Lubinda and Mmembe refuse to give ACC any information on the allegations against UPG

The Post's editor-in-chief, Fred M'membe
The Post's editor-in-chief, Fred M'membe

Patriotic Front former Kabwata Member of Parliament, Given Lubinda and Post Newspaper Managing Editor, Fred Mmembe have refused to avail any information to the Anti-corruption Commission on corruption allegations involving Universal Print Group.

Universal print Group is a South Africa company contracted to print ballot papers for the September 20 polls.

Anti-Corruption Commission Public Relations Manager, Timothy Moono says in a statement that the duo went to the commission offices after an invitation was sent to them.

He however says in a statement issued Thursday evening that Mr Lubinda and Mr Mmembe refused give the commission any information on the allegations they have made against Universal Print Group.

Mr Lubinda and the Post Newspaper have made numerous reports and commentaries in the media involving UPG in allegations of corruption.



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    The Question at the centre if Intrigue should be as follows: Why is Zambia a poor country, I went to get some statistics in the British Libraries and this might scare you people, I will explain:

    It is very poor because of their fast growing population and also the demise of Copper Mining in the country.

    Although the country has high Copper reserves, price deductions of copper has led to reduction of the mining of Copper, and the high costs of transporting copper out of Copperbelt also reduced its economic viability (Due to both location and poor transport links).
    Tourism is another possible industry and revenue stream for the country due to the beautiful nature around the Zambezi River, and many other dams in the country although there is no modern infrastructure to support this

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      Mushota, have you been to Zambia lately? Have you seen the Sun hotels that have sprung up along the Zambezi River? And the other hotels, lodges, etc.? I pity your ignorance — honestly. And you don’t have to go to a library to understand the economics of copper production — for Pete’s sake! This is beyond comprehension, really. There is an abundance of information online — and everyone else from people on the ground — some of whom are on this forum.

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    They are already printing ballot with the same company….why give information….thats bullshit…………..

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    The statistics you got ba Mushota are outdated. There’s no population boom in Zambia if anything, there are more childern on the street today due to the demise of parents as a result of HIV/AIDS. What we need is serious planning for the future of our children. We need serious minded pipo in our Govt system who will take Zambia forward, unlike now when we have “foreigners” looting the country to it’s core and whilst masquandering as Zambians…

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    The population has grown rapidly, growing by over 2.9million between 2005 and 2010, and HIV/AIDS is widespread which places a further strain on what little money the government has available.

    Corruption is abundant, not just at national levels, briberies have been known to occur even at lower levels, eg Ministry of health, even campaigns, a taboo here in UK

    With little industries available, unemployment is high, and therefore government receives little money from taxes and remains poor, and has had to rely on its debt being written off. , and thus the agriculture is mediocre at best.

    Although there are signs of recovery and abundant natural resources, most Zambians don’t have modern Infrastructure to do anything about this, as is evident on queues found

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    Further evidence is also shown where the elite such a myself have abandoned the country.

    To overcome this, the country may need to start from the top, i.e. choosing the right candidate, but as is clearly evident bullying, suggestions of ‘under 5’ tribalist, not enough experience’ are some of the evident words used by the country to eliminate arguably the right leader to start rebuilding the poor country.

    Although seen by many elites as the rightful Candidate in modernizing Zambia from the problems explained above Mr. HH is unlikely to be elected as the commentators and media have , without any credible reason discounted him, staggering.

    For the reason above HH maybe the right candidate but for no apparent credible reason he will NOT be elected, Thanks

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      Whilst in the library did you check what elite meant and do you really fall into that category (as you stand behind the counter in your Macdonald’s uniform)?

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      So Mushota…what are u doing to change what u just highlighted? U must have relatives in Zed…or maybe i am wrong.

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    Another f.o.o.lish move by PF
    Like Mpombo all these guys are just i.doits
    I hope now the printing company can sue them big time…. watch this space

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      Read leading story of the post now and then say what u have just said. U will realise that u are the BIGEST ***** EVER!!!!

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    Mushota waba E TALL LAY.

    But I agree AIDS fulu fulu ku Zambia. What amazes me is despite people knowing they have AIDS they still go to have children. 

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    Reading the verbatim that appears in the post, its clear Kayukwa does not has the trust of his potential witnesses.

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    Meembe and and that mulato are time wasters. They are liars who are wasting everybody’s time. It is good that RB is busy campaigning, convincing more and more people why they should vote for him. Even after election results are announced, you will hear noise from some quarters even when it is fairly obvious who the winner will be.

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    Lets be honest here.We have done badly in tourism,if you just want to prove this, go to Livingstone and Kazungula areas.Our neighbouring countries have alot to offer than us who even have the bigger part of the victoria falls.Worst of all rumour has it that we want to set up a sugar plantation alot the Zambezi,cant we get ashamed that our neighbours are generating more money in tourism than we can in sugar a sugar plantation.We have exported the best brains all over the world but fail to rethink over simple issues in tourism,changing the face of and quality of our university,(check our University rating in the region).Back to the topic above,educate me people,is it not criminal in Zambia to refuse to give information to a government officer,esp the Police?

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      Rate the leadership you have had at this ministry over the years and it tells a story of how serious you have been as a country in this sector! And for your information dear Chalepasa, the Victoria Falls is known world over to be in Zimbabwe

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    Zambia is facing similar challenges like any other developing country. How ever, I agree with those that say more should be done. I agree also when people say Zambia is not a poor country, and why should its citizens be this poor? For now, Zambia is on the right track, things are really taking shape and I know that out of these bad politians, RB is more sincere atleast.

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    “GIVEN Lubinda yesterday revealed to the press the bank account at Stanbic Zambia Limited, into which Universal Print Group (UPG), a South African company hired to print ballot papers and its representative Vik Vaid, paid money to bribe an ECZ official.”

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    Why are these guys trying to waste our precious time on stuff they no have facts of. I find the Post to be a Good newspaper for disseminating speculations. Why do haters have to preach Satanism? Given next time attend without fail! I’ll arrest you and charge with “Conduct likely to breach the nation’s peace”.

    Rupiah Bwezani Banda 2011!

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    HH could have been the best to handle the issues and problems we are facing today but he has not advertised himself in all provinces.People still fear the tribalism issues.Ba Sata,its a fact that he works and results can be seen but the issue of bad language and ‘vigilantez’ is scaring.Ba Bwezani,i think there is nothing wrong in finishing what Ba Mwanawasa started.If you look at the original MMD you will discover that its the same Bob,Mulongoti,Sata……who were working in Chiluba’s Government.Why didnt they tell Chiluba what to do? If genuinely they were saving the people of Zamunda? My personal support is Bwezani,he is not us these others.

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    Empty tins make the loudest noise….Some people think Zambians are gulliable and can be made to believe anything.I think we Zambians are smarter than some leaders take us for.

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    Mikomfwa naiwe wine waba E TALL LAY Chi – color.Ukalya donchi iyo ine.Fuledi and Zayelo ba fi – color just keep quiei if u dont have anything to do.We want peace in our country go to hell with your war tactics mwembwa mwe.

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    They are all jokers including the ACC, they are employed by the taxpayer and not RB or MMD. If a taxpayer smells a dead rat, you go and investigate period!!

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    Chalepasa walasa mukalamba RB NAFUTI NAFUTI.Bob is a frustrated broke man who cant even afford to put fuel in his benz ka mike chali kababa balika tamfya so ebukali mulemona no bufi.Mike is a confused chap.Fuledi the homo u will neva get back your zambian airways no matter how hard u try becoz u r thief who couldnt pay what u were supposed to pay.Just go and nyenga your gal friend slyvia from the back.

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    #18 Airtime Sakala: “GIVEN Lubinda yesterday revealed to the press…” Yes, he did, but why is he now chickening out if he really meant what he said?

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    When was the data that you read compiled? I bet it is a couple of years old because all the Mines that where privatized are still operating and there are a few more mines that have since opened in North Western province. At the moment the price of copper is at an all time high and I can rest assure you that the owners are going to the banks smiling. The western world will not sing about development taking place in places like Zambia because they will always view it as a threat. I like the Chinese because they always put their interests first. 

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    #18 Airtime Sakala: “GIVEN Lubinda yesterday revealed to the press…” I still had some respect for PF stories up to that point. Now that Given and Fred are refusing to give whatever evidence they have to substantiate their allegation, I am left with no choice but to conclude that these guys are story tellers. And this particular one is a product of fiction.

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    Sorry, #29 was mean’t as a reply to Mushota’s rantings. This Lizard masquerading as Scottish never ceases to amaze me. 

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    No 25.
    If a tax payer smells a dead rat and has information about a crime and does not want to give it he should be arrested. The police should now arrest Winter and Mmember for knowing about a crime and not reporting it to the police. Its called abetting  a crime

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    PF is a bunch of losers. It is even a waste of time to continue discussing them. There are other parties out there which are far more serious. To me even smaller parties like NAREP and ADD are suddenly appearing bigger and more serious than PF because of the mature manner they are conducting their politics. I will be surprised if Given Lubinda retains his Kabwata seat this time around.

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    If these guys can’t provide the evidence, what was their expectation when they revealed corruption in UPG? I find their chickening out very childish.

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    One badgood thing is that you guyz Lusaka Times are MMD symphathisers so u know how well to edit yo stories. Lubinda and Mmembe did not refuse to give any information to ACC. They did but only held part of the information because ACC are now MMD informants. Check how to edit yo stories from your FF – Friendly Forces the Post Newspaper. Lubinda’s allegations are pointing to something serious…

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    Papers are already being printed why ACC is qeustioning the two guys.Its already too late to start asking People things now

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      @37 kondwani you are an *****. this can be stopped at anytime. your thinking is jst like your DG of the ACC. read the verbatism from the Post .

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    These guys should not be allowed to incite HATRED in the country. Also WHY should Guy Scott continue to write his columns in the POST? He should DECLARE interest and stop until after the ELECTIONS!!!

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    The POST and hatred are inseparable. People may even fight while Membe relaxes freely. Learn lessons from rwanda war. Careful,

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    ACC just start investigating you have already seen the smoke look for the fire

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    Mmembe is finished. If Post is declared bankrupted, so many families will suffer. Mmembe can you please pay the workers well they will run away to Watchdog or Lusaka Times which is going print, or sell your shares and join Satan in the field.

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    The behavior exhibited by Mmembe at DEC is totally un acceptable. I doubt if this chap has ever been formally employed.

    In my local language they say”kang’oma ko bilikila sikachedwa ku ng’ambika” correct me fellow bloggers , its long i went home. What this means is that he may prove to be outspoken now but he will soon be crying. We are in leadership of a Nation , he is only a leader of a fake newspaper.

    If he has gone broke, then he must ask MCS on the promises he made than go to disrespect Government offices.

    Infact DEC, next time such un rully behavior is exhibited just cage the fool

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    No. 6 Mushota, I thought you had given the Editor of LT an ultimatum and that if it wasn’t met, you would not write on this blog again! I was really hoping you wouldn’t! You are like a skunk (which we don’t like its smell), a hyena (which is so sly and ugly), chameleon (keeps changing its colour or lies!), or are you simply one of Tiger Woods professional accomplices of the night!

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    why tell them when the printing of the ballot papers has already commenced? i can also remain mute!

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    No. 35
    Those two guys are not stup1d, they seek the best legal advise in the land before they make a move and everyone except you and your blind loyalty towards the ruling party knows that asking the DEC or ACC to investigate such high profile issues is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. All they’re going to do is shred the evidence and leave you standing there shitfaced with pudding pie on your face. 

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    Reading today’s post makes me believe zed is corrupt to the core.Wait,soon the sh###t will hit the fan and quess what happens after that.

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    #47 Jay Jay: “…..shred the evidence…” I should think that they have photo copying machines?

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    Bretheren, I have since changed my mind, this Mmembe guy and MCS are not people you can trust anymore. I have seperated myself from the Church because of them. I have now come to my senses and RB is the Moses who can take us to the promised Land.

    I was misled. Men of GOD please forgive and forget.

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    Please also publish the verbatim of the conversation between ACC, Lubinda and the Post. Let the readers make up their mind. I have made up mine! The Post published the verbatim of the discussion.

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    # 55 ZEDIAN Luckly these bloggers are not voters coz they only have LT for their info -whereas the rest of the country already knows what transpired, they are showing their ingnorance as always on the blog.

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    Comrades, I think all those condeming Membe and Lubinda cannot reason, surely if ACC really wanted Memmbe and Lubinda to produce evidence on the corruption why tell the whole world that they have summomed these two to give evidence? Where is the protection of whistle blowers here? Suppose the eidence available implicates high profile people do you think these whistle blowers would be protected because then the whole world would know who has produced the evidence and the life of the whistle blowers would be in danger. In any case part of the evidence already been given by Lubinda by exposing the bank account. It should now be the responsibility of ACC to investigate the matter to generate evidence. If Lubinda and Membe should be giving evidence then what is the job of ACC?

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    The arrogance of membe in the verbatim. THAT IS WHY HE CAN BOAST THAT HE CAN MAKE OR BREAK A PRESIDENT AND HE WILL MAKE A PRESIDENT FOR US(SATA eish). If they have the evidence why not just present it and not beat about the bush and propagate for civil strife in the country. ZEDIAN, There is nothing wrong that ZNBC has done they were not there in the meeting and if you follow the verbatim. mmembe behaved like a rabid dog unleashed by his master. it was not even his turn but their he was barking. Government has lost a lot of cases because mmembe wants to bulldoze and have his way to other pipos asses without even having solid evidence. I LIKE THE COL. Very cool and composed may GOD Bless him abundantly and guide him to see clearly in schemes either from govt or from RABID AND MISGUIDED FULZ

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    Waitaya ufisanji mambala. ACC SHOULD NOT COME UP WITH THE EVIDENCE, THe pipo with info shud give it up ACC will piece it together after further investigations. you are so dull. no wonder Attorney Solicitor Generals have been losing cases. y cook evidence when crime has already been committed and pipo who were there have all the facts

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    UPG is already contracted and busy printing, so asking Lubinda and M’Membe to reveal is like asking a good law abiding citizen Mr Mwanza to reveal the name of the man who stole his wife when the thief’s identity is in the public domain. I’m glad the two refused to aid Kayukwa in his stinking charade, just like the answer to the second puzzle would be “it is a dead man”.

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    Guys dont be so hard on Mushota she just woke up and didnt check the date and still thinks that we are in the last centuary!! …. ..and stambled on some stale statistics in the first world library where she tries to live. Sweetheart, please use Google thats what we now use back home, in 2011.

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    Printing the ballot papers is the right thing to do.
    Lubinda and Post wanted to just delay and confuse the process and I think the allegations were purely done in bad faith.
    You find that your friend wants to marry and because you are intertested in the same lady, you start raising unfounded allegations.
    What sort of man are you? Please will ask for evidence of course and if you dont have evidence then you are just being malicious and frivolous.

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    LT be balanced in your reporting, you are misleading people. Those of u posting yo comments without reading the full report in the post news paper u don’t knw what u r writing. This issue is not about PF, its about Zambia and should be given the seriousness it deserves. If its not resolved now, it might bring serious post elections violence.

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    Only the vuvuzela ****** at LT would quote the ZNBC on such news. Check out the verbatim transcript at ZW and compare the two versions!

  51. vote

    Read the post and get the truth, there is a script of what exactly transpired, ZNBC edited the all thing, sad!!!!!!

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    why should they give evidence I thought these are whistle blowers ACC should investigate thats why they get paid using my tax bravo lubinda and friend

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    Meembe score 10-0 foolish Kayukwa now you’re exposed you’re corrupt yourself. The ***** failed to articulate one moment he says they are not investigating the other minute he says they are why flipflap shame on you. People ready for yourself the full story on Zambian Watchdog website

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    If you dont ask people for evidence, everyone in the country would end up in prison because of ill and sick minds of evil and petty jealousies.

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    Anti-Corruption Commission Director Kayukwa: I think before we get into anything now, I wish to say that we could still talk to you in the absence of all other people. But then all the rights are yours. You tell us what you would like to give. I wish to start with Mr. Lubinda.
    M’membe (chips in): Colonel, I’m Fred M’membe. We’ve never met. I’m the man in charge of The Post. I am responsible for everything that is published in the newspaper.
    I think before we get into anything, I want to put it on record that I’m very disappointed with your conduct. I was attending a workshop at the judiciary today to do with computerisation.
    When I went for lunch at the office, I found a letter from yourself requesting us to come here at 16:00 hours. I had to abandon the programme.

  56. vote

    The notice was very short. I don’t think that’s the right way to call other people on matters that are so serious.
    While I was still digesting that letter which you sent to us, we received a press release from yourself informing the press that you have called us.
    I find this seriously lacking seriousness and it’s serious lack of respect for other people. If you want us to work with you and cooperate with you, this is not the way you do it.

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    If you wanted us to be paraded before the press to deal with this issue, you can do so and not disguise it. I think you are not interested in serious investigation of this issue. You are not the first organisation to invite us. Last week Friday, we were invited by justice Irene Mambilima at ECZ Electoral Commission of Zambia.
    A team of four people including our legal counsel went there. Nobody knows that such a meeting took place. We were discussing this issue with them. All the commissioners were there. The entire top management of ECZ was there. We had a very fruitful off the record discussion, which we have not even published; nobody knows that we went to ECZ. But before we could even come here, you put a press release. What do you want to discuss with us?

  58. vote

    Col Kayukwa: Have you finished?
    M’membe: No, I haven’t finished. This behaviour is not befitting of such an important position at ACC; it’s not befitting! You know even the thing that you are calling us for, you know. You have more information on this issue. And don’t try to hoodwink the public, you know! You are behaving in an extremely reckless manner. And don’t involve us in wrong things.
    We don’t do wrong things. If you have decided to cover up this issue, cover it up on your own. Don’t involve us. You are behaving in the most reckless way for a citizen of your position. You are leading a very important organisation in the country. And this is not the way to lead such an important organisation.

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    And that’s the behaviour that I’m talking about, that’s not becoming of a leader. You should listen.
    Col Kayukwa: I know we called you, but I had asked Mr. Lubinda…
    M’membe: We sent you a press query. If you don’t want me to help you, tell me I can go. I didn’t come here on my own, listen. You called me to come and listen to me, I’m talking.
    Col Kayukwa: I had asked Mr. Lubinda to talk.
    M’membe: I’m talking, you called me, I didn’t come here on my own, you sent me a letter. If you don’t want me, I can go.

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    Col Kayukwa: You are missing the point. I said ‘can I start with Mr Lubinda?’
    M’membe: I’m telling you, I’ve come here because you invited me.
    Col Kayukwa: Are you not the one who cut in when I was speaking?
    M’membe: I’ve the right to speak as well.
    Col Kayukwa: I would like to speak with Mr. Lubinda.
    M’membe: No, I haven’t finished, just listen.
    Col Kayukwa: Did I finish when I was speaking?
    M’membe: Listen, I’m talking, you called me here. You were followed about this story…
    Col Kayukwa: It’s not that I’ve… just listen to me.
    M’membe: Just listen!
    Col Kayukwa: Why don’t you want to listen to me?
    M’membe: If you don’t want me I can go.

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    Col Kayukwa: It’s up to you…
    M’membe: Don’t waste our time here. You called us on an issue which you know.
    Col Kayukwa: Mr. M’membe, we haven’t even discussed the issue…
    M’membe: No, you called us. No we shouldn’t waste each other’s time. If people want to cover up, they should just cover up other than trying to involve other people on issues that you know. We’ve never involved ourselves in criminal activities.
    Nchito: I think I kept quiet because I was not invited to speak.
    Lt Col Kayukwa: That’s why I asked, do they want to be with counsel or what? You know I was setting the stage for the next point and I started with Mr. Lubinda here so that he can say what he wants to do so that we can proceed.

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    I read the  verbatim or the handbagging session, I don’t see why ACC invited  M’membe for what? Yes his a pain in the backside BUT he is a journalist and you must be barking mad if you want him to disclose his sources!!LOL!

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    No manners.How could he behave like that.Lt Col is a very respected rank one can reach in the army.DG ACC is equaly a very respected rank one can reach in ACC.Moreover,Lt Col Kayukwa has a family which highly respects and treasures him.Membe did not behave well.He is not disciplined

    • vote

      Sorry but I think u are not in your right frame of mind to support Mr Kayuka despite his age, he has anganged himself with wrong doings and Membe like any other concerned Zambian should surely vent their frustrations. I have read the same article in the post and the amount of detail left out by ZNBC article is very alarming because any learned person would clearly know that it’s not only ACC which is corrupted but also ZNBC because they are working in one accord…..

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    Bloggers, is it not time to demand the resignation of the ACC Director General? Please let us set politics aside and do a right thing for the first time. First it was Banda’s Son James, then Dora Siliya and now ECZ. We pay these guys to do the work on our behalf and it is time we held them accountable. 

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    #82 ACC DG Resign Now.

    Why do you fear to face reality?Are you so blind to see Membe and his minions’interests?You live in the US but you are not smart!Shame on you.

  67. vote

    If the notice was short, Membe and his cronies had the right to ask for more time to prepare themselves.

  68. vote

    The peddling of lies will not help PF’s strategy of derailing the 2oth Sept elections. As one group of PF plus The Post publish hot/cold lies, another PF group is actively represented at the at the company’s base where ballot papers are being verified and printed in South Africa. This reveals the amount of madness that is deeply-seated in the “PF-Post axis of Evil”. Our prediction is that if MMD wins the Republican Presidency, this will signal the end of Sata’s political carrier and the downfall of a tabloid called The Post. Journalists employed by the Post should vigorously start scouting for new jobs to other media houses. There are a good number of private Radio and TV companies that can absorb them to beef-up the dissermination of credible news in this part of Africa.

  69. vote

    The “PF-Post axis of Evil” is at it again. Apparently, Zambians are too intelligent to accept naked lies from cheap politicians and The Post. As for Lubinda, the hay days of thriving in deceptive variant of politics are long gone. The mulato should ask his “mother” to deliver him to his biological father who must give Lubinda seed-money to boost-up MP’s gratuity for his alternative means of survival. His behavior explains why UPND could not tolerate him – hence his move to embed himself with a foreign Mwachusa/Scotish led PF party.

  70. vote

    The Post newspaper has projected the worst form of journalism in southern Africa. Indeed the downfall of Sata will also entail the folding-up ot the Post, its final demise and self-elimination from the streets and libraries. Education has enlightened many students and the greates number of literate members of Zambian population. The PF and The Post tend to carry large baskets misinformation which is irritating several African intellectuals.

  71. vote

    Countrymen, don’t be hoodwinked by Mr Mmembe’s antics, let’s look at things in totality rather as isolated incidents. Mr Sata started the ball rolling by alleging that he knew where the ballots were hidden in Lusaka when actually no single ballot had been primnted because nominations were still going on. If you take Mr Mmembe’s, Mr Lubinda’s and Mr Sata’s antics together rather than as isolated incidents, then you see that none of them has any credible information to avail the ACC to investigate UPG. This is one team, isn’t it? If the leader tells a lie why should we expect the others not to tell us lies? PF-Post axis of evil.

  72. vote

    Is there something wrong with a picture where only one man, Fred Mmembe and those he appoints, sponsors and approves of, only that one has the only truth and the only hope for zambia is there something wrong with such a picture?:-

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