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Prof Luo promises better education


Munali Patriotic Front aspiring candidate Nkandu Luo
Munali Patriotic Front aspiring candidate Nkandu Luo

Munali Patriotic Front aspiring candidate Nkandu Luo has stated that she will ensure that she addresses challenges that student at the three learning institutions, the University of Zambia, (UNZA), the National Resources Development College (NRDC) and the Chainama College of health sciences, face once elected into office.

Professor Luo says with her experience as an academician, she is fully aware of the challenges that students at the learning institutions face adding that she will ensure she encompasses her experience to improve the conditions.

In an interview with QFM, Professor Luo noted that it should be fully understood that education is not only about buildings but for one to receive quality education, there is need to ensure that human resource at the institutions is adequate.

Professor Luo says she will ensure that she also addresses complaints of UNZA students of prolonged programs without proper justification.



  1. Ms ICSA promises more of her ICASAStrips as Guy Scott promises more of his Swine fever scandals on Zambian farmers that he did not finish when Chiluba fired him.

  2. 1&2
    MMD has been scandal ridden govt ab initio.
    You can try to vilify and denigrate individuals that left may years ago, but that has not given it a new lease of clean life.
    MMD and it govt is dirty and will always represent greed, immoral and self-righteousness
    Look at Rupiah and Dollar $iliya, with their innumerable scandals for a short time they have been in govt …. if these represent what MMD stands for then those that are not there anymore are saints.

  3. That woman form Mufulira cannot match you Professor. She’s just a big mouth for nothing. Please court the students in High schools as well as many are of voting age. Marjorie doesn’t stand a chance against you. Munali is yours. You’re a fine example to many people in Zambia. Your work and dedication to HIV/AIDS is unrivalled!


  5. If MMD has been dirty for 20 years, then there is nobody who is dirty cos everybody wishing to stand in government had at 1 point benefited from the MMD in 1 way or another, People of Zambia, just work hard for yourselves. Even in the Sahara there is water. it is up to you to discover that. I rest my case

    • The best ever advice keep it. That’s da only answer to every not to look up to anyone but to work hard…

  6. No.4. you are very right. why waste my precious time and energy voting for the rotten and dirty politicians. I just have to work had for myself and my family. If we can all think like this there wouldn’t be all these noise of fack promises. People of Zambia on 20th Sept, the so called election day do bother to go and vote. Just go about your own business. imitate me. say NO to voting. there is no meaning. Jehova’s witnesses are very right on this point.

    • We should vote and decide who should rule us. Voter apathy is no solution. Just a few minutes it will take you and others to vote cannot distruct you from your hard work. Your hard work may be distroyed if this country is in the hands of people who do not care about the well fair of others. Thank you for being a hard worker.

  7. Mama Luo you were once a minister of Health in MMD did you address the issues in the schools of nursing, nursing is a medical field and you are a medical personal Mwilabepa mayo landeni ichishinka or else go back to Nabwalya and stay quiet.

  8. If I was in Zambia, I would never vote for this lab virologist. She actually used her influence as Minister to destroy MoH, grabbed a house and never paid full value from UNZA even after having resigned from the insitution. I wonder what she means by addressing the problems of the learning institutions. pOSSIBLY MORE PLUNDER. Shame madam Thasintha!

  9. Luo, it was during you Ministership OF HEALTH when most nursing training schools were closed down and nurses asked to retire early, only to deplete the hospitals of the right professionals. Sad. You should never promise what you cant deliver. I urge you to be real and say’Iam tired of plundering HIV money and I now want to steal more from Governemnt. Do not lie

  10. Ici cine cimayo kwati chaume pamenso. Surely, Zambia we have really run out of capable people to contest for positions of leadership. Same old failures keep on contesting for these positions. Where are the youths please mwabanthu? This woman is a thief. She store some money during the ICASA conference and people will still vote for her so that she can come and still more. Awe twatendwa!!!!

  11. Sata should have enabled a better candidate than Luo. She is corrupt and completely empty of nationalistic energy to improve Zambia in any capacity.

  12. This lady sure can lie. Those educational institutions cannot be changed by an individual mp. It is minister of education and government who can do so. Do not vote for a lier.

  13. Somehow I feel like I’m dreaming. Are these not the same vibes we were treated to when these guys who came up led by the Chiluba to save Zambia and serve the Zambians in all spheres of life, including education. Am very sure Chiluba is dead and some of these talking were his disciples. Luo you talk is as disgraceful as the way you look 20 years later (i.e from 1991 , when you lied to us). Go and sell you gold chains if you are short of money, prices of gold (and copper) are high at the moment on the world market. And please shut up!

  14. Jalibu works, Mama Luo your complexion has truly changed but I for one would never be fooled by your cosmetic promises.

  15. Further I thought this woman retired from politics to continue her research in ViroBiology, to find the cure for AIDS, But why Politics now, Is it that There is no Money in Biology

  16. Anyone associating with PF is also finished and just desperate for power and plunder. Finished and recycled politician. Bamozi nabamozi. Same finished and torn people. She failed to keep her marrriage so what can she offer.

  17. I totally agree with comments on number 10,I seriously feel that we are just recycling the same old politicians.we have young people that can run this country properly. There is need for a major overall in the political arena.

  18. corrupt biiitch. she was so corrupt with that ICASSA THING….JUST FIT TO RE-ORGANIZE BA TASINTHA . STUUPID BEMBA WOMAN

  19. Why do people hate Bembas so much. Senior citizen why is that you are always on Luska times? What else do you occupy yourself with? ARE U A MMD APPOINTEE? I find you comments so childish

  20. Ka chiluba kalichililepo chi mayo ichi, she has got no morals. lesa nawo ukuchipela amano achitana ichinso.kwati chili pa toileti.

  21. LT can you put picture for prof. Luo. how can you mistake her with this man you showing us. Can’t you see that it is a picture of a man you have put who resembles may be Prof Nkandu Luo. We can sue you in the courts of law. I am giving you 24 hrs to remove this picture and put picture of prof Luo who a believe is a female

  22. #6 Jabulani

    Yes Nkandu Luo did address the challenges despite the IMF Structural Adjustment Programme which RB and his MMD are not facing now!!!!

  23. #23 what has marriage got to do with performance?Zambians to you marriage is a symble of intelligence,no wonder young ladies stay in marriages to the point of being killed,just not to be stigmatised by a person like are dull whatever you people say she is a to you marriage is your God & can do anything to prove to pipo that u can keep a marriage,shame.

  24. #27 you are such a hater,you can not even create your own amafi,God did make that woman. ugly or not she will leave a legacy to her generation especially to a lady like me,what about you?insele fye leave those insults to your children to emulate.

  25. This woman is arrogant and self centred. She believes that being prof means monopoly of wisdom and she is not wise at all. She loves money and all goodly things and would not care a thing about people in munali as long as she hs got a job that assures her of steady income as a parliamentarian. She thinks she is very inteligent when infact not.she is out of employment and becos of her arrogance no one at UnZA or private schools wanted to take her back. She bought a UNZA house when she was a minister and not elligible to buy. Luo as MP again? GOD forbid.

  26. Ask Mrs Merab Kiramire about this woman, she has the whole spill. This woman is a thief! HH said thieves are regrouping and the are!

  27. Please you are a re-cycled politicians. what can you tell us about you which we don’t know. What difference i you going to bring this time which you couldn’t bring in your previous governing? You are just in this for yourself

  28. What is she going to offer when she failed to deliver under FTJ in MMD. What is her defence when we talk of ICASA?

  29. These zed politicians really take Zambians for fools ALA. The same old chaps making rounds from party to party. Only a fool, bribed, uneducated and ignorant person can vote for these chaps. “Wake up Zed”!!!!

  30. Yawning…….Ba Luo the reason y im yawning is because we wont give u a vote fye ba Munali …we can not…we shall not

  31. aatase ati munali mp wailasha iwe kawalala. you were in mmd you stole just like ka masebo nama hearses mwailasha ma tasi…..?? imwe

  32. …Honestly speaking, this woman is urgly to the last bit. I know and respect God’s creation, but I can’t help but say is really urgly. I am sure Fred got confused by those sacculent thighs she showed us at the commissioning of the Manda Hill foot bridge by Titus. Titus had a great taste for big, well endowed women.

  33. Why is it that all pf frontrunners are all tried and failed politicians in govt?what different things will they do?Nkandu Luo?I was a big fan of her but now i know she cant deliver especially in Munali or indeed as minister!what will she do in parliament?By the way Munali is not just about unza,nrdc or the institute theres more to it.The people will decide.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  34. @31, larisa,
    Ufwa stanyoko.iam not a hater as you perceive me to be. Our hunger towards this man in the picture, ooh sorry woman is not because of her appearance but her conduct.she  was mp in mandevu and cabinet minister at the same time,what did she do for the poor people?she just went in parliament and goverment turned against the people and his husband stole money today again she wants to ride on the poor?her chance

  35. Luo’s promise is rhetoric short of substance because she does not articulate how she is going to solve the problems of these crippling institutions.The problems our institutions are facing have resulted from chronic under investments and failure on the part of its administrators to modernise and meet international standards.The studying mode fat these institutions for instance is still text book based some of which are outdated.Yes we agree with Luo ,these institutions do have problems ranging from maintence improvements and sustanance which are indeed huge problems which cannot be solved in 90 days.

  36. But why didnt she do the same when working as minister of health. These RECYCLED CHAPS are funny. No wonder we need REAL CHANGE with HH.

  37. most comments on this issue are childish to say the least.those who are calling luo a recycled politician did she stop u from standing 4 any position? yo lack of confidence in yourselves should nt b blamed on others.such hate messages cant take u anywhere.

  38. RB failed in most positions he held in the past b4 he became president.infact he was fired for poor performence.since now pipo claim he has brought un precedented development despite his not so good past.what can stop luo performing


  40. Prof. you will have a vote from me in Munali. Your introduced identity to public transport which was resisted by most people public transport operators, but later have appreciated the identity. Further, ICASA was conducted at your time. Continue with your good works so that AIDS cure is found. Keep it up.

  41. luo is a failure, yes she treated her former husband like an animal, yes she despised dr. mandas’ new wife calling a marketeer when then good lady was just leaving a decent life, yes she failed to manage a domestic home. how can she manage a munali? once a failure always a failure and so is sata, a polygamist who does not know where to head when it is bed time.

  42. Lets guarantee a place for these re-grouped thieves – back to their homes. Zambians are not stupid worse those Zambians in munali will not vote this prof. and she knows it. Iam PF but when it comes to parliamentarians i vote on the basis of MERIT.

  43. BA GIZMO u talk as if your vote is the deciding vote.what do u call merit by the way.if thieves are re-grouping please report them to police.stop name calling if u dont have proof.

  44. ELO-NI-LELO.The Pathetic Front with 1 mr Gay Scout leading and paddling A boat full of No brain monkey slaves shouting brainless Slogan Ba Bwato, Dont Kubeba whiles Getting Yakumboyos Slammed its expected .Police arrest these punks alarming the nation on NO Brainers The DONCHI Monkeys amaze me ,at times i wish a could get just 10% of my brain cell and share it among all of them :When they run out of ideas they all become slaves(BN’s) and Gay Lover.Ma RAAAAAbBIiiiiisH.LELO-NI-LELO UPND4LIFE

  45. Tasintha will be part of the curiculum…Ha, ha ,ha! What can she offer Zambia that she did not when she was minister of Health? She failed to perform then!

  46. Who has made her Professor lately…that is a teaching title, and she was never a full prof. She was an Associate Professor!

  47. Shame on all men who have insulted the Prof. Most of you blogger hold nothing but certificates. Why not give credit where it is due? Prof. Luo, please help these ignorant fools appreciate education.

  48. Prof. Luo is not qualified to discuss matters that relate to education. Trained in microbiology in Russia and elsewhere, she used her loud mouth and connections to gain a post of Associate Professor. In principle, whoever attains a professorial position is expected to generate notable research ideas and train more postgraduates in ones area of research. Alas Luo abundoned the Medical School to invade political corridors. Luo is unprincipled. She pretended to sympathise with FTJ during the Task Force Era. Suddenly she goes to flirt with Sata who actually vowed to lock up FTJ in the unlikely event that Sata became President. Luo has not reflected any moral and professional consistency. Russian universities did not drill her in education disciplines. Luo must concentrate on TASINTA

  49. Luo is a shameless woman who tried to grab the NGO which was established by Mrs. Kiremire. Munali is full of intellectuals and Prof Luo has no hope of winning the Munali seat, but the only optionfor her is to used her Tansinta experience, challenge Dr Kaseba and marry Sata. Zondwa Sata is very much alive below the belt. Inonge Wina and Masebo can testify Sata’s prowess in managing women of loose morals.

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