula Mangango
    7. Kenneth Simate Namutulo Lukulu East
    8. Eileen Mbuywana Imbwae Lukulu West
    9. Litambo Ndombo Luena
    10. Mubukwanu Nathaniel Mongu Central
    11. Maurice Mukubesa Munembo Nalikwanda
    12. Inonge Mutukwa Wina Nalolo
    13. Maina W. Akabondo Senanga Central
    14. Mubiana Mutomena Sinjembela
    15. Albertina Bulongo Pota Mwanamwalye Mulobezi
    16. Col. Collins Masililop Mwanamwale Mwandi
    17. Evans Chipman Sesheke.

  27. Why should the so called big opposition parties be so scared of defections? Are defections so eminent for these parties that they are so worried? Why stick to people who are so unstable?


  29. Hehe sir g sorry to say but there is no single sign of p.f in mwinilunga and other areas!looking at north west you even have musicians for candidates ba pf ati winning team

  30. Strategy at work. Dont expect all parties to be as dull as you are. MMD is full of interlects just like UPND. This quality is what makes PF lose elections because they dont have it. If they had it, believe me we would now be thinking of giving PF another mandate for being men of action. If you look at HH and Sata, they blended well because one was a north pole and the other a south pole. Sata to act on the HH articulated issues. Since the demise of the PACT, it leaves MMD another chance. The question is, which is better? Action without thinking of consequences or think of consequences and let the people suggest before you act. HH will be the real change if you want one like me who loves Zambia. If not, please vote for MMD period.

  31. Why can’t you just wait for the adopted list to be announced you dumwits? Are you panicking already? Just mind your own business and we will mind ours.

  32. Am shocked . The logic here is abit difficult for me, who is a grade seven drop out to grasp. Please, I need assistance from you big brainers out there to break it down for me. Does it mean now they will be no defection?

  33. PF even have better candidates than the disgruntled UPND to hell with your adoption you have lost.Actually immediately you lose the elections find a way of removing that HH fellow


  35. #42 and the like, if this logic is difficult for you to understand then it just confirms what pf cadres are all about. The issue here is announcing and NOT adopting! You get it? The adopted candidates were officially informed two weeks ago and are already on the ground campaining. The idea is not to allow chaps from pf and MMD to have time to change their candidates more especially in those areas where UPND knows that pf and MMD have weaker cnadidates. That is what intelligent teams do!

  36. To me this is clear sign that the UPND does not trust its membership.
    It simply shows the leadership of UPND is insecure about its support and that they are not sure if they have true, genuine support.
    The question is why harbour people who will not even support you. This so-called trategy will just maintain opportunists in the party who are not even loyal to the party and its agenda.
    Building a party on such foundations is deadly and a weak move.
    I have always thought that our politicians do carry out meaningful analysis in their decisions, but this is making me doubt.
    I know that their are always many ways of dealing with issues and people may not agree on one particular method and that no particular method may be best, but this is a confession of weakness in the party.

  37. So PF has made its taem. Prominently missing is the ever talkertive Secretary Generaly Wynter Kabimba. It appears the man has no popularity on the grassroots. He is sunka mulamu.

  38. Both PF & UPND deliberately delayed announcing their lists. It is a good strategy. UPND must also try to Minimise the losses and get some votes in CB, Luapula, Eastern & Northern provinces to ensure victory. Hoping that PF & MMD will share almost 50-50 might backfire. Its not late to convince some intellectuals & the youths

  39. I want to see the actual list from UPND. Now that the list of candidates from the three major parties is known can LT or others tabulate the list of candidates from these parties for the various constituencies. Or is it against the law and has to be done by ECZ.

  40. I do not know the hatred between UPND and PF because all the parties;’s candidates are carrying out nominations. There is no party which is saying we have failed to field some candidates. Inonge wina run away from Mongu central where she wanted to stand because of ZAZA Simenda of UPND. There is no PF in western province. As the information am getting from UPND the list will be available to the media any time. PF and UPND you are fighting supriority with each other…!! Remember sata enjoys confusions. so even his supporters are like him. Lets wait in the next 39 days and hear who will win these elections. We know some is the last time they will contest the elections.y.

  41. too much panic in the pf camp they thought they would easily win this election but now here they are stack all they are doing is going to court instead of campaigning vote RB

  42. Ba UPND, where is the list please? Busy saying PF has not completed their list kanshi you are the ones that are strunded? The list…….PLEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEE!!!

  43. PF has even adopted Marriage breakers in Mkushi South, that chap adopted was committing adultery with a wife of a senior police officer.

    • You could be the one who is dull. If the unadopted candidate was identified and enticed by PF, they would have gone with UPND supporters. But now PF has announced the list and they can’t take our loosing candidates, simple. Have you seen how sharp Kapita is?

  44. No Constituency MMD Patriotic Front (The winning team)
    Central Province
    1 Chisamba Moses Muteteka Osward Chuulu
    2 Katuba Dr Patrick Chikusu Patricia Chileshe Mwashingwele
    3 Keembe Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha Catherine Chilonda
    4 Bwacha Godfrey Pende Sydney Mushanga
    5 Kabwe Central Jane Chileshe James Kapyanga 
    6 Kapiri-Mposhi Lawrence Zimba Eddie C. Musonda
    7 Mkushi North Sydney Chisenga Ingrid Mpande
    8 Mkushi South Musonda K. Mutale Davies Chisopa
    9 Mwembeshi Bornwell Matawe Derrick Chola Kalenshi
    10 Mumbwa Dr Brian Chituwo Donald Nsonga
    11 Nangoma Prof. Luke Kanyomeka Edith Kasenzale Crehan
    12 Chitambo Mushili Malama Chanda Mutale
    13 Muchinga George Kunda Chama Mushota John
    14 Serenje Maxwell Kabanda Phillip Kosam

  45. RB nafuti x100%, Win or loose i can’t vote for the rest,thank you the MMD for empowering us with Matero Houses,Electricity and water, and you will do for the rest of the country if you give RB a fresh term, that other one has not stopped insulting, his people are quite just bcoz they are looking for jobs, he insults them in front of cadre at farmers house. My fellow commuters don’t think everyone in lusaka is for PF,SORRY. And don’t behave as though you have already won, no wonder you cry foul, it will be don’t kubeba on yourselves.Win or loose Uncle RB nafuti x 100%.

  46. #3, actually it is PF we feared would entice our unadopted candidates which would split the votes, not MMD which is already dying. PF did not have candidates in 4 provinces and wanted UPND to ‘guide’ them by announcing the list first but we beat them by keeping our list. We can now release it since PF has released theirs and cannot change the candidates anymore.

  47. I Dont know where UPND is getting the Idea of winning coz they are far from it.Anyway democracy doesn’t say give up and that why Miyanda is at it again. Good luck

  48. HH is far from ruling my country trust me. He is in the race for statistics only. He may ruine his chances of ever ruling Zambia. The guy isnt focused. This split by the opposition works only to advantage MMD. You like it or not HH will not pull it on this election may be in 2030. Next election am contesting. I will do better than him. VIVA MMD, VIVA SATA. These two are the main contenders HH and all the other are wasting people time.

  49. I am standing in 2016 and will confortably beat this HH. Useless chap, spoiler. How can he be President he can even go to the barbershop for a hair cut. He looks older than his age. Shame.

  50. I
    Iwe ka true Zambian.HH is the most focused young politician in this country.It is not easy to be in the opposition for this long,look at Nevas Mumba,sikota sakwiba,siulapwa these chaps don’t provide an hope,they practice politics of the berry,its them first then Zambia.Even if HH never wins it doesn’t matter at least he is steadfast and focused and not easily bought politician and you can not call him a looser,you can only call him a looser if he is given the opportunity to run the country then he fails.kanyakula and true Zambian you are just bitter because he will cause your sata not to win

  51. Who are these UPND kanshi? We dont want time wasters here. Zambians are geared for change pa bwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chapwa. Even if you release the list in 2030 it wont mean anything because muna itaya mweka…. Viva PF viva Sata

  52. Pf, jittery. Notice the insults…jus like ther leader. eeewww…the thot of sata ruling zambia brings chills down my spine..

  53. Why do PF and Bemba bloggers curse this much, one other reason SATA shall never rule Zambia. In the times of Bemba a president Kaunda his Lunda brother chiluba and traditional cousin Banda, nepotism was and is rampant; never again shall we allow such foolishness.

  54. If MMD wins Dora and Banda (Lusaka Chairman) will be big headed imwe… All we want is change … By the way if PF takes over that means Chanda Chimba and this ***** called Siulupwa have to leave the country ….. MMD has caused our fellow Zambians to be our enemies…. If MMD wins NAREP will be the next giant opposition party seconded by Magande. 

    I analyse issues not personalities. Muslims and Pentecostals are fasting … Let the best MP win in each constituency and may the let us study so that we all become Professors. 

  55. @ DRC skim through the posts and be amazed the evidence is among the 70 plus posts above. Two groups of Zambian kingdoms are tribalistic, Bembas, Tongas and Lozis.

  56. @75. You need to live in Kasama, Choma, Solwezi and Mongu. This way, you will understand who are the true tribalists.Truly, you will never have any problem living in Kasama of all these places. I have personally lived in all the three areas.

  57. Always late, late. The reason is stupid tell it to kids. We are adults. You are just not ready. Your adoption process is full of corruption and we already know who you candidate is in our area. We dont like him. He bribed his way to adoption and you bought it. You will be a shock. You will lose the seat.

  58. Thank you men of god who pray in truth and spirit for peace to continue to reign in Zambia,God has already appointed the next president before 20th Sept.2011

  59. In this years election even 5 people defecting to a party is good gain especially for the presidential vote. This is a boomerang for upnd. Under five indeed. Note: Sata has a heart problem. In short Sata is sick.

  60. Comment on TVZ news at 19 hours 13/08/2011; the National Broadcarter behaved a propagandist tool for mmd at the nomination day in Namwala it blacked out UPND nomination instead it showed fake defections! This tvz must learn to be fair bcoz it’s a public body meant to cover all fairly it can be a potential cause of hatrade in the nation this is campaign time Tvz avoid favouring mmd like that very bad indeed. UPND is hugely alive in Namwala.

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